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Video: VHBL in PS Vita with firmware 2.00 (work in progress)


I like beer.

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  1. Niceneasy92 says:

    So can someone explain to me the difference between a kernel exploit and a user mode exploit?

    • qwikrazor87 says:

      A kernel exploit is an exploit within the firmware files, a usermode exploit is usually an exploit in the game’s savedata files.
      A kernel exploit will allow you to modify the firmware files and make a CFW and with a user mode exploit you can run unsigned code but you can’t modify any files in the firmware.

      • ricardo says:

        In short:

        current K exploit on PSP emulator = ISO loader with psp/psx
        current U exploit on PSP emulator = no ISO loader

        K and U exploit enable homebrews.

  2. pib0te says:

    I prefer to wait

  3. qwikrazor87 says:

    Yeah kexploits are very rare, I’d have a hard time deciding whether or not to release one if I found it, so it’s up to frostegater whether or not he wants to release it. But it’s good to know that TN’s CEF is still possible to be ported.

  4. Jan says:

    thats cool, I guess to update so soon

  5. The Budds says:

    Keep asking those question Snake, we need to hear them…and your exactly right. Devs really don’t have to release nothing despite what some end-users think.

  6. The Budds says:

    Also, just goes to show how relevant HBL is, I still laugh at the comments made during pro firmwares release “they should stop with HBL pro is so much better”

  7. anhell28 says:

    i was going to keep tn-c ecfw until i read the good news of a port of tn ecfw to fw 2.00 so i updated.i really really hope he releases it at some point atleast.

  8. be0ut says:

    haha no i dont think u will stop asking questions u know the answer to!! your right about one thing the “leak” def set the scene back.. it’s the actual vita exploit that i am interested in (UVL yifanlu) and i think he is being real cautious now as he should be.. psp kernel exploit is rare however other than a bigger screen i dont see any difference between the cfw on my psp and the ecfw.. im curious to see the true power of the vita!!!!

  9. Chezni says:

    I’m on 1.81. Having missed out on the Urbanix/Mad Blocker/gravity crash exploits, someone mentioned the “ps3 method” will allow me to use TN-CFW. Is that true?

  10. Turd Sandwich says:

    Get a new CAMERA.

  11. sonicsan says:

    Don’t know for you all, but for me VHBL is enough. I just want some emulators to play my childhood games. Also, I am against kernel exploits in the Vita OS. Wololo, if VHBL get out, I will update to 2.0. That or EDF being released in US. (then I will not have choice)

  12. Soldier says:

    Don’t rush to give this exploit out guys, just take your time…. No point of rushing, if idiots rushed to 2.00 ofw that is there problem. I think we should let AcidSnake find as many exploits as he can.

  13. hard_boy says:

    Snake, everything that is created is destroyed. in the future there will be a cf.

  14. The Z says:

    Gotta drop something for ya.

  15. super says:

    For some reason I am scared of releasing/sharing a game exploit that I’ve been working on for the past couple of months.


    I don’t know why…

  16. Faltimar says:

    im amazed at how fast you guys do this. really cool vita there Z.

  17. someone says:

    VHBL needs usermode exploit only or it’s needs kernel exploit also ??

  18. KUROKO says:

    Am not like am updated to play capcom more together and find ways to make custom character exploits for your favorite psvita fighting game. I think this is great but i want something that would not get washed away when the tide runs in you have impressed me so far lets see true power give me street fighter x tekken custom character creator.

  19. haziq says:

    guys its true,acid snake make the video

  20. walala says:

    I wish that the ninja release would be later πŸ™ because if it will appear so fast, I cant buy the game for now because I may only have my money next month, and the game was very fast to being pull out by sony, so if the devs release it tommorow, next day or next another day, then maybe theres no way for me agian to get it like urbanix & mad blocker πŸ™

  21. Sylen7Nato says:

    i would need to have my own blog to communicate all of my true feelings on the current situation…thank god there are still people that want to share with the rest of the scene…10% of the scene do NOTHING but GIVE, while the other 90% take everything and GIVE NOTHING back…there is no respect where respect is due.

    • mlc says:

      Respect is earned, but also tempered by peoples’ statements. So even if you respect someone for some particular accomplishment of theirs, you can still criticize them for other actions.

      Also, as soon as Acid_Snake finds a kernel exploit and releases it publicly, then he will have aided the scene as much as that leak did. More VHBL ports are certainly great in between larger hacks, but a kernel exploit is completely useful if the people who “discovered” it want to sit on it forever. Waiting for a higher firmware would make a lot of sense, but not releasing ever is crazy, and I’m pretty sure that if someone else finds their kernel exploit and releases it, these people who “own” it will be super upset.

  22. joseph says:

    sharing is caring

  23. Minimur says:

    are eCFW ‘s in a game itself or can it be ported to any exploit?

  24. hfjlww says:

    加油 boss

  25. Crow132 says:

    I thought that any Exploit can get Kernel Acces.

    Got it wrong! -.-

    • mlc says:

      there were two exploits in all of the TN eCFW releases – the one kernel exploit that had been leaked previously, and the individual game exploits (Urbanix, MBA, etc)

      All of those game exploits and the kernel exploit were patched, but luckily there are many more presently known game exploits, and at least one kernel exploit which may one day be released if pity is felt for the unwashed masses. lol

  26. quetz says:

    wow so we’re starting again.. to release or not release.. let’s hope someone’s leaks then, now i don’t see that bad sam jordan leaked that exploit. he may be right all the time? you guys and your private exploits.. there should be no private in this situation, if you got the word just spread it, as you have seen how many people could really miss something huge like cfw, what do you have to worry about?!

    • wololo says:

      I dont see you sharing your exploit either… Maybe if you had an idea of the amount of work required to find one and make it useful, youd have a different attitude?
      Also talking of private exploits when we have released 8 exploits this year alone on this website sounds like you are forgetting very fast how non-elitist this scene is.
      Nothing personal, I am just tired at how quickly people forget the amount of work that has already been provided with nothing asked in exchange.

      • quetz says:

        you’re fully right! finding a k-exploit must be hard as heck! nothing compared to a user mode, and i assume we’ll see a lot more coming now on… or at least some, but, answering the question “will devs hold on to their exploits after that leak? will we ever see another cfw? will I ever release this exploit?” heck this ain’t no right at all, you can’t just say you do your work for the scene only for charity, nothing asked, and then after say you do for yoursfelf only and you got nothing to share. especially with people who follows and push you, gives also motivation, to work this on. i think the whole project itself must be oriented on blow this console up, or maybe i’m just deceiving myself. anyway, i didn’t mean i agree with leaking somebody else work, it will never be the right thing, but, don’t say things like “maybe never” or you’ll push someones back on the wall again.. and that will probably cause another leak.

        • The Budds says:

          Your like one of those sports fans who say “we scored a point” whenever the team you like does so like if you had a part in it. Even without you being there, the point would have been scored. Get off your high horse.

          I’m a happy camper and will still be a vistor to this site even if it don’t release, only Burger King let’s you have it your way. Go order a whopper…

          …and a cocky beta-tester is a dumb beta-tester. I would choose trust over 5 seconds of internet fame anyday.

          • mlc says:

            I’m sorry, but I personally also found “Now, the million dollar questions: will the scene see a drawback of exploits? will devs hold on to their exploits after that leak? will we ever see another cfw? will I ever release this exploit?” to imply a rather childish tone.

            So yes, of course they can release whatever they want. And after discovering something useful, being greedy and keeping it to yourself because it can benefit you for longer, rather than releasing it publicly so other people can (more temporarily) benefit as well is a perfectly rational human desire. It doesn’t mean it won’t be criticized by people that feel it isn’t benefiting the scene as a whole – and if the kernel exploit that has been discovered is ultimately patched before ever getting a ninja or public release, then it will have been a big stupid mistake. ;p

            But I’m not going to be fully supportive of people acting as if, now that there has been a big leak, it’s natural to want to hide your work from the public, because it seems a childish impulse and statement to me.

          • Davee says:

            I don’t see how keeping your exploit to yourself is being greedy. I just fail to see why the scene believes they are owed such development. I dare say, a developer that asks for payment of such a seemingly rare and valuable exploit would be shamed.

            Of course, there is a lot to discuss over these points, at the end of the day though it’s all up to developers I guess.

          • mlc says:


            Well, I wanted to actually modify my statements by saying that the VHBL method will probably actually help mitigate some of the possible negatives of keeping the kernel exploit hidden. Because ninja release games will be able to run the kernel exploit, at least once it is patched in a future firmware and there is no longer any motivation for people to keep it hidden. So it’s rather unlikely that keeping the kernel exploit hidden will eliminate any possible public use, since if it did end up getting patched it could always be released to people who got VHBL on 2.0+.

            And I’m sure that no other devs would support someone asking for money for an exploit, so there could really never be greed to that level. Also Sony might use it as an excuse to go after the dev, so it would be an all around bad idea.

            But, ignoring the fact that VHBL will help get a limited release – since that possibility hadn’t occurred to me when I posted earlier, haha – it seems like intentionally keeping the exploit for personal use, since the exploit would “last” for many more FW revisions but would ultimately be useful to a far smaller number of people, is by definition self interested as opposed to selfless. Ex. one’s desire to use the discovered exploit for longer is of greater concern to the developer than another public release, despite the public release benefiting more people. Greed is perhaps too strong of a term, “the priority of self interest” might be more accurate.

          • quetz says:

            dear budds, your example about sport doesn’t match at all… and also it’s totally wrong. i support my football team, as i support the devs working on ps vita. and if they score , i like and i’m happy for it, and yes i feel part of it even just watching, because i want to see it going for good. , and if in someway this scene will need my hand on everything, and i can help, i’ll be available! i owe nothing to the scene and the scene doesn’t owe me, means i can’t want to have hands on new kxploit for my purpose? even if it’s your private? so just don’t talk about it if you just have to keep it for yourself, make it a secret. talking about it? saying you maybe will not release? thats childish.. beside we’re free to say, act, pretend, be, whatever we want. i hate butt-licking, i’ll be always saying what i really think

          • TelgarDrakore says:

            Honestly at this point I hope no more exploits are released. The public are demanding such ridiculousness requests from the scene and at this current moment Sam Jordan is being seen as a saint who blew the doors of the Vita open after saving an exploit from the greedy hands of the scene that never wanted it released. *** like Sam Jordan are why so many exploits had to be wasted to get you all TN. *** like Sam Jordan are why we dont have flawless PSX support. *** like Sam Jordan are why we dont have TN W I T H the Ver.2.0 browser update.

            I think a point needs to be proven to dissuade future Sam Jordans. Hold the exploit and dont release it. Perfect it first, show people that what Sam did harmed the scene. Take your project and pride back from the greedy public and stop giving into everyone greedily wanting free ISO’s for all.

          • quetz says:

            “Jordan is being seen as a saint who blew the doors of the Vita open after saving an exploit from the greedy hands of the scene that never wanted it released” dare to say this isn’t true? off course will never be a saint! what he did is completely wrong, wasn’t supposed to leak anything, but, in the meantime if he didn’t we all be 2.0 by now (i suppose sony scheduled this update for xmas long time ago) and wondering about tncfw would ever become reality, well, that is now a open source project, and giving me the chance to love my new console. i’m greedy ’cause i want ISO for free? and not such interested in vhbl e home-brews? thats my point, my interest in this, and not to me only but i assume at least half of ps vita population

          • wololo says:

            If that guy hadn’t leaked, people would be enjoying Coldbird’s CFW on 2.00 (the unofficial but pretty much accepted date was Christmas, but Coldbird was on the verge of releasing earlier until the leak happened). That CFW had better iso support than TN’s CFW, as well as working PS1 support. Coldbird’s work would also have been open source, since it was based on Pro CFW.

            So, yeah, TN kind of saved the day with his work, but the question is open, wouldn’t have it been worth it to wait a couple more months? I’m sure people who can’t play this or that iso would say yes πŸ™‚

            If anybody needs to be thanked here, it’s TN, not that Jordam guy

  27. Leires says:

    Man, any exploit is a good exploit. I miss being able to play FLAC on my handheld. :/ Vita doesn’t natively support it, and wav files are gigantic ._. I’ve got faith though, and plenty of time. A knock-off brand memory card would be nice too, as I’ve no plans currently to spend any money on a memory card outside of what came in my bundle, but that’s a whole different ball park.

  28. Steph says:

    Take your time! Do it Right! πŸ˜€

    I’ve had a Vita since release and have been hanging for a chance for VBHL but i allways miss ya cuz of the TZ difference here πŸ™

    Im quite happy to sit on 1.67 OFW with my Vita gathering dust, as the games avaliable currently are quite lacking!

    I think i’d have a shitload more fun playing Sonic the Hedgehog or Chrono Chross πŸ˜€ Halp us do that! πŸ˜€

  29. psVitovic says:

    dammit ppl, you have $ to buy a PSvita, but you still make videos with a potato…

  30. XStationBR says:

    Well i wait these exploit will no need to install using Games if it well we will like so much.
    But why not ask for an Donor?
    I Will like so much to contribute with this dev.
    Thanks Wololo for you suport.

  31. Venom says:

    Hmm, for everyone who is having a Kexploit on 1.81 and still didn’t update, wait before the next (K)exploit comes out and then update.

  32. Chris says:

    “What I’m trying to say here is that all the CEF and ISO and rampant piracy is most likely over and user mode exploits + VHBL are what the scene will probably see from now on.”

    Are you out of your mind? First off you’re totally dismissing the amazing work Total_Noob did over the last couple of weeks, leaving his far superior eCFW open source to top things off. I’m not trying to discredit wololos work here but it would be a downgrade to have to go back to VHBL in every way and noone in the right mind would suggest this.

    And what the heck are you thinking accusing everyone of being software pirates? Myself alongside many others are using eCFW to play the games we already own for PSP. Do you think running emulators on VHBL is morally any different?

    Luckily you don’t get to deceide how thing’ll wind up in the future. The tone of this news item seriously aggravated me.

  33. otropom says:

    personnaly i updated from 1.81 to 2.0 because if i own a vita its not to play old psp games . yeah its cool to use iso and cso …..but vita is capable so much better !!!

  34. dimy93 says:

    I think the scene needs a break. Too many things happened last few weeks. We need to leave Sony and exploit users alone for a while. If we keep pumping exploits every week eventually we’ll run out of those (even the usermode ones)

  35. KinJuaneza says:

    excite for this,

    anyone can give that release date?

  36. Hellgun says:

    The fact that they are running homebrew on Vita, does it gives more power to run the homebrew, or the PSP emulator is Caped on 333 MHz?
    i Mean, can the dev use the extra vita’s power, or is the PSP emulator limited.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but I’ll say it again: the vita emulates the PSP at close to 500mhz, so it does have extra power compared to the psp, not much but noticeable enough

  37. RadiMusRemirezNYCisaGAYWrestler says:

    Give the devs a chance in due time some wishes will come true on future firmwares.

  38. pokekanoin says:

    just dont release it yet and wait til sony has a firmware where they are gonna stay on.
    or say only to people that you trust what the vhbl is and they say it people they trust and so on…

  39. stepenlu says:

    Share the love! :] my 1.80 MHFU vita cant use psn right now it makes me wanna update.. Oh how the heck can i use psn on 1.80. i have a ps3 4.30 cfw and i want to transfer my ps plus games on vita is that possible?

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