Working PSP Kernel Exploit on Vita 2.0! Future releases….


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127 Responses

  1. Crow132 says:

    I have MBA and Urbanix exploits working but if a new exploit is relased at 2.00 I feel like updating so I can get the new browser.

    But by now i guess is better to just keep waiting.

    • wololo says:

      Yes. Although we do our best to not spread lies here, as long as it’s not released, it’s as good as nothing. Many things can happen until the port is complete and in a releasable state, so don’t update just based on this piece of news :)

    • jeoway says:

      I have a *somewhat working* exploit on a newly released psp game on the store which is *********************** and I have the FLASH working but it crashed after several moments. (I know its NOT the H.BIN).

  2. Frank says:

    Great news ! I love PSP homebrews on my Vita :) Keep the good work !

  3. jok3r0314 says:

    great news but ill wait a bit before i update :)

  4. cybermancha says:

    Yes! I think I can update safely knowing that something will come eventually for 2.00. Thanks Frostegater, Wololo and The Z for such an amazing job!

  5. minimur12 says:

    yeah eventually, only 1 day later

  6. psVitovic says:

    i didn’t understand, does the OpenCMA work with a PSVita on the OWF 2.0 ?

  7. joey says:

    I updated for the updated ps1 emu and the mail client which is surprisingly good. Ive long since played every psp game id want to on my old psp so ecfw isnt that imp ortant. Good job though

  8. ronin17 says:

    Great news! The only thing that would suck for me updating is losing the speed at which the mad blocker exploit loads. Both super collapse and monster hunter took forever w multiple buttons to push. IMHO minis are the ideal games to exploit given the small size, low cost and quick load. Hopefully there are more of them out there.

  9. memkou says:

    i guess ill be waiting for the working open cma, and an exploit for gravity crash on 2.00 :)

  10. Eazon says:

    If a new exploit on the new 2.0 OFW do come out, will all of our old PSP saves still be there after updating from 1.81 to 2.0?

  11. Rafael707 says:

    Can anyone confirm if coldbirds proshell is patched?

  12. yobib34 says:

    does this means we should buy another game to run the new exploit or will this work on other previous exploit even if we update..?

  13. Mario Lucio says:

    does anybody knows if the psn store updated already, cause I feel really tempted to update because of those free games.

  14. ThxDevTeam says:

    A big thank you to Frostegater ,Total_Noob , wololo, and any all contributing Developers. With out you guys this would almost be impossible. Keep up the good work. P.s does anyone know how to get PS all-stars BR on the vita without update? 1.81ecfw tn. Some homebrew corruption but some run just fine.

  15. Premo says:

    When this releases, it will be my first opportunity to take part in eCFW. I look forward to exploring the possibilities that these releases bring, and will be refreshing the talk forums constantly in the coming days/weeks :)

  16. Davee says:

    Same old cat + mouse game, they’ll never fix that. Just, this is no real progress in psvita.

    gj anyway though!
    nice to see that people are capable of kernel exploits now and not just spraying for game bugs.

  17. AsDraS says:

    GREAT! 😀

  18. GREAT!!!
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  19. Damn… at my pc it was better…

  20. knux says:

    wow that was quick. well done guys, keep it up! i hope to see proper working vita cfw by 2013 😀 if i knew the workings of a psvita, i would try my best to help.

  21. errm says:


  22. Insane says:

    Gracias por todo

  23. ThePapanoob says:

    Nearly a Year now and the Vita wasn’t fully hacked quite frustrating :(

  24. hardin says:

    Sony has been very slow with PS2 re-releases which makes a CFW so necessary in my opinion. OK I can understand that the Vita games aren’t there yet but what of the PSX/PS2 libraries? I would love to have Shadow of the Colossus or Tenchu WOH on my handheld. Apparently Sony has a completely different idea of what they want on the Vita though despite the addition of a second analog stick.
    If i were a cynic I’d say they want the Vita to be just another gimmicky touch-screen handheld for non-gamers.

  25. infernus says:

    that’s strange, OpenCMA still works for me firmware 2.00, i only use backup and restore

  26. Renzokuken says:

    Great work, guys. Derailing warning: Since Final Fantasy Tactics is a free PSPlus game, I thought I’d mention an awesome patch.

    Obviously you need TN CFW to use it but there is a patch to get rid of the annoying slowdowns when characters are using attacks in the Vita version. It is a tremendous improvement.

  27. xfreyr says:

    Nice but… this probably involve there will be a new “cat & mouse” game(race) what’s making me tired. I guess this is what i have to pay for. since i never had a psp and the gamemarket is nearly poor i still bet on keep my v1.81 working

  28. Skars says:

    Thank you! TN-C released and patched so soon, is good to hear that its life will be longer.

  29. xfreyr says:

    In the past there was a mention about a possible vita exploit (im i wrong?) what about that. Do the 2.0 affect this?

    • mlc says:

      UVL has been put on hold… so unless someone else who was aware of that Vita exploit has begun work on their own loader, I think it’s gonna be a while before we see a native Vita exploit.

      This is probably all the more true since the majority of users will be happy to have a PSPemu kernel exploit, so the Vita exploits can be “saved” for later on and consistently used by the people who discovered them.

  30. cradle says:

    Is it the same kernel exploit, that Total Noob used for his eCFW? In other words: Did Sony patches anything in the PSPemu or did they only blacklist the usermode exploits via Vita OFW?
    Does anyone has infos about that?

    • mlc says:

      what I heard implied that this was a second kxploit, and that both the usermode exploits and the TN kernel exploit were patched in 2.00

  31. xfreyr says:

    No one cares about vita exploits?

  32. Zohan says:

    can someone help me i got motorstorm arctic edge on ps vita
    how do i play psp games confused

  33. errm says:


  34. razor says:

    Great news! Badly needing an openCMA for 2.0 though..

  35. Skoots says:

    What i don’t understand is why can’t sony just blacklist every game on the get go instead of just those that were found exploitable. For those that were patched it seems as almost nothing has changed. i love having ecfw but it’s almost as if sony wants us to “explore” this device beyond there intentions.

    • Leires says:

      A better question would be ‘why doesn’t sony just hire someone to check for exploits before a game is added to PSN?’ I mean, it’s written in fairly black and white how to find exploits in games. Would probably be too annoying to check every single current game, but surely a few hours out of the day to check new titles wouldn’t set them back very far. But then again, we all know what goes on at sony..

  36. SpikyHairedFreak says:

    Just updated after reading this post. I’ve gotta say im definately liking the browser improvements!

  37. Leires says:

    Good news, everyone! I just found out we’ll have a PSP ksploit on vita!

  38. huz says:

    i want kernel exploit v2.00
    sign in acount 1.81 block cmd need update 2.00
    but ftp file fail to again ps vita restart miss format memory
    i have ps vita cma backup copy pc apps gravity cash .

  39. dan says:


  40. DBG says:

    I think all of this is great work and have supported the homebrew community for ~15 years now and I know the hope is to one day have Vita homebrew. Until then, I am sticking with my PSP-1000, as I love the fact that I can run CFW, have access to all of my legit titles (although I think the same UMD that is in the slot now has been in there for years as I backed up all of my games into iso format then compressed them into cso for storage/ease of use), access to PSN/official multiplayer as well as XLink Kai and homebrew.

    On a slightly unrelated matter, I am slightly annoyed that Sony made it possible to backup games/content/etc to your PC via Wifi but not to your PS3 (of which I still have my 60GB launch unit, albeit with a 320GB replacement drive on OFW). I thought the days of physically hooking up your handheld to your console ended with the PSP (although I still love the term “transfarring” =p)… maybe we’ll get an update in the future. Keep up the good work guys!

  41. huz says:

    ps vita v2.00 wifi device app to pc cma network ip address automatically cma device easy work !! XD gc kernel exploit 2.00.

    usb cma 1.81 ftp fail

  42. mlc says:

    I almost think it might be more beneficial to do some VHBL releases and save the kernel exploit, though it’s entirely possible that this announcement will earn enough attention from Sony that the kernel exploit will get patched.

    So, basically, devs that know about this exploit need to judge how simple it is to find, and how easy it might be to patch, and determine a release schedule based on that. Because personally I think that several VHBL releases might encourage Sony to release future firmware updates more quickly, so we might be able to preserve this kernel exploit for a month or two so as to make it more “useful” than a full eCFW released immediately after the first eCFW.

    But if it appears that there are lots of kernel exploits, then this doesn’t matter. I’d just hate to see one wasted if we’re going to run out of software methods and have to move to hardware hacks.

  43. mlc says:

    Wahh, my comment is awaiting moderation? i guess due to length, i dunno, haha.

    But my point was that it might be best to preserve this kernel exploit for a later firmware, unless we’re certain that there are other kernel exploits to find. Because 2.0 isn’t really that much better than 1.80/1.81 – it would be much better to save this for 2.5 or 3.0 or whatever (if they come within the next year or so) rather than release two major exploits essentially back to back.

  44. PsVITAHackbeginner says:

    Why we repatch the game? why we dont programm a game filer to modify the game?

  45. PsVITAHackbeginner says:

    so we can program a cfw or a hackprogram with icon,.. and istall this with a exploit ,then if comes a new fimeware with patch then the files are loading

  46. Sir Howard Stringer says:

    Pretty soon more exploits will be on the way due to the upcoming PS4 so don’t worry your pretty little faces and have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

  47. Foleyfactor says:

    The iPhone 4s scores 386 plus 9 bonus points :O

  48. Foleyfactor says:

    whoops! wrong thread, sorry :)

  49. Pirate says:

    I know all everything!

  50. AyeGuy says:

    I want to see a new opencma.

  51. Dirtabd says:

    Anyone got PS AllStar Battle Royal working on 1.81 CFW? Or is there a way to transfer from PS3?

    • Kratosreven says:

      attach it to your psn account via your ps3, then go to the psn on your vita and download it there… thats what i did at least xD

  52. psh posh says:

    Pirate on November 21, 2012 at 10:56 pm
    I know all everything!

    erugh on November 21, 2012 at 10:56 pm

    All of this.

    You, guys are very intelligent Pirate does know it all!”

    Agreed you guys know it!

  53. Samidare says:

    It would be cool to know if we, who got already an exploit (or more) can just sit tight and wait for a sure port of the tnc for these older exploit to work on 2.00 or if we have to update and buy another game for the new exploit.
    At least it would be cool to know it in advance, because we all know that files don’t get released with the new game name, but aftet, and waiting is not a great option because as soon as the files come out the game will be gone from the store. If frostegate would be so kind to clarify this, at some point, I would be glad.

  54. andrea82it says:

    this is a good news… but for now i can’t update, my old psp don’t work very well and i need the eCFW for use backup of my umd game on psv… at same time i use more the web browser of psv and the update of wb are very very good, but i can’t update without a exploit for 2.00… this is not a goot position for me :(

  55. Moi says:

    Good news, and I’m a noob and all, but wouldn’t it be kinda pointless if we have no open CMA to accompany the newfound exploit?

  56. marlewuk says:

    excellent news frostgater. i guess the exploits in the psp part of the vita will always be around, just like the wii u running wii homebrew & r4 cards on 3ds. Will there ever be an exploit on main systems? Hopefully sooner rather than later…

  57. Soldier says:

    hmmm, so opencma won’t work with it so what is the point of this exploit if we can’t use opencma? Do we even need opencma tho? I don’t even think I use opencma and I can install games onto my PS VITA still through the ftp.

    • vbfan says:

      Restoring your vita (bad memory card or upgrade) is one important use for OpenCMA now.

    • wololo says:

      You answered your own question. But openCMA is useful for people who don’t want a forced update, or who don’t want to be forced to be connected when they copy regular files on their vita

  58. andrix10 says:

    So that means I can update safely and get the awesome PS+ deal?

  59. Alex says:

    A new Kernal exploit so soon? 0_0 Is it easier to find these exploits on the emulator than when the psp was being hacked?

    • wololo says:

      More people have the knowledge, more people are willing to share. That being said, the Vita is almost 1 year old and we only had one psp kernel exploit so far. Compare to how many kernel exploits we had on the PSP just last year… almost 1 for each new firmware.

  60. E says:

    I think it is high time for them to find another Method of running TN-C through the Kernel exploit in addition to the current method. Just in case Sony gets wise and decides to Patch that method.

  61. jacob says:

    is anyone tring to get a cfw that isnt a sandboxed psp

    • Moi says:

      I’m not sure I’d want that, honestly. There are some games I enjoy playing online with Vita and I’d like to rest easy knowing some punk won’t CFWCheat his way to victory, thanks.

  62. jamesssss says:

    An idea…

    would it make more sense for the devs to try and see if they can find 5-6 Kexploits if possible (I know they are difficult to find) and keep them secret. Then build a release schedule say every 6 months they will release a new eCFW based on one of these exploits.

    That way people can stop complaining that they want it NOW, and people who are on it know that every few months they will be able to upgrade the Vita to the latest version so that we don’t end up in PS3 CFW where we were stuck for months until recently.

    If they found 5-6 exploits thats 3 years of exploits (and a good chunk of the PSV life), who knows by then they might have cracked the Vita itself and we don’t need them anymore.

    Just an idea…

  63. NinjaTune says:

    Found out that if your one of the snitches that finds out about the game exploits Sony Entertainment Of America or Europe or so forth will give you a year free of psn+ and a game of your choice no wonder why it takes less than 48hrs for sony to take these games down my source is solid because I listened to a recording that sony uses to train their employees.

  64. Westsideconnection says:

    Who needs proof when it’s possible facts continue to spy on Sony anyone questioning that is automatically suspect.

  65. ivo says:


    ive just updated to 2.00
    launched the webpage of my favorit game card
    browser froze with power and ps buttons not responding

    is ther like ps3 infectus solderless flash solution
    is ther a solution for solderless read/write for vita ?

    its some schp brick :(

  66. Does this mean we dont need those impossible to get psp
    games on the psn store to work these exploits, will we
    be able to run PSP ISO Directly like the psp cfw, Please

  67. NobleVita says:

    Will this most likely be released as a NinjaRelease?

  68. The reason why I need to get this for serious thing is, “PSP Games could not be stop in my mind” >.< . . .

  69. swordchi says:

    when will it be released?!?!?!?!?!?!?! i’ve been waiting for far to long!!!!

  70. Rafael707 says:

    Your girl likes it 😮

  71. wololo says:

    Shut up, Meg.

  72. wololo says:

    The ps3 might be a bad example, but look at the psp. Localizer, cspsp, lamecraft, pimpstreamer, the browser hack to use more ram, support of birth by sleep on the psp go, not even mentioning the legion of emulators…

  73. onnz423 says:

    Leave the kid alone 😀

  1. November 22, 2012

    […] todavía puede que tengan la posibilidad de hacerlo en un futuro próximo, y es que Frostegater ha anunciado que ha encontrado un nuevo exploit para el kernel de PSP en PS […]

  2. November 22, 2012

    […] todavía puede que tengan la posibilidad de hacerlo en un futuro próximo, y es que Frostegater ha anunciado que ha encontrado un nuevo exploit para el kernel de PSP en PS […]

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