PSVita OFW 2.0 Confusion

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  1. Mr MaGoo says:

    Ok I have 2 so ill let u know what the final verdict is about the homebrew. One is for ofw the other is for ecfw.

  2. Rafael707 says:

    Fail lol

  3. 4 more hours lads! :) or more ‘—-‘ \(e.e\)!

  4. garrei says:


    Limited Time Sale Offer: Music Unlimited Premium One Year Subscription

    80% off the PS Store Special Price for PlayStation Plus members (PS Store Limited Time Sale price: $59.99, PS Plus Price: $12.00)

    So really if we do that 1 month free PS+ offer, we can purchase the 1 year music unlimited for $12? lol did sony not think that through?

    • Muska says:

      Well, I think that they’re desperate to sell more vitas, so maybe this is a good move. I work with design, advertising and marketing in Brazil (all together O.o) and I use some aggressive strategy. Every Vita would pick music unlimited and ps+ for a month and a free game (not the ps+ ones, maybe super stardust or retro city rampage) as a gift for xmas. That should boost the consoles sales, after all we, vita owners, would tell to everyone how “good” sony was…

    • wololo says:

      The idea is to get you to try PS+, and to enjoy it enough that you’ll stick with them. A guy who pays them $15 a month is better for them than a guy who just buys video games once in a while. It guarantees them a fairly stable revenue stream, which is very good for their business because it allows them to make plans for the future, based on the idea that this part of the money will not vary too much (or keep increasing) over time.
      So I’m not surprised that they’re trying very hard to get you on PS+, even if it’s the free trial initially

  5. Blackforest says:

    Hhhmmmm should i update or wait and hack this thing and finally play kingdom hearts and final fantasy 7 god this is a hard decision to make

  6. mlamont30 says:

    Sony is currently forcing Content Manager update.

  7. GuitaristMatt says:

    It will most likely block the current exploits, but not a later one.

  8. gd074 says:

    On the north american playstation blog it said the update will be released 9:00pm pst.
    I cant copy and paste the link because im using my vita at the moment.Lol

  9. gd074 says:

    PlayStation Plus Update 11-19-2012 Frequently Asked Questions

    I pay for Music Unlimited using auto-renew every month. How do I go about getting the special offers?

    With the 11/20 PlayStation Store update, there will be an option to purchase the one-year subscription, so you’ll need to select the one-year subscription package option to get the deal.

    What time with the firmware update for PS Vita be live?

    It will be live at approximately 9:00pm PST on 11/19. The Instant Game Collection for PS Vita will be available after the PlayStation Store updates on 11/20.

  10. BATMAN says:

    IT’S A TRAP!

  11. NakedFaerie says:

    Damn, I just got T@G. It needs a internet connection so to keep using T@G I will have to update.

    I think I will put it in airplane mode so it doesn’t update till I find out more abotu 2.00 and eCFW

  12. gd074 says:

    9:00pm pst = 12:00am est

  13. machomuu says:

    Persona 4 or PSP games…quite the choice, there…

    • deckardbr says:

      I got persona 4 early, no firmware update required. I would buy it in store if you don’t want to update your firmware.

  14. § says:

    do you think one of those free games will lead to an exploit?

  15. BigAL says:

    Apoligies, VIta OFC 2.00 is actually not live yet… who cares!

  16. Dj Android says:


  17. Dario says:

    the new ofw 2.00 block cef tn-c?

  18. حيدر كيارة says:

    One question
    If you update your system
    To 2.00
    You could not run games psp by eCFW

  19. Dario says:

    confirm this?

    you have a console updated 2.00?

  20. Khyle says:

    They delayed it because total_noob released the source code for ecfw =O xD

  21. Metrenix says:

    for people in NYC and places ear NYC the update is live, i updated mine, i would test eCFW but i was too late buying my vita so i missed out on the exploit.

  22. lowkee33 says:

    It’s live now. Just checked but haven’t update yet. Let us know.

  23. Polsky Murillo says:

    its out for me!!!updating now

  24. owanef says:


  25. Draven says:

    The update is out in Eastern North America. I am NOT updating, though.

  26. huesos_96 says:

    The update It’s live in Mexico as well 😀
    sorry for my poor english 😛

  27. Polsky Murillo says:

    gimme few mins ill test urbanix on 2.0

  28. Dario says:

    please confirm that the exploit works or not on 2.00

  29. Polsky Murillo says:

    urbanix patched on 2.0 load fail data now

  30. Dario says:

    thx for confirm

  31. Polsky Murillo says:


  32. owanef says:

    dam, what about gravity crash

  33. Polsky Murillo says:

    i only had urbanix

  34. MaxiExtreme says:


  35. JoseA2110 says:

    yes eCFW is block

  36. owanef says:

    dam can anyone confirm that we can youtube without the youtube app. that html 5 works

  37. elrocopolo says:

    Que mal yo que estaba jugando resisten online ya no puedo poor que pier do el hack

  38. huesos_96 says:

    the new update bring “touch” to the ps1 games 😀 like the psp games, but letting you put where “L2,L3,R2,R3” would be in the rear touch
    Again sorry for my poor english :p

  39. Polsky Murillo says:

    html 5 says no video or audio support

  40. deckardbr says:

    anyone have mad blocker alpha that can check?

  41. jro says:

    Downloading the update right now!

  42. karlox says:

    today i just bought a ps vita wi-fii and a 8gb card. i was learning by the first time what a VHBL is, and then this update comes, to much info for today, but i oging to wait and see.

  43. Polsky Murillo says:

    IM on 2.0 urbanix was patch now failed load data and html 5 is no great test it as 0 score video and sound

  44. tye says:

    ITS OUT NOW!!! Well in the US at least.

  45. nitial says:

    RELEASED! Downloading now.

  46. Faltimar says:

    2.0 is live, can check my email on this thing now.

  47. Niceneasy92 says:

    Yea, it’s definitely out in the eastern US. Gonna wait a few days before updating and see what everyone says first.

  48. owanef says:

    no html 5 on vita makes the ipod touch 1st gen look superior

  49. Astig_808 says:

    there waiting for playstation all stars

  50. Mario Lucio says:

    what about the gravity crah exploits?
    And another question, as soon as u update can u instantly download the free game from psn+?

  51. Jasper says:

    Got the update. Mad Blocker Alpha exploit was patched, as expected. Game still runs, and plays after transferring it using the new wifi Content Manager. (Which is an awesome feature.) The save shows up as corrupt on Content manager but still transfers. PSN+ users will get the games tomorrow when the PSN store updates.

    • Mario Lucio says:

      ty for the info Jasper

      • Jasper says:

        No problem. I have a PSP 3000 to use in the mean time, until/if there’s an update or another game gets exploited. Waiting on PSN+ like everyone else, with my 1 month trial. Anyone know what time the PSN store updates?

  52. AyeGuy says:

    I grow tired of the iso loader since it cannot play most games and the 2.0 firmware will bring most needed changes so it is a good chance i will update.

  53. Hoang Nguyen says:

    OFW 2.0 is live!

  54. NakedFaerie says:

    Just confirming its now live in Aus. Some things still work but most are giving errors.
    I am waiting for other results to come in before either updating or totally blocking the net for the Vita.

  55. PrettyNiceGuy says:

    I’m guessing the long delay for DJMAX Technika Tune’s NA release is related to this… I was hoping I could get before any new updates are made so I could still play it without losing eCFW…

  56. Rafael707 says:

    You cant play videos in web browser? Weak sauce…

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