PSVita OFW 2.0 Confusion


We have been waiting for quite a long time now, expecting the new update, but now sources are claiming that the update has been delayed for a day. The firmware update will be released on the 20th in America and on the 21st in Europe. There is a lot of confusion (we kinda contributed to it) relating to this update now because some sources state that the update is already out in North America and Japan (GamerSyndrome) while others claim that it has been delayed for a day (UberGizmo). None of the update servers suggest anything, neither the Vita Update Alarm, nor does Sony’s official site suggest it so, chances are that it is just a big confusion.

But, what we do know is that a bit more information has been released by Sony about the web browser, the web browser can now be run while playing a game, unlike before, now you don’t have to quit the game to surf the web. The browser is being called a ‘small app’

Yoshida himself just says that he does not know the exact time when it will be released and has not clearly detailed the day. He seems to be more busy promoting this new ability to multi-task.

For more information, check out Shuhei Yoshida’s twitter feed here



Turns out that Sony finally decided to give us some information about the update. Based on this, the update will be released at 9pm  PST or 5:00 am GMT (Thanks to Blaze for the information!)



  1. tod flanders’s avatar

    you can now download off porn sites tho LOL


  2. Astig_808’s avatar

    there waiting for playstation all stars


  3. Mario Lucio’s avatar

    what about the gravity crah exploits?
    And another question, as soon as u update can u instantly download the free game from psn+?


  4. Jasper’s avatar

    Got the update. Mad Blocker Alpha exploit was patched, as expected. Game still runs, and plays after transferring it using the new wifi Content Manager. (Which is an awesome feature.) The save shows up as corrupt on Content manager but still transfers. PSN+ users will get the games tomorrow when the PSN store updates.


    1. Mario Lucio’s avatar

      ty for the info Jasper


      1. Jasper’s avatar

        No problem. I have a PSP 3000 to use in the mean time, until/if there’s an update or another game gets exploited. Waiting on PSN+ like everyone else, with my 1 month trial. Anyone know what time the PSN store updates?


  5. AyeGuy’s avatar

    I grow tired of the iso loader since it cannot play most games and the 2.0 firmware will bring most needed changes so it is a good chance i will update.


  6. Hoang Nguyen’s avatar

    OFW 2.0 is live!


  7. NakedFaerie’s avatar

    Just confirming its now live in Aus. Some things still work but most are giving errors.
    I am waiting for other results to come in before either updating or totally blocking the net for the Vita.


  8. PrettyNiceGuy’s avatar

    I’m guessing the long delay for DJMAX Technika Tune’s NA release is related to this… I was hoping I could get before any new updates are made so I could still play it without losing eCFW…


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