Did you miss the Ninja Release? Then hurry up and get eCFW!

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  1. Steph says:

    Is there any way to update from old firmware to a newer one without getting the latest?

    im on 1.69 and am hoping to get to 1.81… is this possible?


    • wololo says:

      Yes, The_Z describes how to do it on his twitter. The whole trick is to get the 1.81 firmware’s update file.

    • Zero_D says:

      You can find a in depth guide here.

      Also I want to confirm that this trick does work. I missed out on the MBA release. I got the MBA just before they took it off the store but, was unable to transfer it cause they(Sony: the Evil CRAB MONSTER) already black listed it. Now I can see what I’ve been missing.

      • Zero_D says:

        Forgot to mention.
        I already bought the game of course.
        I just went to the Account Management Download list and re-downloaded it.

        PS3 OFW 4.21
        PSvita 1.81
        Open CMA 4.5 – I think.

    • Albie85 says:

      Yes i have a way jus like This is my find and I’m not happy I didn’t no people were like that on this site I was speaking on this site 2 days ago about this method of transferring stuff I told people once the games were bk I would of told people my secret. So I decided to trust 1 person and look we’re it got me. Its just a bit funny that I told someone a couple of days ago now it’s on ere for every1. Well I won’t be doin it again. And yes I got a FW trick

      • Albie85 says:

        I mite of bin a bit confusing in that message because I can’t believe it. This has to be my find everyone didn’t no until I said the other day. Thieving bastards!! I’ve bin usin it for bout a month now so enjoy because I won’t be givin out anymore finds

      • Cheesethief says:

        I knew about this trick months ago, it is nothing special.

        • Albie85 says:

          That’s fair play put people may have known but I brought it to attention but total noob gets credit how does that work I even told wololo in a pm. Something’s fishy here coz everyone got told it don’t work so my find confirmed it did

          • Thommo says:

            Get over it dude

          • wololo says:

            Get over it. It’s a nice trick but many people found it on their own, I don’t think your “secret” got leaked by anybody, it’s just that it’s been the way to connect to the PSN with an old firmware for months now, this article is just a “let’s refresh our memories” type of article.

        • shaitan says:

          Same here, been using this method since 1.69 FW

        • shaitan says:

          It’s not even a huge discovery, this is more of an FYI for people who missed all the exploits with no experience in Vita hacking since they would never of needed anything like this before.

        • Albie85 says:

          If everyone new about it then how come when Charles stopped working I scanned this site for an answer and no1 had 1 now every1 knows about this and your all sayin it old news. Anytime people asked me I said I had 1 jus waiting for the games

      • Yifan Lu says:

        Can someone decipher this for me?

        • Inky says:

          “Yes that was my trick, didn’t know people were like that here – I mentioned this method 2 days ago, also I said that I’d release this method once the games came back onto PSN. So, I decided to tell one person, and look – now it’s released publicly, for everyone. This’s the last time I’m doing this.”

          ..or something along those lines, no idea myself how much truth is behind that wall of text.

  2. Steph says:

    could you linky please? im not farmiluar with twitter and social networking :(

  3. enni says:

    Quite good,although I’ve no ps3.waiting for the new exploit on 2.01

  4. natsu says:

    meh… i don’t have a ps3…

    anyway, i really got hold of a $20 psn card this time and hoping for a new exploited game that costs less than 20…

    i missed all the exploits and i really hope i can get it this time… my brother got the urbanix one and i am kinda jelly.. hahaha..

  5. Rahul says:

    Damnit, i upgraded to 2.0 as soon as I got my new PS vita on 1.69 thinking that the next ecfw release will be on 2.0 or 2.0.1 :-(

  6. muhd says:

    so hard to pirate game…huhu,,,

  7. ano says:

    wololo how about a vita that not activate yet but on 1.81 fw..so cannot open the download game..

  8. Minimur12 says:

    I just sh*t myself thinking i missed a release happened for 2.01

  9. jingletit says:

    Wololo i hope you can help me. I have opencma on my mums pc and when i plug my vita in to my mums pc it asks me to update my ps vita PLZ HELP.

  10. ludacris1 says:

    Who says that the games that are back on the PSN aren’t patched???

  11. ludacris1 says:

    Who says that the games that are back on the PSN aren’t patched already???

  12. WoloSHIT says:

    yea… go play some psp emulator…

  13. Linkedot says:

    Well i don’t know what’s wrong with me i just have no luck in the ps vita scene ! I have URBANIX a ps3 cfw BUT a god DAM 2.01 fw !!!!

  14. NakedFaerie says:

    I thought there was a new ninja release I didn’t know about for a new eCFW… damn, its the old one…

  15. snow says:

    It works! , i was playing before with the MHFU exploit, now i can use Mad blocker that load faster. By the way, i’m on 1.80.

    • Albie85 says:

      Same as me I got urbanix 1.80 was n MHFU I cud update to 1.81 if I want but I think 1.80 and 1.81 r the same that’s why it works

  16. anton85 says:

    Hello. Guys I have my ps3 and my PSvita with different accounts, I mean if I download one of the games, do you think it’s going to work?

  17. Minimur says:

    im keeping ecfw, becuse they psp games i have never played before from great game series, its a shame there wasnt a devil may cry game on the psp, and you know that it will be another 4/5 years before another dmc game

  18. huz says:

    ps vhbl gravite crash or psn store exploit with 2.01 future?

  19. CAZYFEEN says:

    so i can do this as long as im on 1.81? or can this be patched?

  20. Drew says:

    Should I do this if I’m already on 1.80 using the monster hunter exploit? What benefits would I get?

  21. ailes says:

    me descargue el urbanix desde la psvita de un amigo y la copie a un flash memory yal quererme pasar el juego del pc al psvita ocurre un error ayudame que hago

    • Albie85 says:

      M8 stick it in pc running cma and without pressing anything unplug from pc and traight into ps3 then th transfer screen appears push connect ps3. Done!!

  22. ailes says:

    I download the PSVita Urbanix from a friend and copy it to a flash memory yal spend loving pc game to help me on error PSVita I do I have the 1.81

    • StepS says:

      that will only work if that vita is logged in to the same account. that way if you had two Vitas you would be able to transfer stuff onto the locked one

  23. Minimur says:

    lol, sony fails bigtime sometimes, i mean yeah you need a ps3 but i guess quite a few vita owners have a ps3

  24. ano says:

    wololo, how about a vita that not activate yet but on 1.81 fw..so cannot open the download game..

  25. DaveDaymc says:

    I don’t have the 1.81 how do i downgrade from 2.0 to 1.80 ?or .81 ?

  26. Hex_cz says:

    Hey guys, there’s a way to downgrade may vita? I1m on 2.01 OFW ¬¬. Thanks.

  27. The Z says:

    Hello fellow Wololo members,

    Frostegater wrote me today that he finally got enough money for buying a new PS Vita.
    I should announce that the new exploit and the name of the new exploit game will be release this month!

    The game will be announced like always, via a Ninja Release, since this is the best way for releasing the name of the game.
    The files will be available some days after the public announcement of the exploit game.

    Greetings The Z and Frostegater

    • SofaKing™ says:

      thank you ALL for this, i will wait for the NINJA release for my “world series poker” psp game, i hope they(sony) know i would probably RE BUY the psp games i enjoy, if only they would release them for the PSVITA. in canada we are still waiting for ANGRY BIRDS and “crash bandicoot PS1”
      thanks again, wololo, The Z and Frostegater

    • Hex_cz says:

      Great news finally xD

  28. herpderp says:

    it did work

  29. Andy says:

    I don’t have my PS3 with me just my vita on 1.81 I believe, is there anyway I can just go to the psn store on the vita, download the game and use the exploit?

  30. ricerrr says:

    This is great thanks guys for the great tutorial and advice :)

    i’m running Urbanix for the EU account but i want to run my US account because of all the downloads i got that i cant run for the vita.

  31. Fadi5555 says:

    It’s works.
    Thank you sooooooo much

  32. HooliX says:

    I have 2.01…is it still worth it to download any of these games in case in the future a new ecfw is released or are these games on this fw totally useless now?

  33. Pant says:

    you guys have check out the new game Lemmings it’s free and have savegame !!!

  34. Chenwk says:

    2.01 and finally able to relive the crisis core and 3rd birthday once more..soon!

  35. Proto-Tyrant says:

    nice new’s but no i have no a PC -.-
    but i have gravity crush 1.81


  36. AhLaWokBAR says:

    Praise Allah stinky for this!

  37. Hex_cz says:

    Thanks for answering me Dante xD

  38. Hex_cz says:

    I was thinking: could i transfer my backup files (games, savedata) to another ps vita? (ps vita -> pc or ps3 -> another ps vita). If this is possible, maybe we can share our backup game folders and create a donate website for buying games. Maybe i’m thinking too high…

  39. fresno says:

    Thank you for the hint Wololo and keep on showing us your wealthy knowledge.

  40. PS3Y2kvirus says:

    Any chance the new exploit will be back ported to these games sometime in the future?

  41. IgnusArmagadan says:

    I was pretty excited until I saw it wasn’t 2.00/2.01. I upgraded to the newer firmware because you guys said there was an exploit coming out for it. I really regret upgrading…

  42. ICYHEART says:

    Great wololo work with me Mad blocker alpha

  43. Chezni says:

    The psp game compatibility is quite high BUT most games won’t run unless they’re 1:1 copies right now. So, no removing firmware updates or shrinking/removing movies, etc.

    It’s a pain to set up at first, but once you get the hang of it, it works like a charm. I urge the experienced users to please help the noobs as it can be quite confusing in the beginning.

  44. SEN says:

    1.81 and 4.5
    I got a GREEN screen in HomeBrew mode but dont see any ISO although I put FIFANTSY.ISO and http://FTP.ZIP (in gamesave data) but nothing showed up! Any ideas? Thanks

  45. Minimur says:

    quite surprised they didnt remove it again lol

  46. migueltio says:

    I’m running 1.69 on Vita and don’t have a PS3, and don’t have any of the PSN games
    Can someone point me in the right direction on howto install eCFW or if it’s even possible

  47. mikenology says:

    Para los que tienen 1.81 y quieren usar sus juegos gratis de paystation plus y no quieren actualizar 2.0.1 para no perder el custom firmware
    Asegúrate de que OpenCMA está funcionando en tu PC y conecta la Vita a través del cable.
    Abre Content Manager en la Vita y cuando salga la pantalla que te pregunta si quieres transferir archivos desconecta la Vita desde el PC pero NO cierres el Content Manager en la Vita, recibirás un error “El PC ha sido desconectado”, es normal, presiona OK.
    Conecta el cable de datos de la Vita a la PS3, elige “Conectar a un Sistema PS3″ y debería salir la pantalla de transferencia de nuevo.
    Si llegas a este punto, entonces compra el juego en tu PS3 y descárgalo, pero no lo instales.
    Bajo “Copiar Contenido” elige “Sistema PS3 —> Sistema PS VIta”, luego “Applicaciones”, luego “PSP/Otros”, luego “Applicaciones Descargadas en el Sistema PS3″ luego elige el juego y selecciona Copiar.

    [B][COLOR=”Yellow”][U]Es cierto que al conectar la vita a la play te pide la actualizacion pero si sigues correctamente el tutorial veras que no te pedira ninguna actualizacion yo tengo playstation plus y ahorita para la vita hay varios juegos gratis los he descargado atravez de la ps3 y por este metodo los he metido a la vita y waaaaaaaalaaaaaaa ningun problema todos son plenamente jugables sin ningun solo problema incluso el de wipeout te pide una actualizacion del juego pero te permitejugarlo y descargando la actualizacion resulta que solo se instala en el juego no afecta el software de la consola asi que atraves de este metodo puedes aprovechar las ventajas del playstation plus el unico requisito es tener la pc la vita y ps3 la pc la tengo con el cma r4.5 no el r5 la ps3 con la ultima actualizacion y la vita con el 1.81. Es 100% comprobado ninguno de los juegos gratuitos de playstation plus tiene errores o incompatibilidad con el firmware 1.81 ya todos probados si tienes playstation plus aprovecha este fallo antes de que sony lo corrija.[/U][/COLOR][/B]

  48. APJR says:

    does this work for ofw 1.80?

  49. Stepenlu07 says:

    Hi is there a tutorial on how to update to a lower firmware like 1.81 my ps vita is 1.80 right now and my ps3 is 4.21 rex cfw. Thanks.

  50. herpderp says:

    so how do i put vhbl on to vita?

  51. 张函玮 says:


  52. 张函玮 says:

    ah…I can understand your article but I cant express my opinion in English clearly Im a Chinese!

  53. assITCH says:

    This better be something else better than that other *** that was released last time.

  54. Andy says:

    I am on ofw 4.31 and I can’t download the mad blocker alpha :( It keep erroring when I try to download and it said activating and give me a error code.

  55. k3nn says:

    thanks for the eCFW, wololo! my vita was in the closet for too long and this helped me bring my psp games to the vita. now i can’t seem to put it down anymore ^.^

  56. TranceWarp says:

    Well…that leaves me out. I don’t have a PS3 to download the game(s) with. Is it still possible to do it without one?

  57. batman09 says:

    hello i have 1.80 ofw but i have the game one the ps3
    but i dont have a psn account in my vita
    how and what can i do?

    • TranceWarp says:

      If you have a PSN account for PS3, it’s the same. Sign in to the PSN Store on your Vita using your PSN credentials. If you have multiple accounts for zone reasons, use the credentials for the current memory card in your Vita.

  58. Batman says:

    Hi is this Will work to transfer apps ps vita from ps3? Like Youtube
    My ps vita has 1.80 ofw ….thanks

  59. Sync says:

    Mine was still 1.81 but don’t have a ps3 :\

  60. Tim says:

    I recently got a PS Vita as a present from someone who never used it and it is still on 1.06 (!). Is there a way to update to 1.81 (and not to 2.01 which is already out now)? Thanks!

  61. asdf says:

    Thanks, everything worked fine for me.
    One stupid question though, how do I transfer my psp savegames to the vita – couldn’t find anything on it.

    You can update to 1.81 with charlesproxy, there is a link to the tut on the first page of comments I believe.

  62. shay says:

    is there a way to do that without a PS3? cuz i dont have one…

  63. drojf says:

    installed it today, still works. Just note that sometimes, when you go to copy stuff over, the copy will immediately fail for no reason. No problem, just start the copy again and it will work

  64. ze says:

    bonsoir j’ai une vita 1.81 et quand j’ouvre open cma il me demande de faire une mise a jour que faire?????

  65. Ecchi says:

    Help, when I connected my PSV into my PS3 there’s always a message [quit all software you’re running on PS3 system]

  66. accounts RF says:

    @Ecchi Same problem here is how I fixed it: Just start a PS3/PSN game and hit PS Button/Quit back to XMB. Then reconnect your PS3-Vita and try it again.

    PLS Note you have to back up your PS Vita to your PC before doing this exploit! Otherwise the PSAVEDATA/ahfeaf0874/ folder won’t exist.

    Put the appropiate CEF 6.60 TN savedata in there and start the game.

    To all I used EU Urbanix game still works as of 28/12/2012

  67. mb123 says:

    Is this still possible if I’m on 1.81 ?

  68. Thommo says:

    Install opencma,
    Plug in your vita to your pc and open cma app on vita, leave plugged in to pc!
    Then press ps button on vita, but leave cma app open,
    Go and open ps store and it works, even on 1.81
    So in live area you will have open both cma and store apps.

  69. Albie85 says:

    No u can’t! Yea u can’t connect to ps3 and transfer but store on vita don’t work below 2.01

  70. Albie85 says:

    Ment to say u can tranfer to ps3. But no store under2.01

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