How to record a PSP Gameplay video

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  1. Andrew Wright says:

    is there any method to record sound too?

    • HeroKing says:

      only way to record sound is to acquire a male-to-male audio cable that will fit in the headphone jack and mic-in jack between the psp and pc/laptop

      • StepS says:

        yep, but i have to use stereo mix. otherwise if i record from the “microphone” directly, the quality is very decreased

        • koSiukaS says:

          If you have Windows vista/7 then all you need to do is to go to the control panel and to the sound settings. Choose the recording tab and unmark all of the sound inmprooving settings (DC offset and stuf like that). Those setting are only usefull when speaking with a mic while gaming or so, but they do decrease the quality. WARNING, you might hear a squeaky or a high pitch buzz, but that’s because the current trveling in the USB is interfering the male-to-male cables current, but the buzz is not very obvious and you can barely hear it while recording if volume is set a bit lower.

  2. lol says:

    i have got mac osx 🙁

  3. Frank says:

    To record sound, take a 1/8 mâle to 1/8 mâle connector and plug it in your computer line-in and your psp headphones plug. Set your soundcard to record line-in. Start a sound recording software like audacity before recording video and start the video recording. When recording is finished, you will have to cut your sound and synch it to your video with video editing software like Windows movie maker. If you video is not in wmv format, convert it with freeware like Format Factory. You can also set your PC to play live what line-in is recording in the sounds settings. There are plenty of tutorials on the Internet for that. Good luck !

  4. Yol Morefi says:

    I guess a male to male mini-jack to your mac with a soft like audacity and you’ll associate the video and audio after record.

  5. stOneskull says:

    longest 6 minutes ever….

    heh.. but seriously thanks for the tips!

  6. 7se7en says:

    Does it work with Vita?

  7. Stranno says:

    Better use the IRSHELL remotejoy, its like a billion times better than any other remotejoy. Much more stable, much faster and easier to use through IRS.

    • KuroRyuu913 says:

      But older CFW uses it, I havent seen IRS on current firmware since 3.40. I could be wrong, but i doubt there is IRS for 6.60, or even 5.50.

  8. TV cable says:

    For the PSP 1000 this is the only option.

    However for 2000 and beyond, TV cable support means you can just record the video feed directly to a PC or set-top box.

  9. KuroRyuu913 says:

    Using Remotejoylite, I was able to record this

    The sound was provided that I obtain a Male to Male Audio Cord, If you use that, you can turn on the option to Record audio in the Catupre section of Remotejoylite by either Pressing the Escape button or Right Clicking the Screen. I used Camtasia to record this since my Remotejoy gets buggy when i record using Remotejoylite itself. Current Firmwares like 6.35 and up will cause the Program to crash though, so if you have a PSP 3000+ you will come into some problems.

    Remember if you have a 64Bit PC, you need to Disable Signature Drivers while starting up your PC. Do so by pressing F8 When you first start up your PC, as in when u press the Power button. Keep pressing it till u see a screen with different options on it. On the botton the last on the list, You will see Disable Signature Drivers. Click that. Then follow the instructions with the Remotejoylite.

    It helps if your ISOs(if u are using them) arent patched so many times with so many layers, also turn off other seplugins if your not using them. If too many are on, then it will crash.

    Happy recording. If you are interesting, I will post a Installation Video later this week, If you enjoy wat you see, Subscribe. Thanks for reading.

  10. DatSikBoyz says:

    Thanks man U guys R AWSOME!!!!

  11. Is there any method to record
    PSPE1000 screen??
    If there is please tell….

  12. Alex says:

    Assassins creed bloodlines freezes with open arm

  13. Denovano says:

    Where is the video saved or placed after the recording has stopped

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