How PS1 security works.


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  1. Hex_cz says:

    Well, i’ve sucessfully transfered my psp and ps1 saves from my psp ms to my vita. I think i can do the same thing with the games. Well, i’m thinking to upload my resident evil 3 backup folder to anyone with a backup folder in you pc to paste in it and tranfer to your vita just to see if works. Do you agree???

  2. Ahora si, Maestro, he ilumunado mi memoria ya que siempre utilice estos metodos pero desconocia la seguridad y la forma de hackearla. buen tema.

  3. SNEAKYChinaman says:

    PS1 kicks *** I used to make backups like crazy in 96 in HK selling it to tourists those were the days 🙂 economy was better than now this time corporations want to see us killed in jail for giving to people what they deserve in wholesale instead of rip off price of 70.00 110.00 Usa dollars a game at the time.

  4. Hi there,

    back in the days there where Modchips which claimed that they would only allow imports to be booted (so burned discs/gold discs still failed to boot with these multinorm chips).

    How did they work?

    My guess is that they took the SCEx string on the disc (so they actually checked that string or they did not bypass this check) and converted it into the string of the corresponding bios of the PS1?

    Does anybody know how exactly those multinorm chips works?

    PS: Which discs got the SCEW string? These discs would only boot on Net Yaroze consoles (and on chipped PS1s). The only disc I could think of is the Net Yaroze boot disc in the Net Yaroze dev kit? Are there any other Net Yaroze exclusive discs

  5. D4RKD3V1L says:

    The good old days of the ps1…..

  6. fatcaall says:

    Great article, just want to say you are an awesome writer, would love to read more like this.

  7. PSLover14 says:

    My Cousin had a PS1 with some blue thing in the back of it, and every time you booted it up, a screen would come up saying START and you had to press X on it.

  8. DGR says:

    You haven’t mentioned Libcrypt protection which was used on later PlayStation games.

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