Top 10 franchises that need to come to the Vita


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176 Responses

  1. bdubsrocks says:


  2. duran says:

    devil may cry.

  3. Testrul says:

    Gran Turimo PS Vita

  4. bsanehi says:

    #11 Ratchet & Clank with full single player/multiplayer.

  5. yobib34 says:

    Monster Hunter…!!!! pls…
    Monster Hunter…!!!! pls…
    Monster Hunter…!!!! pls…

  6. RzmmDX says:

    I need more RPGs.

  7. Charls says:

    GTA V its coming to vita with crossbuy that was a rumor from Rockstar idk probably that comes true, and i hear about a FFXIV the online one hope that happens, and i agree with you about Monter Hunter its a console seller in japan

  8. coog_cool says:

    I LIKE GOD of War

  9. Lupe says:

    rpgs for sure. i would love a elder scrolls or fable to go that would take more than a day to beat(idk about you but most of these ps vita games can be beaten within a day or 2). i dont want something like these cheezy ipod/andriod mini games, if i wanted them i would’nt have sold my ipod. also a new portal game would be nice or even a l4d. something thats gonna keep me engaged for awhile. also a game that shows true multilayer capabilities on the vita would be awesome.

  10. Reply says:

    Every franchise would be great on Vita. Everyone knows that, but not because of that it’s going to happen.

  11. Crimson says:

    God Eater 2 FTW!!!

    • owanef says:

      This game copied the *** out of monster hunter, it needs to burn :{
      Monster Hunter …!! pls …
      Monster Hunter …!! pls …
      Monster Hunter …!! pls …

      you and I will be heard … xD

  12. wartaf says:

    add more!

    Grand theft auto 4 and 5 !!
    Final Fantasy 10 to latest!
    Devil May Cry
    Splinter Cell!
    MGS 4 to latest!
    Resident Evil!

  13. zutton says:

    Mass Effect
    and +100 Monster hunter!!

  14. kuagelo says:

    Final Fantasy.

  15. darksmile says:

    Actually Kratos is playable char in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale so it GoW is on VITA :D

  16. Coco says:

    where’s final fantasy?

  17. Paul says:

    Dress up Barbie would be amazing. It and GTA for sure!

  18. razor says:

    Devil May Cry
    Angry Birdssss :D

  19. madgurk says:

    while i agree with the article to a small extent, I believe that re-hashing certain franchises will most likely result in games similar to the recent COD, or an ok uncharted game. Sony needs to turn up the features and get some original development.

    • Jd8531 says:

      Yea new IPs never hurt, but usually they dont want to take the risk on them. But I cant write an article on new IPs that are not announced :P

  20. super mario bros!!! says:

    need some release of space invaders, dont-¿¿

  21. PlayerGG says:

    StarCraft II???
    I would like to see Starcraft in it,
    just like PS1

  22. garrei says:

    wouldnt hurt to have counter-strike global offensive ported across, or the final fantasy franchise, FF7 has to get on vita at some point :P

  23. Jd8531 says:

    As long as the video format that is saved is compatible on the Vita, you should.

  24. hard_boy says:

    Life has already thick titles: Uncharted, Everybodys Golf, Call of Duty, PlayStation All Star Battle Royale, LittleBigPlanet, The various series of Lego, Rayman, Escape Plan and Smart As! In less than a year already so many good titles. The reasons for the poor sales are others.

  25. Shonnee says:


  26. vicsidious says:


  27. MarSprite says:

    The VITA is the first handheld I’ve seen since analog sticks became standard that has the capacity to replicate the console experience.
    So how about some solid new IP with the breadth of content one would expect to find in a console game, it seems like the perfect opportunity to me. As long as existing franchises aren’t there to take all your money, the new IPs have a really good chance of getting off the ground.

    That said… Dark Souls…. and Monster Hunter…. but not some stupid port, make new games for us so I can buy them. I’m not going to buy a game I’ve already beaten, that would be moronic, I don’t have cash to waste like that.

  28. Dragonxtamer596 says:

    A little off topic but steam should be on the vita, steam has a tendency to try new things by thing to strive to be on the latest consoles.

  29. faezbarca says:

    God of war,Resident Evil,Naruto Shippuden…

  30. froyo says:

    Screw GTA, gimme Saints Row on Vita!

  31. ironysteeth says:

    Franchises are great and all, but i’d settle for being able to play some facebook games. And how about being able to organize songs and vids on the vita? but if it aint sourpussing you’re looking for (i swear its the restrictions that are draggng sales of the vta) anything action rpg that shows a girls figure running on the screen with a great story and plenty of grind potential. So yeah, phantasy star but not.

  32. luxx says:

    Monster Hunter
    Demon Souls
    Star Ocean
    Breath of Fire

    and some sort of vita version of adhoc party app so we can play all the old adhoc multiplayer psp games without the need of a ps3

  33. ??? says:


  34. yobib34 says:

    Monster Hunter …!! pls …
    Monster Hunter …!! pls …
    Monster Hunter …!! pls …

    lets shout for it…^_^

  35. warfaren says:

    A port of Mirror’s Edge would be quite nice!
    I’ve already played through all of the game on my Vita over Remote Play, and while it was a lot of fun, it’s a bit too laggy to be fully enjoyable.

  36. razor says:

    I want to see something really fresh for the VITA than franchises.

  37. starfall05 says:

    goddamnit sony try to release monster hunter before vita games gets pirated so you will gain all monster hunter sales from all players!! and that would trouble your ps vita sales no more!

  38. James Way says:

    I would never let go of the vita if fallout came to it. I spent 120 hours playing FF7, 50 playing vagrant story and about 40 playing chrono trigger. You know what, maybe I don’t need it to come to the Vita. Gotta get back to kindle reading someday.

  39. ionwave says:

    I think they should port resident evil to the vita that would be amazing can you imagine RESIDENT EVIL ORIGIN on vita

  40. dude says:

    Monster Hunter!!!!

  41. shaitan says:

    Resident Evil, hopefully revelations because that was pretty awesome on the 3ds

  42. Tree Fiddy says:

    Sadly it’s just not going to happen…so keep dreaming people. Lol

  43. youngoz says:

    Castlevania, Guilty Gear, Bleach, Naruto, Final Fantasy 7 (HD/REMAKE), Need for Speed, Gran Turismo, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Manhunt, Devil May Cry, Rockband, Fight Night, Grand Theft Auto (San Andreas HD/remake), Tony Hawk, etc… they just need more titles.

  44. FullMoon says:

    I prefer:

    Ar Tonelico Qoga Knell of Ar Ciel
    Bleach – Soul Resurreccion
    Borderlands 2
    Dead or Alive 5
    Disgaea 4
    Gran Tourismo
    Grandia 3
    Heavy Rain
    Hitman Absolution
    Kingdom Hearts
    Monster Hunter
    Phantasy Star Online 2
    Ratchet & Clank Qforce
    Resident Evil 4 / 6
    Rune Factory Oceans
    Skies of Arcadia
    Soul Calibur
    Star Ocean
    Tales of Eternia
    Tales of Symphonia
    Talse of Vesparia
    The Last of US
    The last Remnant
    Tomb Rider and the Guardian of Light
    Two Souls

    Skip the rest of the top 10!

  45. Kim See says:

    I wish also the graphics where in the same as the picture above.

  46. Afster says:

    heck yeah to Kingdom Hearts!! Birth By Sleep for the psp was brilliiant Square Enix have to make one for the vita, there is already one for the 3ds!

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