Top 10 franchises that need to come to the Vita


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176 Responses

  1. Stiffeno

    Sif you wouldn’t mention Fight Night! I still keep my PSP3000 around solely to play Fight Night Round 3, and I play it every single day!

  2. Makoto

    Mh3 or MH4 PLEASE

  3. matheus faria

    I just want Dragon Ball ‘-‘

  4. woohoo

    monster hunter and kingdom hearts plzzzz :(((

  5. Adrian

    what about die hard , metal gear solid 1 , digimon, poipoi???

  6. Roshan

    Skate game or tony hawks game

  7. Kuro

    I read (I guess on gamefaqs) that if Monster Hunter goes to N3ds, God Eater 2 and Phantasy Star are gonna be the “leaders” now on Psvita o3o dunno really about it, I just want God Eater 2 on my psp 3000 xD

  8. actually no

    DJ Max Portable 4 would single handily save the vita

  9. xektrum

    Tekken !!!!!!

  10. Sneax673

    The walking dead game by telltale…if it could be done on iOS then it can be done for the vita

  11. van

    100% agree on kingdom hearts, borderlands and fallout.. but come on you fools, imagine SKYRIM

  12. Uchiha_Kahin

    i can’t see any Naruto game Are you kidding me ?

  13. lorenzo

    if a splinter cell game has to be port over to vita then it should be conviction..conviction in vita will push up the vita sales for sure..with the size and graphic the conviction can maintain it gameplay and graphic just as in xbox360 in should bring know games to vita

  14. gunblade

    think cuz sony cuts the vita game to like download size. ps3 game r like 50 gb or so on blueray n the card can at least hold 32 gb i guess since there like sd card think for sum reason they just making realy small short games idk even the download of gravity rush was like only 1.5 gb and and ps3 download r like 10 or so gb.. realy if they trying to save space they can eider make its graphics realy junk n have long game time or real good graphics n game dont last to long…little devients i could at least play now n then as it has sum mini games that are prrety good…(one thing i dont like about the vita is that in the psp when i had to change umd game i could jus put open the game hatch.. but for the vita u have to power down then switch the game but i guess not that bad if i have lots of download n not so much card cartridges ) so hardware wise i guess they can since the game are pretty good cross play but even mortal kombat was pretty good close to the ps3… but the vita still has like sum wierd ness wea it ten to freez an lag a bit so sony should work on that n have more ps3 quility games.. and weird game like little devients..

  15. gunblade

    i wish i work for sony i could get free stuff n test n make games would be fun but having to go home n figures out how to play a psp psx or ps2 game that not on the pstation network on the vita would not be work more play i mean i would help sony make more money buy having more game option to the vita n people play more game with cross play type action where ur playing the same game with your friends just there on the psp n ur on the vita…

  16. Leires

    derp, not RTSes, strategy games* sorry

  17. Jd8531

    I doubt it would be free as soon as it releases, but later on.

  18. Hellinferno

    I forgot to mention Dragon Ball,Naruto,a new and better rpg for Fairy Tail and a new old style of silent hill im not saying that the the game sucks but i was expecting the old style but i will get it next year,instead of that game i will get Tales of innocence r,sfxt,nfs and blaze blue.

  19. I

    You do know Disgaea 3 is on the PSV right? It also includes all the extra DLC you could purchase and download from the PS3 version off the PSN, at no extra cost!!

    Its incredibly awesome!!

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