Top 10 franchises that need to come to the Vita


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177 Responses

  1. Josh says:

    We also need Minecraft lol.

    • Danny says:

      Yes, please! Mojang is losing cool points for not porting it to the Vita! Also, I never thought about GTA on the Vita, I’d love some GTA. :}

  2. JC3Fresh says:

    we also need infamous and ratchet and clank

  3. thecodebreaker says:

    Screw GTA, that game’s far too dated.
    Saint’s row (3) on the other hand, would be a wicked addition to the psv library.

  4. f says:

    Ace Combat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Aal says:

    whats with all the greenhorn franchises dude? DRAGON QUEST. whys nintendo get all the love, eh? respect your elders… maybe thats why nintendo gets dragon quest.

  6. Stiffeno says:

    Sif you wouldn’t mention Fight Night! I still keep my PSP3000 around solely to play Fight Night Round 3, and I play it every single day!

  7. Makoto says:

    Mh3 or MH4 PLEASE

  8. matheus faria says:

    I just want Dragon Ball ‘-‘

  9. woohoo says:

    monster hunter and kingdom hearts plzzzz :(((

  10. Adrian says:

    what about die hard , metal gear solid 1 , digimon, poipoi???

  11. Roshan says:

    Skate game or tony hawks game

  12. Kuro says:

    I read (I guess on gamefaqs) that if Monster Hunter goes to N3ds, God Eater 2 and Phantasy Star are gonna be the “leaders” now on Psvita o3o dunno really about it, I just want God Eater 2 on my psp 3000 xD

  13. actually no says:

    DJ Max Portable 4 would single handily save the vita

  14. xektrum says:

    Tekken !!!!!!

  15. Sneax673 says:

    The walking dead game by telltale…if it could be done on iOS then it can be done for the vita

  16. van says:

    100% agree on kingdom hearts, borderlands and fallout.. but come on you fools, imagine SKYRIM

  17. Uchiha_Kahin says:

    i can’t see any Naruto game Are you kidding me ?

  18. lorenzo says:

    if a splinter cell game has to be port over to vita then it should be conviction..conviction in vita will push up the vita sales for sure..with the size and graphic the conviction can maintain it gameplay and graphic just as in xbox360 in should bring know games to vita

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