Top 10 franchises that need to come to the Vita

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  1. zaga

    and don´t forget pro evolution soccer…

  2. Jo-Eng

    I think they should have put tekkentagtournament2 on the vita rather than the WiiU, also monsterhunter is a must I think they are just waiting till more people buy the vita. God of war on the vita is surely coming, I think its just a matter of time.

  3. SofaKing™

    more multiplayer, and Xplay games, World series of Poker, Risk, Uno, just to get the ball rolling, this thing was built for FPS so lets get some in, i think an RTS might work with this nice touch screen and all, in Canada we are still waiting for things like “wake up club” and ps1 classic CRASH Bandicoot, still no “t@g” and a RADIOPLAYER.

  4. Telgar Drakore

    I honestly agree with your article, but sometimes I think Sony does not want the Vita to succeed. Sony passed up on Monster Hunter, which was one of the best selling games for the PSP with almost exactly the same sales as God of War in the US, and it literally SOLD MILLIONS of psp’s in Japan, and yet Sony shrugged it off. God of War and GTA both have been defining moments in the psp’s life and sold millions of the consoles for Sony, and yet both of those are absent. I just dont think Sony really cares anymore about their system.

  5. Dcdoz

    a dissidia 2 anyone?? and what ever happened to FFX??

  6. Hellgun

    So many great ideas. i’d have to hide my credit card bill from my wife if half of what ppl said here were released. Also, i’d need to get cancer to have enought time to play 😀

  7. Ca$HQuake

    Oh, it those games mentioned above shouldn’t be free. A huge game such as GTA will be a large development and I will be *** if it took me almost a year to develope a game and its free. Nah, just buy it. Just because we have PS Plus doesn’t mean we should get every game in the library.

  8. CycloneFox

    My reason to buy a PSP was Metal Gear Solid. (Ac!d 1/2, Portable Ops and most of all Peacewalker)
    Now I already have a Vita and already played the HD Collection in PSVita and PS3 but well… I’m hoping for an exclusive Metal Gear game for the Vita. Altogether I’m hoping for more Japanese games in Vita. Gravity Rush, Persona 4 and Ragnarok Odyssey for example are a good start, but I’m really hoping for more games like Gravity Rush.

  9. marjowikid

    battlefield and battlefront thats what i want heck i play battlefront renegade squad and elite squad on my vita right now games i loved on the psp that i bought now playing them on the vita and making it so i can use the right thumb stick to turn does make it AWESOME!!!!! also me and my brother playing together him on his psp me on my vita makes it even more epic DAMNIT SONY GET YOUR *** *** TOGETHER!!!!!!

  10. Skars

    Good list, very good list.

    I just don’t agree with Battlefield. Surely vita can’t handle all that BF have to offer, and the game is mostly CPU bound, so features need to be cut to make vita handle it, is better to don’t come.

    Instead, I would swap Battlefield for Onimusha.

    – Onimusha is a good mix of action and RPG game, mostly action, and Onimusha 3 for PS2 for example, takes place in Japan and France, featuring guns and swords, it was a big hit, making fans over the East and West.

    Please a new onimusha! for ps3 or vita, or maybe both!

  11. Jan

    I prefer the Monster Hunter and Digimon series

  12. Aardy

    Not a very good list. It doesnt even have a single real rpg.

    (Kingdom Hearts and Monster Hunter are close, but not true RPGs)

  13. mr.evo

    Skyrim , GTA V release in 2013 ….PsVita is best seller in 2013

  14. mr.evo

    I mean Skyrim , GTA V for PSVita ,or Fallout Las Vegas is good . i love it but i dont know when it happen ..hixhix

  15. geohot

    fuuck you where is the MGS ?

  16. neverthewiseone

    can you tell me what site it is? i friend of mine wants to know.

  17. Cloud

    As long as they’re not a bunch of ports. The Vita needs exclusives.

  18. shades

    DARK SOULS. That’s all.

  19. david

    Fallout on ps vita will make me *** bricks

  20. DavidBN

    Throw all those franchises to the trash and gimme all new and original games! I love when a new game comes with an original idea, instead all those burned franchises.

  21. filodude

    Monster Hunter = Why I buy vita end of story

  22. Josh

    We also need Minecraft lol.

    • Danny

      Yes, please! Mojang is losing cool points for not porting it to the Vita! Also, I never thought about GTA on the Vita, I’d love some GTA. :}

  23. JC3Fresh

    we also need infamous and ratchet and clank

  24. thecodebreaker

    Screw GTA, that game’s far too dated.
    Saint’s row (3) on the other hand, would be a wicked addition to the psv library.

  25. f

    Ace Combat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Aal

    whats with all the greenhorn franchises dude? DRAGON QUEST. whys nintendo get all the love, eh? respect your elders… maybe thats why nintendo gets dragon quest.

  27. Stiffeno

    Sif you wouldn’t mention Fight Night! I still keep my PSP3000 around solely to play Fight Night Round 3, and I play it every single day!

  28. Makoto

    Mh3 or MH4 PLEASE

  29. matheus faria

    I just want Dragon Ball ‘-‘

  30. woohoo

    monster hunter and kingdom hearts plzzzz :(((

  31. Adrian

    what about die hard , metal gear solid 1 , digimon, poipoi???

  32. Roshan

    Skate game or tony hawks game

  33. Kuro

    I read (I guess on gamefaqs) that if Monster Hunter goes to N3ds, God Eater 2 and Phantasy Star are gonna be the “leaders” now on Psvita o3o dunno really about it, I just want God Eater 2 on my psp 3000 xD

  34. actually no

    DJ Max Portable 4 would single handily save the vita

  35. xektrum

    Tekken !!!!!!

  36. Sneax673

    The walking dead game by telltale…if it could be done on iOS then it can be done for the vita

  37. van

    100% agree on kingdom hearts, borderlands and fallout.. but come on you fools, imagine SKYRIM

  38. Uchiha_Kahin

    i can’t see any Naruto game Are you kidding me ?

  39. lorenzo

    if a splinter cell game has to be port over to vita then it should be conviction..conviction in vita will push up the vita sales for sure..with the size and graphic the conviction can maintain it gameplay and graphic just as in xbox360 in should bring know games to vita

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