PlayStop Network, the homebrew version of PSN


I like beer.

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  1. SMOKE

    Thanks Acid_Snake 🙂

  2. GaDo

    Thanks Alot Sir Snake

  3. mohd salauddin

    thax dude

  4. mohd salauddin

    sorry dude i have a problem the file is saying the error is not valid for win32 i am using windows xp sp3 can u please help me for this

  5. wololo leaked the kxploit

    Nice post acid but when i scanned this file with norton it said it was a trojan?

  6. Duhhhhh

    Probably false positive

  7. Niceneasy92

    So… is this any different from The Homebrew Network?

  8. Niceneasy92

    So is this one any different from The Homebrew Network?

  9. piercehue

    can any one tell me whats is that??
    is that a psvita break??

  10. pokekanoin

    THX , but i have still no cfw or vhbl …. 🙁
    i hope cfw is still coming …. because i think its getting harder and harder to figure one out…:(
    succes snake, i hope u will figure one out.

  11. Yoggi

    i have it working but which one or does it work on ofw 2.00

  12. JMQMOfficials

    This application downloads homebrews, emulators, and applications for vHBL and eCFW. It has no virus, and you can try using VirusTotal. I promise this has no trojans.

  13. JMQMOfficials

    So if you do see trojan’s popping up on your AntiViruses, just ignore it.

  14. AshTerra

    So, what does this benefit to the 2.0 OFW users? Is the PSP emulator possible now for download just like that? Or this is just for 1.80 user..?

  15. Skars

    There’s anyway to make it save downloads in a selected directory? It aways save on desktop.

  16. JMQMOfficials

    Please read the thread before asking questions – AshTerra.

    Skars – I can add that feature – save file anywhere you want – if you’d like.

  17. michael

    anyone can tell me how to use playstop network in ps vita

  18. JMQMOfficials

    You can’t yet.

  19. tinom

    Does it matter if I just have a PSP?

  20. JMQMOfficials

    It’s a downloader – it can be for PSP & Vita.

  21. SsJVasto

    Does anyone know if this program works for PSP as well? Does it only work for Vita using VHBL or CEF, or will it work with a PSP running a CFW?

  22. JMQMOfficials

    -.-” Any PSP, PSP Go, and Vita. Has to be hacked, vHBL, CEF, KExploit, any of these.

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