Release: Open CMA 5 (Compatible with all 2.00+ firmwares)


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109 Responses

  1. boom

    I hope they release the title of the new game soon… im still at 1.81 but im thinking of going 2.01.

    This wont have any use unless they release the exploit..

  2. seifer69er

    the link supplied is only updated with the r4.5 update for 1.0- 1.81 firmwares.

    can you re upload the 5.0 link for 2.0+ firmware?

  3. RagingCore

    I’m waiting for the release too. I updated because of the browser update but I’ll just wait patiently for them to release it.

    Can’t wait to play P3P on my Vita.

  4. Trunk208

    No Internet (tethering now), Staying at 1.81, Having a error(C1-2858-3) after uploading Modnation then that error just pop up, Guess its time to flow where the water leads.

  5. D-TeK-DeV

    These Developers never disappoint. 😀

  6. Raziel

    rock on when i bought my vita it was at 2.00 so this helps out so much. i still can get over how sony is trying to lock down the vita file system. i mean just to add a wallpaper i have to use this program.

  7. gamervato13

    i dont know if im doing it right, my CMA wont open at all help please.

  8. man_of_power05

    so…will there be linux suport?

  9. Insane Killer


  10. kaz

    oh this only for 2.00 & above..i thought we can get access to psn on 1.81 if this can be use..keep up the good work guys..

  11. zoraktorok

    Thank god.

  12. konamigood

    This is what everybody need~~

    I don’t believe Sony will release a software which is so bumbler and can’t transfer file when offline.

    Waiting for eCFW for 2.01~~

  13. MaxiExtreme


  14. youngoz

    This is great news!! Thanks guys!!

  15. Zafar

    Can you guys show this in a video its hard for me

  16. michael

    if open cma can copy iso to ps vita and than also can play iso psp in ps vita without exploit game , i want it.

  17. razor

    AWESOMEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANKS A LOT GUYS!!!!!

  18. notder

    Thanks you guys. good work!!!

  19. tracer22jhayahr

    Try this later.. does it works on Windows XP?

  20. vahab

    Pls Put Uk Region ps vita
    this psp Open Cma is for Jp Region
    pls put Uk Region Ps vita

    • TelcoLou

      ^^ yeah .. it’s only for Japan region, per the ppsp2-updatelist.xml file. I believe you may be able to use one of the other region’s .xml file from the previous version of OpenCMA.

  21. saeeid

    and below continue and/or use >>my<< existing Open CMA 4.5 version.

  22. LOSTuser

    If I just have a stock PS Vita with Sony 2.01 firmware, should I install this open cma? Or should I wait for custom firmware? Thank you.

  23. carlos

    only now lack the VHL to 2.0

  24. Endlessd

    How do i install PSP games? when i copy and extract the files to the CMA folder it says file corrupt file

  25. Endlessd

    i cant copy PSP iso, it said corrupt file for all

    • Jd8531

      Make sure it’s all capitals, even the extension.

    • nero

      put the iso or cso in the save data folder for the exploited ecfw game. then transfer them. and like Jd8531 said. use all caps, like; XXXXXXXX.ISO or .CSO max chacters is 8. no more, no less or else it will not show up.

  26. n1nurt4

    Thank the_Z for putting this up. Apparently VF was too busy(?)

  27. benny

    please somebody make video tutorial i dont understand

  28. KuroRyuu913

    Thank you for posting this. Im about to lose internet in 6 days and this will help with my PSVita and controlling my cotent on it. :)

    • RagingCore

      What a coincidence, I’m going to lose my internet by the end of the month and was wondering how I was going to get my backup from the PC/PS3

  29. Dario

    release cf for ps vita 2.01

  30. Dario

    mba on psn is patched

  31. Adil

    Dear wololo, i have a vita with firmware 2.00. Plz tell me that can I transfer iso games that I download from the Internet into my vita. And if I can plz tell me how. I want to know everything before I install cma. And 2 more things. Is the menu like the OFW and do the ISOs go into the memory card or what. Plz reply plz.

  32. lunatics

    So just to make sure I have this straight, if I have this installed and can connect my Vita to my PC and transfer things while not connected to the internet, then I can use this WHILE connected to the internet without it sending anything at all or checking Sonys servers for anything right?

  33. N

    Apparently this version of OpenCMA does not allow transfering through wifi, only USB connections.

  34. hollabronx

    Can you wait at least a week cus money is low

  35. yoggi

    noob here how do you set it up on the vita

  36. Sunny

    Hi im kinda curious but is there even a minor possibility that we will have psvita isos? plz tell thank you.

  37. iLubGorillaBLACKmen

    Thank you i was wondering what took long.

  38. GeneralGOOK

    This is silly no wifi transfer the update is pointless and pretty useless.

    • gunblade

      well i think its cuz if u want to use to wifi tranfer sony make u register the vita with the computer n people was saying they were having trouble running the wifi on cma to the vita on the 2.0 firmware. and u can jus use ftp to tranfer wireless if anything …

  39. ano

    dont hope too high guys..i dun think the exploit will be released..while this delay continue sony maybe will patched 2.01 & produce new that time this exploit will be delayed again & again.

  40. CHINESEchocolateSauce

    To everyone stay on your firmware that allows you to play homebrew.
    Its dumb to update unless your a fiend for whatever sony may be offering with the update.

  41. Chita

    omg guys free psn code generator

  42. Roach

    Any chance of a Mac equivalent?

  43. c-zero

    Even though I missed the Gravity Crash exploit, at least I know they’re working on a new one for 0FW 2.0+. I just have to shell out a bit more cash lol.

    BTW, OpenCMA 5 works like a charm! Hats off to the devs!

  44. noob

    Dumb question, but will this work with official FW?

  45. noob

    Would this work with official FW?

  46. choi

    im using a mac for this, is it the same process as with the pc in installing it?

  47. JohnTURNERandRadimusRemirezGAYLORDS

    Honestly can someone make it with wifi transfer Im sure it isn’t hard I wish I didn’t have wrestling and kung fu skills id rather trade that anytime of day to be a dev.

  48. Jan

    error while extracting file?any help for this

  49. Metalliphyll

    im still getting you need to update error after obtaining the latest xml for my region ???

  50. edieprastiyo

    i follow your intruction but it isnt working in my ps vita.i mean when i connect ps vita to pc with offline it is not working….
    can you help for this…my psvita run v (2.01)

  51. Gotron

    Thank. I feel so free on a ps vita on v2.01

  52. chazychaz

    hey guys, any idea how to make my open cma work. my vita’s EU version. and as ive read in the forums, the release of Open CMA 5 is for JAP region only. will someone please teach me how? any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!

  53. Kiddo

    Don’t forget to right click and run as Admin, it took me forever to figure that out lol