Release: Open CMA 5 (Compatible with all 2.00+ firmwares)


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  1. Chita says:

    omg guys free psn code generator

  2. Roach says:

    Any chance of a Mac equivalent?

  3. c-zero says:

    Even though I missed the Gravity Crash exploit, at least I know they’re working on a new one for 0FW 2.0+. I just have to shell out a bit more cash lol.

    BTW, OpenCMA 5 works like a charm! Hats off to the devs!

  4. noob says:

    Dumb question, but will this work with official FW?

  5. noob says:

    Would this work with official FW?

  6. choi says:

    im using a mac for this, is it the same process as with the pc in installing it?

  7. JohnTURNERandRadimusRemirezGAYLORDS says:

    Honestly can someone make it with wifi transfer Im sure it isn’t hard I wish I didn’t have wrestling and kung fu skills id rather trade that anytime of day to be a dev.

  8. Jan says:

    error while extracting file?any help for this

  9. Metalliphyll says:

    im still getting you need to update error after obtaining the latest xml for my region ???

  10. edieprastiyo says:

    i follow your intruction but it isnt working in my ps vita.i mean when i connect ps vita to pc with offline it is not working….
    can you help for this…my psvita run v (2.01)

  11. Gotron says:

    Thank. I feel so free on a ps vita on v2.01

  12. chazychaz says:

    hey guys, any idea how to make my open cma work. my vita’s EU version. and as ive read in the forums, the release of Open CMA 5 is for JAP region only. will someone please teach me how? any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!

  13. Kiddo says:

    Don’t forget to right click and run as Admin, it took me forever to figure that out lol

  14. brando says:

    Computer OS
    Windows 7
    PS Vita Updated to 2.01

    1.I downloaded the official vita cma like the directions said!
    2.I downloaded cma5 extracted it and copied the files in to the
    original offical cma folder!
    3.I ran bat file then i ran setdll…(also tried in reverse)
    4.When i ran bat file it says Access is Denied
    0 file copied
    Success: The process “CMA.exe” with pid 7740 has been terminated

    Error: The Process “CMADownloader.exe” not found
    Error: Couldnt vack up CMA.exw to CMA.exe~: 5

    Samething with CMA Downloader.exe and CMANPLIB

  15. VivaLaVita says:

    I deleted my old CMA (official version) re downloaded the latest version, and installed it.
    Then I downloaded the Open CMA 5 zip file from wololo’s blog and unzipped it.
    I copied all of those files into my program files/Sony/Content Manager Assistant where the real one is located
    Then I ran the “Run.bat” (batch file) and a black window came up with some codes, I hit any key to continue when it was done.
    After that I went to run “setdll” and for a very brief second another black window (like before) came up and immediately closes it self.

    And that is where I am. I have no idea if it was installed correctly or not, and if it was how do I use it? Also if not, what did I do wrong? (the instructions are brief and slightly vague)

    Thank you (I live in USA) if that matters…

  16. scrub7 says:

    Noob here, how can you tell if open CMA installed properly? Or rather, how do you use it once it is?

  17. exequiel says:

    its not working.. help..

  18. exequiel says:

    is this still works?

  19. exequiel says:

    cma5 is not working need help guys T_T

  20. Dirtabd says:

    Open CMA 5 did not work for me on GC 1.81 of coarse. But i was able to use the connect to Open CMA for 1.81 on the PC and then run CMA on vita in backround then unplug and plug usb into PS3 then resume CMA trick to transfer UNO game and Playstation AllStars to my Vita on 1.81 without any fuss from PSN, the PS3 was indeed connected to the net too cuz it would not work if it wasnt connected. Does anyone have any explanation of why this still works?

  21. Matthew says:

    I did everything on the directions but how do you make sure you have openCMA?

  22. Keyur says:

    ATTENTION-Correct way for Installing OCMA
    1-Download the RAR file
    2-Extract all the files to the Original CMA folder.
    3-Run “RUN” file
    4-Run Setdll.exe

    NOTE-it wont work unless you copy all the extracted files to the Original CMA’s Folder

    • kupomogli says:

      “ATTENTION-Correct way for Installing OCMA
      1-Download the RAR file
      2-Extract all the files to the Original CMA folder.
      3-Run “RUN” file
      4-Run Setdll.exe”

      Doesn’t work. I used what I had previously with 2.02. Extracted the .rar into the same folder. Opened Run.bat. Then opened Setdll.exe. Doesn’t work.

      When opening the .bat file it seems that some files overwrite others, but there are a lot that say that they won’t overwrite certain files. Or access denied, 0 files copied.

  23. Rasheem says:

    Thanks brother! Love your work.

  24. IgnusArmagadan says:

    Open CMA 5, after a few months of using it, just stopped owrking last night, and I was trying to copy Uno back over to my Vita from my PC, too… ***

  25. cain says:

    yo tango mi vita en la 2.05 i intente poner el parche open cma y me salta erro archivo cma .exe no encotrado
    erro archivo cma doulader no encotrado.exe no encotrado

    y no me funciona el open cma sin internet grasias previas por sus respuestas

  26. beto says:

    yo tengo el 20.2 y meva muy bien gracias por el aporte mi hijo quedo muy contento pudepasarle sus juegos sin necesidad deque mepida actualizacion actualizado hoy 09FEB12

  27. Vokoca says:

    So, what is this good for, save for being able to use CMA offline? Will this let me transfer games from one account to another, or is that still impossible?

    • stOneskull says:

      if you’re on official firmware it is just basically good for being able to transfer while not being connected to the internet

      if on some sort of psp exploit it also is good for transferring blacklisted stuff.. but yeah, only stuff that’s under the same account

  28. zed says:

    Guys, kindly check the comments before you post.
    otherwise it work.
    Thank You

  29. jckun says:

    Ok i did this called copy and that i i did run file and run setled then uhhh about this right click on the run setled there no adminitrator thingy on my com what the f think im doom and whats *** when i put py psp vita on usb mode the screen gow frezee ow myyyy can anybody help im using the botton to manuver that *** vita and please i cant notice my coonection on pc even it was coonected

    • Davey says:

      Run the .bat file as admin too. You can start command prompt (CMD) as administrator but it requires you going to C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe and right clicking it and runnin as administrator. Then navigate to the content manager assistant folder and running the .bat then – it will run as ADMIN automatically since CMD (command prompt) is already running with elevated privileges. The default Content manager assistant folder is ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Sony\Content Manager Assistant’ you can copy this link and paste it in command prompt. To change folders just copy and paste this
      ‘CD C:\Program Files (x86)\Sony\Content Manager Assistant’ (without quotes).
      and it will take you to the content manager assistant folder. Then just type ‘run.bat’

  30. eureckou says:

    Does not work with Firmware 2.12 (latest as of 07/11/2013)
    I’ll just wait for a new patch for Open CMA.
    Thanks anyways.

  31. x-eye says:

    People are still following this? Cool. Cause i wanted to ask if they have open cma for Android somewhere, and the forum is so crowded and confusing.anyway believe it or not i don’t own a working PC. Sad but true, all i have is my smartphone. Also dumb question alert: if something works on Linux will it work on Android?

  32. Herman says:

    I have 3.01 on my vita, if i try to cennect, on my vita it reads” You must update software for PS Vita system” Help Please !!!

  33. aka says:

    I am trying to do this with 3.01 and doesnt work.

  34. Yoooo says:

    Anyone having issues, run open cma as admit. Worked fine for me after! Might not help everyone >.<

  35. Davey says:

    You guys saved my ***. Got Vita on 3.18 and am using gladiator begins ect. ect. I keep my vita offline but I turned it on and vala ‘system update’ I panicked and thought I would never get my apps/games off my PC again because CMA required the update – but this completely bypassed that and even with the mandatory 2.30 update my Vita now knows no better and connects – WHEW! I backed up EVERY game/app I use before the update came out intentionally – if the Vita remembered this update somehow I would freak. Way too controlling on Sonys part. Netflix is working strangely I’m shocked Sony dosent SLAM you with this update since you need to login to PSN to use any online app – wow. Well it works – thanks guys.

    • Davey says:

      correction: I meant 3.30 update not 2.30

    • iPeris says:

      Can I you help me with that? I am in a same situation, downloaded opencma, I am on windows 8, run as admin and then setdll but when it’s done I try to connect and I still get the message that I need to update on my Vita and nothing happens on my PC

  36. Faffy says:

    Hey Davey – i’m trying to get gladiator begins on my 3.18 ps vita. I can’t sign in to download and install it without updating. How can I get it on my PC using CMA over to my ps v ?

  37. Ryu Hideki says:

    Help im a noob and just got my vita i installed open cma but it asks me to sign in to psn ithink wat to do i tried restarting flight mode etc nothing works

  38. Ryu Hideki says:

    I already have run it as an admin still same issues asks me to sign in to psn

  39. Ryo Bakura says:

    Doesn’t work on 3.52. Sadly :/

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