An early review of Vita ofw 2.00

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  1. Matthew says:

    What about you tube or other videos on web?

  2. Alex says:

    Well, I like all, but i will get stuck in 1.81, I love ecfw

  3. kaashif says:

    Im on 1.81 and missed the exploit is there any point for me staying on 1.81 or will a new exploit be released on 2.00 and no more exploits for 1.81?

    • Dutt says:

      You should be able to use the PS3 method after sony put the games back on PSN.

      • c-zero says:

        For some of us still waiting for a PS3 CFW without downgrade, that might a while.I’m sure by that time the Devs will have another exploit for the PSVita OFW 2.0 though.

  4. i just tweeted this page with my vita easy haha! but i still had to type all my account info in here to post this from my vita T3T first world problems!

  5. oh and a mouse cursor was added to the web browser if u hold (LT) drag finger on screen a cursor will show at this point u can let go of the (LT) and make the arrow point left or right by tapping (LT) or (RT) and you can use the d-pad buttons to type messages instead of smudging your screen which is slower imo xD

  6. ISo says:

    Is this possible?

  7. ISo says:


    Is this possible

  8. NakedFaerie says:

    Question I have is can the new firmware connect to a CFW PS3?

    The problem I had was the Vita would force the PS3 to be online to connect so will it keep on forcing the PS3 with the latest vita update?
    And will the Vita connect to the PS3 wirelessly or is a cable still needed for the PS3?

  9. NakedFaerie says:

    I’m thinking of updating really soon. I have multiple PSPs so I dont really need eCFW. But it is nice to see Manhunt 2 on the bigger screen and 2 sticks.

  10. venjo says:

    can i ask?! @Lion_Amongst_Men how about telling us how the wireless cma works?! pls detailed it?!

  11. Crow132 says:

    The only thing that claims my attention is the web browser improvments

  12. Soldier says:

    its a trap

  13. Leires says:

    Not sure why people are complaining about flash support, there’s a youtube app on the vita store >_>

  14. huz says:

    ps vhbl gc 1.81 exploit to GC TN-D 333mhz 2.00 upadte LASTEST Can easy file WIFI transfer ” work or won’t crack BLOCK CMA ?

  15. Pelons says:

    sorry for the inconvenience but I have playplus and update but I have no free play or anything, use the region spain, can someone help? sorry if I can not use the google translator understands

  16. razor says:

    Just updated to v2.0..browser is fast but has some bug that cause the rear touch panel to disable sometimes….i need to re-enable it in the settings to work again.

  17. quetz says:

    i’m not going to update, just for having a half-html5 browser and a mail app?? instead of vhbl and tncfw?? no way!! i’ll stick to my 1.81 and waiting for a new vhbl release for this new fw

  18. CNPalmer says:

    In addition to the updates listed above, I’ve also found the following updates to be included in the OFW 2.00 release:

    – Notifications for various actions can be turned adjusted. For example, Trophies notifications can be turned off, make a sound or flash the PS button. This includes downloads, trophies, friend status etc.

    – The Near application has been updated with some speed improvements and with a new UI. It seems to streamline the use of the app. You can also now setup automatic downloads for Game Goods found using the app.

    – You can now update the PSM app through the settings menu.

    – There are additional controls added to the Settings menu for control of the screen using the hard buttons, auto-start settings for automatic refresh. There may be a few minor adjustments to the other sub-menus.

    – Also, under Content Manager, you can now save your Vita game saves to the Online Storage option for PS+ subscribers.

  19. DongsMBM says:

    I’ve also heard that, the browser became a “small” application, which means u can open up the browser while u r gaming directly. would anyone test it?

    • morph says:

      Was doing it indirectly such a problem? Start game -> open LiveTweet app, follow any link from tweets of your friends -> browser opens instantly, not asking you to close game. Now you can surf net without closing game and you can switch back to playing any time. It is really faster than it seems, so I dont think that making browser “small” is really such a big advantage of new ofw. Though checked on 2.0, now you can open browser directly while playing, it’s true.

  20. Anbu says:

    For Plus users the free games are Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, WipeOut 2048, Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, Jet Set Radio, Final Fantasy Tactics and Dungeon Defenders.

  21. morph says:

    In news post about “upgrade or not upgrade” it is written, that everyone get 1 month of plus for free, though I have not found any source of that info, even official blog doesn’t state this. Where did the author hgoel0974 get this info from?

  22. AyeGuy says:

    I think I’ll update, because I have enjoyed ecfw enough.

  23. Chompira says:

    cma no conect to server. i dont update cma. help plz

  24. razor says:

    sending friend request has an option to add a note along with the user id.

  25. Syko says:

    If I already have PS+ on the same account on both my PS3 and Vita, and download the PS+ Vita games on my PS3, can I transfer them to my Vita without updating? Can anyone confirm or deny this?

    • Albie85 says:

      No u don’t I’ve bin sayin for days on this site I’ve got a new bypasser but no1 seemed to be bothered but yes u can still transfer without updating the vita 100%

  26. NakedFaerie says:

    You will need to update both to connect the Vita to the PS3.

    • Albie85 says:

      No u don’t I will let people have my bypasser I was waiting for urbanix to come bk on the store so I can transfer it then I will let people have it

      • Zero One says:

        Ooh I want the bypasser!

        • Venom says:

          Haha, that’s genius xD.
          I don’t think the troll has suspected that ๐Ÿ˜‰

          I just wanted to say thanks for Wololo and many other people who are slowlybut steady ‘jailbreaking,(?) the PS Vita. This site is also really active, so again, thank you :)

          Btw i’m typing this from my ps vita

        • Albie85 says:

          Yea no probs zero one u can have it as soon as urbanix is bk on store don’t believe anything any1 is sayin I’ve got 1 100% u may not of heard of me but bin on ere since the exploits and I’m genuin i get on ere wen I can but got kids

          • Albie85 says:

            I jus say for people who don’t trust me I’ve bin on the hackin seen for years jus never gone public wiv anything I’m more trust worthy than most I mean come on I was playin round wiv soft mods wen psp first came out. I still own a pandora like I said b4 the bypasser is there soon as games bk on store so anyone who missed don’t update

  27. joey says:

    there are a lot of improvements to the ps1 config like touchscreen, backpanel, custom screen size etc.

  28. Wiseman says:

    Im still on 1.81 on both vita and not updating, eCFW brings so much life to my vitas, and im keeping these on airplane mode and sticking with OpenCMA and VitaFTP. screw updating

  29. Shayne says:

    Sony is finally putting out the SDK so devs can start making games and apps for Sony device like the Vita. Hopefully even without exploits this can breath some more life to the Vita with more, and hopefully better, apps.

  30. dan says:

    hey i need ps3 for ps plus games or in vita can be

  31. Matthew says:

    There is no youtube app for download on playstation store.
    it seems that is no possible to stream youtube or other video on new OFW 2.00

    anyway it is possible to get youtube app on 1.81 or 2.00 ofw?

  32. skirocket says:

    Is this released in the uk yet? I’ve switched on my vita and can still access psn with no notification of an update…

  33. troll says:

    I wish all updates were optional like this one ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. Kokumotsu says:

    well atleast Hello World is working on 2.00

    i think ill keep my vita on 1.80 just so i can keep God Eater and Birth By Sleep on it. and Type-0 is nice to play with a 2nd analog

    and there is a Youtube App for the Vita

  35. stOneskull says:

    i’m in australia and no 2.0 yet.. even the playstation site is stil saying 1.81…

    • stOneskull says:

      oh nevermind.. i thought the vita was going to tell me about it n notifications.. i just had to go to settings/system update

  36. KingBlade52 says:

    today i update, for me ps+ and the more perfomace of the browser is MORE better than any eCWF (my opinion), i think is better stop the making exploits and hacks on vita and pay services like ps+ and make app with ps mobile, i understand some people use this exploits for run homebrews but other group of people use this for piracy, and obviusly more people use this for piracy, we can support sony without exploits or only use VHBL, with that maybe sony coming to focus more on vita, just think about that! we can made ps vita the better portable console EVER!!!:D

  37. power_bi says:


  38. power_bi says:

    There must be some kind of patriotic tune here.

  39. Matthew says:

    There is no youtube app on vita store!
    Maybe it was on previous ofw but not on 1.81 or 2.00
    thats pity!

  40. mer2329 says:

    i wish sony would allow the hiding of preinstalled things (welcome park, email [i have my android why would i need it on my vita]) not updating unitl i beat crisis core.

  41. Hey Wololo the Playstation store has been updated but they have not sent out a notifictation to the PSvita for the 30 day trial of PS+ what should I do? Or is there a way to get it and im just blind?

    • I’m now thinking I just got confused if there may or may not be Free PS+ for 30 days for PSVITA owners in that case you will need to purchase a subscription of PS+ to get the free games I just need some confirmation on this so i’m not over searching something that is not true although I really hope the PS+ isn’t a lie XD

  42. yukon says:

    It needs to have flash support cause I want to watch some butts and juggs

  43. KingKo says:

    Games aren’t technically free because you only have access to them as long as your plus subscription is running but if it expires then chachacha you no longer have access to those games, there isn’t anything amazing about this new update

  44. ashterra says:

    hmmm….no ps+ yet in Malaysia for my vita. just bought the subscription for the damn thing too. site still saying 1.81.

  45. itsadayofthepsvitafromnewscwcheat says:
    I found that pls help a tut pls

  46. knewknow says:

    If I’m running 1.81 and want to update, do I need to prepare for it in any way? (Delete iso’s etc..)

  47. TheTokBokz says:

    HELP! i dont have yahoo! or gmail… so how do i use the email funtion!?

  48. gunlade says:

    I like the webbrowser i just but the interesing thing outher then the cma with wifi by the way does it work jus with the pc. the update that seems to be fo psp sandbox sheems cool but stupid though i dont think i have to much games that have music n pic. Like sumbody messed up the pork n …egg plant… Think that was in 3 sumthing but they cathcing up with there psp no how.

  49. Killbenn says:

    No PS+ here in the UK as of yet

  50. srsteam says:

    my one is 1.81 ecfw
    already up to 2.0~
    because cant play blackops online
    and i also have psp console.
    just ready to wait 2.0 ecfw again~

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