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Amazon’s Video game deals for Black Friday week


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21 Responses

  1. Biohazard says:

    Thx for the news, but just one game for PSV

  2. Shinyoite says:

    Oh wow, the “list” for PS Vita is… pathetic.

  3. stOneskull says:

    it is to be fair a sale on two games of good quality. if you didn’t have one or the other, it would be a nice bonus. mortal kombat plays really nicely on the vita, almost identical to ps3 but also with exclusive features. and not much needs to be said about lumines, just that it is a must-have.

  4. RzmmDX says:

    Was really hoping for P4G. Longshot is long.

  5. Artmaze7 says:

    “With uncharted 1 and 1.” Typo?

  6. Jose says:

    Remember that Amazon usually lists only a part of the Black Friday deals. Most time unannounced deals appears for a brief period between the calendar list. You have to be fast to catch those!

  7. gunblade says:

    wy no game for the rest of the week for the vita is sent this just the week event deal till black friday bumers hope they end up having more game friday

  8. DQEight says:

    uncharted 1 and 1?

  9. Arcade Bumstead says:

    Compared to a Steam sale, these deals kind of suck. Especially if you usually buy games used.

  10. Cloud says:

    That $199 PS3 deal is GOOD.

  11. Blackforest says:

    Skyrim for 25 thank god i waited does any one if playstation store is having any specials?

  12. luaq says:

    Wow, this is why it sucks to live in America. All these *** American games that “everyone else” in America is dying to get go on sale.

    • wololo says:

      Video games in japan cost close to 100$, and do not get discounted for thanksgiving, so your point is moot.

      • Leires says:

        Sneaky wololo is sneaky. You know what i’m talking about. ;x That had to be a lot of work for you. As for the games, at least those listed, i dun see any that interest me. :/

        • wololo says:

          You mean adding my amazon associate tag to the links? I – obviously – do that for all amazon links, I wouldn’t advertise for a mega corporation like that if I didn’t get a percentage of the sales, hopefully that’s obvious to everyone, and hopefully people think it’s an ok way for me to monetize this website, rather than ask donations all the time 🙂

  13. TOPDOLLAR$ says:

    Like the idea of having a made holiday sale list gives folks a chance to find a spending guide!

  14. nCadeRegal says:

    Im surprised they put up the systems they did. In my experiences with amazon you can always get decent deals on games, but as far as consoles go they need to wake up and do some major price drops or at least price match. They have psp bundles from years ago and they are still asking like 300$ for em. Sometimes even more, but nice read as always way to look out for us wololo. Thanks

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