The new PS Vita web browser: Review

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  1. wololo

    The html5 score does not mean much if the browser does not support video or audio, which is what most people are looking for nowadays.

    • TheBudds

      Well since they sell movies and music through their services they probably are never going to update to fix that. It’s like how the people who I used to joke with when they asked “does the ps3 play mkv?” to which I would reply “Yeah, it’s called bluray”

      It wasn’t to be mean, it was just to show people sony’s way of thinking. We got to take more stuff into our own hands. Converting and what-not.

      I know Sony will never support mkv on either the ps3 or vita, that’s why I just convert my own stuff 🙂 To end note, it’s stupid how Sony has not even bothered with getting compatible digital copies for either the psp or vita 🙁

      • TheBudds

        Oops, was supposed to be “digital copy of movies”

      • Aardy

        I agree with wololo. There is little point to a web browser when I cant log on to youtube (or any other video site) and play vids.

        I know the vita has a youtube app that can play vids, so why cant the web browser support them? There are many many other “flash” websites than youtube.

        How can you call it a multimedia device, when it cant play 90% of the internet.

        • SSJ-Vita

          I was always somewhat leery of apps even tho on my ipod touch (1st gen) I have experienced pretty awesome end user experiences. Sony changed that for keeps to the point where I may decide to never get windows 8 due to my absolute disgust and downright hatred of apps. A touchscreen made in the year 2012 should be able to go to and watch weather in motion. No weather in motion… no upgrading to 2.0 for me

        • E

          The funny thing is, if you guys remember, around the time the PSP first came out, you could access YouTube and certain flash sites through the Browser (though not the best performance). I guess Adobe just dropped support or somehing idk. So we know Sony can do it, they r just being LAME

        • neverthewiseone

          lol, your just angry because you can’t access adult sites to watch their live streaming videos using your beautiful oled screen.

      • Shinny

        Well Apple made their safari work with audio and video, and in the main time they sell videos and music on Appstore, so theres a good chance that sony will do the same.. time will tell..

  2. Robert E Lee

    Neat! Still not worth updating for though 😉

  3. Mr MaGoo

    I like the new browser (as i am on it now) but i dont like how when u enlarge the window, it does not allow u to scroll. this could deffinately use an update. other than that it looks like an android browser almost.

    • dom

      you can use the touchpad on the back to move the screen around when the screen is enlarged and your trying to read the large print

  4. riowzl

    Anyway, I have updated for ps plus ‘free’ contents. It’s live for US,,,,, XD

  5. Andre104623

    i will only care if it had flash support since it still doesnt there is no way im updating from 1.80 and lose MHFU eCFW

    • StepS

      there won’t be any flash player. Not only did Adobe cancel development for portable devices, but also for linux.

      • SSJ-Vita

        Yeah about that, Does adobe have competition, and if so who? Because this little stunt should cost them their business and they should be ran off from all devices and replaced by user friendly services from something “anything” else.

  6. Premo

    The pointer really helps to alleviate a lot of the frustration in using touch-screen browsers. Definitely a welcome addition.

  7. now all they need is a ereader and a crunchyroll app and i will be happy

  8. Mr. Jack

    All I ask is that they release updates adding Flash Support and video/audio browsing. I’m sure there are tons of other awesome features to add but those are my main points. Now for us, we need to get a full Vita CFW with android and apple support!

  9. ricerrr

    The PS Vita Browser just needs to suport flash player and then ill update =)

  10. IgnusArmagadan

    This alone almost makes me want to update, but eCFW TN-C is still a better deal than the browser, and I use the browser every day!!

  11. Darenvy

    This really excites me. With HTML5 we can start playing HTML5 games. Of which people are developing browser online games with such as BrowserQuest

    • Lol check out this site for HTML5 games :3 {}

      NOTE: to use most of these kind of games on the vita your will need to know the pointer mouse trick which I just made up right now you will hold the Left trigger or right Trigger and predict the arrow clicks on a little side note as it is impossible to map keys with some games you wont be able to play some that arent all click action.

      the games on this site include:
      1. Biolab Disaster
      2. Crystal Galaxy
      3. Canvas Rider
      4. Agent 008 Ball
      5. Pirates Love Daisies

      HAVE FUNN!

      [Note: Most likely will create a post in the forums for Html5 sites that can be used in the vita]

  12. aboutseven

    You know, out of all the features they’ve added, why the heck is there not a copy and paste function? Seriously, all mobile devices have this, and it’s obnoxious that it doesn’t have this feature. I’ve had multiple instances where there have been un-clickable links, and I’ve had to type out the whole thing because rather than just copy and pasting it.

  13. playergg

    i didnt any improvement…
    i think only 30 of a 100

  14. Matthew

    Its too bad that the new ps vita owners ( i bought psvita system two weeks ago) can not use youtube app and watch web video on vita system. Some of you may have vita with the youtube app but the new owners do not have that luck
    (soory about my english)

  15. Heres a test I did with the browser on 2 handhelds in a HTML5 test by side by side comparison :}

    Nintendo 3DS “109 out of 500 possible points”

    [Parsing rules 0/10]
    [Canvas 10/10]
    [Video 0/30]
    [Audio 0/20]
    [Elements 10/35]
    [Forms 38/115]
    [User Interaction 0/20]
    [History and Interaction 10/10]
    [Microdata 0/15]
    [Web Applications 4/20]
    [Security 10/20]
    [Various 2/10]
    [Location and Orientation 0/20]
    [WebGL 0/25]
    [Communication 10/35]
    [Files 0/10]
    [Storage 0/25]
    [Workers 0/15]
    [Local Multimedia 0/10]
    [Notifications 0/10]
    [Other 5/10]
    [Audio 0/5]
    [Video and Animation 0/10]

    PlayStation Vita “245 out of 500 possible points”

    [Parsing rules 10/10 + 2 bonus points]
    [Canvas 20]
    [Video 0/30]
    [Audio 0/20]
    [Elements 28/35]
    [Forms 78/115]
    [User Interaction 2/20]
    [History and Interaction 10/10]
    [Microdata 0/15]
    [Web Applications 15/20]
    [Security 15/20]
    [Various 5/10]
    [Location and Orientation 0/20]
    [WebGL 10/25]
    [Communication 23/35]
    [Files 0/10]
    [Storage 15/25]
    [Workers 0/15]
    [Local Multimedia 0/10]
    [Notifications 0/10]
    [Other 5/10]
    [Audio 0/5]
    [Video and Animation 7/10]

  16. scooter61686

    no body comments on the time his screenshot was taken?!..tssk tssk

  17. marx

    @ EU the browse are not updated same as before huhuhuhuhuhuh

  18. Looney Tunes

    If only the PSP Browser was updated to run more nicely, but that’s not gonna happen

  19. ryan

    Also wololo you forgot that we can now run the web browser with games simultaneously which is a huge jump!!!

  20. vaxl

    let’s be honest. You guys just want to be able to watch pron on your vita.

  21. Matthew

    Uk store no youtube app
    De store no youtube app

    Where can i find youtube app?

    thanks anyone for answer

  22. wololojr

    This is *** give another review on something else rather than making everyone yawn.

  23. Foleyfactor

    iPhone 4s 386 plus 9 bonus points!

  24. Yol Morefi

    Download youtube’s video again :

    It was impossible in 1.81 but it’s back now with a new script that was writtent as “test” for the 1.81 but didn’t worked too.

    Oretude delete all thoose scrypt from his page but luckely I kept it in my favourite =)

  25. Steffan

    I think you’re forgetting the best new feature here, son.
    You can now use the web browser while playing a game, woohoo! No more having to close your games just to look something up on the internet, man what a pain that was.

  26. mickey

    there is good youtube video converter for people who cant get youtube from the store

    search the video name then get mp4 link

  27. vita fan

    vita video support sc*** ;(((

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