Heads up. God of War PS4 Pro Limited Edition ships with firmware 4.73. (Affiliate link)

An early review of Vita ofw 2.00

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  1. mer2329 says:

    i wish sony would allow the hiding of preinstalled things (welcome park, email [i have my android why would i need it on my vita]) not updating unitl i beat crisis core.

  2. Hey Wololo the Playstation store has been updated but they have not sent out a notifictation to the PSvita for the 30 day trial of PS+ what should I do? Or is there a way to get it and im just blind?

    • I’m now thinking I just got confused if there may or may not be Free PS+ for 30 days for PSVITA owners in that case you will need to purchase a subscription of PS+ to get the free games I just need some confirmation on this so i’m not over searching something that is not true although I really hope the PS+ isn’t a lie XD

  3. yukon says:

    It needs to have flash support cause I want to watch some butts and juggs

  4. KingKo says:

    Games aren’t technically free because you only have access to them as long as your plus subscription is running but if it expires then chachacha you no longer have access to those games, there isn’t anything amazing about this new update

  5. ashterra says:

    hmmm….no ps+ yet in Malaysia for my vita. just bought the subscription for the damn thing too. site still saying 1.81.

  6. itsadayofthepsvitafromnewscwcheat says:

    I found that pls help a tut pls

  7. knewknow says:

    If I’m running 1.81 and want to update, do I need to prepare for it in any way? (Delete iso’s etc..)

  8. TheTokBokz says:

    HELP! i dont have yahoo! or gmail… so how do i use the email funtion!?

  9. gunlade says:

    I like the webbrowser i just but the interesing thing outher then the cma with wifi by the way does it work jus with the pc. the update that seems to be fo psp sandbox sheems cool but stupid though i dont think i have to much games that have music n pic. Like sumbody messed up the pork n …egg plant… Think that was in 3 sumthing but they cathcing up with there psp no how.

  10. Killbenn says:

    No PS+ here in the UK as of yet

  11. srsteam says:

    my one is 1.81 ecfw
    already up to 2.0~
    because cant play blackops online
    and i also have psp console.
    just ready to wait 2.0 ecfw again~

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