Why the PS4 will probably not be named the PS4


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121 Responses

  1. luis says:

    At this point im not crazy about ps4 I have a bad feeling

  2. Randqalan says:

    With the luck that Sony has had recently a change in name might help

    Besides I have better luck on Friday the 13th ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Bratmaxxe says:

    Its like with the ipad or next xbox the next Playstation is named Playstation and the next xbox is named Xbox

  4. Randqalan says:

    Better name for it ็ ดไบง่€…

    Joke I hope :)

  5. zoraktorok says:

    Im not excited about orbis at all… I should be, but a new system from a failing company reminds me of how disapointed I was when the dreamcast failed and how disapointed I will be when the vita gets the boot too. Sucks though, sony really makes top notch hardware. Mabey when it gets hacked ill get one to replace my computer and thermostat.

  6. pro_digious says:

    I believe it’ will be orbis, because “circle of life” in latin is “Orbis Vitae” Get it? They can do some pretty solid marketing around the whole concept.

  7. Jan says:

    Nice, it is made to be hack again hehehe

  8. mad8vad says:

    100% in new name will be PlayStation. So I think it will be just Sony PlayStation

  9. azleerico says:


  10. PS3Y2kvirus says:

    Thanks Wololo! wow I’m going to stay away from anything to do with the number 4 and now I understand why people always say first on the comments lol.

  11. Boriswinner says:

    I think worldwide version will be ps4 and Japan one Orbis.

  12. neverthewiseone says:

    it doesn’t matter what name it will have what matters is how much it would cost in the end.

  13. NakedFaerie says:

    If its called Orbis atm that’ll be its internal name like NGP which is a better name than Vita.

    They might go the same stupid way as Apple and just call it Playstation.

    Dont these big companies this we remember previous devices? There is already an iPad, there is also already a Playstation.
    Its the same for games. There is already a Need For Speed Most Wanted. I think they are smoking too much dope and just don’t have any thought pattens in their heads anymore.

  14. Ragecomic says:

    NakedFaerie ,totally agree.
    That’s so stupid to have a product that have the same name of an oldero ne

  15. CableLeecher says:

    How about PONY SLAYSTATION ???

  16. wololo's fan says:

    hey wololo,when ps3 3k will have a cfw like fat ps3?
    its is posibble to make a game psp with save bufferoverflow to work a user mode at ps3?or a HEN like psp?

  17. natsu says:

    orbis = circle
    vita = life…

    combination of the 2 forms the “circle of life”…

    sounds pretty sweet to me.. :)

    sony should make this the official name…. it kinda gives more justice to calling NGP psvita…

  18. mangbhoy says:

    Few names come to mind
    1.) The Sitman
    2.) Sony Entertainment Station (yeah i know NES ripoff)
    – for me this makes a bit of sense as the Playstation is an “entertainment station” of sorts
    3.) The Sony Before – well, when they realise the thinner version they could call the “After”
    4.) The Sony Intertain (interactive entertainment – whatever)
    5.) or simply PSIV (instead of the commonly used PS4 – gets to the point anyways)

  19. razor says:

    One thing I know is, NGP was a far better name than PSVITA.

  20. razor says:

    SONY is a 4 letter word ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. AyeGuy says:

    I solved the “4” problem…just do it in roman numeral : PlayStation IV

  22. Yes says:

    I dont think that the 4 means death thing is a reason to not call it the PS4. There are for example many games who have 4 in the title. This spring, one of the biggest game franchises in Japan will come out with a new game, and it is called Monster Hunter 4. I dont think that the 4 in the title will affect the overall sales one bit.

    But that said, i can see that it will be called something else than the PS4. But i dont think it will be because of the reason that 4 also means death in japanese.

  23. MarSprite says:

    Whatever the name they roll out, it will probably be as dumb a WiiU, since they seem to be in a contest with nintendo “who can come up with a dumber name”

  24. idontknow says:

    you can always name it PS3+1 or PS5-1 ๐Ÿ˜›

  25. jlo138 says:

    The New Playstation.
    Sony SuperStation
    Playstation Extreme
    Or go old school 90’s and call it Playstation 3000

  26. dm646 says:

    playstaion 9000!

  27. ICYHEART says:

    may be ti will be ps3s Iam kiding

  28. willyolo says:

    They should call it subjee wololoiy lully

  29. c-zero says:

    Unless it will be backwards compatible, no one would care unless they’re thirteen and play COD religiously.

    On a lighter note, how about we name it something like Whorbis lol?

  30. marjowikid says:

    how about the station…OH OH or just station could bring in those 2 weird alien things from bill and teds bogus adventure or was it exalent adventure the 2nd one

  31. IgnusArmagadan says:

    I’m throwing no rocks, I feel the same way, lol. Though 14 seems to be even more of an unlucky number for the Final Fantasy series, lol.

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  35. reaper527 says:

    i can’t see them ditching the playstation name. if they don’t call their next system the playstation 4, then i definitely think they will branch off into another playstation name, such as “playstation next” or if they do go with the orbis name mentioned in the article, i see it being “playstation orbis” (much akin to how microsoft went with “xbox360” instead of “xbox2”)

  36. you think the files are encrypted now? lol wait till the PS4 comes out ;/

  37. SSJ-Vita says:

    I can jump onto too many other platforms and get pc-like browser experiences. I see hard working devs busting their *** off in desperate atempts to breathe life into sonys monsters. I like how sony likes graphics, but that’s all they like that the end users like. To sum it up, it is not, and never will be worth investing in another sony item again in my opinion, which truly does suck. Burn me 20+ times shame on me, burn us another 20+…you get the idea.

  38. nCadeRegal says:

    Ill buy 1 no matter what the name is. It will be a must own for me as I have this gaming affliction that I must have the best and newest of everything.

  39. Alexpowrs says:

    Orbis means Circle and Vita means life
    soo yeah Circle of Life

  40. Leires says:

    To be honest, I think if people are worrying more about what the system is called than what titles and stuff it may have, we have a problem. I’d buy a console with some horribly awkward name if it had good enough games. heck, I’ve bought shameful games with a smile on my face. It’s not so much about the name as it is the quality. Besides that though, even if they try to name it something else, people are probably going to call it the PS4/playstation 4. Consoles generally get nicknamed or abbreviations even if the owner of said calls them something else..and orbis doesn’t roll off the tongue like PS4 does. Then again, maybe I’m just crazy…But i generally mention the games on the console before i mention the console in coversations, you know? ‘Man, i loved mana khemia, ever played that?’ ‘Nope, what system?’ you know? ._.

  41. Guardian says:

    I don’t know what is the hype about it! WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE IN DECEMBER 2012! Now if we happen to survive that, be free to talk about PS4 all you want. WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE…my apologies, I am suffering of Pre-apocalyptic depression.

    Actually, it would be real fun if Wololo made article about this 2012 thing. What do you say Wololo, are up to it?

  42. bsanehi says:

    Dumb people with their dumb superstitions.

  43. Dilan Parmar says:

    Hope fully it will be named PSY


  44. 6060-842 says:

    As of right now we have 24 days until Armageddon comes

  45. blabla says:

    OLD news thes news 10 days old

    • wololo says:

      This is original content from my brains, how could it be old news?

      • MarSprite says:

        Mind reading and Divination, it’s the future of news reporting.

      • Leires says:

        We’re watching you, Wololo.. We’ve come from the future where Sony owns everything. We already know of your plans. We’ve known for years. Your brains have been in our tubes long past your life cycle. Maratu will be released at 1200$ and will not have backwards compatibility with any of our previous consoles. It will have 16GB of ram, an 8 core processor. It will run a custom OS where you must sign in to access your games. There will be no game sharing. Sony is the future, Wololo. Maratu will bring us there.

  46. YES i love Armageddon says:

    6060-842 redy for Zombi and dragon killing in real life in 2013? cus im XD

  47. sdfsdf says:

    Stupid superstitions.

  48. TelcoLou says:

    Will it actually look like that concept picture?!??!? If so, WOW! ๐Ÿ˜€

  49. w7y7a7t7t says:

    i hope orbis or orbix or whatever sticks, as that sounds pretty badass.

  50. 9rockky says:

    Playstation is really famous brand,so if not use this name
    for the console … really stupid idea.

  51. stoneskull says:

    they’ll use the name ‘playstation’ for sure.. just not 4, apparently.

    i think playstation orbis is ok.. something like that

    • DBG says:

      Yeah, just like we have the “Playstation Vita” we’ll have the “Playstation Orbis”. It’s best to break the number cycle now anyway. Also Vita and Orbis go rather well together.

  52. tiutslit2569 says:

    Orbis roughly translates “the whole world”, so it’s definitely just a code name. I assume this means that the console will be very well connected, I guess, but it certainly won’t be released without an actual name.

    • Hking0036 says:

      That could actually be a pretty solid name if it works like that, because vita is life (at least I think) so it could kinda go well… (Just my thoughts)

  53. Z3N says:

    I agree with what stoneskull said. I think they will stick with the Sony Playstation part and they’ll add some crazy ending like Microsoft did with Xbox 360. I find it kind of silly that Microsoft will probably name their new console Xbox 720. Will it be Xbox 1080 after that? :)

  54. SupahLeecha says:

    PlayStation Android HD much better, lol. Maybe it will have a chance in the market.

  55. w7y7a7t7t says:

    they cold also go with an android style name like “the playstation ex4g HD2”

  56. NNNRT says:

    What about PSU (ultimate) or PSE (extreme) or anything related to the product, like glass in a different language? They could call it Super PlayStation or PS itself, wouldn’t be bad. Not saying that they should name it “PlayStation” like the original PSone but I mean PS itself. In my opinion, let it be named PS four, & in Japan they pronounce it “four,” not yon…

  57. ramenking says:

    anything new ?

  58. Linkedot says:

    I am also tired of the ps(numbers)
    it will give more confidence to new customers who never tried sony’s consoles before, and also it will free fanboys from their obligations and it will certainly bring new flavor to the gaming industry … at the end it’s more of a marketing stratege.
    And Personally i don’t give a s**t about the name, i just hope for a mature and elegant design, as i am leveling up biologicaly i still keep my interests in video games.

  59. Night says:

    Well… Orbis = Circle = Circulo
    Vita = Life = Vida

    Result = Life Circle Or Life Cycle Or Circulo de la Vida

  60. CycloneFox says:

    Sony could do it like Winamp and just skip the 4 to call it (PS2+PS3=) PS5. But that would somehow be stealing the idea…

  61. JR says:

    I think it’s going to be called the PS4. I remember back in the day when they code-named the PS2… PS2, and they actually went with it since all the fans already knew it as such.

    And remember the first PS2 commercial? It was actually a PS9 commercial which then showed the PS2 at the end saying that it was “just the beginning”. It kind of shows that Sony planned on continuing this traditional name.

  62. Rufus says:

    Duh, it’s just a code name. They use code names for all new devices before release. We aren’t playing with our shiny NGPs now are we? No, we’re playing with Vitas.

  63. NNNRT says:

    FOUND A NAME! PS Quattro is very good!

  64. HIMFan says:

    You’re ***. Go home.

  65. neverthewiseone says:

    i’m also from east asia to us “4” means you dont have money. get it?

  66. ue says:

    Hehe so I have a better phone, a psv and likely a better computer… woot for me.

    I mean while we are just mocking people.

  67. Yes says:

    Good that you got to return your Vita if it was something wrong with it. Luckily there is nothing wrong with my Vita :)

  68. n1nurt4 says:

    heck yeah

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