Vita: Hello World on OFW 2.0 by Frostegater (PSP emu)


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89 Responses

  1. Ukdna says:

    Power to the people!

  2. The Budds says:

    Mwahahahah! vHBL is still awesome, nice to see there is a chance of one coming out for version 2.00. I think the psp emulator has been re-written.

  3. The Z says:

    Quote: “More impressive is the fact that the firmware was released only a few hours ago, and yet hackers had the time to install it, test the exploit, take pictures, upload them, etc… :)”

    I had a bit free time 😀

  4. Jd8531 says:

    hahaha ohh Sony :p

  5. adeon says:

    Sony loves hacks

  6. Riku says:

    Good news! This cements me wanting to update now~

  7. skullclamp says:

    sony just want you to enjoy your psvita

  8. jason says:

    cool,that’s good news!for god!

  9. Hene193 says:

    ***? I can still use psn with old firmware. I could update, but heck why? As long as psn works.

  10. AshTerra says:

    Time for a celebration!!!!! Yippykaaayyyee!!!!

  11. BATMAN says:

    Deam that was FAST. So far so good, take some free time hackers and drink a nice cold beer once in a while

  12. troll says:

    ewww no more psp emu :'( just disgusting vhbl


    my vita wont go online for ps store friends lik man is it a forced one?

  14. Alwix BB says:

    I Really wander if it’s possible to be able to use a 1.81 exploit to copy an exploitable psp game onto the vita storage. Maybe with a licence hack as well so that if a 1.81 user wants to update, they could with the new exploit for the 2.00. That way i’d be free and beneficial. I really wish the coldbird incident never happened, but i’ll be waiting for the next true vita CFW!

    Also i’d be nice if the ps1 worked fully, im using my vita for psp and homebrew while io use my old psp for ps1 games 😛

    Thank you hacker devs!
    I wish you all the luck and i really appreciate all your hardwork and sacrifice!

    • Mr MaGoo says:

      ” Maybe with a licencehackaswell so that if a 1.81 user wants to update, they could with the new exploit for the 2.00. That way i’d be free and beneficial.”
      O no… Didnt u read the licence agreement? You arent supposed to alter the firmware…lol

      • Alwix BB says:

        haha True, however the licence files aren’t part of the firmware
        it’s just what makes the psp games legit on the vita

        i wander if its true that the vita could be overclocked to 2GHz O_O

    • derpy says:

      Won’t work. Ever. The game itself is never patched, the firmware is. So it does not matter how you get it on there, it won’t work.

  15. AshTerra says:

    After 2.0 update I couldn’t log into my PSN. What is happening????

  16. wiseman says:

    Let me know when Phantasy Star Online 2 comes out, then ill think about updating

  17. Mr. Jack says:

    This is Fantastic news! Only time will tell when another Kernel Exploit comes out.

  18. SLeePLatED says:

    I stilled can access into my PSN even OFW 2.00 came out
    Thank it is not force update

  19. Hard_Boy says:

    Access PSN required update :(

  20. razor says:

    wow that was pretty fast! wish someone had patched the new openCMA too..

  21. JustBryan says:

    is it true that if you update it, you get 6 free games from psn? and is there free psvita games coming soon? I can’t wait 😀 viva wololo!! ummm should I update?

  22. JustBryan says:

    oh ok i see

  23. JustBryan says:

    I can’t wait until wololo or somebody gets the full grasp of psvita games >:D 32gb of fun!!! wahahahaha!!!!!

  24. DESTROYER_ONER says:

    awesome news!

  25. JustBryan says:

    :O hit me 😀

  26. E says:

    I am so frustrated. Like, there is no need for Sony to keep patching. All we are trying to do is play some homebrew and the games we already bought but now have to pay for again (if we want to play on the Vita). Bunch of Jerks lol

  27. Rafael707 says:

    I wonder if coldbirds pro shell got patched? No one has mentioned it at all?

  28. notder says:

    a new hope lol

  29. A guy says:

    Nice frosgater :3
    I would like to thanks him a dozen much :3

  30. Owl says:

    OK ya’ll need start thinking cause if you need to play psp games and every time an update for the Vita is out you lose the ability to do so, because you want to update to play Vita games or use new features or psn or whatever.

    BUY A ******** PSP.

    Srsly, the money you drop buying a game everytime for a new exploit will eventualy amount to what you need to buy a psp(you can probaly get a used one for 50 bucks depending on where you live).

    Now, i enjoy the exploit as much as the next guy but i have a psp for psp games, and arguments like BUT THE SCREEN or THE SECOND ANALOG really don’t make much sense to me, the games look slightly better, almost and in some cases unnoticeable and controls were designed for the psp so they work just fine with some rare cases where the second analog really improves things.

    Anyone with me?

  31. WoloSHIT says:

    ***… hacker ruin sony business!!

  32. quetz says:

    impressive 😀 means scene interest is growing big

  33. errm says:

    What he said^

  34. c-zero says:

    Excellent work! I’m not all that interested in using exploits or emulating the PSP, since I already have two (a fat and a slim; I’ve named them Abbott and Costello respectively ), bit because I’m really interested in making Homebrew games. The Vita’s hardware is perfect for AR based games!

  35. bosanovaX says:


  36. JustBryan says:

    question… if I updated to 1.81 is it possible to vhbl my ps vita? :( i don’t have urbanix, gravity crash or mad blocker T_T … help

  37. nCadeRegal says:

    Wow i thought we were posting repllies to congatulate the devs on their fast work. Way to go frostegator. Keep it up man, thanks theres always a silver lining in the scene!

  38. carsauce says:

    Persona 4 Golden works on 1.81, do not update if you want your E CFW!

  39. tracer22jhayahr says:

    Hopefully this will release soon.. I wan’t to run homebrew on my vita..

  40. SARS1983 says:

    ok ~!!! perfect

  41. Insane says:

    Thanks for everything

  42. durson says:

    That is great and everthing, but where can you download it? Or has this not come out yet?

  43. grunfire says:

    hey guys has this happend yet or still in the works cheers.

  44. wololo says:

    The day Sony removes PSP backward support will not be because of the hackers, it will be because it costs them more money to support the psp on the vita than the money they make selling psp games on the Vita. If you look at the history of consoles, every console that supported the previous generation removed support for it eventually. Support of the previous generation is just here to attract early adopters with an existing game library, but then always gets removed for cost reasons.

    Also, the fact that Sony removed otherOS support on the PS3 because of hackers is a *myth*, the support was removed because of contractual issues between Sony and IBM. Hackers just happened to be a nice excuse, with perfect timing. Believe what you want, but I think you give way too much credit to hackers for Sony’s business decisions.

  1. November 20, 2012

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