An early review of Vita ofw 2.00

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  1. gunlade says:

    I like the webbrowser i just but the interesing thing outher then the cma with wifi by the way does it work jus with the pc. the update that seems to be fo psp sandbox sheems cool but stupid though i dont think i have to much games that have music n pic. Like sumbody messed up the pork n …egg plant… Think that was in 3 sumthing but they cathcing up with there psp no how.

  2. Killbenn says:

    No PS+ here in the UK as of yet

  3. srsteam says:

    my one is 1.81 ecfw
    already up to 2.0~
    because cant play blackops online
    and i also have psp console.
    just ready to wait 2.0 ecfw again~

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