To Update or not To Update, THAT is the question!

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  1. starfall05 says:

    guys, i dont know if its mentioned already but i have read a very nice info on that the web browser will now be considered as a “minor” app in ps vita meaning you can open the web browser without having to close your current game! great for those using walkthroughs or just want to browse the internet suddenly without the problem of restarting your game! how cool is that!

  2. alibaba says:

    sony make me lafs, is no way i will update my vita is… very nice very good on 1.81,plus is stand there from day one they sell it waiting for better times like now.
    plus is no way they will get a credit card detail on sony accounts NEVER EVER and to make the Vita Plus availeble is need a credit card number to pass for next stage….


  3. TuckDezi says:

    This sux….. I really enjoy my emulators but having plus already its so tempting to grab UC & GR idc about the other stuff but those games are making it a difficult decision…. Not to mention i play umvc3 alot on vita

  4. lowkee33 says:

    I only ran the custom firmware for Peace walker so for me I will just have to buy Peace walker again in digital format, and enjoy the benefits of the new update. I hope that a new vulnerability will be found. I do have to say that this is the best update that sony has had to offer. Way to go Sony with bribing us, you win for me this time.

  5. Soldier says:

    Simple solution take an hour or 2 to back up your entire cfw 1.81 and than update. Than you can go back to 1.81 whenever right? Isn’t that what backups are for or does that not work with firmware updates? Going back and fourth?

  6. Blackforest says:

    Anyone know what 6 games they are giving or can we choose the game we want?

  7. E says:

    Okay okay, this is a major dilemma for me but it really all comes down to ONE thing: WHAT games are you getting for “free”? Because if they are lame games I will just keep my TN eCFW and continue playing my Bleach: Heat the Soul 7 and DBZ: TagTeam. Really that and the 3 months of PSN are the only incentives because the other parts of the update will be there regardless of whether or not you update now or a year from now. ~Just One Guy’s Opinion~

  8. SofaKing™ says:

    eCFW is great and all, i use it mainly for super mario and the UMD’s I ripped, because ther is no DIGITAL version, like Tiger woods, or World Series Of Poker, ya, ya, they need a POKER app and an INTERNET radio app like on the PSP

  9. Hunter says:

    Stay in the 1.81
    I Updated to 2.00 and now i can´t conect the PS VITA in my PS3 CFW 4.30. (to play game in the conect mode)

  10. imsaxyandiknowit says:

    xboooooooooox is cool and the ps vita is cool and the ps3 and psn is ***

  11. lordnoble says:

    Get a job TuckDezI……..

  12. Lawliet156 says:

    How do I sign up for the free 30 day trial? I don’t see it on Vita

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