Release: TN-C eCFW for Vita!


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207 Responses

  1. Mr MaGoo says:

    Lmao, dont get much more first than this. Lmao. Thanks for all the devotion. I cant wait to try this out

  2. hank says:

    * Thanks to Dark_AleX for his impressive work.
    * Thanks to Darkenvy for his TN Menu graphics.
    * Thanks to Takka for his ISO/CSO reader.
    * Thanks to xerpi who found Urbanix Exploit EU.
    * Thanks to Frostegater for MBA Exploit.
    * Thanks to teck4 for Gravity Crash Exploit.
    * Thanks everyone who collected bugs.“

    Woah woah woah Dark Alex from the psp days is back!?!?!? O_o??? If yes thats awesome!!!!!!!!!! Can someone please clear this up!!!

  3. حيدر كيارة says:


  4. حيدر كيارة says:


    Is compatible with Urbanix

  5. Some US user says:

    I am getting a green then a black screen when I launch TN-C.

    TN-B worked perfectly fine before.

    • Jd8531 says:

      Make sure its the correct version, try recopying and rebooting the Vita.

      • JonathanH says:

        It’s the correct version, I have rebooted.

        I can only partially launch TN-C now I have to replace the TN-B files while I am in VitaFTP.

        But it won’t launch from the Mad Blocker Alpha icon from the Vita’s main menu.

        I will just stick to TN-B.

        • Jd8531 says:

          Use CMA. Its a game save, replace the game save with what you have now. Partially launch? I dont think that’s possible.

          • gunblade says:

            well it kinda is( i think)… i was on ps filler wen i moved my expoit save game file thing ran till i close the ps filler… lucky i was able to get two of the 1.81 expoits..

  6. Eazon says:

    Do we install it the same way we did last time? just by replacing the old files with new ones and copy it over to the PSV?

  7. Rafael707 says:

    JD you forgot to mention that TN included popcorn psx module in his source, for developers to work on 😉

  8. ryujinn_24 says:

    WEEEE :) Thank you guys!!!

  9. Paul says:

    Only seeing links for TN-B :(

  10. anhell28 says:

    that first download link does not have ecfw tn-c,only tn-b is listed.

  11. poop says:

    So psx emulation possible or what?

  12. errm says:

    BOOM! …just came…. T_T

  13. Mr. Awsome says:

    Also thanks for showing the DATA.TN being a renamed zip for the backgrounds. Now I can edit it and make little texture packs. If anyone wants me to, I can btw.

  14. Biohazard says:

    Thx for the news but can you find à new game for exploit because i lose thé last game(gravity crash) thx a lot

  15. Help me :# says:

    Are there a new game exploit?
    does the motorstorm is still available in the psn store?

  16. PtiJ says:

    Thank you for the news, cons by a new game with 1.81 Royal feat would be really, I missed the feat “gravity crash” of shame because the rest vhbl pleasant until a real explosion

  17. Biohazard says:

    Thank you for the news, cons by a new game with 1.81 Royal feat would be really, I missed the feat “gravity crash” of shame because the rest vhbl pleasant until a real explosion

  18. vbfan says:

    This does improve compatibility.

    Venus & Braves (JPN) works better now:
    1) The first movie after starting doesn’t glitch.
    2) The narrator voice at the start doesn’t glitch.

    Not quite perfect though. After the movie, the character dialog voices glitch. (Sounds like playing corrupted data.)

    Nice work though, TN. Appreciate your efforts. :)

    • Jd8531 says:

      Try changing the drivers and CPU speed. If not that it could just be a bad copy of the game.

      • vbfan says:

        Good call about the cpu speed. It does make a difference to this game. At slower speeds the original voice/movie glitches return (so the improvement wasn’t really due to TN-C compatibility improvements). ISO driver doesn’t change anything though.

  19. Biohazard says:

    Thank you for the news, cons by a new game with 1.81 Royal feat would be really, I missed the feat “gravity crash” of shame because the rest vhbl pleasant until a real explosion

  20. NakedFaerie says:

    Awesome release TN.
    Sad to see you end this. Hopefully you’ll come back after the next Vita update so someone else as good helps out. :)

  21. Jan says:

    thank you for the update everyone, ECWF dooms day on nov.19,

    I will not update

  22. NakedFaerie says:

    I just tried it out and its great!

    A tip, you can just FTP the files over if you dont want to connect to the PC

  23. errm says:

    BOOOM!!!!! Just came again -___=

  24. oO Flowzilla Oo says:

    So I guess TN is also ‘leaving’ the scene? I guess it’s time for a new generation of hackers to wake up…

  25. Metalliphyll says:

    why are some of my homebrew not showing up but i can see them in pspfile???

  26. xhack says:

    Thanks you very much 4 your work TN and +good luck 4 your live.

    maybe i buy a PSVita sonner than later now…

    @Biohazard to release a gameexploit at this time would be senseless next week PSV update 2.0 will be there than we need a new exploit and a new port 4 eCFW!!

  27. pscache says:

    danke für alles Total Noob I know you are a German :)

  28. DumbBish says:

    Super Collaspe 3 save exploit on fw 1.81? anyone?

  29. Ere says:

    can we just replace the tn B file in vita savedata folder with this newer tn C file via vita ftp?

    can it work to install like that?

  30. Chuck norris says:

    Will gravity crash work with this?

  31. Muria says:

    * Added possiblity to change CPU speed (the PSP Emu’s CPU is increased by 60%. Even 20/10 CPU on PSVita is faster than 333/166 CPU on PSP 😉 )

    what did this mean?

    an 60% speed improvement from psp emu speed on tn B?

  32. notder says:

    Thanks for all your hard work Total_Noob.
    We’ll miss you.

  33. PlaygerGG says:

    Hey, wololo, TN, DA, anyone, everyone!
    Please teach me how to make OpenCMA for PS3!!!
    THANK YOU!!!

  34. razor says:

    I remember he released his TN-HEN for PSP on last Christmas and it was the sweetest X’mas gift ever. Today, close to the next X’mas he’s back with another for the VITA! Biggg Thanks to Total Noob!

  35. damet says:

    whiy i get black scren and erroy after i lanche save at first work then is start show black scren and erroy after i lanche save data HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. wartaf says:

    i dunno if it is only on me but the waiting time before the TN-Menu was show is longer than the TN-B?

  37. shaitan says:

    All my homebrew has memory card icons, can I make it display each individual hb’s icon’s like with previous releases.
    Also one of my iso’s has the icon of another game but the right background, I went back to TN-B to check and it was normal, any ideas?

  38. Darkest says:

    I am also getting a green then a black screen when I launch TN-C but it works every time. I just want to know:
    Does this Green shaking screen damage the Vita in any way?

  39. errm says:

    %60 speed increase? What increase? Emulators run the same Everything IS THE SAME PFFT!!!!

  40. dametg says:

    i start new C then i open FTP homebrew cope some iso then press Exit black screen and 1 min pass error i start urbix agen then Do you want to load this data? i say yes black sreen 50 sec pass error ***!!!!

  41. DDN says:

    I got a mix green line screen once lunch the game.
    after the green screen and a flashing black screen,it’s runing well.
    is this normal?
    i’m using mad exploit

  42. huz84 says:

    my ps vhbl gc 1.81 exploit new tn-c working thank you

  43. BugyTN-C says:

    I start new TN-C then i open FTP homebrew cope some iso then press Exit black screen and in 50 sec error, i start Urbanix agen then at Do you want to load this data? i say yes black Screen in 50 sec Error pop up ( whin u exit any Homebrew or Iso that dont load U get Thes Bug. Fix pls if u can cus TN-B works and TN-C bugs)

  44. slimjim3k says:

    “* Added possiblity to change CPU speed (the PSP Emu’s CPU is increased by 60%. Even 20/10 CPU on PSVita is faster than 333/166 CPU on PSP 😉 )”

    So what exactly does this mean? If im reading this right, does this also mean that homebrew can tack advantage of more CPU power than before?

  45. RedDead says:

    Thanks for the new firmware – great work again by everyone involved.
    Noob question – how do you actually change the speed as mentioned in the features?

  46. albie85 says:

    ive got a bypasser for copying from ps3 to vita don’t fink anyone knows it and it works everytime its a glitch getting bit worried about tellin people incase they patch it. so for those of u who have an exploitable game stuck on the vita update now and pm asap 100% working!

  47. albie85 says:

    sorry ment stuck on ps3

  48. FoxyRoxxy says:

    I lub you thank you andy!

  49. michael says:

    sir , i have suggest why you dont exploit zen pinball 2, it’s free all psn store. or hack from near app

  50. ramenking says:

    cheers mate for giving us this beautiful ecfw, we appreciate the time and effort you put into this and how you also made it for the public and didn’t hide your work.

    many thanks
    ramenking 😀

  51. Sunny-Tech-UK says:

    Thank You Andy, aka Total_Noob for all your hard work, It is most appreciated. :)

  52. Shokashi says:

    2Nd i hope lol. Noob you did a good job mate. If i ever see you, you will be getting a hug fom me 😀

  53. soad26 says:

    Is it a good time to release this when the 2.0 update will be coming tom? I hope we will be able to run this exploit on on the 2.0 update. Thanks btw andy :)

  54. ricardo says:

    Can I install it with vita FTP?

  55. Dario says:

    no work this cef tn-c why?

    i have mad blocker alpha and urbanix

  56. gunblade says:

    cant get madb or gravity crush to work screen trurns green with one werd split screen thin dat save loading wit madb n turn white with gravity crush but the has that error thing that happens in 181…

  57. den22 says:

    If i load the savedata i have a black screen
    It doesn’t work .
    Please help me
    I’m using the gc exploit :/

    • Xc@liburn says:

      me too, TN-B worked fine but when using TB-C exactly in the same way as TN-B I just get a black screen when loading the exploit. then I get the famous C-xxxx error.

      help, any ideas?

      also in another topic since yesterday, when playing invizimals in TN-B I get the frontal camara instead of the back one… very wierd it was working fine before…

      thanks everyone

      • Xc@liburn says:


        I went back to version TN-Band then copied only two files from TN-C, MENU.PBP and DATA.TN, all other files are the same. and TN-C can now boot.

        testing some ISOs now.

        I stil have that wierd camara issue in Invizinals, already deleted all files from game and saves, and uploaded everything again.
        also when using the camera to take fotos is working fine with the back camera…


  58. gunblade says:

    well finaly got mines to work (on mba)i just used the files from the tnb then used the menu from the tnc nice fetures

  59. gunblade says:

    so i found the problem is the flash0 file jus used n old one work the rest or the files sheem to work except flasho so just replaced it with the one from tnb

    • Xc@liburn says:

      so you used the new files plus the flash from TN-B?


      • gunblade says:

        yeah works but i think it better to jus copy the tbc data n menu folder n use the rest of the files from tba cuz i was getting hard time quit game n go back to the tn menu but yea work wit outher files from older expoits..

  60. gunblade says:

    thks dev i like the nickname feature…

  61. cscash241 says:

    TONIGHT WE DINE IN heck!!!!!
    On a more serious note; Thanks everyone for allowing me to play my ISO’s from when I had a PSP 3001 and GO.

    • cscash241 says:

      I Spoke too soon. The SC3 version dose NOT work correctly. It dose not detect anything in savedata.

      • gunblade says:

        make sure u use the right save fo ur region n it copied from the computer…think that the problem. try starting one new game in sc3 then jus replace it with the save expoilt u may need a differnt cma

        • cscash241 says:

          I did use the correct save folder and It is the correct region as well as being copied from the computer. I will try making a new save and coping the exploit files into that save and see if it helps. The menu loads but it will not display any homebrew or iso’s that are in the correct zip files in save data folders. I tried using the tb-b menu.pbp and that gave the C1 error.

  62. Skars says:

    Thank you TN for all your awesome work!

  63. Whackm says:

    I’m happy to see Midway Arcade Treasures is working now! Finally, I can play cyberball 2072 on the Vita!

  64. prinsr says:

    thanx gunblade, mine worx now, thanx tn ur the man

  65. zaiiii says:

    hab ne frage arbeit cwcheat eigentlich auf der ecfw ??
    wen ja ein kleines tut wäre ganz nett ty

  66. den22 says:

    i’ve insatlled the tn-c
    I’ve copied the DATA.BIN and the MENU.PBP but the Tn menu won’t work.
    Could somebody help me ?

  67. Peleep says:

    Thanks guys. Updated my Urbanix TN-A and MBA TN-B to TN-C. TN-C via both games work beautifully as described, bug free. Thanks Thanks Thanks! Looking forward to your next announcements after the 2.0 OFW comes out!!!

    • Peleep says:

      PS: I updated by first using the Vita’s data management to delete the existing Urbanix and MBA saves.

      Then I used OpenCMA and copied over the new TN-C enabled Urbanix and MBA game saves across from my laptop to my Vita.

      voila…both games load up TN-C without any problems and all my existing stuff (via TN-A or TN-B) still works.

      thanks again.

  68. Michele says:

    WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2011 EUR still doesn’t work =(

  69. Mr-Shizzy says:

    Awesomeness!!! Total Noob has been oing for the PSP and now the Vita scene. He is a great dev indeed!

    I just donated to Total Noob’s paypal. :)
    And please folks, if you can afford to, do the right thing, support this man, and take a minute to send him a couple bucks 😉


  70. Darkest says:

    Anyone got The 3rd Birthday working?

  71. Yes says:

    Mines works fine

  72. Yes says:

    Power Stone works now =)

  73. oreo says:

    Thanks for all the work you contributed TN :)

  74. kiry says:

    how do i use this with monster hunter…someone dumb it down for me

  75. neoceaser says:

    ok guys i think there might be a bug in TNC i couldn’t install snes ZIP 57.3 MB it said not enough free memory space and i have 24 GB free. I then replaced the files with TNB and it installed fine.

  76. livepixel says:

    If you really appreciate the work, donate via Paypal. Incredibly small price to play for all the work.

  77. darkshin0b1 says:

    I know im kinda late on this one (due to the ps3 hype) But thanks for the release. Works flawless on my Vita 1.81 MBA. I wont be updating no matter what 2.0 offers..Game on on

  78. KNOB5 says:

    thank you very much man

  79. Ryan says:

    Who’s going to take over his work?



    • wololo says:

      The first step would be for someone to open an svn (on googlecode seems like the most straightforward) and organize things a little bit.
      My personal opinion is that the first piece of work would be to keep the internal structure of TN’s work, but try to port Pro CFW to the exploits. Pro CFW has much better iso support, and a huge community, so that would help guarantee a longer life to this eCFW.

      • darkshin0b1 says:

        Well said .And I agree with you. Keeping the internal structure is key in my opinion, hopefully the devs are able to compile this project.

  80. William A.U. says:

    WOW, awesome, Total_Noob!! The new menu is really cool with the background pics and etc.. the only gripe is that the new TN-C eCFW TN menu loading time is definitely longer (I estimated.. 15 seconds) than the last menu.. but I definitely like the pics on the background, new options, and the Soul Caliber Broken Destiny fix.. makes up for the longer load. Thanks a lot, Total_Noob, for all of the contributions and also Teck4, Frostegater.. seriously one of the reasons I bought the PSVita was to get into this hacking, homebrewing scene. I was able to get nearly all of my PSP games (not pirated!) that are on my PSP and most of my homebrew transferred to the Vita; great, great work guys.

    Total_Noob, I wish you all the best with you and your future endeavors. Farewell.. and seriously, thanks again. I appreciate your hard work.

  81. warfaren says:

    Is there a simple way to change what save slot the exploit is on?

    I have VHBL for MotorStorm previously and now TN-C. Love them both but afaik I have to use CMA to switch between the exploit/loader I want. I would love to keep VHBL for good measure, even if TN-C is superior in every way. Who knows if VHBL turns out to have better compatibility for a specific homebrew or something? I also don’t like the idea to completely replace something that works if you could have both.

    What I’ve tried is edit the last number in the folder name of the save game, such as 0 (TN-C), 1 (Actual MotorStorm savegame to play the game), 2 (VHBL)

    But unfortunately VHBL appears as corrupt data when I do this. Guess I need to hex edit something inside one of the files as well?

  82. spindig says:

    I just got my PS Vita today. If I go to the PS Store and download Super Collapse! 3 can I use that as my “mini” exploit game?

    • warfaren says:

      No sorry, as you cannot aquire it along with having the old firmware that allows that exploit to run. Sorry :(

      What you need to do is wait for a new exploit to come out for the latest firmware and be quick to get it when it arrives.

  83. Jonatan says:

    I am testing the new TN-C and the menu have several bugs with differents ISO’s and plugins. I had to install the yMenu, then the plugins come back to work and the ISO’s too

  84. nCadeRegal says:

    nice work total noob. u have helped the scene tremendously and i love using your ecfw. lets hope the devs can follow wololo’s post and make it better and more accessible. you have all my thanks sir.

  85. yep says:

    TN-C need bug fix (Xc@liburnso you used the new files plus the flash from TN-B?) that only fix black sceen frezz after after u exit homebrew i get error, dow i jast say stay on TN-B tell the fix TN-C

    • Xc@liburn says:

      So I went back and did it all over again…
      1.delete the last saves from the exploit you are using.
      2.copied the new saves, but used the “flash” file from TN-B the game, it should work the only down side is that you cannot save the changes on the option that you use with the “[]” option on the loader.
      4.exit the loader, and copy the “flash” from TN-C over the previous one…. the exploit again, all should work now.

      well at east it worked for me, now I am able to save my option, although the last option which is to use a background for the games as a weird bug one of the icons for one of the games gets duplicated, so I disabled the last option…

      I hope it helps..

      • trey says:

        The first thing works by replacing the new flash0 with the old one, but after replacing it again with the original, it does not work.

  86. Juan says:

    Is there any support for us on “everybody’s tennis”? 1.67?

  87. Silverh@mmer says:

    Im usually good at this, but this is my first time trying this on the ps vita. Could someone explain if there is anything I’m doing wrong?
    -I’m using the monster hunter on my vita ofw 1.81.
    -extracted the file
    -copied the save game over
    – but it loads as a regular game and no tn menu or anything appears

    • AsDraS says:

      you need to go into the download menu of the game where you can get older safegames to work on your vita. there should be a tutorial on the main page just scroll down about 2-3 pages i think and you should find it

    • Jd8531 says:

      Monster Hunter ONLY works on 1.80 and below. It will not work on ofw 1.81

  88. chezney says:

    I’m getting bugs with tn-c too. It will not load unless I replace the the flash0 with the one from tn-b, then the extra features of tn-c do not work, and when I exit a game by holding start I get the c-xxxxxxx error. I’m on urbanix eu version. I’m going back to tn-b until maybe a new version appears.
    Anyways, many thanks to TN and all involved!

  89. optimus says:

    can anyone help me transfer .cso to my vita using vitaftp


    • Xc@liburn says:

      not all my CSOs are working, but the ISOs work fine…
      I did a CSO from two working ISOs, one works the other dosen’t…

  90. Jc says:

    Will this work for us that have vhbl “everybody’s tennis? I did some research and was not able too find anything

  91. optimus says:

    is there a way to convert a CSO to an ISO

  92. lolzzz says:

    (chezney I’m getting bugs with tn-c too. It will not load unless I replace the the flash0 with the one from tn-b, then the extra features of tn-c do not work, and when I exit a game by holding start I get the c-xxxxxxx error. I’m on urbanix eu version. I’m going back to tn-b until maybe a new version appears.
    Anyways, many thanks to TN and all involved!) YES chezney stay on TN-B urbanix US and EU versions got same bug

    im on US urbanix i can load TN-C at first .after when I exit a game by holding start I get the c-xxxxxxx error two then i only get black screen all time ges EU versions worst then US bug.

    Stay on TN-B all whoy got urbanix US and EU versions The whery Bugy

  93. optimus says:

    will this work for the gravity crash exploit

  94. optimus says:

    what is error (C-2858-3)

  95. rob says:

    Im guna stick with TN-B for now as its working great for me anyway.

    Some nice fixes and changes here though, nice work!!

  96. rei says:

    thanks alot i hope you choose to continue your work eventually, regardless your work is truly appreciated.

  97. Hellinferno says:

    What game is working fine with this?,motorstorm or super collapse 3?.

  98. Hellinferno says:

    Let me see if i understand this,i have to buy any of those games,then save one of them to see a save data on CMA folder,after that download the files and i have to put that sae data into the game save data folder and then transfer to my ps vita? call me stupid i dont understand.Before this i was able to create a homebrew and see the save data on my vita but now is not working at all.

  99. ricerrr says:

    what is the Default CPU speed?

    and is it a good thing to higher it?

    • warfaren says:

      First off all you need to understand that what you are controlling is the CPU speed of the emulated PSP that is running inside of your Vita.

      The old PSP originally came with a 333MHz CPU underclocked to 266MHz (to get longer battery times).
      Hackers “overclocked” it back to 333MHz a long time ago, back in the days of the old PSP scene, then later Sony did so aswell for some newer games in order to give the developers some more power for their games (better graphics etc.).

      So the default value should be 266MHz

      There is no risk involved in playing with this value, and you may need to do it in order to get some games to run well. The actual clock of your Vita’s physical CPU should stay the same no matter what you set it to.

  100. tlalocv says:

    HELP ME WOLOLO I have Monster hunter Fredoom in 1.81 need ecf pls

  101. Ahahahahaha says:


  102. Eire says:

    Hi hope someone can help I had sc3 with vhbl then updated to 1.81 i have tn-c but file shows up as corrupted when I load sc3 and try to load the save. Can anyone help?

  103. Eire says:

    a quick update…2.00 is now available for me if 1.81 and sc3 is a no go for me I mite aswell update to it look forward to hearing your thoughs

  104. trey says:

    I’m running the monster hunter tn-c exploit and it always gives me the white screen upon starting the exploit. Then it gives me the “An error has occurred” message. I had no problem with the previous TN versions following the same exact methods. Please help.

    • trey says:

      Sorry, I forgot to mention that I am on 1.80 and simply copying the Monster Hunter and Urbanix files to “\PS Vita\PSAVEDATA\XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\”.

      • Plombata says:

        Same problem with me! I’m running the Urbanix TN-c exploit and get the same error when i load the exploit. Tried to replace the savegame data with a fresh copy and it worked. But when i try to load Tekken 6 it gives me an error and black screen! I used to play Tekken 6 before with the same exploit and I can’t understand where this problem came up from? Trey, budy i suggest you try to replace the savegame data with a fresh copy and try it with or without the TNmenu.

  105. alpmaster007 says:

    Anybody notice e loader and ps1p on screen shot :)

  106. Lucas says:

    Hello wololo!

    First of all, thank you for this amazing post. Can you help me with a doubt?

    I have navigate to System > System Information and I noticed that my System Software is at 1.66. What should I do to use this release for Vita? I must buy one of those games listed above and then?

    Thank you!

    • wololo says:

      If you don’t already have one of these games you are sc***. You would need to update to 2.00 first in order to access the store, but 2.0 patches the exploits. Stay tuned for the next exploit

  107. redcero says:

    Can I still use yMenu with this version of TN ecfw?

  108. optimus says:

    what is error (C1-2858-3) please help

  109. AsDraS says:

    Is someone working on the psx emu?
    I would really like to help but I just started programming for the psp emu and I am not very good at it :(
    But I have knowledge in normal C, C++, AutoIt, Java, a little bit of assembler and I just started with Delphi. So let me know if I can help in any way :)

  110. McLoven says:

    you guys are geniuses, keep up the great work

  111. Eire says:

    So no one can help as to why in SC3 the save is just coming up as a corrupted file with spanish writing on it on 1.81?

    Wololo or someone in the know I would really appreciate the help

  112. Fghhgg says:

    wololo u can fix TN-C bug (whin u exit any homebrew or game get black screan and error on urbanix us and er after u get thos errors is show black from start whin u load save please fix thes wololo)

  113. rahul vyas says:

    Will this works with everybody’s tennis exploit on 1.61 ?

  114. Kial says:

    I still get A “Hunk data Failed to allocate 27-25 Megs” with quake 3 port is there a way to fix that

  115. PatWes says:

    when is somebody going to release a normal cfw that doesn’t require BUYING a stupid game on psn that I don’t even want to play?

  116. hackerkomninos says:

    that is source code

  117. TIAGO says:

    the exploit of my MHFU dont run…i copy the 2 folders but dont run…BLACK and error in screen

    • trey says:

      I get the same error and I haven’t heard of any success reported from the monster hunter exploits. I’d like to hear some feedback from the people who actually got the stupid thing working.

  118. RayChulNiel says:

    I’m totally new to hacking the PS Vita.
    So, if I download this will I be able to download ISO files like Persona or Final Fantasy and play it on the PS Vita?
    (Also, is there a video tutorial on how to download this?)

  119. sasa says:

    i don’t find the game on ps store!

  1. November 19, 2012

    […] Official Wololo var r=randNum(1,6); if(r==1) document.write(''); if(r==2) document.write(''); if(r==3) […]

  2. November 19, 2012

    […] there is NO vita mode hack 2.the PSP mode is unlocked for eCFW(so PSP ISO run) BUT you MUST have bought the right game to run it for the FW you are on, to run […]

  3. November 19, 2012

    […] Collapse 3 Exploit sehen. Daneben wurde die GUI komplett überarbeitet. Den Download findet ihr hier, der Changelog sieht so aus: Spoiler: – Changelog CEF 6.60 TN-C * Added 1.61-1.67 firmwares […]

  4. November 20, 2012

    […] wololo Category: GamesTags: eCFW, Games, Hacking, PS Vita Tweet […]

  5. November 20, 2012

    […] para serem usados com esse exploit além do download do pacote do firmware podem ser encontrados no blog do Wololo. Gostou desse artigo? Então assine nosso feed RSS e fique por dentro de todas as novidades. Se […]

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