Top 10 franchises that need to come to the Vita

The Vita has been rapidly growing its triple AAA franchises with the likes of Uncharted, Mortal Kombat, and Need For Speed to name a few.

Vita sales are hitting all time lows mostly because its lack of bigger franchises. Bioshock and Killzone are coming however other than that there hasn’t been much announced. We are almost a year into the Vitas life cycle, so bigger games are around the corner.

Here are the top 10 franchises I think need to come to the Vita and the possibility of those happening.

10. Fallout

Sony promised console quality on the go, but to be honest we haven’t seen much that was close in content besides this years Persona 4; a PS2 game. Nothing would fit the Vita better than the expansive, post apocalyptic world, free roaming of Fallout. The Vita would fit nice with the Fallout controls and the Vita could turn its self into a working PipBoy perfectly with its huge touch screen. Fallout is so immersive with its story, game play and sound; something the Vita needs. Now we haven’t seen Bethesda touch the mobile market much so its a long shot here. The Vita however needs a game with a lot of content for those of us that don’t like the “bite sized” attitude a lot of these developers have now towards Vita games. An 120hr+ campaign would sure keep us immersed for a long time, instead of short bursts of levels like we saw with Unit 13 or with Black Ops: Declassified. Fallout 4 is most likely on its way, one can only hope.

9. Tomb Raider

The new Tomb Raider reboot looks promising, touching on everything making it hopefully better. It hasn’t been announced for the Vita which is surprising since we saw Tomb Raider games launch alongside their console counterparts on the PSP. Tomb Raider would fit well on the Vita giving both male and even female gamers a great game to play. The Tomb Raider games on the PSP are a testament that Lara can go mobile and still be as fantastic as her console counterpart. Earlier we saw Uncharted: Golden Abyss which is similar to the Tomb Raider franchise, that game was top notch and an absolute blast to play. Seeing our favorite heroine on the beautiful Vita OLED screen would sure sell consoles and win fans.


If there is one thing we can agree on, its that the Vita is lacking a great stealth game. Splinter cell (even Hitman) would be a fantastic addition to the Vita’s lineup. A Vita version of the new Splinter cell : Blacklisted was not announced but there may be another opportunity to launch alongside the new Splinter Cell movie staring Tom Hardy(Bane). The 3DS version of Splinter Cell proved that Sam Fisher is a great addition to a mobile platform. If it can be done on the 3DS, it can be even better on the Vita. Nothing feels better than sneaking up on an enemy, even Splinter Cell Essentials still feels great on the Vita. If they could bring Sam to the Vita with full Co-op it would sure be a success. It would offer hardcore gamers something to play.


Kingdom Hearts is a gigantic franchise that is popular world wide both from kids to adults. The iconic story and Disney characters would do really well on the Vita. Japans sales of the Vita are slacking, Kingdom Hears could be the answer. Birth by Sleep did well on the PSP, but with the Vitas touch screen and more comfortable controls it would be a better experience. Birth by Sleep really boosted the PSP, selling 1.27 million copies worldwide as of November 2010, receiving positive comments by video game publications. Kingdom Hearts is just something that is a must on the Vita.


Borderlands is huge, offering large amounts of content and a definitive co-op experience. Hardcore console gamers would be highly attracted to Borderlands 2 on the go. The cell shaded graphics would not be difficult either on the Vita if optimized right. Borderlands 2 on Vita isn’t out of the question in terms of possibility either, we might actually see it become a reality soon. According to Gearbox President Randy Pitchford he wants Borderlands 2 on the Vita but needs help, as gearbox cant do it all and would need another trusted developer to take it on. Pitchford also fantasized about cloud saving between PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of Borderlands 2, and says he’ll be meeting with Sony again soon. Playing Borderlands at home and then picking up where you left off would be something unique, and definitely give new meaning to going mobile.

5. Battlefield

With this years lack luster Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, gamers felt that it was rushed and just bland. Black Ops: Declassified was really not accepted widely, and sits on Metacritic with a 32%. The Vita still needs a better FPS, and what better franchise to do so than the Battlefield series. EA’s Frostbite 2 engine would be a delightful treat for the Vita, and if they could pull of full vehicle large scale online it would be a game changer. EA has already dove into the mobile market before with big franchise releases on iOS such as Battlefield: Bad Company 2. We already know that Battlefield 4 is on the way thanks to the beta offer for those who preordered Medal of Honor so could we see a Vita version? EA surely wont sit back and let COD dominate another market in addition to consoles, so its a possibility.


Star Wars games were highly popular on the PSP especially with the multiple Battlefront releases. Star Wars is a great franchise with a lot to offer for the Vita if executed right. Imagine Knights of the Old Republic, a new Bounty Hunter, Jedi Outcasts or even a new Xwing game on the Vita. Even a new Star Wars Battlefront game that is optimized for the Vita would be fantastic now that the Vita has two thumbsticks. The gameplay of Battlefront fits an “on the go experience” too. Now with the new Disney buy out of Lucasarts we will most likely see some new Star Wars games. The new movies coming out would also get older fans back in the franchise, while bringing in a newer younger audience so if Sony had a new Vita game or bundle, it would force push the sales up. We’ve yet to see a big Sci Fi game on the Vita; Star Wars should be it.

3. Monster Hunter

Sony didn’t make a move on one of the biggest selling PSP franchises with Monster Hunter 3 which is now only going to be coming to 3DS and Wii U. Sony owes Vita users a Monster Hunter game. Monster Hunter needs to be on the Vita if it wants a strong reason to keep its footing against the 3DS. Monster Hunter Freedom 2 on the PSP sold millions of copies and had high praise. Now, that the Vita has more power it wouldn’t be too hard to out do the successful Monster Hunter games that have been released.

2. God Of War

The king of PSP needs to come to the Vita unarguably. God of War is a hardcore system seller and a flagship franchise for Sony. There hasn’t been a Sony device to not have Kratos on it since the launch of the first game back on the PS2.  It would be pretty ignorant to start now and not to bring Kratos over to the Vita. The Vita still has a lot of raw power untapped so a full fledged PS3 quality Kratos adventure would suite well. Sony most likely has one in development; probably for next holiday season with a new Vita bundle? Who knows, but God Of War has to come to the Vita.

1. Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto offers the perfect blend of driving, shooting, story and all around fun, something that would shock life into the Vitas library. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Liberty City Stories were great on the PSP but were lacking huge in the graphics department and controls. One thumbstick just didn’t feel right and really took away from the experience but guess what? The Vita now has two! The Grand Theft Auto experience would be exceptionally huge, more so if Rockstar handles it. Need for Speed Most Wanted, Assassins Creed and Gravity Rush proved that huge open worlds can be done on the Vita, and done well but imagine if the veterans of Rockstar had a shot at it. Grand Theft Auto fits well on mobile devices, giving users the chance to do missions if they want or if they don’t have time, to simply just roam around. Its a perfect fit of content and bite sized gaming. Rockstar already said that no consoles are ruled out, but they just need to be told to do so and they’ll do it. It’s up to Sony, hopefully they take action and bring a popular series to the Vita. A survey was floating around awhile ago if users would buy GTA V and like the idea of Cross Buy and getting it for free with PS Plus. So could Sony already be ahead of the game and have something up their sleeve? Let’s hope so.

That’s only some of the many, many franchises that would be great on the Vita. Lets hope we can see some of these become a reality. What are some major game franchises you would like to see come to the Vita in the coming years? Let me know in the comments!

  1. FullMoon’s avatar

    I prefer:

    Ar Tonelico Qoga Knell of Ar Ciel
    Bleach – Soul Resurreccion
    Borderlands 2
    Dead or Alive 5
    Disgaea 4
    Gran Tourismo
    Grandia 3
    Heavy Rain
    Hitman Absolution
    Kingdom Hearts
    Monster Hunter
    Phantasy Star Online 2
    Ratchet & Clank Qforce
    Resident Evil 4 / 6
    Rune Factory Oceans
    Skies of Arcadia
    Soul Calibur
    Star Ocean
    Tales of Eternia
    Tales of Symphonia
    Talse of Vesparia
    The Last of US
    The last Remnant
    Tomb Rider and the Guardian of Light
    Two Souls

    Skip the rest of the top 10!


    1. Chasez671’s avatar

      I agree with most of your choices! Tales of Series would be nice. There’s already Tales of innocence R, but that wasn’t localized here in the U.S.

      Sony needs to step it up BIG time. It’s funny how gamers know what is needed to boost sales, but Sony themselves don’t.


      1. Roland’s avatar

        Sony’s arrogance won’t allow them to listen to anyone but themselves


        1. Aal’s avatar

          i think the head honchos are republican or something messed up like that.


    2. Deagle275’s avatar

      Resident Evil , not 6 , 4!


    3. BigCockSurprise’s avatar

      psp2 is playable legitly with EU vita account…


    4. Leires’s avatar

      Ar Tonelico 3 is kinda…iunno if it’s something you could play in public with the sound on..;P 15 (according to the in-game thing) year old girls stripping and making sexual noises..It’s not a bad game, but my god is it something you need willpower not to feel awkward about.

      Would enjoy a tales series on vita, that indeed would be nice.
      They have Atelier Meruru on vita for japan only :/ Hugely sadfaced about that.
      Kingdom hearts seems a bit trickled down in terms of quality as compared to what it used to be..maybe that’s just me, though.
      Fallout I’d be all for, that actually sounds like a legit good idea.
      Monster hunter, of course, though i hope it doesn’t have gimmicky touchscreen controls. People with big hands have issues touching one tiny specific spot on touchscreens. ._.
      It definitely needs Disgaea 4 or something along those lines for it, as portables and RTSes go hand in hand due to some unwritten law of the world.
      I’d also enjoy some visual novels, though that’s highly unlikely as the US seems to have a ‘lol vns = tentacle rape’ mentality.
      Would love some more White Knight Chronicles..I played WKC and will be playing WKC2 when i get my PS3 back, never played the PSP one but with the vita it should be closer to a console experience, I’d think.
      Make another Dark Cloud! Or at least remake them for the vita. The photo thing in DC2 comes to mind and would work just fine with the touchscreen. Really Sony, get on this one. T.T
      Would also like to see a remake of Odin Sphere. The game has mad slowdown on the actual PS2, so seeing it played without slowdown or lag would be phenomenal.

      I could make a list muuuch larger than this, but i think this is already going to take up half the page. Really though, there’s so much damn potential, even in remakes. Sony needs to figure it out, man. :/


      1. Leires’s avatar

        derp, not RTSes, strategy games* sorry


        1. I’s avatar

          You do know Disgaea 3 is on the PSV right? It also includes all the extra DLC you could purchase and download from the PS3 version off the PSN, at no extra cost!!

          Its incredibly awesome!!


    5. Hellinferno’s avatar

      1. Grand Theft Auto? are you kidding? there are tons of games better than that shit,im surprise that you didnt put Counter strike shit on the list.I agree with you men,by the way…I LOVE YOU,CAN I MARRIED YOU? AJAJAJAJAJAJA,Skies of arcadia is one of the best games of sega dreamcast awesome choice my friend,tales games?,shit why the hell not,they have to be on vita,you also forget these:
      Castlevania like Nintendo Ds Style 2d and 3d,not like the ps3 version or ps2,ps2 game was awesome but i love the Symphony of the night style and Ds.
      Final Fantasy like the old ones,not like Phantasy star online shit.
      Crash Bandicoot
      Croc 3
      Skullmonkeys 2
      King Of Fighters UM Collection
      Metal Slug
      Rage Of The Dragons
      Bloody Roar
      Soul Calibur
      Power Instinct New game
      Parasite Eve 1 Remake
      Medievil 3
      Rockman (Megaman)love the japanese version because of the intro and the voices.
      Grandia 4
      WILD ARMS!!!!!!! not tacticts.

      What do you guys think?.


      1. Hellinferno’s avatar

        I forgot to mention Dragon Ball,Naruto,a new and better rpg for Fairy Tail and a new old style of silent hill im not saying that the the game sucks but i was expecting the old style but i will get it next year,instead of that game i will get Tales of innocence r,sfxt,nfs and blaze blue.


  2. Kim See’s avatar

    I wish also the graphics where in the same as the picture above.


    1. Ca$HQuake’s avatar

      Maybe if you folks can stop btching and saying “don’t give Sony a way to make money!! :(” they could do it.


  3. Afster’s avatar

    Hell yeah to Kingdom Hearts!! Birth By Sleep for the psp was brilliiant Square Enix have to make one for the vita, there is already one for the 3ds!


  4. gunblade’s avatar

    one of the (mpog)…. i kinda want like old school ps2 games (.hack sign) 9Dirge of Cerberus).. ps3 wise probly
    (skyrim) and (soul caliber) i jus hope that there more like ps3 game then like better looking psp game cuz yea game play for most vita game is not to long i guess becuz if u think sony card base game can hold like probly 64 32 gb but since sony into donwload game n there memory card hold only 32 they probly have like shity limits to game so why i guess it took me like a day n half to beat ressisatnce the final boss was preety good..see i was thinking they could have like game wea most of it is like online so u would need internet but u would save space on ur memory card but i guess on 3g game like (free realms) would still lag…


    1. gunblade’s avatar

      ooh gravity rush n outher game i got for having plus lucky cuz i was going to try get it soon demo was good…


  5. missred’s avatar

    Where is the Resident Evil? That’s one the best series ever made.


    1. MinI'mur12’s avatar

      Residen evil is on it, but it’s crap


  6. dem0n’s avatar

    Gta will be on the ps vita in 2013 made by rockstar north edinburgh, united kingdom. I have it from good sources they have it in game testing now.

    May I add they were the one that made Gta san andreas the best of all the gta series. Jet packs and planes could be used as well as character progression. gta 4 went backwards in fetures, it only had better graphics and sucked compared to what rockstar north did with san andreas on the ps2.


    1. stOneskull’s avatar

      that’s what i wanted to hear.


  7. soad26’s avatar

    and where the hell is MASS EFFECT!!!?


  8. E’s avatar

    YES to GTA! Screw Battlefront, I want some Force Unleashed II/III action! I would LOVe to see some Ultimate Ninja Storm and DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi: The ability to create your own Character on your Vita would just be phenomenal.


  9. keane’s avatar

    Out of the games you put as the top 10, the only ones I would be wanting is Grand Theft auto, loved Liberty City and vice city on psp, then Battlefield, I’d prefer Skyrim to Fallout, and Metal Gear solid 4 for stealth though a new game would be better ;D.

    And for me personally I would like a new YuGiOh game hehe love that card game since I bought tag force on psp all the way til tag force 3 to then accidently delete my save data, I had like at least 2 Perfect Decks, gone forever :(


  10. Chema’s avatar

    Devil may cry and Tekken.


  11. svenn’s avatar

    At my work we have a supercomputer, 15 TF calculating power. But I can’t play DOOM on it. So its just useless for me.

    All these games should have been out already long time, the vita failed, just like the psp GO failed. psp was the last of its kind. (mobiles, tablets, laptops, raspberry pi’s, …)

    When i bought my psp, i din’t have money nor time enough to play all games, now I really am waiting for a must-play game on the vita.

    borderlands, MHU and GTA waiting for me @ vita ? insta-buy.


  12. Hunter138’s avatar

    Really? Dat care list.

    Demon’s Souls / Dark Souls
    Valkyria Chronicles
    Platinum Games stuff (Max Anarchy, Vanquish, Bayo You whould no, obviously)
    Resident Evil ahahalol
    Batman Arkham Stuff
    Ys series HD remastered


    1. Hunter138’s avatar

      *should, fuck.


    2. Hellinferno’s avatar


      Are you serious? Valyrie yes perfect but those? patapon,pata,pata,pata,pata,pon patapon…..come on dude.


  13. ryujinn’s avatar



  14. iSWORD’s avatar

    Burnout Paradise & Just Cause 2 should be added to the list.


    1. Jd8531’s avatar

      Need for Speed Most Wanted was basically Burnout Paradise, and it was made by the same people behind burnout.


  15. Deagle275’s avatar

    Vta, definately needs , a decent rpg , like elder scrolls . Not those bad sky view ones.


  16. Minimur’s avatar

    i hope sony read this


  17. Minimur’s avatar

    and btw, Devil May Cry !!! it was supposed to come to psp but it was scrapped, how gay


  18. bboyjeans’s avatar

    Damn, this article should be sent to Sony!!


    1. Ca$HQuake’s avatar

      Yea, this article should be sent to Sony by the people who are fckin up their sales :D!


      1. actually no’s avatar

        actually this site has made Sony a lot of money from the ninja releases lol


  19. natejr’s avatar

    Back in the 2006-7 there was a Elder Scrolls for the Psp in development but was in the time when the sales of psp going down,there is screenschoot around the web,and was’s s a shame..the Elder Scrolls for N-Gage was a great title(and run in a processor 100mhz),and with the power of the ps vita…..but for me the Vita is nearly dead..if Sony don’t sleep early..


    1. Jd8531’s avatar

      I remember that! It was called The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion and it looked really good too!


  20. fox0o’s avatar

    I would say hitman instead of splinter cell but besides that, nice list :)


  21. Marto’s avatar

    This ain’t right, Gran Turismo is missing. We know that game shifts a lot of copies and unit sales.


  22. johnnymullen’s avatar

    Skate 3 please


    1. d)’s avatar

      like your mom was when I got through with her.


  23. AyeGuy’s avatar

    Give me a cool free roam game like GTA V or FALLOUT 3/NV and i will be good.


  24. Reaper666’s avatar

    a working skyrim would be cool


  25. Danny’s avatar

    If GTA came out for the vita, my ps vita would be on fire from so much online playing!


  26. Nimbulan’s avatar

    Probably doesn’t help but to be honest i’d still be pleased as punch with the remastered FF7 with revamped graphics we were all promised a few years back. I even remember the preview for an FF8 where you could even change gear(And had voice overs!)


  27. BakedOnSomeSour’s avatar

    An elder scrolls game the on psvita would be awesome im disappointed they decided to cancel it for the psp for some reason


  28. zaga’s avatar

    and don´t forget pro evolution soccer…


  29. Jo-Eng’s avatar

    I think they should have put tekkentagtournament2 on the vita rather than the WiiU, also monsterhunter is a must I think they are just waiting till more people buy the vita. God of war on the vita is surely coming, I think its just a matter of time.


  30. SofaKing™’s avatar

    more multiplayer, and Xplay games, World series of Poker, Risk, Uno, just to get the ball rolling, this thing was built for FPS so lets get some in, i think an RTS might work with this nice touch screen and all, in Canada we are still waiting for things like “wake up club” and ps1 classic CRASH Bandicoot, still no “t@g” and a RADIOPLAYER.


  31. Telgar Drakore’s avatar

    I honestly agree with your article, but sometimes I think Sony does not want the Vita to succeed. Sony passed up on Monster Hunter, which was one of the best selling games for the PSP with almost exactly the same sales as God of War in the US, and it literally SOLD MILLIONS of psp’s in Japan, and yet Sony shrugged it off. God of War and GTA both have been defining moments in the psp’s life and sold millions of the consoles for Sony, and yet both of those are absent. I just dont think Sony really cares anymore about their system.


  32. Dcdoz’s avatar

    a dissidia 2 anyone?? and what ever happened to FFX??


  33. Hellgun’s avatar

    So many great ideas. i’d have to hide my credit card bill from my wife if half of what ppl said here were released. Also, i’d need to get cancer to have enought time to play :D


  34. Ca$HQuake’s avatar

    Oh, it those games mentioned above shouldn’t be free. A huge game such as GTA will be a large development and I will be pissed if it took me almost a year to develope a game and its free. Nah, just buy it. Just because we have PS Plus doesn’t mean we should get every game in the library.


    1. Jd8531’s avatar

      I doubt it would be free as soon as it releases, but later on.


  35. CycloneFox’s avatar

    My reason to buy a PSP was Metal Gear Solid. (Ac!d 1/2, Portable Ops and most of all Peacewalker)
    Now I already have a Vita and already played the HD Collection in PSVita and PS3 but well… I’m hoping for an exclusive Metal Gear game for the Vita. Altogether I’m hoping for more Japanese games in Vita. Gravity Rush, Persona 4 and Ragnarok Odyssey for example are a good start, but I’m really hoping for more games like Gravity Rush.


  36. marjowikid’s avatar

    battlefield and battlefront thats what i want hell i play battlefront renegade squad and elite squad on my vita right now games i loved on the psp that i bought now playing them on the vita and making it so i can use the right thumb stick to turn does make it AWESOME!!!!! also me and my brother playing together him on his psp me on my vita makes it even more epic DAMNIT SONY GET YOUR FUCKING SHIT TOGETHER!!!!!!


  37. Skars’s avatar

    Good list, very good list.

    I just don’t agree with Battlefield. Surely vita can’t handle all that BF have to offer, and the game is mostly CPU bound, so features need to be cut to make vita handle it, is better to don’t come.

    Instead, I would swap Battlefield for Onimusha.

    - Onimusha is a good mix of action and RPG game, mostly action, and Onimusha 3 for PS2 for example, takes place in Japan and France, featuring guns and swords, it was a big hit, making fans over the East and West.

    Please a new onimusha! for ps3 or vita, or maybe both!


  38. Jan’s avatar

    I prefer the Monster Hunter and Digimon series


  39. Aardy’s avatar

    Not a very good list. It doesnt even have a single real rpg.

    (Kingdom Hearts and Monster Hunter are close, but not true RPGs)


    1. Jd8531’s avatar

      Fallout is an rpg.


  40. mr.evo’s avatar

    Skyrim , GTA V release in 2013 ….PsVita is best seller in 2013


  41. mr.evo’s avatar

    I mean Skyrim , GTA V for PSVita ,or Fallout Las Vegas is good . i love it but i dont know when it happen ..hixhix


  42. geohot’s avatar

    fuuck you where is the MGS ?


    1. Cloud’s avatar

      MGS should be #1 on the list. But there is the HD Collection so technically it’s already on the Vita.


  43. Cloud’s avatar

    As long as they’re not a bunch of ports. The Vita needs exclusives.


  44. shades’s avatar

    DARK SOULS. That’s all.


  45. david’s avatar

    Fallout on ps vita will make me shit bricks


  46. DavidBN’s avatar

    Throw all those franchises to the trash and gimme all new and original games! I love when a new game comes with an original idea, instead all those burned franchises.


  47. filodude’s avatar

    Monster Hunter = Why I buy vita end of story


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