Apologies, Vita OFW 2.00 is actually not live yet


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141 Responses

  1. Scousetomo says:

    I think maybe watch friends on a constant loop with no sleep now that would make me suicidal

  2. tracer22jhayahr says:

    Maybe let him dance gangnam style while playing black ops on vita..

  3. Warlord698 says:

    gonna bite the bullet and get 2.0 since I have faith that a good exploit will be out not too long after the update.

    i already have a PS+ account and the free games will be nice, on top of the fact that they rotate them monthly (and as long as you keep a PS+ account, you keep whatever free games you have linked)

    i am still hoping they are doing the 1080P upgrade so that they can do a video out attachment, which would probably most likely hook up at the top expansion port

    • Warlord698 says:

      ya know, seeing as they said they were gonna put out the update today, you might think they would put the damn update up……..

  4. Aardy says:

    Make him watch the Twilight movie series.

  5. Owl says:

    Make him be the first to update his Vita to 2.0 and check if it blocks the exploit as the punishment.

  6. xoxid says:

    Here a good punishment. Make him write an apologies letter to me, because well, I am important. Yeah yeah.

  7. Minimur says:

    lock him in a shed somewhere and play gangnam syle on repeat, then make him learn the dance with no help

  8. Skars says:

    Still have time to do the last shopping at PSN on vita.

  9. SARS1983 says:


  10. Kinnji says:

    Imma take one for the team! I got ps vita, and surely it won’t take long till a new exploit is found for 2.0

  11. mangbhoy says:

    Casino Royale torture … ’nuff said

  12. jlo138 says:

    Make him play Action 52 on NES, or any Barbie game for any system will do. At least make him post a video on YouTube on what he did, where it was done, what the punishment is, and complete the video with the punishment for all to see. Then blog it here.

  13. Reshiram says:

    Oooooook I still don’t believe you, like they said on the 20th the update will start so take this so called tread liar

  14. shapeshifter0100 says:

    Make him port Crisis to the wii even if it takes eternity!!!! :D

  15. Deagle275 says:

    Simply kill him :)

  16. dan says:

    give me your girlfriend, i`ll forgive you.

  17. c-zero says:

    Not that I condone violence, but I reckon we could hit them with a sack of Nokia cellphones. Wait, nevermind I don’t want to cripple them.

  18. dan says:

    hey man, could you give me a link for golden abyss for free¿¿

    or send me ur psn acc for download personally…

  19. ibarra21 says:

    Make him find Waldo without glasses in 10 different books, assuming he does wear glasses.

  20. PSVFanboy says:

    I suggest you force him to play Superman 64 for 10 hours on a bad emu!

  21. Guardian says:

    I say to make him play the Back to the Future games. (the bad ones). Also we can have him watching some episodes of winx club and instead in between episodes have him listening to either nickelback, avrill lavigne, justin biever and Friday. The if nothing of it seems to do the job, have him use Internet Explorer as his browser and no antivirus software on his computer.

  22. WolfRamiO says:

    well, i dont know if there was an official realse date but… TN-C source code is now avaible so they must be patching eCFW now.

  23. ricki says:

    I say make him watch 24hrs of yo gabba gabba on lsd. wait… no that might be fun. just the show without lsd.

  24. xDDD says:

    or.. tide him under a tree and put fire ant under him..? :D

  25. Make him buy alot of gizmondo handheld gaming devices and distribute 4 for free at the mall to gamers xD and make him run vhbl on one of the handhelds haha xD!!!

  26. With no help >.>! and he must re create the Vhbl coding from scratch before putting it on the gizmondo and have it work with the gps xD

  27. Squiggs says:

    9:23 no update ***

  28. Hrod87 says:

    OFW 2.0 is live in Mexico, updating as i type this brb with news

  29. bleep says:

    Its live now.

  30. hgoel0974 says:

    Wow! 140 comments? I had no idea that so many people would want to punish me );

  31. natsu says:

    I request for permanent ip ban.. anyone with me?

  32. yu says:

    IP bans don’t work nowdays. It’s easy to get a new ip within a second.

  33. c-zero says:

    Lmao this just made my morning. You sir owe me a cup of coffee, as it’s all over the dining room table lol.

  34. Metrenix says:

    some1s been watching scrubs :3

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