(Video) eCFW TN-C running on firmware 2.01


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129 Responses

    • Doomster says:

      A guy with tech smarts and common sense leaves his Vita out in the open and it gets snatched, resulting in the z telling everyone that money is required for them to release the exploit. His Vita wasn’t stolen, that’s a bet.

      • Keith says:

        Donate anyway for their previous work in the scene. Doesn’t matter if they are lying or not.

      • wololo says:

        As I explictely said, they emphasized that the release and the donation drive are unrelated. The release will happen independently of the donations

  1. neil says:

    i’m pangalawa, dude

  2. gtfoo says:

    not saying he’s lying, but how do we know for sure ?

    they might just be trying to make some money from the scene…

    i don’t trust anyone after all that’s happen in various “scenes”.

    clearly this new exploit works, an they are booting psp games just like on the old exploits.

    so what gives ? weather the story about a stolen vita is true or not, seems kinda weird that they want donations before they release the exploit….

    i don’t really support that, but whatever they probably already have more than enough for another vita by now…..

  3. chingon says:

    This is sediment news I can’t w8…

  4. Dario says:

    stop make video and release

  5. trecenters says:

    would just about give my vita… Never play it because it has *** games …sigh

  6. Tree Fiddy says:

    Seriously, how many times are you going to show us?

  7. Turd Sandwich says:

    A day or two from now another lame video is going to be posted. Lol

  8. maikson says:

    If it’s true or not, you probably a jerk to don’t send him money and actually call him a liar, his keeping working several hours, maybe even days or months for something that you couldn’t do for yourself, so don’t matter if is true or not, he’s working and major time he don’t receive nothing for it, just to make some people happy the way he can, so stop with this non-sense no-life and empty-brainer argument and actually make something useful to the scene or keep quiet when the possibility of offend someone who’s actually doing something.

  9. Chezni says:

    I bet sony stole it, that damn grace chen :(((((

  10. Tree Fiddy says:

    Funny how this Frostegater person is asking for money to get a new vita. This is a obliously a trick you have to be that stupid to fall for that ***. Do you not have a job? You lazy? Mommy and daddy won’t get you a new vita? Something is CLEARY wrong here. Everyone I recommend you NOT click the link. If you do then your a ***. ^_^

    • wololo says:

      His Vita was stolen a while ago, and when this happened he immediately sent his work in progress to a few people, including myself (I only have a proof of concept of the kernel exploit, not the full cfw) and (apparently) The_Z, just to guarantee his work would end up being released. He even contacted Coldbird to give him his kernel exploit, and see if that would make Coldbird com back to the scene. You rarely see hackers on the scene who are that dedicated to make sure their exploit *actually* gets publicly released.
      So if you don’t want to help the guy who’s provided the latest 2 working usermode exploits for the vita, then fine with you, but don’t badmouth him. If you live in a world where your parents can buy you a new gadget when you got it stolen from you, then good for you.

    • Godsibb says:

      You do realize that at the age of 16, most people still go to school instead of working, do you?

      Btw, *you’re

    • Cervantes says:

      just shut up if you don’t have anything to give ***

  11. Insane Killer says:

    Good Job

  12. ThunderZ says:

    I would donate but i just spent my last extra $20 hoping the next game doesnt cost more ;/

  13. huz says:

    i have Gravity Crash portable with 2.01 update ps vhbl
    i should that Gravity Crash exploit

    new youtube app

  14. itsmeMimi says:

    its up to you if you want to donate or not…its not compulsory anyway…so for those criticizing the video pls stop talking nonsense…

  15. ramenking says:

    this is some good news didnt know if this was still possible well done hope the game is not to expensive only got Β£4.39 left on psn lol

  16. ryugen says:

    Reading some comments make me sick…almost sounds like the ps3 scene. Like “trololo no make video make release”. How about some positive thinking. We have to learn to motivate people who put in time and effort for something we can later on enjoy. Kkthx

  17. dm646 says:

    if i had money i would gladly donate to him even though i do not have a vita as of yet i would love to donate to every major scene member if i could..but thats just me :)

    heck if i didnt have to go thru legal stuff (and still going thru it) i would have donated enough for himt o get a new vita lol

  18. ICYHEART says:

    Tree Fiddy I think u are working in sony co

  19. dm646 says:

    if he was he should be fired! xD

  20. hgoel0974 says:

    New feature request to Sony:
    Make an app using which a person can track their Vita remotely! Maybe a modification to CMA πŸ˜‰

    Do something useful for once!

    I am gonna try to donate, depends on how much cash I have.

  21. TechWolf says:

    What’s the donate link? These guys have brought many hours of fun on my favorite portable, the deserve a donation and much more for their efforts.

  22. hgoel0974 says:

    After all it is for the better of the scene πŸ˜‰

  23. XStationBR says:

    The bigest problem to user before haved an PS VITA stoled is.
    If you be stoled 1 time you can buy another PS VITA and use you account again.
    But if you be stoled to 2 time. SONY just say F U C X YOU for youself because i live on Brazil the Country of Thieves, and i haved same problem.
    In first time my PS VITA was bricked and i goes back to STORE and take back another new PS VITA, but 3 months later i be Stoled and more 3 month later i goes to store buy another.
    But for my surprise i cant Desactivate my ACCOUNT on SONY PLAYSTATION website and i call to 0800 suport and their says to me i just can deactivet my PS VITA just plug in on an PS3 Console and using the PS VITA OWNSELF but just with this way, if i dont had the console in my hands i cant use another way to DEACTIVATE my PS VITA.
    Well i just say and now, my games i buy 4 games ondemand i lose my money?
    their say well we cant do nothing for this situation in this moment.
    I ANGRY and say i Loudest Voice in Phone.

    And she say what??? you cant talk this and… i Repeat again and Shut off in her face.

    This is one of the reason i like the Custom Scene and if i can i give suport because SONY just like our Money nothing more.

    People like Wololo or Z or whatever.
    Just do because their is people like us, then like play games but use the chalenge to reverse engine like an achievements way to live their live.
    Well this is one of reasons i like DONATE.

    Thank for all your.
    Our family is all and friend too.
    Sorry for my bad english im brasilian.
    Im a Wanabee in this scene since 1999

    • MarSprite says:

      Go to http://www.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com/
      Click “Manage Account”
      Log In using your PSN credentials
      Click Account
      Click Media And Devices
      Click the arrow to expand the game category

      ooooh, would you look at that, a way to deactivate all the psps and ps3s on your account!

      Click “Deactivate All”

      Use it only if you need it though, you are only allowed to do it once every 6? months… I forget exactly, been a while since I did it myself.

  24. kaz says:

    hi..im on 1.81..will my gravity grash work if i update to 2.1 if this exploits come out in the future? Or do i need to update & buy again in psn in 2.01 firmware..

    • Khyle says:

      That exploit and all other previous exploits have been patched with the new 2.0+ firmware so it will not work.

      • kaz says:

        no, what i mean is will i be able to play gravity crash game only if i update to 2.1? & will i need to buy new gravity crash on psn for fw 2.1 for this future exploits release?

      • kaz says:

        Will i be able to play gravity crash game only once i update to 2.1? Or will i need to buy new gravity crash on psn for fw 2.1 for this future exploits release to work later?

  25. IgnusArmagadan says:

    I would donate if I could, but I don’t have a lot of money at hand and most of it goes to College stuff anyway. No disrespect to any of them, I’m EXTREMELY grateful for their awesome contributions to the scene, had the Mad Blocker Alpha exploit til I updated to 2.0, but what about him using someone else’s Vita to work on it? That’s what I would do, I’d try out using someone else’s Vita and get some work done on it while my Vita was MIA. Not sure why not having a Vita would make a difference to development, but it does suck pretty bad that he got his stolen =\ I hope you get a new one soon and that Donations can help you get a new one!! Also, everyone should think about how he doesn’t have to have a the full amount to get a Vita most likely, probably just enough to kind of help with the sting of having to buy a whole brand new Vita :p

  26. notder says:

    donate sure!!
    hope you’ll get new Vita soon πŸ˜€

  27. green_archer says:

    Will wait for this release. Hopefully within this month.! keep up the good work guys!

  28. eman says:

    so on this 2.01 it is safe to say that it can run psp iso then. coz i was hesitate to upgrade into 2.01

  29. anon says:

    Of all the people to have a vita stolen, it’s this guy. It can’t be coincidence. I suspect sabotage on sony’s part.

  30. About7fish says:

    Sounds kinda strange that a guy so brilliant would leave a valuable and desirable item somewhere it could be stolen, but hey, I feel like I owe the guy for his work anyway. If a donation drive through paypal is run, I’ll be happy to pitch in a few bucks.

  31. KimSee says:

    Does it required to buy a game?? Coz, i dont have gravity crash mad blocker or urbanix. What is kernel exploit??

  32. Holy says:

    Same Q with kaz here : Will i be able to play gravity crash game only once i update to 2.1? Or will i need to buy new gravity crash on psn for fw 2.1 for this future exploits release to work later?

  33. Mr. Shizzy says:

    I donated. And you all should too!!

    All the haters and spammers aside, there are a lot of good people in the scene who enjoy the work of all these great devs. These people will do the right thing and show some support here. :)

    To all the complainers, the ungrateful spammers and the like:
    Go gargle some bleach. No one cares to read your *** πŸ˜‰

  34. c-zero says:

    So unfortunate that he got his PSVita stolen. I’ll be sure to donate when my next paycheck comes in lol.

    And for those of you who are complaining about giving donations (especially those of you who say they can release their own for free), instead of coming on here and badmouthing these devs who owe us nothing and are doing this for the sake of homebrew, why don’t you give us a link to your blog, if you have one? Why not put your money where your mouth is?

    Just sayin’

  35. jazneo says:

    best not donate he can be just scam you guys out your money. iphone,ipod,ipad are way to go for hacking

  36. PlayerGG says:

    I donated to SKFU!!!
    Hope for some useful work to come,
    But never see.
    I need a new set of rims for my car this time and
    I’ll try to donate to him whenever I got my rims.

  37. imminetrat says:

    so if i update to 2.01 will the mod still work ?
    how do I move psp games on to the vita with the mod ?
    please help

  38. imminetrat says:

    will the cfw mod on 2.01 ?
    how do i move psp games onto the vita with cfw ?
    please help?

  39. crazytomer3 says:

    Its funny how retarted most people are, if you have been following wololo’s website for a while now, you would know that wololo is epic and he would never lie about something like this and also Frostegate has kept the psvita scene alive…

  40. gerrie says:

    what vita mem card is in the menu? does he have acces to vita mem card?and respect these guys

  41. stonic says:

    So i’ve had this psvita and its basicly been a paperwate for almost a year i really hope this release comes soon. basicly all i use it for is anime. seems like a waste of $400

  42. TheWish says:

    If he want a donate … i want a release of an exploit πŸ˜‰

  43. quetz says:

    this time i feel it’s coming to be released for real, since 2.01 is out, don’t see any new updates if not for patching exploit.. may be the right time, and a great xmas gift πŸ˜›

  44. D0r1t0 says:

    Im looking forward to get that exploit , and see them releasing it.. so guys i dont think its so hard to donate 1 dollar to these guys.. i mean doesnt matter if he did lost his ps vita or not.. if they want make some money , why not??

    Im just waiting to get an exploit for my ps vita and enjoy the games.

    See u

  45. levis says:

    if u wanna donate! ,donate if u dont wanna ,dont donate ! its yours choice so dont lisen scumbags because they are greedy ,but trust my if exploit will be released them will be first in q … good luck with your choice.

  46. levis says:

    I ll donate !

  47. albie85 says:

    can some1 help me? I cant get no homebrew to show up on TN-C I no how to do it zip file no compression capital letters and all that. all worked fine on TN-B don’t get it is there something else I shud be doin on this version?

  48. Yes says:

    Wow u guys r fast…

  49. MaxiExtreme says:

    @albie85 – go to /talk for answers to your query.

  50. Kizu says:

    This is amaaaaazing :)

  51. Vampiresr says:

    Cant find K-on on PSN where is the game can anyone Help

  52. Zer01ne says:

    Please Donate ? Whaouh its just a PSP Hack you know ?

    • hgoel0974 says:

      not exactly, it is an ePSP hack. Have you heard of the Urbanix exploit for the PSP?

      The KExploit is inside the ePSP (inside the ePSP Firmware) so technically, this shouldn’t really work on a PSP.

      The cool thing is that it has soo many advantages, if someone misses the release then another User mode exploit might be released and have the KExploit run through it!

      I just wish that the eCFW he releases can do flash dumps so that vita users can look for exploits too!

    • beast21 says:

      its only a dollar more than 300 people have an ps vita who want the hack stop being cheap if you wanna buy more games if you already have backups to put ongo ahead. i’ve have 20 back ups of my old psp games and im going to donate

  53. DongsMBM says:

    so, the expolited game must be in the list of of ecfw menu then, πŸ˜›

  54. blackjesus says:

    I jizzed

  55. blackjesus says:

    The PSP exploited game: Bejeweled 2


  56. sptrk75 says:

    I donated with no expectations or demands of a future exploit release. I think that misses the point entirely and I hope he is able replace his stolen Vita by Christmas.

  57. stepenlu07 says:

    this guy deserve our donation, im using mhfu exploit btw and i can’t wait for the new exploit to release so i might donate, but i hope the next game exploit is lot cheaper coz mhfu is so expensive that it hurts my wallet. :)

  58. Skars says:

    I do support their work, donated a little to him :)


  59. TtahaD says:

    yeah thank you

  60. Clone says:

    its realy uncool to hold back the exploit so long. Just take a look back to the golden days of Dark Alex and the M33 Team. No one of these Genius had make such a show!

    • E says:

      DarkAlex was a BEAST. M33 was and still is my Favorite CFW. I still use it on 4 of my 6 PSPs. I wish he would come back to the scene and Pwn this Vita lol

  61. psvita-freak says:

    Yes!!! Hope it will be released soon! πŸ˜€

  62. kaz says:

    i dont thnk it will be released soon..maybe not..who knows

  63. Zafar says:

    when will this be available

  64. theluxx says:

    I think it’s a bit suspicious that his vita got stolen, maybe his vita just got bricked and he needs donations for new vita(s) til he gets the exploit right.

  65. Makoto says:

    Mad Blocker exploit was cheap… But… Then: New exploit=buy other psn game?? :(

  66. natsu says:

    If this happens to be a game less than 20$, it will be the best gift this holiday season….

    Its only now that i was able to get my hands on a psn card

  67. Daydream605 says:

    Iv’e Donated $10, hope you get your vita soon dude :)

  68. ano says:

    maybe..the exploit will be released once or after he got the vita for himself..who knows..so until then no release…lol

  69. page101 says:

    i’ve donated

  70. Juan Sanchez says:

    Alright I had a question so when the exploit is out, hopefully soon and we have the game with an exploit and it’s on my 8 gig memory card and I wanna buy a 32 gig can I just re download the game from psn on the 32 gig memory card or do I have to use CMA5 and transfer?

  71. Juan Sanchez says:

    Thanks sptrk75:D

  72. ano says:

    dont hope too high guys..i dun think the exploit will be released..while this delay continue sony maybe will patched 2.01 & produce new fw..at that time this exploit will be delayed again & again.

  73. TuckDezi says:

    I Personally Think Waiting For A Public Release Is Pointless… The ecfw is only useful as long as it doesnt stop functionality of the vita… as soon as u cant sign in or use any features its no longer a good thing which is why i updated and lost my GCP tn-c… Back To Pointless…. Name Goes Public…. Game Goes Missing…. Exploit Gets Patched… I see what these guys do and its cool and all but if your not in the close circle around these guys your either not gonna have the exploit for long or soon you lose functionality….. everybodys best bet? find your own exploit…. keep it to urself…. like they do (which i completely understand for reasons mentioned above) oh & im giving nobody money… i got kids

  74. If hes not going to share his work with us why Donate,
    and then only if this exploit doesnt need psp psn games to work it, it should run like psp cfw.

  75. 200C under says:

    I want to know how I can get the name of the very game,even for which money is needed.

  76. wololo says:

    I’ll eagerly wait for your free exploit man, in the meantime I’m enjoying the Mad Blocker alpha exploit that frostegater delivered for free, weeks ago.

  77. hgoel0974 says:

    I have seen WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to many people say that, they all turned out to be 2 year olds.

    But anyway, go ahead, release this exploit you are GOING to find. πŸ˜‰

  78. airdev says:

    Yeah, well….Im gonna build my own Theme Park! With Blackjack, and hookers.

    In fact, forget the park!

  79. >_> says:

    Speak for yourself. >_>

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