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The PSP is not dead yet, now sells for $99


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  1. Leires says:

    I’ve always been partial to the Phat. It doesn’t have 64MB like the 2000+, nor does it have skype, but my god does it feel perfect in my hands. I enjoy weighty handhelds and i love having my PSP turn on my TV for me when i can’t find the remote. Also, too, as stated, the PSP kicks friggin ***. I love my PSP. The vita is the new kid in town, but he’s not turning many heads outside his looks.

    • john says:

      No the Vita is. You just don’t have any money to buy one. You poor soul.

      • hey now i own a vita and until its fully hacked its a steaming pile of *** the psp is hands down better (at this point) although that may be since its fully hacked so it had a 7 yr head start on the vita.

        • Nero says:

          how is the psp better then the vita exactly? just because its hacked doesnt make it better the the vita.

          • ue says:

            better selection of games atm… I own both and I play the psp more often (psp go) also the go is more portable with faster transfers and is GREAT for reading manga on

          • JW says:

            The PSP has a better selection of games because it’s been around longer. >_> The Vita *is* superior.

            The quality of the Vita games have been outstanding so far. It only gets better from here. We have seen what the Vita’s capabilities are. Now we just need developers to utilize it in the Vita’s future games.

        • john says:

          well the pspemu was hacked. what was wrong with that? or do want the actual vita hacked?

          • Telgar Drakore says:

            The problem is most apps for the PSP do not work fully on the Vita without some problems. At the moment the PSP is actually better then the Vita in terms of compatibility of older games (since the Vita has so few games this means compatibility with THE ONLY games available), homebrew compatibility, and diversity of what can be done with the system (since the psp hacked is still better then the vita unhacked).

          • hgoel0974 says:

            @Telgar Drakore

            I do not see your point. The PSVita is young, you can’t hope to have a huge game library within a year.

            The Vita has just been out for a year, when it catches on you will see the library expand fast. It takes more time to develop HD Games than to make SD games

      • E says:

        hahahaha I loled

      • Gilgamesh says:

        I actually sold my Vita to re-buy a PSP (and a 3DS).

        PSP wins.

  2. jrazorman says:

    yeah got to give it up for my psp’s they are always there when i need them. We have had alot of fun days!

  3. back25 says:

    the latest PSP releases actually made me start taking Japanese classes

  4. coog_cool says:

    PSP is BEST device to PLAY games

    when i bought PSVITA, i SELL IT

    but,NOW,i Regret very MUCH

  5. rabies says:

    the only way it will die is when developers stop caring.

  6. jlo138 says:

    I just sold my psp go about two months ago. It was hacked with emulators and such, but I found myself never playing it.

    • rabies says:

      Mine is collecting dust.

    • xoombie503 says:

      psps are not worth selling nowadays…psp is a great handheld on its own and has lots of potential as you can see with games like, god of war..gta and such but devs are so lazy to care about psp graphics back then.

      ps vita is a beast, you dont compare it to ps3, tell me what other tablet or smartphone can do graphics as the vita can?

  7. BGamerz says:

    I like “Wagic” but I’m more of a “Yu-Gi-Oh!” guy

  8. razor says:

    PSP is the perfect portable gaming system ever. The most stylish & perfect design. Even my Vita sucks in terms of looks to the PSP. for example, the tiny vol buttons on the PSP is just perfect, tactile, but in Vita it’s kinda difficult to press..I can feel the flaw in design bcoz I’m a CAD designer.

    • WolfRamiO says:

      i agree vita desing suck a little, analogs are perfect but bad placed and butomms of the game pad sucks, also vita is too big!

      • razor says:

        Yes agree the analogs are great in Vita but lot of issues with the design. The Vita’s top Vol & Power buttons looks great like iphone’s, but the most used Ps button is like made of cheap plastic & feel squeaky to press.
        The directional buttons were also better in PSP.

        The Game card slot is difficult to open without long nails.
        also I saw reviews that some Vitas had the charging cable that could fit either way!

        OS wise, the XMB looked more elegant than the new bubble icons in VITA.
        Even the PSP font looks super stylish than the PSVITA. (NGP could have been a better name I guess.)

        Overall the Vita feels like an unfinished product to me.

    • jurian_assassin says:

      I don’t agree at all. The vita looks and feels much better to me than the psp. The volume buttons are much easier to press for me, my hands ache significantly less when I play multiple hours on the vita than the psp. The only downside to the vita design for me is the placement of the speakers. My thumbs are always in the way of the sound. Would have been better up near the top.

      • Telgar Drakore says:

        I actually think the vita was a really poor design. The speakers are in the way of your fingers, its very painful to play any vita game that requires the back pad since your fingers are arched in a claw shape to keep them from hugging the back of the system, and the headphone jack is on the bottom! Who the *** puts the headphone jack where the base of a system is! The slots for the games is very difficult to open without nails, and to top it all off the battery is un-replaceable (i understand the reason why but still sucky)

  9. svenn says:

    Honestly, I recently picked up my psp again, and I am in 100% gaming psp mode again. I have mine now for 2,5 years and i completely ignored anything considering battery-do-not-charge-charge-10-charge-90-charger recommendations, and still I pull out 6 hours out of the battery, a huge game db, i can build homebrew and lotsa more cool stuff. I still find it the best buy I made. (as a casual gamer!)

    Its sad that they replaced it with a bunch of horsepower. They could have exploited the psp allot better in my opinion. They should have gambled on low-end specs with uber long playtimes (days++) instead of trying to catch up mobile devices that are already way before them. (and now w/o any sort of game db)

  10. E says:

    Everyone should have a PSP handy in addition to their Vita. I have 6 (4 Fat, 1 PSPGo, and 1 3000) and all but one are hacked. I LOVE my Vita but you can still not beat the amazing Homebrew and other options you get with having a PSP.

  11. NakedFaerie says:

    I see the reason why the PSP is still selling IS because of its hackability and homebrew.

    Look at the iPhone. Its sales will start dropping as it can no longer be jailbroken so it cant run all those goodies.
    The more they lock down the Vita the less it will sell and the more the PSP will sell.

    The big companies try to fight piracy and homebrew so hard they dont see the big picture and that is homebrew and piracy are actually big drawcards and they will sell consoles.

    • Inky says:

      Actually, the companies don’t really get much profit from selling those consoles – if at all – They make money by selling games, which DOES make piracy quite a problem.

  12. ICYHEART says:

    psvita with eCFW is better than psp
    Iam waiting for exploit game on vita OFW2

  13. Hellgun says:

    PSP Design, is a bit better than Vita’s, a lot of good things for me since it’s release, now i am hoping the same with my Vita.
    For me, the major (and probably the only one) downside on the PSP was that few games had online infrasctructure.
    wich would be awesome, Even sony knew about that, and launched Ad-Hoc Party for PS3, but that’s not enought, if i have time and the oportunity, to turn on my PS3, i will play PS3 games, since this problem is now solved with Vita (thank God for Ragnarok Odyssey) i have hugh expectations on vita.

  14. jvhellraiser says:

    $99? O.O in Puerto Rico it has that price
    since a year ago old news for me,here it is
    sold for $80 psp3000.

  15. ViRGE says:

    One of these days I’d love to find out how Sony ended up going with an interlaced LCD. It was such a terrible decision…

  16. criticalmass says:

    Well I’d say the main point of this article is to get people to visit Amazon to buy a PSP. (I would be doing the same thing if I were Wololo, so not knocking this necessarily). But… I did buy a used PSPgo at Gamestop, luckily it had 3-4 awesome games already on it, for 79.99. I just resold it for $45, because the Vita is better, IF you have eCFW.

    I learned how to load emulators and homebrews on the PSPgo, then applied this to help with my Vita, so it was well worth the $35 I lost. Also, Gamestop has all the used psp models for sale, with the 3000 at 69.99.

    Just saying that if you want a PSP, and you live near a Gamestop, I’d check it out.

    I’m assuming the $99 price is for a new PSP, so that’s probably a fair price if you need a new unit.

  17. huz says:

    I HAVE PSP GO 6.20 PRO-B10 16GB+16GB=32GB
    waiting i again see ps vhbl
    happen not update my sign in on psn lost?.

  18. Squiggs says:

    Gamestop 69.99 pspgo nuf said

  19. Corey96 says:

    My little brother’s birthday is coming up so we’ve got him a PSP Phat off ebay. He’s been saying he wanted a PSP for a while now and he was gonna buy himself an E1000 but he was surprised when I told him the E1000 didn’t have WiFi.

    We got a pretty good deal; AUD $61.00 not including the $15 shipping. 🙂

  20. GoldieTheAznMACK says:

    Psp is a great handheld and will always have value in the world of trading markets such as ebay or amazon and thank god for that because we would have issues if local game stores couldn’t gain the used stock since its not typical to find as it was before especially in pristine condition.

    I own a 1000 3000 a go and a vita all for the value to what its worth to me as a gamer.

    Its a great handheld that offers homebrew and the beauty to play practically full speed emulators. I remember when the turbo grafx came out with their handheld then Nintendo then Sega.So yes the Sony psp will always have such a value to a gamers heart.

  21. Zonic says:

    I’m glad to still have my launch day 1000. The wireless chip is dead though -_-

  22. c-zero says:

    I bought a Vita because of the hype surrounding it and it’s remote play capabilities, but I was very disappointed because it didn’t have all of the compatibility with my PSP games (Physical and Digital mediums included), not to mention that I can’t remote play most of my PS3 games unless I had a system running MFW or CFW.

    However, I love the apps for it, and I’m a *** for AR type games, and the built-in remote play features makes it great when I’m watching movies on the go. Not to mention the hardware is top-notch IMO.

    Still, it is far from a total replacement for both my PSP’s (1000 and 2000 series, both running 6.60 Pro-C and 5.00 M33-6 respectively), so I’m just waiting for the next exploit, or the next PS3 jailbreak to really unlock the PSVita’s abilities.

    In the meantime, I’m sticking to the PSP. I was just researching how to modify it so it can use two joysticks. That would be perfect for the Armored Core Games on PSP.

  23. AhLaWokBAR says:

    I feel the best portable is a simple cell phone because you can make it do many things
    Like have it as a timer to do gods will.

  24. PS VITA is Next Gen in every aspect PSP is old School in
    every aspect when compared to the PSVITA, the Vita will be hacked soon, just wait and see my friends…

  25. Stiffeno says:

    I got my PSP 3000 (which I hacked the second I got home with it bahaha) from a Pawn Shop a few months back for $79 AUD. I use it all the time to play Fight Night Round 3 and WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 (which wont work on my Vita running the Urbanix exploit >:(). Sometimes my little sister plays Sims 2 Pets which I put on for her, I got 2 4gb memory sticks so it doesnt take up much room!

    Back to the topic, it would def be a good time to buy a PSP! Actually I dont mind the PSPGo aswell, I used to own one! The 16gb space is nice to have.

    Dont get one of the E1000 ones, while I love the texture of the system itself (a matte Black colour) but it doesnt even have a wifi adapter? how *** is that lol. Stick with a 3000 if you can help it, or if you cant stand the mentioned Interlacing problem, get a PSPGo, I believe it has a better screen (though its screen is a little smaller :(, only downside!)

  26. nCadeRegal says:

    im a collector, i own 9 psp models and counting. but to pick one over the other i cant as said b4 that i am a collector of gaming consoles whether they be handheld or tv based. I now own 4 vitas 1 3g/wi-fi black, COD bundle, and 2 AC3 bundles. 1 is legit and up to date, 1 is unopened (hoping they crack a lower ofw in the future), and the other 2 are on eCEF TN-C. I could never pick one over the other b/c i still play both daily. I enjoy both systems equally as they arent even comparible other than the fact that they are great at what they are intended to do. no gripes here!

  27. IrishMexicanFagbag says:

    Jesus help us may they keep making psp machines for psp games and stop sony from trying to cheat all psp owners to buy psp games on the ps vita just to play it all over again.

  28. Ddj123 says:

    Think of this:

    Oled HD touch screen (such a tv costs about €6000 to buy), quality build mini super computer, you now own tthe first generation so next generation models will only be more difficult to hack, a portable HD cinama movie player for on vacation, travelling or on your bed alone or with girlfriend attaching an external 11.000 Mah battery above 1ampere output will surely charge the vita wile using it (I know, tried iit, skype, HD games etc..

    What will be possible if a serious hack, cfw or mod chip comes? (Matter of time; were the often embarrassing secrets of the so powerful USA not made public for anyone with internet because of one small weakness uploading it undetectedly for a wile? do there not exist fake cola brands that taste the same or better than Coca Cola? Was the uncureable polio, smallpox, tuberculosis etc.. not fully cured one day by smart professors or are now often deadly diseases at the moment turned to often chronic diseases by taking a cocktail of medication and still live a long life? Who thought possible years ago a mini computer with internet, gps, livraries, music studio, combined in the form of a phone, to be also able to talk for free through the internet at country or continent distances and also see each other!? And this device is also been hacked!

    I can continue for longer, but you get the point..

    It is a matter of time before the vitagets hacked also because what then is possible:

    Windows 8(touch), emulators with more power, viewing tv and recording it, android, streaming movies or games from your laptop, HD homebrew games and apps like making it your portable security system linked with camera’s online or directly from your house controlling them, warning you and program tactical signals that keep the criminal busy for longer when the vita sent a distresssignal or call to the police with location, details like from the dark enhanced facial features, bodytype, weapon detection, eye scan to determine if under influence of drugs, if entered in threat zone activate sound alarm together with activation of multiple HD camera’s with flashes to scare the heck out of him together with simulated machine guns you prefer or other sounds programmed on the vita or directly choosing from your screens corner wile you switch cameras looking where he runs recording the whole schen in HD for inverstigating and/or to put his face on the wall of shame, youtube or somewhere else making the thief never mess with private property anymore or in jail with the help of your fully programmed psvita homebrew app..

    Or programmed to add an infra red sensor external or built in, to help you hunt better, or other equipment like radar together with its gps to make you navigate better at sea or fish and adjusting your wishes with the touch screen, an app to connect the vita to your motorised telescope; using its planetairy, star, exotic objects or galaxy database you choose from it’s screen connected to the internet to share the images through skype with your friends and getting updates from astronomy news events that are visible at that precise moment., or making it a weather station, connecting to your babyphone microphone and nightvisiion camera and recording the baby’s sound or movement for later times, of the baby cries selecting music, sounds or a recording of your own voice and remotely changing the light condition or activate certain flower aroma’s or detect ultrasound noise indicating there are mosquito’s in the room, all by an homebrew app adjustable on the vitas touch color screen.. Etc.. Etc..

    Or just as a multi media HD music player/studio wireless connected to your wireless headphone or stereo system controlling your music together with homebrew equaliser or enhancer.. Or have your music library on your computer, linking through 3G or even4G to your computer and listen to your favorite music or even movies or maybe photo’s or control your computer from a distance and already let your system start diwnloading the movies you want to see when you get home..

    Feed your cat or dog by activating your food dispenser unit to drop a chunk of dog grub for them to eat. Activate your robot vacuum cleaner. Or insect repeller.

    Of something other that is cool: Just do a custom case mod with leds that let your transparent buttons light up the way you program also making from your touchpad a fingerprint detector so only those whom you choose can touch your vita or it activates an alarm (with leds dancing, hehe..) that will warn them to put the device down in 30 seconds or the house alarm goes off.. Even build in rumble or vibration in it or connect a solar panel..

    Link it to a modificated car and program it for different performance modes; racing, night driving with extra protection, or more fuel efficiency or combined, together with up to date gps info and quick buttons if hungry to find food or gas, tumbling into sleep alarm, or even programming it to be like kit from the nightruder, hehe.. But you get my point..

    This is just a small part of what could be capable with the vita when hacked..

    People, hackers, nerds, gadget lovers.. Do these cool possibilities not make your heart beat a bit faster in another cool rhytm?

    P.s.v.i.t.a. = Programmable. Super. Versatile. Interactive.. Theme. Activator….

    A hybernating multi possibility waiting to unleash its true potential. Even the FBI, Police, Firefighters, consumers, nerds, artists, presidents, even sony employees, anyone will use the hacked vita’s possibilities, even you!


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