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  1. mohd salauddin says:

    a good service by sony playstation team playstation plus

    • stOneskull says:

      i don’t know if it’s the same in the usa but the european store has just announced a christmas sale during december, every two days starting today there is a different deal and the first one is a big discount on a 90 day ps+ subscription.

    • Hellgun says:

      and this week Bioshock 2 free for PS + members, a good game if ppl have not played it yet. thanks you playstation!!!!!!

  2. E says:

    Great article Thanks! i was considering updating and getting the PS Plus trial subscription but the fact that you lose access to games and saves when it expires is lame. Plus, I would not want to have to keep re-downloading all of those games over and over. I am in College, no time for all of that. No thanks Sony. No thanks.

    • Yes says:

      The savegames are stored on the PS+ cloud for 6 months after your subscription has ended, so there is no need to reupload all the savegames 🙂 If you wait longer than 6 months, then the savegames will be deleted from the cloud and then you need to reupload them.

    • Yes says:

      I forgot to say, you dont need to redownload the games either. You can keep the games on your Vita, but they will not work if your PS+ subscription has expired. The games have an expire date, but this date will renew itself if you connect to PSN and renew the PS+ subscription.

  3. E says:

    Sony’s attempts to out do Xbox Live? Thinking XBox Live Wins this one

    • E says:

      Well, unless Sony offers a year Subscription at a discount like Microsoft does with live. (i.e $34 for 1 yr during special promos)

      • Brandon B. says:

        $17.99 for 3 months.
        $49.99 for 1 year.

        You’re already saving about $25 by buying it one-time annually instead of four times. Your online play is already free, and with this you have cloud save storage, the Instant Game Collection (for 2 consoles), some fairly nice Discounts, I would say you’re getting plenty of value.

        • stOneskull says:

          i would suggest buying the three month subscription first if you have doubts.. and then if you like it, and want to keep ps+ then you can get a year.. also keep an eye out on ebay.. i picked up a 3 month subscription for $10 on there

    • Marky Mark says:

      Sony already out doing Xbox Live in terms of offering apps without having to pay additional subscription to access them with their free service. Free monthly games, discounts and cloud service is a good start for PSN+

      • xSpectrum says:

        I don’t quite understand why everyone is acting like PS+ is new. Its been there for well over a year now, and it used to suck ***. The best thing about it was the trophy sync and the save cloud, the games were worthless.

        They didn’t get good with their free games and discounts until a couple months ago (inFamous 2, Warhammer, etc.)

        I understand that its new to the Vita, but its not actually new.

    • Aiden says:

      There is no way on Earth that Xbox Live beats PS+. So far, for my one year subscription of £39.99, I have recouped the price many times over. The free games I’ve downloaded include:
      LittleBigPlanet 2, Dead Space 2, Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, Bulletstorm, inFAMOUS 2, Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Uncharted, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD, Borderlands and Gravity Rush. That’s just off the top of my head. Next week you can add Batman: Arkham City, Limbo, Mortal Kombat Vita and Vanquish to the available list.

      • Hellgun says:

        Dead Space 2? Deus Ex? Borderlands? when were those released for PS+? i missed it, dammm!!!

      • gunblade says:

        well they probly so called get better connecntion with xbox then with ps3 hard way wise get differnse but internet wise sony dont realy have to pay n they give free connection but the sense xbox user have to pay fo online gamming cenection wise there not so much differnts den playing online with both system…..thing was i guess that they paid for sever use on xbox as to ps3 was free.( unless live…

    • M3rror says:

      Is it fun paying for ads?
      Let’s compare
      Live Silver: uhh you can see your friends list and send messages. Oh, and go in a private chat with one person.
      Live Gold: Play your games online. Can use netflix and other apps (but still need a membership with said service). Get access to demos. A few discounts, rarily. Access to a beta, if there ever is one. Use Party chat. Oh, and of course, TONS OF ADS.

      PS Free: Play your games online. Send messages to friends. Use Party Chat (Vita only). Little to no ads. Access to betas. Can use netflix and other apps for free if they have a membership with said service.
      PS+: All of the said mention with the addition of free games, free cloud service for savedata, discounts, full game trials, access to special betas before anyone else. Auto-update and auto-upload features.

      Sony’s free service alone out-do’s M$’s Xbox Live. People are just too gulible to fall for Microsoft’s tricks into thinking they’re paying for some glorified service when all they’re really doing is paying to look at ads.

  4. cris says:

    it is the new age of rentals as i see it you own nothing and if you dont pay the subscription you find that your system is empty of games. i prefer physical copies for many reasons and as there is no big discount in online games 40% etc i will always buy physical copies ,for me this service ps plus does not worth a penny as i can find used games and have them in my collection not vaporware in some months.

    • M3rror says:

      But what happens when you get bored of those games and you can’t sell them? Chances are, if you have the service, by the time you cancel it your fun from those free games will have ended and you are probably looking to sell your console or put it up on the shelf to collect dust.

    • IgnusArmagadan says:

      I’ll take a physical copy over digital any day, but when the digital copy is free, you take it…

  5. Alpha Iono says:

    Alpha Iono is back baby lmao hahaaha just kidding:)

  6. Hellgun says:

    some ppl don’t undestand they are already paing 50 dollars a year on xbox 360, ONLY to play online, a sevice thats free for PS users, BUT, if they pay 50 bucks a year, u will ALSO get discounts, free games, early full demos and cloud storage.
    yes, the game is not yours to keep if u leave the service, but you still can enjoy it and what did u receive from your 50 in xbox live? recently, “happy wars” is free to download. In PS+ you will have AAA games that you would end up buying anyway. saving your money to other games.
    is it so hard to understand that you are really receiving more for less?

  7. Sneax673 says:

    Been with Psn+ since it launched and have never regretted it 😀

  8. hacker says:

    ive been thinkin on how to remove the expiration date on full
    games datll be nice

  9. Roshan says:

    But with the price of PS Vita memory cards and the size of the game downloads I’d rather just buy pre owned copies of games

  10. NakedFaerie says:

    I still think PS+ is a legal scam from $ony.
    Think about it, since when do you pay to play demos?
    You are NOT getting any free games, you are just renting them. The second your subscription expires so do the games so they are NOT free, just rented.

    So what do you really get for your money? nothing.
    The only real thing I can see is online saves. so? I backup all my saves to a USB stick so I dont need online saves.
    On my CFW PS3 I backup EVERYTHING via FTP so that kicks *** over anything PS+ can offer.

    I’m still yet to see any good features PS+ can offer enough to get my money for. I’ve got the trial and I’ve already turned off the PS+ features. I cant wait for it to expire so the + next to my name is gone. TO me its a tag to say who the suckers are.

    You are really getting nothing paying for PS+. You can already play online, you can already update your games so whats really the use of it?

    • Yes says:

      If i go to the movies and pay $10 to see a movie. I watch the movie and then i exit the cinema. What do i have left? If i go to a football or hockey match and pay $30 for a ticket. When the game has ended, what do i have left?

      If i pay for a Netflix subscription, and when it ends, what do i have left?

      I pay for insurance, but i have never used it. What do i get from it when i dont have to use it?

      Do you concider all those things as legal scams?

      PS+ is indeed a rental service. This is something that everyone can read up on, so it is not a scam. A scam is when you pay for something that you dont get. Sony has never adverticed that you get to keep all these games after the PS+ subscription ends. What you pay for is the service and the enjoyment you get from playing the games for “free”.

      You dont pay for demos, you pay to play full games. I have gotten many full games for “free” through PS+ that i’m done playing at this point. I already got my enjoyment out of those games and i have no desire at this point to replay those games.

      The cloud save is also for convenience. If you have two or more PS3s at different locations, you can easily move the savegames between them without having to using a USB stick (assuming that all your PS3 got internet access to access the PS+ cloud of course).

      I’ve saved money on PS+. I’ve got to play full games for no extra cost that i would have bought if PS+ didnt excist. As i mentioned above here, i already have gotten my enjoyment from these games, so if i lose access to those games in 1 or 2 years, i dont really care much about that since i’m done playing those games for now 🙂

    • Hellgun says:

      u really can not understand it…. u can not compare cfw with PS+, by doing that just shows that you wqnt everything for free, and its business, the need to have profit. what i meant, is that ppl gives 50 dollars to microsoft Only to play online and download demos and do not complain, by paying the same to Sony you also get Free rents, cloud, and Discounts.
      Its not normal that you can not understand it.

      • hgoel0974 says:


        Why do I think that you are referring to piracy? 🙄
        PS+ isn’t a legal scam, do the math:

        Wipeout 2048 = $17.99
        UNCHARTED : GA = $35.99
        Gravity Rush = $35.99
        Jet Set Radio = $9.99
        TFS:MBA = $7.99
        FFT:TWTL = $9.99

        Total = $117.94

        Playstation Plus : 3 Months = $17.99
        1 Year = $49.99

        Doesn’t look like a legal scam does it? Oh and don’t forget the bonuses 😉

    • sammy says:

      can i please have some of what you’r smoking

    • IgnusArmagadan says:

      There are pages of games that have huge discounts when you have PS+ and those definitely stay after your subscription runs out. heck, I bought the Journey Collection and then the God of War Collection on Black Friday for REALLY cheap! I now have 8 more games (11 if you count the mini games that come with the Journey collection) and two free months of Playstation Plus. I feel awesome, lol.

  11. zoraktorok says:

    Debug menu on cfwps3 has fake plus… Really easy way to get busted downloading on an account that hasnt paid for it (if that part works), but im going to assume the non time stamped games and apps would work after your subscription expires…

  12. jlo138 says:

    When I had a psp, I would see the advert saying on some of the ps1 games they are only $2.99 instead of $5.99 if you we’re a subscriber. It’s been over a year since I was on PSN but at that time, most of the discounts applied to PS1 titles. Not sure how it is today.

  13. ken33 says:

    i’m thinking of subscribing for the 1 year ps+, but what will happen to my physical copy save game (gravity rush & uncharted) if i download the game from psn, will i be able to use the old save game? or i have to start over again?

    • Lloyd says:

      that depends on the region of your account, my japanese swve didnt work for my aus account versiin of LBP if your physical copies are the same region as the ps+ account they should work, some games do not have the regiin problem too

  14. RodPin says:

    PS+ is great! I had done a 1 year subscription, and I don´t regret. I had on PS3 already, and man… I have so many games that I´ll never be able to finish them all. I´ve downloaded Jet Set Radio, Wipeout and Mutant Blobs through my PS3 and then transferred them to Vita. If you´re on OFW2.0 or PS3 4.3, go ahead and subscribe.

    • stOneskull says:

      i have a problem.. i have too many games to play! i have a backlog of psp games on my psp.. not to mention all the emulated games i want to play.. and then i have more than 5 games on the vita i need to play.. grr! i want to freeze time, finish all the games and start time again when i’m ready for new games.

  15. Charls says:

    be plus its *** nice the benefits for the services are incredible i swear my xbox 360 its full of dust when my xbox live end just for play gears3 online i fell really disappointed cuz that was all, meanwhile in my ps3 still playing uncharted2, Need for speed, street fighter4 etc, etc for free. a month ago buy a psn card and wow free full games, cloud and lot of extra things was amazing then i bought a psvita and double wow the services give me uncharted, wipeout, gravity just for free(dont forget some psp games for free too, like final fantasy), at this moment the only thing pass in my mind its which game its going to came out next month. and seriously thinking on change my xbox360 for a nintendo WiiU or a new computer or idk, PS+ really worth it my PS consoles… CFW are nice but its not a solution that affects companies idk i prefer to be legal. im not against CFW users 🙂

  16. zac says:

    Why do xbox fanboys even bother coming on this site

  17. Hellinferno says:

    I bought a plus for a year i hope the offer still stand next year because is too great and i will buy another one next year to keep it alive.It cost me 50usd for me it’s awesome consider that i live in Argentina,how much do we have to pay for that in mercadolibre $350 and i bought the cards from 280$ in pc game supply,the same price was here before the raise of money here now instead of 280 usd is now on 365 or less but not good compare to usa prices jajajaja.I use my mom visa credit card to buy them its easy and in less than 30 minutes you have the code in your account of the website.

  18. Ivo says:

    Is vidzone still on psn in ur zone? On ur store?

  19. neil says:

    i hope they’ll have new game line-up this month when i register for a 3 month subscription. 🙂

  20. UuughgglyASSsandNigga says:

    Great deal now I can enjoy my ps3 from my halal cart late nights this is great because im a serious cheapskate for example I rather live in my new used 2006 bmw instead of having a real apt or actually purchase home!

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