Frostegater gets his new Vita, eCFW for 2.01 coming soon

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  1. REDTRONGUY says:

    Which is funny cuz thats how the psp was first hacked in the first place (EX: creating an overflow in the ram to allow a program to insert itself into the flow of information being processed)-some website

    Wouldn’t it be possible to insert an executable into the vita the same way?

  2. gunblade says:

    Perceft n i think i goot just enough to get a 20 psn card hope got enough to get discont plus games uncharted n wipe out prety good

  3. mephisto says:

    I signed up on the /Talk forums and I was never warned but I never got the ninja release. Do I have to post on the threads? XD
    And can I use the exploit if I have a Monster Hunter cartridge?

  4. fastsnipz40k says:

    Cant wait for it but i became my Vita after christmas so hopefully it came after christmas please !!!

  5. tracer22jhayahr says:

    Hi Wololo, some site (unfortunately this site also) was blocked/filtered here in my work and i use some blocked site opener (proxy) to view this site. I’d like to ask if i can still view ninja release even if im using proxy sites to bypass this damn firewall here in our office? sorry for my bad english. Hope for your response. Thanks.

    • wololo says:

      Hi. In theory this shouldn’t be a problem, although to be honest our “trust” algorithm takes proxies/vpn into account (as well as many other parameters) to measure how fast you will get the info. So, practically, you increase the risk of getting the information a bit later than other members when you use a proxy. But you would see the ninja release eventually though.

  6. Kaiser Maverick says:

    Im curious to know if a psp iso/cso loader will ever be released. And also if it will play import games. Would love to play MHP3 and Crisis Core again. PSP broke but I kept my UMD so no one can say I was pirating. Lol :)

  7. tracer22jhayahr says:

    Well that will be good enough news for me. Im so excited to play homebrews to my vita. Thank you for your kind responsed. Long live to you and your team!

  8. papimax68 says:

    Yo tampoco he visto nunca los anuncios,investigando resulta que no habia activado el link del correo wololo hasta hoy,que fallo.Podre ver las hazañas a partir de ahora?Un saludo y gracias por continuar con eCFW,os deseo lo mejor.Felices Fiestas

  9. lyric says:

    omg i hope it release soon

  10. EmoteNooBskills says:

    I hope this one is a mini game. O.o

  11. Kekesu73 says:

    My psp1000 broke :( i used to play hella download games. Man i can’t wait for the new firmware 2.01 on vita. I just recently got this like 2 weeks ago. Still kinda new at it.

  12. HateFrosty says:

    Yeah, hurry up freezer face and release it!!!!!!!

  13. lyric says:

    lol i hope that gamea mini cus i just bought gta sanandreas for ps3

  14. istanbul says:

    **********************the impossible******************
    minis heck games The impossible. ********

  15. Matthew says:

    Please release…!!

  16. francis says:

    suggestion..maybe we can use old game exploit like monster hunter, gravity crush for this one that are not patched and was downloaded or brought before hand… thanks

  17. Ronaldo2k12 says:

    How does the Ninja Release works?
    What I have to do to get this eCFW when you leave?

  18. Lykill says:

    Wololo thanks for the good news I have been dying to mod my vita. I would love if you guys can send me the ninja. I play more on my PSP then on my vita. So nautraly n would love my PSP games on my vita. Loving or work and you have full support from my side. Thanks

  19. Lykill says:

    Correction. I love your work and you have my full support.

  20. wowdeww says:

    everyone talking bad about frostegater should be burned i donaated a healthy portion knowing how much he could still get but he works hard at wat he does and we should be thanking him without people like him we cant carry on playing the old school games we love on our new systems. you guys r ungratefull for his work and u should have ur eyes burnt out so u can never play another game again to see how u like it… we love you guys wololo,frostegater,TheZ

  21. Disgusted_Vita_User says:

    @ wowdeww

    It’s a disgrace for any human-being to wish blindness or the burning out of eyes on another. If this is the type of people the homebrew and exploit Devs are working so hard for then I don’t blame then when they pack up and leave.

  22. ruggy says:

    Keep up the great work people , hopefully we get a nice Christmas gift .

  23. patty says:

    You got your donations ! your vita was stolen , aah oke , doesnt sound plausible , when there is a german dude also asking to donate you ! dont you think you should release now to the people ?

  24. patty says:

    You are bannig yourself , doesnt matter what you make, you cant make people begg nd give !

  25. Disgusted_Vita_User says:

    Why so much talk about downloaded Vita games or ISO’s? Can’t you see beyond your own greed?

    If the Vita gets an ISO loader at this point, you can kiss goodbye to any new titles or publisher / dev support. Even a Psp ISO loader could finish it. I am not impressed with the restrictions of the titles we can play in the PSN network but all of you screaming out for an ISO loader are just blind. If one arrived the only ISO’s you would be loading are what exists at the moment. The Vita has so much potential and all I want at this moment is the ability to play some homebrew.

  26. KawaiiDesu says:

    I hope they release this when everyone at Sony are celebrating and get drunk to slow their response to the exploit!

  27. Kaiser maverick says:

    I don’t understand what’s so greedy about wanting to play all of the old psp games. I think we would be entitled to that since psp games are no longer in development. It would be the same as someone playing ROMs on their computer.

  28. swordchi says:

    when will this be relased?? im on 2.01 and im getting tired of waiting……feel like returning my vita but because i hear good reviews about frostgear i still wait….please hurry!! i really want this

  29. Disgusted_Vita_User says:

    @ Kaiser maverick

    I wasn’t talking about Psp games concerning greed, I was talking about people who want Vita ISO’s.

  30. I’m impressed, I have to admit. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s both educative and engaging, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head.
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  31. gunblade says:

    Yea solid on the new vita lost mines a week ago got a used one on1.81 from gamestop think it was on sale a three g tryied to get a sisteen gig card they only had eights n fours got an eight was able to get my games on the new got no room now on the new eight gig thk to the vita plus cant waht for da ninjah realses nice on the new vita frotegator i never donate but thks to who did .

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