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To Update or not To Update, THAT is the question!

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164 Responses

  1. Brandon B. says:

    The only thing I’ve really used the eCFW for was to load DLC for my Dissidia Duodecim PSN title that I normally play through my Vita anyways. I have hope that sooner or later, Sony will get around to letting us use PSP DLC without a PS3, or that somehow I will be able to enable it again – so it’s a very easy decision to update for those nice videos and an improved browser. :D

  2. AyeGuy says:

    Depending on what the free games are I MAY update,but if the games suck then im staying on 1.81 a little longer

  3. GsyDonkey says:

    I am sticking with 1.81 and TN-C eCFW!

    I am not letting all their hard work go to waste!!

  4. dimy93 says:

    ++ Cons : There would be a disturbing feature called automatic update.I’m not sure how that would work but certainly it doesn’t seems nice

    • hammer says:

      psn+ for the ps3 has this as well, you can turn it on or off at will

      • D says:

        All automatic update does is download the update data during whatever time you set the system to check for updates (by default its something like 2-4AM). You still need to manually select “OK” to continue the update the next time turn on the system, or if you don’t want the update installed, don’t agree to it. You’re never forced or tricked into updating without knowing, you are required to agree to it.

  5. mystic shadow says:

    I’ll stay on 1.81 I like to play my old psp games and hoping for ps1 support idc for sound great work guys keep it up ^,^

  6. I love my ps vita running N64, SUPER NES,game boy advance , NEO GEO, cap com, mame, AND ISOS psp, i think i need buy this games, my memory has a 32 gb, you need a loot space for this 6 games, may be 25 gb where you can get this only buy a memory of 32 gb but i think is just a strategy of sony to dead the new hacks i don belive any more on sony mail sucks and i dont need mail.

  7. King says:

    well easy decision to make ,since I own 2 vitas ….
    2.0 update will be great is worth it to update and i suggest you guys to get a second vita !!

    • E says:

      Wow not a bad idea. Guess I just need some money now lol. I am surprised I did not think of that considering that is what i did w/ the PSP (I have like 6 of them lol).

  8. oreo says:

    Not updating I got GC and TN-C so I’m set until Killzone comes out.

  9. hammer says:

    I bought my vita for vita games and I already have 1 year of psn+ so this update is too good to pass up. Besides the hack I really want is the UVL

  10. x33hack says:

    1.81 till next exploit is ccoming to the vita thanks to that wonderful Dev´s Thank thanks thanks i can´t stop to say it

  11. Jonathan says:

    I’m still on 1.67, I only use it for a video player with open cma lol. If gamestop has some good used game deals I might grab a few hard copies and play 100% offline.

  12. Aardy says:

    My question. After the update to 2.0 Will the web browser support flash? I would like to be able to watch hulu and twitch.tv on my vita.

      • Aardy says:

        Thanks for the reply.

        And to Sony… You suck. My $20 mp3 player from walmart can play flash videos. Support your damn products.

        • ndh777 says:

          To be truthful, Flash is on its way out. The new Internet Explorer for the 360 doesn’t support it, iOS devices don’t either, and Adobe is pulling their app from the Google Play Store for Android devices. What we should really be waiting for is HTML5. Sony needs to get with the program and update the browser already with some features people actually want.

        • Prinny says:

          …You…do know it isn’t sony that doesn’t support flash do you? Before calling them dumb, research that Adobe no longer supports flash on handheld/mobile platforms. Your $20 mp3 player probably has it pre-installed before adobe stopped supporting it.

          • wololo says:

            Well, then Sony should support audio and video in their browser, like any other browser has done for the past 5 years now.

          • Aardy says:

            It doesnt matter what comes in the future, or if its adobe supported or not. I just want to watch the flash videos that 90% of all the internet uses, now not later. The vita is definitly capible of doing it.

            I dont care if its called flash, or java, or whatever. Is it to much to ask, to be able to watch hulu or twitch on my vita?

          • Prinny says:

            Wololo, html5 on the new browser may be (and I say may as I’m not exactly sure.) be able to play youtube html5 videos. Here’s hoping for that. Other websites, I doubt it though.

            @Aardy: Of course it does matter. Adobe pulling out does not let you watch those videos. :| So it’s not sony to blame but Adobe, once those sites that you ever so want to watch actually supports a html5 video player, you won’t be able to. The vita is capable of doing so no doubt, but it’s kinda hard to do so when the vita was born around the same time adobe pulled back its mobile flash support.

  13. Paul says:

    No PS3. No justification for PS+ for me.

    I am more then happy staying on 1.81 where I can play all my emulated games.

    This allows the Vita to actually have games worth playing instead of the depressing library that is growing at a snails pace with lackluster titles.

  14. Fantomphox says:

    i have an old psp2000 with cfw. i liked playing with the ecfw but really i like the vita for what it has. that mostly being psvita games. if i wanted pops games or psp games i have my old psp for that. (it does feel good in the hands having 2 real analog sticks for psp games though.) so i guess to conclude this fact. i’ll be updating to the 2.0 at least till there’s a real cfw for the vita.

  15. Ryan says:

    “…to be able to play the games we bought for the PSP on the Vita instead of buying them again.”

    I laughed hard at that…

    • wololo says:

      Want to compare my collection of legally purchased PSP games with yours?

      • Aardy says:

        Its funny in an ironic way. I have a dozzen leagaly purchased PSP games, that are useless to me. UMD hard copys that are just gathering dust. I shouldnt have traded in my PSP to get the Vita.

        • E says:

          That is why you own 6 of them :) And I agree w/ Wololo, it is absolutely frustrating that if we want to play our old games on the Vita we have to re-purchase the same games we already bought. It is completely asinine. And i hate the fact that Japan got the UMD Passport program to transfer their UMDs to digital format on the Vita. Completely bogus. I guess Sony figured that the US has so many Pirates that they would find a way to abuse it or something. But not everyone who has been on this seen for a while is a Pirate. Some just want to get the most out of our hardware because Sony does not seem to be doing it. -End Rant- lol

  16. Mr-Shizzy says:

    I would buy a second Vita before updating. No way would I ever give up my eCFW!!

  17. Jvhellraiser says:

    I will surely wait on 1.81, NO Flash-the update is not worth it.
    I really dont care about email i can check it with normal Psvita browser.
    “Sony” now u can twitt your adress (-_-) i dont give a #”‘% wheres copy/paste?
    sony really dont learn,and if the Psvita can play mp4 files why not make the browser
    load mp4 video files,1080p good, now what we need is for the video player to accept
    Other formats like mkv,rmb,xvid,avi etc,but NO!!! Like always Sony dont get it,so iam staying in FW 1.81 with TN-C for now.

  18. wartaf says:

    please sony! dont be harsh on us who using ecfw! :D

    my ecfw is just only a month y.o. on me, i don’t update unless they don’t blocked the ecfw :D

  19. Natsu says:

    To be or not to be that is the question

  20. AshTerra says:

    It sucks if you can only start playing the PS+ games via PSN online.. Cause I have the Vita Wifi version.. So basically I can’t play those games while i’m outside from any Wifi-comfort-zone. Seems like I’m gonna stick with eCFW cause I’m pretty confident someone will hack this new firmware. If not, what’s the use of this Forum?

  21. GigaGaia says:

    I hope the Vita itself doesn’t get hacked for at least a few years. Let the console actually get some life in it before you do it, which mean third party support, good games and a big fanbase.

    The Vita is not dead, but an actual hack to play vita games would really kill it.

  22. super says:

    The games are only free if you stick with the plus subscription. So when the subscription is over you wont be able to play them. So i consider it as a con to be honest. Let’s see what happens next…

  23. nCadeRegal says:

    this is the reason why i bought 2 vitas. one to keep legit and one to keep my eCEF. The real question is for me anyways, I cant decide which one I wanna keep eCEF on. I got the black 3g/wi-fi one, and the white assassins creed wi-fi only one. AS of now they are both running tn-c. guess ill wait a few days to read some posts on the new ofw, before i decide what to do. any thoughts on my situation? pls. reply

    • ndh777 says:

      Do you use 3G? If so, I’d say update that one because you can’t do anything of value (maybe browse the internet) unless the firmware version is update to date.

      • nCadeRegal says:

        I agree thats what i was leaning towards was my 3g one. Payed 6 months of the 30$ month plan and never used it, because it couldnt do what i was told by sony that it would do. I have a cell phone that does more than the 3g vita can do, what a waste on my end, i always think of how many games i could have bought with that wasted $ instead. Oh well we live and learn, was always kinda hopin there would be a hack that would unlock the sim card, and basically make my vita my new smartphone. Heres to hope and the future that something of that sort comes about.

  24. DC959 says:

    So do we get 30 days playstation plus when we update? Coz I already got 60 days because the shipment of the ac3 liberation pre order codes were delayed so an extra 30 on top of my 60 would be awesome.

  25. ndh777 says:

    I really like VHBL and TN-C but honestly…I’m going to update because I just got Black Ops and love playing it online. If there was some way to keep my original firmware and keep playing online, I’d do it. I don’t really care for all that new *** Sony keeps talking about. “New Interface”…blah blah and really nothing else is new about it. If it was just the firmware, I wouldn’t even update. Then for homebrews, I haven’t had much time playing any homebrews or even uploading any ISOs. And on top of it, Sony made it really hard to add ISOs like me adding ROMs to my N64 Emulator. Sony should be glad they got Black Ops because otherwise, I would not be planning to update.

  26. Warlord698 says:

    auto update is for PS+ members and AFAIK it will only update if you set it to update like on the PS3. You set a time frame for it to perform the update, and it will automaticaly boot up, sign in, upload all your saves to to online storage, and update your games that need updates

  27. mannyshame says:

    I dont use the vita exploit, i rather use my psp to play the games, and i dont see the 6 free games in the european plus store, but im still going tu update.

  28. Metalliphyll says:

    i have 2 3g/wifi models i will update my non ECFW one but i hope that there is an update to open CMA so i can still copy homebrews to my 1.81 ECFW vita

  29. starfall05 says:

    guys, i dont know if its mentioned already but i have read a very nice info on eurogamer.net that the web browser will now be considered as a “minor” app in ps vita meaning you can open the web browser without having to close your current game! great for those using walkthroughs or just want to browse the internet suddenly without the problem of restarting your game! how cool is that!

  30. alibaba says:

    sony make me lafs, is no way i will update my vita is… very nice very good on 1.81,plus is stand there from day one they sell it waiting for better times like now.
    plus is no way they will get a credit card detail on sony accounts NEVER EVER and to make the Vita Plus availeble is need a credit card number to pass for next stage….


  31. TuckDezi says:

    This sux….. I really enjoy my emulators but having plus already its so tempting to grab UC & GR idc about the other stuff but those games are making it a difficult decision…. Not to mention i play umvc3 alot on vita

  32. lowkee33 says:

    I only ran the custom firmware for Peace walker so for me I will just have to buy Peace walker again in digital format, and enjoy the benefits of the new update. I hope that a new vulnerability will be found. I do have to say that this is the best update that sony has had to offer. Way to go Sony with bribing us, you win for me this time.

  33. Soldier says:

    Simple solution take an hour or 2 to back up your entire cfw 1.81 and than update. Than you can go back to 1.81 whenever right? Isn’t that what backups are for or does that not work with firmware updates? Going back and fourth?

  34. Blackforest says:

    Anyone know what 6 games they are giving or can we choose the game we want?

  35. E says:

    Okay okay, this is a major dilemma for me but it really all comes down to ONE thing: WHAT games are you getting for “free”? Because if they are lame games I will just keep my TN eCFW and continue playing my Bleach: Heat the Soul 7 and DBZ: TagTeam. Really that and the 3 months of PSN are the only incentives because the other parts of the update will be there regardless of whether or not you update now or a year from now. ~Just One Guy’s Opinion~

  36. SofaKing™ says:

    eCFW is great and all, i use it mainly for super mario and the UMD’s I ripped, because ther is no DIGITAL version, like Tiger woods, or World Series Of Poker, ya, ya, they need a POKER app and an INTERNET radio app like on the PSP

  37. Hunter says:

    Stay in the 1.81
    I Updated to 2.00 and now i can´t conect the PS VITA in my PS3 CFW 4.30. (to play game in the conect mode)

  38. lordnoble says:

    Get a job TuckDezI……..

  39. Lawliet156 says:

    How do I sign up for the free 30 day trial? I don’t see it on Vita

  40. Ukdna says:

    Ha, I ‘second’ that

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