An early review of Vita ofw 2.00

The OFW 2.00 release is out! We are all very busy updating our systems, many users are still wondering if they should update so, here is a review of all the changes we have found so far:

The Z has been quite active on his twitter channel with loads of new pictures of the update!

  • All older exploits have been patched! All our older user mode exploits have been patched, more research is being done on the KExploit. But The Z has tested an exploit by frostegator to show that VHBL is still possible
  • The Content Manager Assistant has been updated. CMA has been updated to support wireless transfer. This also blocks OpenCMA and it seems quite complicated to patch it now that there is wireless transfer. To enable wireless transfer, you need to enable it in your CMA settings
    CMA Update : The Z
  • New option ‘Delete PSP Game stored content’ in the PSP emulator menu, allows you to delete content like photos and music that a game saves.
  • Email utility added, send and receive email directly on your systemEmailEmail
  • Web browser speed drastically improved, the speed change is clearly noticeable, I wonder how much the power drain is?


Thanks to The Z for the first two screens and for most of the above information!

  1. gunlade’s avatar

    I like the webbrowser i just but the interesing thing outher then the cma with wifi by the way does it work jus with the pc. the update that seems to be fo psp sandbox sheems cool but stupid though i dont think i have to much games that have music n pic. Like sumbody messed up the pork n …egg plant… Think that was in 3 sumthing but they cathcing up with there psp no how.


  2. Killbenn’s avatar

    No PS+ here in the UK as of yet


  3. srsteam’s avatar

    my one is 1.81 ecfw
    already up to 2.0~
    because cant play blackops online
    and i also have psp console.
    just ready to wait 2.0 ecfw again~


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