More Black Friday/Brown Thursday deals


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9 Responses

  1. Omg o.o muussst get my hands on LBP:karting and Blops1 :P

  2. Sambal Belacan says:

    WTFFFF !!!! PS3 + 5 games = 200 bucks ??? awesome XD …did gamestop deliver outside us?

  3. Riku says:

    Gah no vita memory stick deals :\

  4. nCadeRegal says:

    Nice i am purchasing 2 more vitas. I was gonna get one preowned, and then buy a bundle, with the intention of keeping the bundle on the ofw it comes with 1.61 with the hope that eventually the devs will crack the early ofw, and give us a true cfw on the vita. But for that price ill just get a COD B.O. Bundle, and another AC3 bundle, and since i already own both titles trade em in for even more savings. Sweeeeeet! Nice read thanks for the info bro! I just cant bear to update my 3g one, or my white wifi one, past 1.81 and lose eCEF!

  5. Corey96 says:

    Wonder if GameStop’s Australian counterpart EB Games will do those deals… My little brother’s getting a PS3 for his birthday, that’s a much better deal than the one he was getting.

  6. Frank says:

    Thank you, because of your news, I was able to buy PS3 Skyrim at 58% rebate :) :) I am very happy !

  7. dfdjslkfj says:

    Haha Walmart says 160 GB Super Slim PS3. There’s no such thing. It’s either 250 GB or 500 for the Super Slim and that deal is a 250 GB.

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