Did you miss the Ninja Release? Then hurry up and get eCFW!

Well, if you don’t have VHBL/eCFW but are still on OFW 1.81, then hurry up because using this method you will be able to get the eCFW by Total_Noob running on your Vita!

Mad Blocker Alpha, Gravity Crash and Urbanix are back on the PSN, so if you follow this guide you will be able to run the eCFW on your 1.81 Vita.

You need a PSVita (with 1.81 OFW), a PS3, Open CMA 4.5 (and money on your PSN Account :) ). I personally recommend Mad Blocker Alpha because it’s the cheapest but you can get any of the exploitable games (Urbanix, Mad Blocker Alpha, and Gravity Crash) .

  • Once you’ve got everything prepared, run Open CMA and connect your  PSVita to your PC. Open Content Manager on the Vita and when it asks you if you want to transfer content simply disconnect your Vita from the PC but with Content Manager still open.
  • Then, press OK and connect your Vita with your PS3, choose “Connect with a PS3 system” and the transferring screen should appear again.
  • Then, download the exploited game you want from the PS3 and download it but DO NOT INSTALL IT.
  •  Choose copy content from the PS3 to the Vita, then go to Applications and PSP/Others.
  •  Go to Applications downloaded from the PS3 and now select the game and copy it to the Vita.
  • Now download the Savedata (make sure to select the one for the game you chose), copy it with open CMA and you’ve got eCFW on your PSVita!

Note by wololo: it seems Charles proxy does not allow you to connect to the PSN anymore if you’re below 2.00. Please confirm this statement, or let us know in the comments if you managed to buy content from the PSN on 1.81 without the need for a PS3.

Source -> PSX-Scene

  1. Stepenlu07’s avatar

    Hi is there a tutorial on how to update to a lower firmware like 1.81 my ps vita is 1.80 right now and my ps3 is 4.21 rex cfw. Thanks.


  2. herpderp’s avatar

    so how do i put vhbl on to vita?


  3. 张函玮’s avatar



  4. 张函玮’s avatar

    ah…I can understand your article but I cant express my opinion in English clearly Im a Chinese!


  5. assITCH’s avatar

    This better be something else better than that other bullshit that was released last time.


  6. Andy’s avatar

    I am on ofw 4.31 and I can’t download the mad blocker alpha :( It keep erroring when I try to download and it said activating and give me a error code.


  7. k3nn’s avatar

    thanks for the eCFW, wololo! my vita was in the closet for too long and this helped me bring my psp games to the vita. now i can’t seem to put it down anymore ^.^


  8. TranceWarp’s avatar

    Well…that leaves me out. I don’t have a PS3 to download the game(s) with. Is it still possible to do it without one?


  9. batman09’s avatar

    hello i have 1.80 ofw but i have the game one the ps3
    but i dont have a psn account in my vita
    how and what can i do?


    1. TranceWarp’s avatar

      If you have a PSN account for PS3, it’s the same. Sign in to the PSN Store on your Vita using your PSN credentials. If you have multiple accounts for zone reasons, use the credentials for the current memory card in your Vita.


  10. Batman’s avatar

    Hi is this Will work to transfer apps ps vita from ps3? Like Youtube
    My ps vita has 1.80 ofw ….thanks


  11. Sync’s avatar

    Mine was still 1.81 but don’t have a ps3 :\


  12. Tim’s avatar

    I recently got a PS Vita as a present from someone who never used it and it is still on 1.06 (!). Is there a way to update to 1.81 (and not to 2.01 which is already out now)? Thanks!


  13. asdf’s avatar

    Thanks, everything worked fine for me.
    One stupid question though, how do I transfer my psp savegames to the vita – couldn’t find anything on it.

    You can update to 1.81 with charlesproxy, there is a link to the tut on the first page of comments I believe.


  14. shay’s avatar

    is there a way to do that without a PS3? cuz i dont have one…


  15. drojf’s avatar

    installed it today, still works. Just note that sometimes, when you go to copy stuff over, the copy will immediately fail for no reason. No problem, just start the copy again and it will work


  16. ze’s avatar

    bonsoir j’ai une vita 1.81 et quand j’ouvre open cma il me demande de faire une mise a jour que faire?????


  17. Ecchi’s avatar

    Help, when I connected my PSV into my PS3 there’s always a message [quit all software you're running on PS3 system]


  18. accounts RF’s avatar

    @Ecchi Same problem here is how I fixed it: Just start a PS3/PSN game and hit PS Button/Quit back to XMB. Then reconnect your PS3-Vita and try it again.

    PLS Note you have to back up your PS Vita to your PC before doing this exploit! Otherwise the PSAVEDATA/ahfeaf0874/ folder won’t exist.

    Put the appropiate CEF 6.60 TN savedata in there and start the game.

    To all I used EU Urbanix game still works as of 28/12/2012


  19. mb123’s avatar

    Is this still possible if I’m on 1.81 ?


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