SKFU got his hands on a Vita devkit…says it has vulnerabilities that could help hacking it


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132 Responses

  1. MikeBeav3r says:

    First :p

    Nice work on getting it though, looking forward to more info :)

  2. Konrad says:

    without reading this blog….

    … what hacks did come ever out with the help of skfu???!
    this guy sucks

    • wololo says:

      Yeah… SKFU is a nice fellow with apparently lots of connections, but I must admit I’m having a hard time finding any time he’s done a major contribution to the PS3 or Vita scene. We’ll see, I guess :)

    • SuperiorKnightZ says:

      It’s people like you that makes people like SKFU quit the ps scene. If you don’t like what you see or read then don’t leave a comment. Have some respect for this guy who takes time from his life to help out most of the immature little children like you who just don’t really care how hard it is to do this. There are other people like wololo who care and give attention to his work. Anyways keep on going SKFU and thank you wololo for the update.

  3. MikeBeav3r says:

    Perhaps the reason he want’s to sell it now is that he has found a way to convert a standard Vita into a dev unit, and wants to get some money for it before it becomes worthless?

  4. wartaf says:

    for sure i am ready for it!! btw, SKFU only gonna sell the license or the Vita unit only?

  5. diceaurora says:

    I am ready for an exploit, but do you think sony may stop making games for the vita if that exploit is ever released?

    • Medu says:

      ieap, how is it going to leave the console alone

    • Jd8531 says:

      Highly unlikely, they’re still making psp games and that’s been exploited and hacked to no ends.

    • oreo says:

      No they signed a 10 year agreement saying that they will support the Vita for at least the next 10 years.

      • Loketar says:

        That agreement being signed to whom? Themselves? After all it’s their console, their software, their hardware, if they wished they could say today you know what we can’t be arsed with the Vita anymore, let’s ditch it. No-one on the face of the planet could change a thing.

  6. lonton16 says:

    Alot smaller than the original. Any one want to get the ps vita slim beforehand can buy it, lol

  7. N0TR0LL says:


  8. Snipe says:

    I wonder what dev kits do. If he’s able to do signed games and whatnot, is it possible he can sign homebrew or try out homebrews on his dev kit Vita?

  9. BATMAN says:


  10. idontknow says:

    most likely he has a means to run unsigned self on retail vita 😀

  11. mlamont30 says:

    This is great news. I only hope we can have a v hack by xmas.

  12. Fickfackerei says:


  13. ASH says:

    Where can you purchase one of these units from?

  14. Maxilus says:

    Yes.. This is what I want to see.. Congrats bro. Hope to see more news regards on this.

  15. CJW says:

    My hope is something like a rap2rid process for Vita. I think CFW firmware on the ps3 with oCMa feature coud lead to good things. So you downlooad a vita as a pkg file then use a ps3 app to sign it then tranfer to vita thru a ps3 oCMA. Dont know if this woukd be a path but it woukd be cool.

  16. Keyblade Spirit says:

    Is it just me, or does the dev Vita actually look a little cooler than the retail model? I’m loving those black buttons on top instead of the silver colored ones.

  17. gr8n00d1e says:

    yap!I can’t wait!

  18. joseph says:

    hey skfu its me joey from ps3hax i used to be a mod on there
    we talked a couple a times back in the psp hacking days i dont know if you remember me but any way i hope you did find a exploite in the vita that would be great news dont listen to the people saying you never gave nothing good to the ps3 seen or psp scene thats bs if you did find something you will be praised by alot of people even the ones that said you never gave anything good to the scene i guess some people dont know what it takes to find exploites these days
    good luck man and thanks for all your work

  19. duran says:

    Mi brother is seeing vita cfw soon the true cfw,i am wating for that and mi brother who is in the hospital too.

  20. skfu says:

    @joseph never heard of you an secondly i dont think i would talk to anyone with a stupid name as joseph so you must be drunk thinking you have a talk with me.

    • n1nurt4 says:

      As I highly doubt someone who is involved in the scene and has a basic level of intelligence would be a complete a-hole to someone he’s apparently never heard of, I would suggest that you don’t impersonate other people. Anonymity is your friend, but it’s not a free pass to be a little sh*t. Poser.

  21. michael says:

    i cant wait cfw for my ps vita

  22. joseph says:

    thank you wololo sorry in that case i should have known better he wouldnt have acted like that

  23. jlo138 says:

    He’s selling it either because it no longer serves his purpose as he got what he wants out of it. Or because he doesn’t want to deal with possible repercussions from Sony. I mean keep your eyes open, but don’t get to excited yet as nothing is definite nor guaranteed at this time. That’s what I think. Either way, progress has been made.

  24. skfu says:

    @jlo138 you have nothing to worry about i am working on it.

  25. Dario says:

    Very nice job! Keep it up! I am ready for a Vita hack. 😉

  26. andrea82it says:

    a vita hack is good… but only if is oriented to homebrew and not for run illegal copy of any ps vita game.
    if someone is capable to make a hack without psv iso reader i tell yes to the hack of psv.

  27. luis67 says:

    skfu if you would like to tell us to update or not to 2.00 ofw?

  28. Darton Staker says:

    Lol if it is possible to recreate dev firmware on any vita I think the world as we know it could flip on its head. I would love to see this happen, since I heard of the dev kits capabilities I’ve said that it should be used for vita since Sony doesn’t incorporate it to begin with! Cloud gaming, developing, free games, etc etc. this I hope will progress and those knocking SKFU you might just burn one day.

    • gunblade says:

      i think the usb for the dev is just used to excess to the memory card like the psp were u can just copy to the memory card as from a folder on ur computer. idk wy the dev vita need hdmi out unless is for checking graphic on 720 or sumthing since the psp go the wire used for video out was the same port as the psp usb n charger port… wandering is it to check the remote play on the ps3 systems.. cuz was think can video out the thing right in to the vita unless is jus on out port n not one in port but is hdmi…

  29. neverthewiseone says:

    man, it’s great if the ps vita get’s hacked, i’ll be able to unlock it’s simcard and use it but I’m also having 2nd thoughts about it. would this really cause fewer games to be released by game developers or ported games from japan? because of fewer people going legit? i guess it’s way to early in my opinion.

  30. kosuke says:

    lol wish mine had an hdmi port

  31. vicsidious says:

    I’d kill a hobo for a dev vita!

  32. geniushzw says:

    That’s amazing!Looking forward for more information.

  33. About7fish says:

    Can’t wait to see where this goes! eCFW is nice and all, but native Vita cfw would open homebrew up to a whole new world of possibilities!

  34. Foleyfactor says:

    Did @Skfu get this dev vita from donations and now he is trying to sell it already? pretty poor on the users that donated towards it in my opinion, unless he is ready to share something big!

    • gunblade says:

      think they released sumwat wat he found out ..think said found the internal memory were the vita store the internal apps n stuff wich from what seems like nice that they have uvl.. but its just the paths that i seen… but i think the game card install are keep in the same location..

  35. hammer says:

    SKFU I say *** . This guy solicits money for a dev kit, to help the scene by finding exploits. Well he got the dev kit and says there are exploits in it, but for some reason he wants to sell it.
    sounds to me like he got the dev kit, found out its useless for exploits and now wants to make a buck.If it really is useful then he should be selling it to wololo and friends,for whatever he had to pay out of pocket for it (the money that was donated for the kit,was to find exploits not fatten his wallet)

    I say shame on SKFU and good like getting donations in the future

    • hammer says:

      lol like =luck

    • Byatsuke says:

      What are you fussing about? it’s none of your problem.

      1st and foremost, it’s his decision, he bought it and therefore he can do what he wants.

      If you are so wanting to help the hacking community, do it urself. Otherwise, see things as it is and remember that they are doing it on their freewill.

      • hammer says:

        I do help ,like donating for a dev kit that SKFU is now selling.
        and he didn’t buy it we the people who donated bought it.

      • hammer says:

        1st and foremost SKFU didn’t buy it we the people who donated bought it
        2nd I’m not a dev but I do help the community by donating $ when I can

        ps I would never rag on a dev for not releasing something or taking too long to release or scrapping promised projects ,but when you beg the community for money to buy a dev kit then turn around and sell it, that just shady

        • n1nurt4 says:

          2nd that. However perhaps he is merely tested the waters for people who would use the dev kit for monetary gain, i.e. the bad pirates.

  36. §☺§ says:

    How in the world did he Get the DEVKIT?!?!?

  37. svenn says:

    Collect donated money, then sell it off. Scammer ?

  38. Tonakai says:

    This news is really amazing. Pretty damn happy about this and I can’t wait to see what comes of it.

  39. danzo says:

    Maybe SKFU (or anyone that has good hardware knowledge and a devkit) should look on the feature of HDMI output. I did not find any information about this, but i think there is no other hardware needed to output video through HDMI, there should be the possibility to output it from already available hardware components, as long as it is only hardware controlled meaning it is not controlled by the special devkit firmware ( sony did plan native hdmi output for retail vita, but later they decided to cancel this feature, but i think the connections still have to be on the board).
    i look forward to whatever skfu found and hope he shares more with us :)

    • z3 says:

      How are you going to connect a HDMI cable to a standard Vita?

      • danzo says:

        there may be an issue putting the connector somewhere, but i think there won’t be an issue tracing down the connection on the devkit and finding these connections on the retail device 😉 but only speculation by me as i haven’t found any information about the hdmi connector on the devkit.

        • z3 says:

          Even if you find those connection, i wonder how it can be used. A standard Vita doesnt output video through the “USB” port, and you need to make some custom contact/wire to be able to connect a HDMI cable to the Vita.

          • Jd8531 says:

            If you people forgot, there is a second port on the top right of the Vita 😉

          • z3 says:

            Ah yes, i actually forgot about that completely hehe :) But i’m not that this is a port that is set for video out, i think it is an input port, not output. But that is just my guess though.

  40. nCadeRegal says:

    nice read, very interesting. im guessing that will be what our 2nd gen vita, a so called slim will look like, and finally features i thought would be in the unit from day 1, ie. usb 2.0, HDMI is my number one wish it had that complaint. i still cant believe that sony hasnt released a video out cable yet. but it took the psp till the slims to come to the scene for that ability. good luck bud hope you glean the scene with whatever knowledge you have recieved from your dev kit. thank you.

    • z3 says:

      I doubt that HDMI will be included, same with USB. Sony needs to get the price of the Vita down, then they can add more stuff to it. USB will not be included mostly because of security issues, and they also want people to use the official Vita cable instead.

  41. Geo says:

    Is it just me or is the dev unit smaller than the retail one (despite having extra bling like an hdmi and usb port?

  42. duran says:

    Friends friends,if he is selling that is cuz he knows something what to discovered and seem be what need of here in forward if he dont need that hardware is cuz be fine with our vita if dont only dont selling and used more you know think.

  43. thelosthacker says:

    stay tuned more ps3 hacks to come which will be more exciting than the current ……………THELOSTHACKER

  44. SSJ-Vita says:

    I think…. scrap the vita os ASAP and awesome job ps sceners.

  45. mlc says:

    If SKFU sells this at a small loss or profit, he should really make an effort to return the donations he received. Not that I would have donated money to some random guy online, but it’s pretty shady for him to solicit donations to buy something and then turn around and sell it relatively quickly.

  46. Squiggs says:

    I want one, I might start saving money and raise some money to get one, because I have the know how but not what I need to start developing and that would be a great lea
    p forward.

  47. Mr-Shizzy says:


    SKFU led the way in PSP xmb hacking and was the first to release a POC that allowed the XMB icons to be changed. Eventually that ended up leading to ZiNgA BuRgA releasing rcoMage which led to animated PSP themes. And honestly, PSP themes are a large part of what kept the scene going so strong for so long. So ppl need to get their facts straight before making outrageous insults to this guy 😉

  48. power_bi says:

    I’ve seen it before, probably
    because I have devVita at work =D
    but that one is slimer then ours =`
    maybe ps vita slim is coming.

    • iownaBLACKVITA says:

      Where do you work @ power bi

    • gunblade says:

      yea it does seems slimmer then the normal version but i thought i herd that the dev kits dident have the game port idk… i want one vita dev now starthing to get sdk working..would be fun. n wats with sony nasne waithing for a american realse so i can get uniktone for the vita…

  49. auron says:

    this is great I hope to see a full CFW on the vita on full access on psp and vita sections on the system.

  50. skfu says:

    Hello guys, i have a revelation to tell you all. First, i am sorry to offend the donators who helped me get a dev. Kit. All of your efforts have not gone to waste as i have successfully hacked the psvita and run a cfw on it. As much as i want to release it in public, we are facing a huge problem, the 2.0 update that will be released on the 19th. It would not be ideal to release the cfw as of now for 2 reasons. #1 vita cfw isn’t stable as of now. Some games dosen’t run on the vita cfw and crashes randomly
    #2 if i release the vita now, all work will go to waste as sony will definitely patch and fix this exploit. Please be patient guys, a cfw for vita will come sooner or later.

  51. fpstps says:

    Go download all the old AR games and keep them safe

  52. stfb1055 says:

    I would like to see ps vita hack a working one… All i wanted to get cheats for vita games. Keep up the good work!! :)

  53. Felixbxb says:

    I have hacked the vita , send donations to release.

  54. ZeKatembe says:

    xeueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee im going to buy a vita now if felix just hacked the vita =D

  55. Bobby Harrell says:

    I want it but not for hacking, I would use it for legit developing :-), $1900 is a bit steep for a test device though. I wish Sony would make a Dev SDK that was more affordable but you could use your personal Vita with, (not the mobile suite ***)

  56. Laserking7 says:

    Actually, it’s not $1900, it’s closer to $2600 USD after conversion. I looked into buying it myself, but who has $2600 just lying around for a gaming device lol. We can only hope the unused port will be for video out, or that the next Vita will have a standard miniHDMI or something.
    Anyways, keep it up SKFU! Take all the time you need to make a polished product!

  57. engineer says:

    Did anyone try to braze a hdmi or usb solder terminal to the consumer vita? Do you think it will be recognized without a modified firmware?

  58. brentt says:

    and after 3 years, is there any progress made on these so called devkit psvita’s ?

  59. wololo says:

    Not the real skfu, dont trust just based on nickname.

  60. skfu says:

    stop encouraging joseph to post more stupid comments its abvious he is lying and yes im the real deal sorry joseph no happy ending.

  61. >_> says:

    abvious? ABVIOUS??? Wrong vowel there slappy. Learn how to spell if you’re going to impersonate someone, and insult others.

  62. gunblade says:

    think his spell check not working..

  63. wololo says:

    Please stay polite next time, so I don’t have to salvage your message from the spam folder, I won’t do it again :)

  64. wraddek says:

    If you don’t like homebrew than why are you on this site?? …idiot. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR PROGRESS SKFU!

  65. solala says:

    agreed agreed agreed

    everyone who was there at the start of the ps3 hacks knows that

  66. gunblade says:

    and i wana add a hard drive n 3d camera n a subwofer to my vita…

  67. M_ELITE says:

    I would like to add a 12mp cell phone camera and a micro sd card slot to my Vita think it’s possible?

  68. gunblade says:

    cuz they was probly going have compasit cables like they did the psp go

  69. Jd8531 says:

    I think they did, there’s another port on the top right of the Vita under the flap. They’ve never confirmed what it actually does but I’m pretty sure that’s a special video out cable that Sony hasn’t used yet.

  70. Aces says:

    if you can find a way, good luck to you.
    if that was sarcasm, you failed.

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