Frostegater gets his new Vita, eCFW for 2.01 coming soon

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  1. Frostman says:

    I hope he hurry ups and releases it plus I hope its cheap game. We all want to play pirated games right everyone?? We are all pirate thieves can’t wait for the release.

    • Nyath says:

      Speak for yourself, I just want Cave Story/homebrew utilities.

    • E says:

      I was JUST about to post that I hope it is a cheap game. Glad I am not the only one who is thinking that.

    • E says:

      And HEY, not everyone is a pirate. We are paying for these games and if Sony did things the right way we would not have to go through all of this extra stuff to get the most out of our device.

    • xoxid says:

      “all” as in “you” because “us” are not the “all” you speak about.
      All I want is to emulate some older console or play PSP game that I OWN, using two joysticks. That, I can already do, but I want to be able to do it on the latest firmware.

  2. Zeldasdieb says:

    Yeah thats really nice 😀

  3. Hugo_Mundo says:

    Finally i’m gonna play Monster Hunter again.

  4. Rafael707 says:

    I just hope its a mini, or quick loading exploit, but none the less, good job frostegater

  5. mariomax says:

    That is really good news, I already have de Gravity crash exploint but is even better to have it in 2.01. Because now i can update and have psn+ too. Thanks wololo and frosgate for the info.

  6. henriqueBRAZIL says:

    a im ofw 1.81 happy

  7. dm646 says:

    i say Frostgator should wait until after christmas when all the little kiddies get their shiny new vitas but thats just my 2 cents..why not wait just a couple more weeks to get the kxploit out there as much as possible :)

      • Corey96 says:

        Well… this month doesn’t necessarily mean before Christmas. It could be released the 31st of December. Giving all the newcomers (not gonna call them kiddies because there could be quite a few adults and if they’re doing this they’re obviously not 3-7 year olds or whatever, although admittedly a lot of them will be teenagers, so I’m sure we can say something besides kiddies…) 5-6 days to figure out that they want to hack it. Not a lot of time but I’m sure I’m not the only one that takes a look at whether the system will be hackable before deciding I’d like it… and can tell people what I’m interested in so they have an idea what I like.

  8. henriqueBRAZIL says:

    will it be a mini? ‘m just $ 5!

  9. henriqueBRAZIL says:

    I still can not see many things that make me upgrade vita to ofw 2.1 … if not a MINI game, I think I’ll even go out with ofw 1.81 to a CFW! ‘ll wait sooo not?

  10. abooy21 says:

    thanks so much to you guys.

  11. henriqueBRAZIL says:

    I put my PS vita to sell here in BRAZIL with: assassin creed, 8gb and Gravity Crash is the only … a very popular sales site here … just imagine you buy a vita already used with a PSP Exploit kernel? rs

  12. Squiggs says:

    Uh… I wrote a post in the wrong place once and got amessage saying it was in the wrong place and they closed our sites that take me off the ninja release list?

  13. LOSTuser says:

    You guys ROCK!!!! This will be my first time using eCFW on my Vita since I got it on BlackFriday, I hope it is as good as the PSP was with custom firmware. THANK YOU!

  14. Stbboy says:

    Great job!!

  15. NakedFaerie says:

    You should announce 3 games so Sony dont know which is the right one so less chance of it getting pulled before release.
    They arn’t going to take down new or popular games so announce them also being the fake ones. How about any GTA games, Monster hunter, and a few other popular or brand new games then the real one also in that mix.

  16. MaxiExtreme says:


  17. AyeGuy says:

    The eCFW is cool but i think ill pass

  18. Sorun says:

    Already bought a extra vita off of craigslist for $100 with 8gb card and 2 games haha. Maybe i’ll try the newest game exploit if it’s lower then $5.

  19. Tomo says:

    This is great news I love stealing games and not having to pay for them. Keep it up!!!!

  20. mecksg1 says:

    You guys relize talking about piracy and stealing games make these guys that find the exploits not wantt to relese them right.

    • Aces says:

      Thats why they do it.
      Welcome to the internet, meet the trolls.
      Hope you enjoy your stay.

    • Turd Sandwhich says:

      First of all everyone on this site including Wololo & his goons do piracy. How else do they get there games like Roms, Iso, ect. I myself is a huge pirateeter. So people need to stop bullshitting that don’t do piracy. Oh and don’t worry regardless the ninja release with still happened. So talk all the piracy you want guys. Lol

      • Aces says:

        Cant talk much about others, but wololo and davee have never advocated piracy. I dont consider ROMS of 30 year old games “piracy”.
        Keeping these old games alive is important in my opinion, and you can bring up the fact that sometimes the publisher does re-release these old games, its always the same ones though, and have you seen how vast the MAME ROM sets are getting, theres no way they are all getting a re-release. So yes, in some cases emulation and homebrew is very important.

  21. MaxiExtreme says:


  22. Cojoo says:


    I had to send my vita in to sony right after the MH exploit. I almost regretted sending it in after i realized they gave me a new 1 instead of just fixing my screen. Long story short… I really miss my Monster Hunter on that glorious screen! Thx to frostgater and every1 else that donated/worked on the Tn ecfw!

  23. LOSTuser says:

    Honestly… if it wasn’t for the hackers, I think no one would buy the Vita. gamers already dedicate so much to their PS3s or XBOXs that theres no time or resources left for handhelds, but you guys give new incentive. Believe me, Sony should be kissing your feet, cuz there are a lot of gamers out there that would agree.

    • MarSprite says:

      I bought mine day 1.
      On the other hand, before I found out that the VITA was getting exploited, I was seriously considering trading in my VITA, since all I was using it for was Skype, MHFU PSP, and Wipeout VITA.
      But hey, now I can play PSP2 on my VITA, like I planned to before they removed it from the store(I own the UMD, but I was going to buy it digital once I had my VITA)

  24. Spring_yan says:

    Congratulation Frostegater!

  25. fatman01923 says:

    Thank you I so glad that most people who browse this site, thinks nothing but cancer of piracy. Seriously I just want it for homebrew to push the handheld to the max with emulators! I have no need for Vita Piracy. The handheld itself is amazing. There is no reason to pirate games and not support Vita.
    Don’t buy the console if you can’t afford the games. Just hope the scene guys keep it homebrew oriented for the hacks and not release anything that would allow piracy for Vita.

  26. anhell28 says:

    thanks to everyone involved and keep up the good work.

  27. enni says:

    Good news ,keep watching the talk forum…

  28. rto0322 says:

    Thank you so much

  29. trollkilla says:

    The game for ecfw is( i give you guys a hint() is a playstation plus game.

  30. Evan says:

    my friend said, if i use Custom Firmware at PSP Vita. i can’t use wifi and PSN. he said that i will lost the Custom Firmware if i do. it’s that true? *newbie’s question”

    • fatman01923 says:

      Your friend is saying that if you want to continue using 1.81 CFW do not update your PS Vita to the latest firmware on PSN. BUT if you are fine with 1.81 you have no reason to update to 2.01 just to hack the Vita again. Personally 2.01 is a reason to update but I wouldn’t risk it if you are already hacked in terms of trying to find the game before sony removes it from PSN. So I say stay where you are unless you want to play online with other users and use the latest features of 2.01.

    • MarSprite says:

      I use WiFi just fine. My Skype still works. My web browser still works. No PSN messaging, no PSN friends list, no PSN multiplayer, and don’t update anything, ever.

  31. filodud says:

    what about us on 1.81 has already hacked our vita. do we need to buy new game and restart?

  32. notder says:

    yeah!! good news!!!!!
    keep waiting. 😀

  33. Slim says:

    Ok the game is a PS plus game and you have to buy 5 games for it to work.

  34. Jamie says:

    This is great news for all the pirates that love to not pay for games like psp and vita games. Hopefully they will fully hack the vita so we can pirate vita games as well. This is great news this little nerd dork pirate has made.

  35. Odysside says:

    My Christmas just got better

  36. ironysteeth says:

    kay wont troll the peeps harping on the suspected “piracy” motivations of the homebrew community. I really want bookr to run on my vita and that filer program. I can give two farts to any vita game. Im really not blown away by any of them. And if I want a psp game, I’ll run run it on my psp so I can turn on “run fast mode” (saves tons of time). Anyway, gratz on getting a new vita and cracking a kernel xploit. oh yeah, anyone know if tempar or cw cheat will work on this ecfw?

    • stOneskull says:

      have a look through the forum.. this ecfw will basically be the same as before.. total noob had to take a long break but released the source code so others can modify it. there are topics in the forum about different plugins that can work or not.

  37. tronky30 says:

    great news , im waiting long months to this news when i see psn put back the games again damn im in to 2.01 damn but great news for my ears great job mis amigos , friends

  38. E says:

    WOW that was fast! Guess I now have real reason to update to 2.1. Thank youuu Frostegater. You are THE man!

  39. Salahkun says:

    Froster can you just remoce the iso loader from de ecfw ?
    We just want hombrews.

  40. XxtheeliminatorxX says:

    i bought a wii u got tired on vita an playstations *** buy a psp for 99$ on amazon and a psp vga cord for 20$ and your set

  41. tracer22jhayahr says:

    so excited for this! :) thanks a lot guys!

  42. meler-andy says:

    Is there Goin to be guide how to update from 1.81 with TN.02? to 2.0.1 TN-C .. ????

    • WolfRamiO says:

      update your vita to your 2.01, grab the xploited game, isntall the xploit for that game, customize your new xploit, you are done

  43. quetz says:


    does this means tnecfw and psplus capability on 2.01??? 😉

  44. ano says:

    while he delayed the released…sony might released 2.02 which mean ps plus & psn gone already by the time it being released..just hope sony dont know this…

  45. ken says:

    hope he released soon

  46. andy says:

    please release this for doodle pool or coconut dodge or for final fantasy tactics psp please 😀 Long Live VITA (im just a noob)

  47. The Budds says:

    How bout those who leak get physically ban-hammered? 😛 This is awesome news though, more speed runs of my king’s quest and space quest collections on scummvm :)

    Also, very sweet that frost has a new vita to replace the stolen one >_<

  48. Cervantes says:

    you mean to say we have to buy another game what about urbanix and mad blocker?????!!!!

    • The Budds says:

      Yeah, or don’t buy nothing at all. Scale your ego down a notch.

    • thedicemaster says:

      the bugs in those games have been patched in the firmware, so there’s no way to use them in newer firmwares.

    • elpi says:


    • elpi says:


    • Mart says:

      If you don’t want to, don’t update your PSVita.

      No one forces you to update, nor to use a save game exploit and buy the game. Thing is, when Sony patches an exploit, you need to search for another one and thus if you want to use that exploit you have to buy that new game.

      Thats how this works dude. If you either don’t want, or can’t buy the game, that is your problem.

    • gunblade says:

      Hearing Bout emonlation would an amulatikn of the ds or maybe dsi be posible was thinking about using the rear sceen as the touch screen sum how but thought trying to fit the two veiw screens as hard but any ways thought that be cool since ibwas wathcing black n white n played pokemonsilver on the vita wish nintend do would realse a game with a remake of blue red yellow gold silver ruby emeralrd pearl white n white to jus one thatt starts the journy from palate town n the outher regions to black a white n more of a capture pokemon with the dis camera or 3d camera likethe old poemon snap but with like pokemon stadium but anyways sony need more remakre or old ps one n ps two on the vita like the psp game final fantasy derge would be pretty mean on the vita but yea port or old school playstaion game sony should be more dev frenly to get more games for the vita n pay to get real good game realseds for the vita an well shty ones too..N nice on the new vita

  49. ICYHEART says:

    Frostegater good luck for u dont miss your vita again

  50. natsu says:

    cant wait….. i already prepared my other 4gb mmc for this one… 😀

    yeah, i have 2 small memory cards… hahahaha

  51. scousetomo says:

    superb guys i think its time to update again

  52. TobeyDemon says:

    Boss. hopefully they make a lite cfw for the vita not just the emu.

  53. Studio says:

    So what is the difference between a kernel exploit and full and will this mean it’s a permanent CFW or what

  54. B1adeX says:

    thanks to all that have put in hard work toward vita cfw and homebrew.

    tho, does anyone think a custom theme would work with a kexploit? as this may likely result in a “brick” if tried, which i actually havent heard of for the vita. but im curious of the possibilities :) i kinda miss the good’ol xmb lol

  55. Topppers says:

    I’ve updated to 2.01. I’m ready for this exploit. Will this mean we can download any vita game or psp game without paying??? This is the main reason I bought a vita so I don’t have to pay for games.

    • PSPking says:

      Yeah, man I’m right there with you. I love downloading games and not having to pay for them. This is going to be awesome. We all love this.

      • stOneskull says:

        no. it doesn’t mean this. this website is against downloading games you haven’t paid for. this exploit will allow you to run homebrew. which is ordinary people writing their own programs.

        • MarSprite says:

          Not supporting it doesn’t mean they lie about what’s possible.

          Assuming the Kexploit works in practice the same as the last-

          It will allow:
          PSP ISOs(The ones the VITA is compatible with, not all)
          PSP Homebrew(the stuff that would run on a 1000, mostly)

          It will not allow:
          PS VITA ISOs
          PS VITA Homebrew

          That said, every pirate needs to understand that if you don’t come out your pockets when a company makes a game, then you are voting that don’t want them to make anymore, that’s how capitalism works. The people in charge watch the cashflow. If it makes the cash flow, “good let’s do it again” they say. If it doesn’t make the cash flow, “time to fire the dev team” they say.
          Just because you can steal your games first doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy those games once you discover that they are worth playing.
          That goes DOUBLE for indie games.

      • Albie85 says:

        Wot a bunch of dicks! It’s people like that ruin for every1 else only reason I want cfw is so I don’t have to pay again for the psp games I already own!

        • SofaKing™ says:

          me too, well actually i would pay for some again , i did for GTS LCS, but lots of psp UMD games are not on the PSN, oh and i gotta play my MARIO games too!

  56. yobib34 says:

    is there any idea how much will the game cost…?
    for me to decide how much card will i buy,,,tnx

  57. Onsokumaru says:

    Just to clarify, there wont ever be an update for Mad Blocker so its useless at this point right? We’ll have to buy the new game?

  58. BRONXHOLLA says:


  59. ano says:

    I hav questions here..right now im on 1.81 with gravity crash to apply exploit..let say i updated to we need to use another game if want to use this exploit on 2.01 later?..So will we be able to use gravity crash again in order to use ecfw in 2.01 or not? coz im afraid we must spend some money for other game to use this exploits on 2.01…

  60. urbananonymous says:


  61. Tresef says:

    You will have to update to 2.01 for the new exploit. Also yes you have to buy a new game. The game will probably be very expensive like the other times so make sure you put 100 dollars into your account.

  62. 1Luca says:

    i am colombiano.

    exploit will be in Spain or the United States, there is no store in Colombia
    psn card and buy dollar or euro

    google traslator sorry

    • WolfRamiO says:

      i am Chilean, i buy the xploited games on the US store, i would recomend to buy an US PSN card and make an US PSN account, the game will be there.

      Soy Chileno, yo compro los juegos para el exploit en la tienda de USA, te recomiendo comprar una tarjeta PSN de USA y hacer una cuenta PSN de USA, el juego estara ahi.

  63. Don Costo says:


  64. higuy says:

    Why cant you just use Open CMA, transfere homebrew or a eboot that you have given a fake licence to?

  65. higuy says:

    Why cant you just use Open CMA, transfere homebrew or a eboot that you have given a fake licence to? it makes it so much easier???

    • Don Costo says:

      Because you just can’t you ***

    • mlc says:

      Because no one can fake those license files presently?

    • WolfRamiO says:

      because sony make CMA for that lol

    • hgoel0974 says:

      we can’t make fake licenses as of yet and we have no idea about how the Vita checks the license, plus the vita doesn’t boot PBP’s, it boots PSVIMG’s (of which we have no information) so, if we transferred the EBOOT.PBP and even succeeded in faking the license, the Vita wouldn’t know what to do with the file, and to tell it what to do with the file, we would need homebrew so, what came before? chicken or egg?

  66. istanbul says:

    wololo lütfen oyunu vereceğini önceden haber saat ver o saat hepimiz indirelim.

  67. James says:

    When is this stupid thing going to get released tell that punk kid to hurry the heck up!!!!

  68. Sergio says:

    wanted to know how much the game will cost … I am very poor and even the parents who live in the PSN CARD is very expensive, the price of the Triple CARD is the dollar that you are looking to buy

    By google Translator

  69. Vampiresr says:

    SO this exploit can only play iso PSP games right ….

  70. thomas says:

    Yes only psp games. Until there is a real hack for vita games then we can’t pirate those yet but I’m sure a hack will come out for that. So until then we will only pirate psp games that are out.

  71. wes says:

    for goodness sake,get a grip on reallity, this is ust a marketing exercise.I WOULD NOT BET AGAINST SONY BEING INVOLVED.

  72. IgnusArmagadan says:

    I can never seem to apply to get updated on the ninja releases because after making my account it just disappears like I never made it…

  73. IgnusArmagadan says:

    I think he it’d be best if they released it on a Friday, don’t they not work on weekends or something?

  74. Drew says:

    It will probably be released late in the hours as aren’t those two from overseas?? So everyone just stay up all night and keep refreshing the website.

  75. AhLaWokBAR says:

    The exploit praised alaaaah not the game purchase to a founded sem i hack.

  76. Jdubz says:

    Question. I have a few psp games that I ripped and loaded onto my vita through mad blocker exploit on 1.81, If I update to 2.01 and reload my isos will my old save files still work?

  77. dragng8 says:

    I hope it’s another mini like MBA, it would save so much space.

  78. Chita says:

    Get here free unlimited 10$ PSN Codes:

  79. CHINESEchocolateSauce says:

    Spammer filtering aint working

  80. Another Exploited PSN PSP GAME, Get Real and Release a Hack
    Which doesnt Involve the Head ache of getting PSN games, like
    REAL CFW so we can use our Cracked PSP ISO / CSO On the Vita
    Directly, this is a waste of Time, Or work on Android Emulators or IOS Emulators For The PSVITA, That would be much
    more Constructive..

  81. GeneralhHOWhungRicePattySlintz says:

    About time I made a 200US dollar donation total little by little and I am very sure you made more so wheres the rest of the money?

  82. neil says:

    hi! :) i hope i can get this in time. i always get the info too late….

  83. Iam on 1.81, if I buy a game fisic this force to update a version higher like xbox 360.

  84. ken says:

    i just wannna know if the game
    will be over 30 dollars

  85. Guglielmo says:

    Im new in the ps vita… What do you mean with ninja release?

  86. Based says:

    I have one question sorry if I’m not suppose to ask but when the game is released can I just buy it from a vita or it has to be from a ps3 ? And how long ushally till Sony takes the game down. Wait that’s 2 questions haha

  87. Krasy says:

    just hope this time i can get it on time

  88. ano says:

    i strongly believe the price for the game can be as high as gravity crash portable..that max price i guess for the game..we hope price will more than that…hoping that it is not a vita game which cost us more than 20usd…lol

  89. tarek nasser says:

    hi man thank u for all ur good work i want to ask u can psvita have some day cfw like ps3 so we can download games and play with them

  90. luxx says:

    Sony should just make a cable that connects the vita to the psp usb port so you can copy your umd games onto your vita stick,that’s all i really want.

  91. Sergio says:

    This eCFW will run any iso. psp?

  92. auto spam says:

    time to test the old automated spam filter
    testing testing is it working?

  93. Speedbump says:

    I shake my head at some of these comments they irritate me. I understand that everybody wants at true vita hack. The level of difficulty in finding “a way in” is really high. Just be patient and let the devs work. They have lives outside of the scene. Keep up the great work and I will be checking the forums….

  94. Tomas says:

    Geez louise will that stupid frosty flakes hurry up and release the information about the game!!! We want to pirate games asap!!!

  95. Hex_cz says:

    Well, i’ve sucessfully transfered my psp and ps1 saves from my psp ms to my vita. I think i can do the same thing with the games. Well, i’m thinking to upload my resident evil 3 backup folder to anyone with a backup folder in you pc to paste in it and tranfer to your vita just to see if works. Do you agree???

  96. Evan says:

    [ASK] if I hack my psp vita.. Can I play every Vita’s game? or just can play psp iso?

  97. Robert says:

    What the heck is the holdup???? Why is this *** not releasing it yet???

    • ano says:

      i guess his vita got stolen again. so there will no released until he get new vita again lol..donate folks

    • wololo says:

      Frostegater has released stuff twice already in the past month. Keep your lack of respect for yourself, and be patient. If you don’t know at this point how ninja releases work, you’re probably hopeless.

      • Dominosmd says:

        Hey wololo will I be able to se the nija release with the vita browser like I did on my pc
        Or should I use the pc?

        • wololo says:

          It should work from your vita as well, as long as you have no issues looking at the site usually with your vita.

          • dominosmd says:

            It should be fine just dont recall on vita there being a scrolling banner
            I just know im gunna be at work when it comes should I wait to upgrade
            im still using 1.81 psp KHBBS wish they would release it already :(

    • Sneax673 says:

      I believe the *** here is you…

  98. Vitaface says:

    I bet you he made thousands from all the donations. Thousands and then you won’t hear from him again hahahahaah

  99. REDTRONGUY says:

    Which is funny cuz thats how the psp was first hacked in the first place (EX: creating an overflow in the ram to allow a program to insert itself into the flow of information being processed)-some website

    Wouldn’t it be possible to insert an executable into the vita the same way?

  100. gunblade says:

    Perceft n i think i goot just enough to get a 20 psn card hope got enough to get discont plus games uncharted n wipe out prety good

  101. mephisto says:

    I signed up on the /Talk forums and I was never warned but I never got the ninja release. Do I have to post on the threads? XD
    And can I use the exploit if I have a Monster Hunter cartridge?

  102. fastsnipz40k says:

    Cant wait for it but i became my Vita after christmas so hopefully it came after christmas please !!!

  103. tracer22jhayahr says:

    Hi Wololo, some site (unfortunately this site also) was blocked/filtered here in my work and i use some blocked site opener (proxy) to view this site. I’d like to ask if i can still view ninja release even if im using proxy sites to bypass this damn firewall here in our office? sorry for my bad english. Hope for your response. Thanks.

    • wololo says:

      Hi. In theory this shouldn’t be a problem, although to be honest our “trust” algorithm takes proxies/vpn into account (as well as many other parameters) to measure how fast you will get the info. So, practically, you increase the risk of getting the information a bit later than other members when you use a proxy. But you would see the ninja release eventually though.

  104. Kaiser Maverick says:

    Im curious to know if a psp iso/cso loader will ever be released. And also if it will play import games. Would love to play MHP3 and Crisis Core again. PSP broke but I kept my UMD so no one can say I was pirating. Lol :)

  105. tracer22jhayahr says:

    Well that will be good enough news for me. Im so excited to play homebrews to my vita. Thank you for your kind responsed. Long live to you and your team!

  106. papimax68 says:

    Yo tampoco he visto nunca los anuncios,investigando resulta que no habia activado el link del correo wololo hasta hoy,que fallo.Podre ver las hazañas a partir de ahora?Un saludo y gracias por continuar con eCFW,os deseo lo mejor.Felices Fiestas

  107. lyric says:

    omg i hope it release soon

  108. EmoteNooBskills says:

    I hope this one is a mini game. O.o

  109. Kekesu73 says:

    My psp1000 broke :( i used to play hella download games. Man i can’t wait for the new firmware 2.01 on vita. I just recently got this like 2 weeks ago. Still kinda new at it.

  110. HateFrosty says:

    Yeah, hurry up freezer face and release it!!!!!!!

  111. lyric says:

    lol i hope that gamea mini cus i just bought gta sanandreas for ps3

  112. istanbul says:

    **********************the impossible******************
    minis heck games The impossible. ********

  113. Matthew says:

    Please release…!!

  114. francis says:

    suggestion..maybe we can use old game exploit like monster hunter, gravity crush for this one that are not patched and was downloaded or brought before hand… thanks

  115. Ronaldo2k12 says:

    How does the Ninja Release works?
    What I have to do to get this eCFW when you leave?

  116. Lykill says:

    Wololo thanks for the good news I have been dying to mod my vita. I would love if you guys can send me the ninja. I play more on my PSP then on my vita. So nautraly n would love my PSP games on my vita. Loving or work and you have full support from my side. Thanks

  117. Lykill says:

    Correction. I love your work and you have my full support.

  118. wowdeww says:

    everyone talking bad about frostegater should be burned i donaated a healthy portion knowing how much he could still get but he works hard at wat he does and we should be thanking him without people like him we cant carry on playing the old school games we love on our new systems. you guys r ungratefull for his work and u should have ur eyes burnt out so u can never play another game again to see how u like it… we love you guys wololo,frostegater,TheZ

  119. Disgusted_Vita_User says:

    @ wowdeww

    It’s a disgrace for any human-being to wish blindness or the burning out of eyes on another. If this is the type of people the homebrew and exploit Devs are working so hard for then I don’t blame then when they pack up and leave.

  120. ruggy says:

    Keep up the great work people , hopefully we get a nice Christmas gift .

  121. patty says:

    You got your donations ! your vita was stolen , aah oke , doesnt sound plausible , when there is a german dude also asking to donate you ! dont you think you should release now to the people ?

  122. patty says:

    You are bannig yourself , doesnt matter what you make, you cant make people begg nd give !

  123. Disgusted_Vita_User says:

    Why so much talk about downloaded Vita games or ISO’s? Can’t you see beyond your own greed?

    If the Vita gets an ISO loader at this point, you can kiss goodbye to any new titles or publisher / dev support. Even a Psp ISO loader could finish it. I am not impressed with the restrictions of the titles we can play in the PSN network but all of you screaming out for an ISO loader are just blind. If one arrived the only ISO’s you would be loading are what exists at the moment. The Vita has so much potential and all I want at this moment is the ability to play some homebrew.

  124. KawaiiDesu says:

    I hope they release this when everyone at Sony are celebrating and get drunk to slow their response to the exploit!

  125. Kaiser maverick says:

    I don’t understand what’s so greedy about wanting to play all of the old psp games. I think we would be entitled to that since psp games are no longer in development. It would be the same as someone playing ROMs on their computer.

  126. swordchi says:

    when will this be relased?? im on 2.01 and im getting tired of waiting……feel like returning my vita but because i hear good reviews about frostgear i still wait….please hurry!! i really want this

  127. Disgusted_Vita_User says:

    @ Kaiser maverick

    I wasn’t talking about Psp games concerning greed, I was talking about people who want Vita ISO’s.

  128. I’m impressed, I have to admit. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s both educative and engaging, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head.
    The problem is something too few people are speaking
    intelligently about. I’m very happy that I found this during my hunt
    for something regarding this.

  129. gunblade says:

    Yea solid on the new vita lost mines a week ago got a used one on1.81 from gamestop think it was on sale a three g tryied to get a sisteen gig card they only had eights n fours got an eight was able to get my games on the new got no room now on the new eight gig thk to the vita plus cant waht for da ninjah realses nice on the new vita frotegator i never donate but thks to who did .

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