SKFU got his hands on a Vita devkit…says it has vulnerabilities that could help hacking it

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  1. svenn

    Collect donated money, then sell it off. Scammer ?

  2. Tonakai

    This news is really amazing. Pretty damn happy about this and I can’t wait to see what comes of it.

  3. danzo

    Maybe SKFU (or anyone that has good hardware knowledge and a devkit) should look on the feature of HDMI output. I did not find any information about this, but i think there is no other hardware needed to output video through HDMI, there should be the possibility to output it from already available hardware components, as long as it is only hardware controlled meaning it is not controlled by the special devkit firmware ( sony did plan native hdmi output for retail vita, but later they decided to cancel this feature, but i think the connections still have to be on the board).
    i look forward to whatever skfu found and hope he shares more with us 🙂

    • z3

      How are you going to connect a HDMI cable to a standard Vita?

      • danzo

        there may be an issue putting the connector somewhere, but i think there won’t be an issue tracing down the connection on the devkit and finding these connections on the retail device 😉 but only speculation by me as i haven’t found any information about the hdmi connector on the devkit.

        • z3

          Even if you find those connection, i wonder how it can be used. A standard Vita doesnt output video through the “USB” port, and you need to make some custom contact/wire to be able to connect a HDMI cable to the Vita.

          • Jd8531

            If you people forgot, there is a second port on the top right of the Vita 😉

          • z3

            Ah yes, i actually forgot about that completely hehe 🙂 But i’m not that this is a port that is set for video out, i think it is an input port, not output. But that is just my guess though.

  4. nCadeRegal

    nice read, very interesting. im guessing that will be what our 2nd gen vita, a so called slim will look like, and finally features i thought would be in the unit from day 1, ie. usb 2.0, HDMI is my number one wish it had that complaint. i still cant believe that sony hasnt released a video out cable yet. but it took the psp till the slims to come to the scene for that ability. good luck bud hope you glean the scene with whatever knowledge you have recieved from your dev kit. thank you.

    • z3

      I doubt that HDMI will be included, same with USB. Sony needs to get the price of the Vita down, then they can add more stuff to it. USB will not be included mostly because of security issues, and they also want people to use the official Vita cable instead.

  5. Geo

    Is it just me or is the dev unit smaller than the retail one (despite having extra bling like an hdmi and usb port?

  6. duran

    Friends friends,if he is selling that is cuz he knows something what to discovered and seem be what need of here in forward if he dont need that hardware is cuz be fine with our vita if dont only dont selling and used more you know think.

  7. thelosthacker

    stay tuned more ps3 hacks to come which will be more exciting than the current ……………THELOSTHACKER

  8. SSJ-Vita

    I think…. scrap the vita os ASAP and awesome job ps sceners.

  9. GlueGun

    anyone tried to hack mabey Recuier to play with the Acess of that code, I.E a used copy of the
    Purchased software. And Can Be A Start, say with a “newer” name or changed name under that Councle ID, (Mabey IP Adress And Or Area Location. With A Used Copy, Will Recuier Fakeing To Notify Sony
    Of There Ever Rapid None Stoping/Changeing License Agreement With Out Our Concent!,
    like I am tierd of reading about a working poblic 1.1 Licence, ( mabey sony should always
    Contact the law of mellinum act, or the government and get a version 1.2 lisence and notify
    us about that! And tell us about the license not pubizie a newer lisence like the cfw ban ***, *** is that?
    it’s like there own Walmart lol, but I see a change just playing with Sonys database of machines Listed under that name xD and due support this 😀

  10. mlc

    If SKFU sells this at a small loss or profit, he should really make an effort to return the donations he received. Not that I would have donated money to some random guy online, but it’s pretty shady for him to solicit donations to buy something and then turn around and sell it relatively quickly.

  11. Squiggs

    I want one, I might start saving money and raise some money to get one, because I have the know how but not what I need to start developing and that would be a great lea
    p forward.

  12. Mr-Shizzy


    SKFU led the way in PSP xmb hacking and was the first to release a POC that allowed the XMB icons to be changed. Eventually that ended up leading to ZiNgA BuRgA releasing rcoMage which led to animated PSP themes. And honestly, PSP themes are a large part of what kept the scene going so strong for so long. So ppl need to get their facts straight before making outrageous insults to this guy 😉

    • Aces

      xmb modification and exploiting a console are 2 completely different things

      • Mr. Shizzy

        i realize they are two different things… My point is that you are doing either if you are not knowledgeable. SKFU is no script kiddie. And he certainly has made noteworthy contributions to the hacking scene.

        • Aces

          What are these note worthy contributions?
          Changing XMB icons dont mean *** to me.
          He’s never contributed anything, but is quick to tell people how close he is to hacking ps3 or psp, now vita, just an attention ***. Trust me, you’ll see.

  13. power_bi

    I’ve seen it before, probably
    because I have devVita at work =D
    but that one is slimer then ours =`
    maybe ps vita slim is coming.

    • iownaBLACKVITA

      Where do you work @ power bi

      • DeadPixel99

        If he’s under contact he isn’t at liberty to say unless he want’s his *** handed to him. For the last ten years i worked for Nintendo but i can only say now that i did ( when it comes to being on hacking , homebrew sites i mean). I was recently offered a job at Sandlot and as soon as i sign that contract i will no longer be able to say that i do, especially if i continue to contribute to hb scenes.

    • gunblade

      yea it does seems slimmer then the normal version but i thought i herd that the dev kits dident have the game port idk… i want one vita dev now starthing to get sdk working..would be fun. n wats with sony nasne waithing for a american realse so i can get uniktone for the vita…

  14. auron

    this is great I hope to see a full CFW on the vita on full access on psp and vita sections on the system.

  15. kanemack

    sonys gonna be ***

  16. skfu

    Hello guys, i have a revelation to tell you all. First, i am sorry to offend the donators who helped me get a dev. Kit. All of your efforts have not gone to waste as i have successfully hacked the psvita and run a cfw on it. As much as i want to release it in public, we are facing a huge problem, the 2.0 update that will be released on the 19th. It would not be ideal to release the cfw as of now for 2 reasons. #1 vita cfw isn’t stable as of now. Some games dosen’t run on the vita cfw and crashes randomly
    #2 if i release the vita now, all work will go to waste as sony will definitely patch and fix this exploit. Please be patient guys, a cfw for vita will come sooner or later.

  17. fpstps

    Go download all the old AR games and keep them safe

  18. wololo

    Please stay polite next time, so I don’t have to salvage your message from the spam folder, I won’t do it again 🙂

  19. stfb1055

    I would like to see ps vita hack a working one… All i wanted to get cheats for vita games. Keep up the good work!! 🙂

  20. bigjoe

    Holy *** !! so the dev kit is basically a future PS Vita Slim. Why the heck Sony didnt provided a HDMI port for retail too?

    • gunblade

      cuz they was probly going have compasit cables like they did the psp go

    • Jd8531

      I think they did, there’s another port on the top right of the Vita under the flap. They’ve never confirmed what it actually does but I’m pretty sure that’s a special video out cable that Sony hasn’t used yet.

  21. wraddek

    If you don’t like homebrew than why are you on this site?? …idiot. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR PROGRESS SKFU!

  22. Aces

    Would you scream that the people who take their cars to a mechanics garage for a bigger motor are *** scum too?
    As you have to right to modify your car, you should too, have the right to modify your consoles as long as its not used to steal software.

  23. Felixbxb

    I have hacked the vita , send donations to release.

  24. ZeKatembe

    xeueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee im going to buy a vita now if felix just hacked the vita =D

  25. Bobby Harrell

    I want it but not for hacking, I would use it for legit developing :-), $1900 is a bit steep for a test device though. I wish Sony would make a Dev SDK that was more affordable but you could use your personal Vita with, (not the mobile suite ***)

  26. IgnusArmagadan

    What a ***

  27. Laserking7

    Actually, it’s not $1900, it’s closer to $2600 USD after conversion. I looked into buying it myself, but who has $2600 just lying around for a gaming device lol. We can only hope the unused port will be for video out, or that the next Vita will have a standard miniHDMI or something.
    Anyways, keep it up SKFU! Take all the time you need to make a polished product!

  28. engineer

    Did anyone try to braze a hdmi or usb solder terminal to the consumer vita? Do you think it will be recognized without a modified firmware?

  29. brentt

    and after 3 years, is there any progress made on these so called devkit psvita’s ?