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PSVita OFW update 2.00 live (for real this time)! Could block eCFW

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  1. Hurarah says:

    3rd LOLs, this update isn’t live in the EU yet.

  2. Devilmax says:

    In my location ofw 2.0 ar not available at this time

  3. Tonakai says:

    This is a bit of a shame. I was really enjoying the use of the internet on my Vita.

    Anywhoo, I signed up for my free PSPlus, but never got it, so I guess I can’t complain about not having internet connection, as it doesn’t really effect me.

    Anyway, I believe it’s pretty safe to bet that this does block eCFW, but if not, I will most certainly update.

  4. todd flanders says:

    I am going to update my MHF2 exploit and considering 1.81 blocked this I am definitely saying bye bye to ecfw. It was fun while I had it.

  5. Jd8531 says:

    I don’t think the update is out yet

  6. zanor says:

    I was wondering, what are the six free games?

    • Jd8531 says:

      PlayStation Vita’s PlayStation Plus 11/20 Lineup
      Uncharted: Golden Abyss
      WipEout 2048 (US ONLY)
      Chronovolt (EU ONLY)
      Gravity Rush Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
      Jet Set Radio (US ONLY)
      PSP title Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions (US ONLY)

      • NakedFaerie says:

        The games I would want from that list I already have.
        The other games I dont want.

        I’ll wait to hear back from others about the update.
        Lets hope there is no fix from Sony about the eCFW so we can keep it with the next exploit we find. 🙂

  7. Jan says:

    Goodbye Ragnarok Odyssey Online Play,,

  8. Linkedot says:

    I’m on 1.81 without an exploited game… Should i update ?

    • Brandon B. says:

      If you have no exploited game or form of eCFW there really is no reason for you NOT to update. Any new exploit release (if any) will likely be targeted at 2.0+.

  9. Jo-Eng says:

    I really hope they didnt patch it coz I want to use my free 30 day trial 😀

  10. xfreyr says:

    heloo!!! did,you ever been satisfied with a free service

  11. NakedFaerie says:

    Where is the update live? Its not here in Aus.

  12. MC says:

    Quick question, will all new games coming out this holidays require the update? Battle Star Royale etc, reckon it will force update to 2.0 to play (or even past 1.81 for that matter)? Cause that will be my biggest concern…

    • ViRGE says:

      None of the impending holiday games require 2.0. They all went to press long before 2.0 was finished. Now you probably won’t be able to get on PSN to play PABR with other people, but it will be perfectly usable on its own.

  13. Shrek is Dreck says:

    It’s not live

  14. xfreyr says:

    me… defenitly dont upgrade to 2.0

  15. The Budds says:

    2.0 does block the savegame from loading, comes up as corrupt data.

  16. AshTerra says:

    Mommy I’m scared!!

  17. AshTerra says:

    So…. I can’t see nay PS+ Icon anywhere. It’s not out yet? Or its for PS3 only?

  18. Jurian says:

    2.0 is live in u.s. right now. Seems to be no plus right now. If it is somewhere, there must be some convoluted way to access it that i can’t figure out.

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