(Video) eCFW TN-C running on firmware 2.01

The_Z shows us some more work from Frostegater, who is in possession of a PS Kernel exploit and was able to port Total_Noob’s CEF (a PSP custom firmware running in the PSP emulator of the Vita.

The video shows the Vita running an iso of K-On, as well as PSP Filer, and gPSP, the GameBoy advance emulator.

For some of you this is old news (we already mentioned Frostegater has a PSP Kernel exploit), and I’m sure we’ll see a share of complaints in the form of “if you show it, release it”, but hey, this shows that a PSP CFW inside of the Vita on the latest firmware is still possible, and hope is good, I guess.

So what about a release date? Well this is where it gets tricky. Frostegater does plan to release his work, but his Vita was stolen so he cannot make efficient progress on the work. As you will see in the video, him and The_Z are trying to gather funds to get Frostegater a new Vita with a donation drive. I’m myself not a big fan of “donate now, see the results later”, but Frostegater and The_Z insisted that the CFW release is independent of that donation drive, and I’ll remind the readers that Frostegater is the one who was behind the Mad Blocker Alpha exploit, and who ported the Gravity Crash exploit to the EU, US, and HK versions of the game. So if you are one of those who enjoy(ed) these exploits, now might be the right time to donate to Frostegater. As usual, don’t donate in the hope of stuff to come, but donate for what’s already been accomplished.A donation link can be found in the video’s description on youtube.

source: The_Z

  1. levis’s avatar

    I ll donate !


  2. albie85’s avatar

    can some1 help me? I cant get no homebrew to show up on TN-C I no how to do it zip file no compression capital letters and all that. all worked fine on TN-B don’t get it is there something else I shud be doin on this version?


  3. Yes’s avatar

    Wow u guys r fast…


  4. MaxiExtreme’s avatar

    @albie85 – go to /talk for answers to your query.


  5. Kizu’s avatar

    This is amaaaaazing :)


  6. Vampiresr’s avatar

    Cant find K-on on PSN where is the game can anyone Help


    1. BTFSHADOW’s avatar

      PSN JAP


    2. The Z’s avatar

      K-ON is not important for the exploit, its just a game which should show you, that its possible to launch ISOs.

      And i like the game :D


  7. Zer01ne’s avatar

    Please Donate ? Whaouh its just a PSP Hack you know ?


    1. hgoel0974’s avatar

      not exactly, it is an ePSP hack. Have you heard of the Urbanix exploit for the PSP?

      The KExploit is inside the ePSP (inside the ePSP Firmware) so technically, this shouldn’t really work on a PSP.

      The cool thing is that it has soo many advantages, if someone misses the release then another User mode exploit might be released and have the KExploit run through it!

      I just wish that the eCFW he releases can do flash dumps so that vita users can look for exploits too!


    2. beast21’s avatar

      its only a dollar more than 300 people have an ps vita who want the hack stop being cheap if you wanna buy more games if you already have backups to put ongo ahead. i’ve have 20 back ups of my old psp games and im going to donate


  8. DongsMBM’s avatar

    so, the expolited game must be in the list of of ecfw menu then, :P


    1. The Z’s avatar

      Nope, i the game was hidden.
      None of the shown games are the exploit game.


  9. blackjesus’s avatar

    I jizzed


  10. blackjesus’s avatar

    The PSP exploited game: Bejeweled 2



    1. kenbonana’s avatar

      is this actually the game or is this just a troll?


  11. sptrk75’s avatar

    I donated with no expectations or demands of a future exploit release. I think that misses the point entirely and I hope he is able replace his stolen Vita by Christmas.


  12. stepenlu07’s avatar

    this guy deserve our donation, im using mhfu exploit btw and i can’t wait for the new exploit to release so i might donate, but i hope the next game exploit is lot cheaper coz mhfu is so expensive that it hurts my wallet. :)


  13. Skars’s avatar

    I do support their work, donated a little to him :)



  14. TtahaD’s avatar

    yeah thank you


  15. Clone’s avatar

    its realy uncool to hold back the exploit so long. Just take a look back to the golden days of Dark Alex and the M33 Team. No one of these Genius had make such a show!


    1. E’s avatar

      DarkAlex was a BEAST. M33 was and still is my Favorite CFW. I still use it on 4 of my 6 PSPs. I wish he would come back to the scene and Pwn this Vita lol


  16. psvita-freak’s avatar

    Yes!!! Hope it will be released soon! :-D


  17. kaz’s avatar

    i dont thnk it will be released soon..maybe not..who knows


  18. Zafar’s avatar

    when will this be available


  19. theluxx’s avatar

    I think it’s a bit suspicious that his vita got stolen, maybe his vita just got bricked and he needs donations for new vita(s) til he gets the exploit right.


  20. Makoto’s avatar

    Mad Blocker exploit was cheap… But… Then: New exploit=buy other psn game?? :(


  21. natsu’s avatar

    If this happens to be a game less than 20$, it will be the best gift this holiday season….

    Its only now that i was able to get my hands on a psn card


  22. Daydream605’s avatar

    Iv’e Donated $10, hope you get your vita soon dude :)


  23. ano’s avatar

    maybe..the exploit will be released once or after he got the vita for himself..who knows..so until then no release…lol


  24. page101’s avatar

    i’ve donated


    1. walala’s avatar

      I’ve donated $150,
      and I hoped that you had
      buy his new ps vita..


      1. ano’s avatar

        seriously man?? i cant say anything if the exploit still dont be released soon..


  25. Juan Sanchez’s avatar

    Alright I had a question so when the exploit is out, hopefully soon and we have the game with an exploit and it’s on my 8 gig memory card and I wanna buy a 32 gig can I just re download the game from psn on the 32 gig memory card or do I have to use CMA5 and transfer?


    1. sptrk75’s avatar

      Yes, you would need to restore the backup using openCMA to the new 32GB card.


  26. Juan Sanchez’s avatar

    Thanks sptrk75:D


  27. NiggablackAnger’s avatar

    I donated a good amount for this kid to have 3 vitas i need this fucking shit before xmas.


  28. ano’s avatar

    dont hope too high guys..i dun think the exploit will be released..while this delay continue sony maybe will patched 2.01 & produce new fw..at that time this exploit will be delayed again & again.


  29. TuckDezi’s avatar

    I Personally Think Waiting For A Public Release Is Pointless… The ecfw is only useful as long as it doesnt stop functionality of the vita… as soon as u cant sign in or use any features its no longer a good thing which is why i updated and lost my GCP tn-c… Back To Pointless…. Name Goes Public…. Game Goes Missing…. Exploit Gets Patched… I see what these guys do and its cool and all but if your not in the close circle around these guys your either not gonna have the exploit for long or soon you lose functionality….. everybodys best bet? find your own exploit…. keep it to urself…. like they do (which i completely understand for reasons mentioned above) oh & im giving nobody money… i got kids


  30. vita hacker’s avatar

    If hes not going to share his work with us why Donate,
    and then only if this exploit doesnt need psp psn games to work it, it should run like psp cfw.


  31. 200C under’s avatar

    I want to know how I can get the name of the very game,even for which money is needed.


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