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Dead or Alive 5 announced for PlayStation Vita

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  1. AyeGuy says:

    I have never acutually played a Dead or Alive game before but it sounds promising.

  2. uzku says:

    now i just need to figure out how to attach my arcade stick to the vita..

    this is great news!!!! DoA franchise is one of the best! bring on the island version to vita!

  3. zoraktorok says:

    I’m extremely happy to hear about this one…. DOA on the 3ds looked awsome so I’m sure that the vita will be console quality… I think this might be the only one with the charcter models NOT scaled down albeit the normal BG overhaul.

  4. thunderz says:

    never really been a DOA fan.

  5. Moi says:

    Next up, SF4 AE, but I believe Capcom said they won’t even bother porting it.

    • Hellinferno says:

      *** Crapcom and their promises,remember the pc dlc Sfxt in september,we are in the *** last month so where is it,and RE6 they xbox users and ps3 users they already finish the game in the entire world so why the *** we want the *** game for pc then if we already saw the final chapter videos on youtube,if Crapcom keep doing that they will keep diging their graves for the entire company.Sorry i you dont understand something im from Argentina im still working on my english XD jajaja.

  6. afster says:

    Meh.. DOA was never really my thing, hoping for a tekken release on the vita

  7. Botarguirix says:

    i want to see kof UM on the vita… or at least one version of KOF!

    seria chingon ver algo de kof UM o almenos el 2002 porque las otras no me ghustaron para nada! iuck!

    • Hellinferno says:

      Estan buenos todos los Kof,en el 2001 las fotos y musicas son horribles en el 2002 estaba bueno solo las musicas fueron feas.Sabes cual es mi opinion?,un kof um collection con un descuento en neo geo battle coliseum tambien para vita,osea kof 98 and 2002 um collection y un descuento en el otro juego.Te aseguro que vos yo,y muchos otros lo comprariamos con los ojos cerrados.

  8. Waleed says:

    I want to see Monster Hunter Portable 4th on the vita.

  9. zorrodood says:

    put samus in the stupid game already!!! i would buy any DOA game if samus was in it. playable.

  10. Leires says:

    I was never really interested in fighting games..Aside dissidia, but they do that a bit differently than most fighters. Bring on the RPGs :/

  11. f3l1x says:

    hope this one bring more people to vita’s world and that opens door’s to other producers bet on ps vita

  12. DongsMBM says:

    still hoping they could bring ninja gaiden 2 sigma plus earlier…

  13. Neo says:

    We have enough fighting games on the vita already, I would want to see games like the getaway , shenmue , vanquish, rise to honor, sleeping dogs , nba jam, illusion of Gaia 3D on the vita , the current ps vita library is poor and the future doesn’t look bright either , nothing to look forward to, Sony where did you go wrong with the vita ?

    • Hellinferno says:

      I agree in some part but enough of fighting games? wheres Kof,Rage of the dragon,Power Instinct Matrimelee,Fatal Fury,Tekken and others?,i understand you want shennmue and who doesnt,but it all depends of Sega,i also were looking for skies of arcadia game and a new one coming up also Illbleed,Cannon Spike “Crapcom” so forget it.

  14. granasaberx says:

    Let’s hope the trophy list isn’t like the ps3. Not gonna do 1000 online battles again…

  15. Manuelito says:

    I hope a tekken to, and a KOF to, i love the fighting games, endless hours of play.

  16. Dario says:

    release cf for ps vita 2.00!|||||||!!!!

  17. razor says:

    Another fighter ?..hmm..I almost destroyed my Vita’s buttons playing Mortal Kombat

  18. criticalmass says:

    I want a fighter necklace, so I can say to people, “I’m a fighter, let’s fight!”

  19. Hellinferno says:

    “The PlayStation Vita has become the ultimate platform for fighting games already” so then,where is a new bloody roar,KING OF FIGHTERS,NEO GEO BATTLE COLISEUM,soul calibur,Tekken and others?.The producer of Kof was exiting to work with vita but the *** Sony seems not care about that AWESOME GAME,Snk and Playmore have tons of great games to make them a remake or just a new game from old franchises suchs as Power Instinct matrimelee and Rage Of The Dragon,fatal fury and Kizuna encounter.

  20. Maxilus says:

    Sound like Vita is getting hotter. 2013 could be a big a year for Vita. More and more games coming up.

  21. Maxilus says:

    Vita is the awesome handheld console I ever had! Even though it may look ugly to me but it powerful!!!

  22. Maxilus says:

    Hey Wololo, PS Vita OFW 2.01 has released. Any news about it?

  23. neverthewiseone says:

    Give me some “jelly” yahoo!!!!!!!!

  24. ChocolateFACE says:

    Dis be daa greatest news since i let my nails grow for my ps3 youtube repair vids!

  25. DBG says:

    Heh I remember how much Itagaki hated the PSP and said he would never work on the system (same probably would have gone for the Vita). Since he left (or got the boot depending on how you want to look at it) though, Team Ninja put out one game for the PSP and there are 3 games in the pipeline for the Vita. Kind of moot for me as I haven’t been interested in any of the Ninja Gaiden or DOA titles of the last decade (still love DOA 2 for the Dreamcast), but if they end up being given away in the future through PS+, I’d give it a try =).

  26. TinyLITTLEDicKAZN says:

    I love doa this is great i hope us in the UK get it first!

  27. alexsays says:

    We get at same month (2013):

    -Soul Sacrifice
    -Ninja Gaiden 2
    -Dead or Alive 5


  28. E says:

    This is freaking AWESOME news!

  29. BaldingARAB says:

    wow this is nice thanks tecmo I will buy this like I do all your games even if I already have it for another system *_-

  30. savio says:


  31. mikst says:

    I want a dragonball z fighter for vita

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