Release: TN-C eCFW for Vita!


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  1. ricerrr says:

    what is the Default CPU speed?

    and is it a good thing to higher it?

    • warfaren says:

      First off all you need to understand that what you are controlling is the CPU speed of the emulated PSP that is running inside of your Vita.

      The old PSP originally came with a 333MHz CPU underclocked to 266MHz (to get longer battery times).
      Hackers “overclocked” it back to 333MHz a long time ago, back in the days of the old PSP scene, then later Sony did so aswell for some newer games in order to give the developers some more power for their games (better graphics etc.).

      So the default value should be 266MHz

      There is no risk involved in playing with this value, and you may need to do it in order to get some games to run well. The actual clock of your Vita’s physical CPU should stay the same no matter what you set it to.

  2. tlalocv says:

    HELP ME WOLOLO I have Monster hunter Fredoom in 1.81 need ecf pls

  3. Ahahahahaha says:


  4. Eire says:

    Hi hope someone can help I had sc3 with vhbl then updated to 1.81 i have tn-c but file shows up as corrupted when I load sc3 and try to load the save. Can anyone help?

  5. Eire says:

    a quick update…2.00 is now available for me if 1.81 and sc3 is a no go for me I mite aswell update to it look forward to hearing your thoughs

  6. trey says:

    I’m running the monster hunter tn-c exploit and it always gives me the white screen upon starting the exploit. Then it gives me the “An error has occurred” message. I had no problem with the previous TN versions following the same exact methods. Please help.

    • trey says:

      Sorry, I forgot to mention that I am on 1.80 and simply copying the Monster Hunter and Urbanix files to “\PS Vita\PSAVEDATA\XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\”.

      • Plombata says:

        Same problem with me! I’m running the Urbanix TN-c exploit and get the same error when i load the exploit. Tried to replace the savegame data with a fresh copy and it worked. But when i try to load Tekken 6 it gives me an error and black screen! I used to play Tekken 6 before with the same exploit and I can’t understand where this problem came up from? Trey, budy i suggest you try to replace the savegame data with a fresh copy and try it with or without the TNmenu.

  7. alpmaster007 says:

    Anybody notice e loader and ps1p on screen shot :)

  8. Lucas says:

    Hello wololo!

    First of all, thank you for this amazing post. Can you help me with a doubt?

    I have navigate to System > System Information and I noticed that my System Software is at 1.66. What should I do to use this release for Vita? I must buy one of those games listed above and then?

    Thank you!

    • wololo says:

      If you don’t already have one of these games you are screwed. You would need to update to 2.00 first in order to access the store, but 2.0 patches the exploits. Stay tuned for the next exploit

  9. redcero says:

    Can I still use yMenu with this version of TN ecfw?

  10. optimus says:

    what is error (C1-2858-3) please help

  11. AsDraS says:

    Is someone working on the psx emu?
    I would really like to help but I just started programming for the psp emu and I am not very good at it :(
    But I have knowledge in normal C, C++, AutoIt, Java, a little bit of assembler and I just started with Delphi. So let me know if I can help in any way :)

  12. McLoven says:

    you guys are geniuses, keep up the great work

  13. Eire says:

    So no one can help as to why in SC3 the save is just coming up as a corrupted file with spanish writing on it on 1.81?

    Wololo or someone in the know I would really appreciate the help

  14. Fghhgg says:

    wololo u can fix TN-C bug (whin u exit any homebrew or game get black screan and error on urbanix us and er after u get thos errors is show black from start whin u load save please fix thes wololo)

  15. rahul vyas says:

    Will this works with everybody’s tennis exploit on 1.61 ?

  16. Kial says:

    I still get A “Hunk data Failed to allocate 27-25 Megs” with quake 3 port is there a way to fix that

  17. PatWes says:

    when is somebody going to release a normal cfw that doesn’t require BUYING a stupid game on psn that I don’t even want to play?

  18. hackerkomninos says:

    that is source code

  19. TIAGO says:

    the exploit of my MHFU dont run…i copy the 2 folders but dont run…BLACK and error in screen

    • trey says:

      I get the same error and I haven’t heard of any success reported from the monster hunter exploits. I’d like to hear some feedback from the people who actually got the stupid thing working.

  20. RayChulNiel says:

    I’m totally new to hacking the PS Vita.
    So, if I download this will I be able to download ISO files like Persona or Final Fantasy and play it on the PS Vita?
    (Also, is there a video tutorial on how to download this?)

  21. sasa says:

    i don’t find the game on ps store!

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