SKFU keeps digging into the Vita (also he probably found an exploit but nobody seems to realize it)


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90 Responses

  1. KJHMAGIC says:

    cool… first!

  2. HaYNigloo says:

    Hurray!! Vita’sploits are “near”!

  3. idontknow says:

    is it really vita stick ? or is it internal flash memory ? cus it’s impossible for live area shell installed on vita stick (memory stick), well you see, it still there even when there’s no stick.

  4. Ross says:

    Great news, i hope this leads to CFW in near future.

    Continue great work guys.

  5. Jhilliard1800 says:

    instead of calling it “vita stick” seeing as it doesnt relate a stick at all, why not call it “vita storage” since i’m sure when they get further into the system you will find that the memory cards are more then likely the new “ms0”. just a personal theory and suggestion.

    • Yukon says:

      It’s best to call it Vita stick, because you can’t put anything into the Vitas storage.

      • IgnusArmagadan says:

        That may be, but Near isn’t stored on the memory stick, it’s stored within the Vita somewhere. If it were on the stick, then you wouldn’t be able to use Near while there is no memory stick inserted into the Vita. Could there be a possability that there could actually be some internal flash hidden from the user, just enough to have these pre-installed apps?

  6. rafael707 says:

    interesting news

  7. Rufus says:

    I saw this a week or 2 ago. It kinda made me wonder since it has the file paths. I sure hope he’s found an exploit, and even more so, I hope he’s willing to share.

  8. Thecoldest1 says:

    I know this a stupid question but is there any kind of way we can access the vs0:/ with like pspfiler don’t get mad people it’s just a question

    • Mr. Jack says:

      Well since psp filer is within the PSP emulator it is going to access the PSP memory within rather than the Vitas own memory. So I would say no. But in the future we would use a similar app to access the vita memory with a full on Vita hack.

  9. Biohazard says:

    Thanks wololo for the news =)
    What do you think, I’m 1.81, in case SFKU found a new exploit is that I can go through on 2.00 at the next November 21 or is what it is safer to stay in 1.81?

  10. CM says:

    I think we should just go with “vita storage” for now, considering it really isn’t stored on the card itself, as idontknow stated.

  11. psvrox says:

    imho is this a internal storage or flash of the vita cauz the apps are there also w/o memory card

    on psp there was a folder called vsh containing keyboard, wave, icons and other stuff

    maybe theres also a vs1

    but this must mean we got acces to the flash’s

  12. Frank says:

    I love reading your news, it’s like reading my morning newspaper. Really interesting !

    • Danio says:

      Yh it is a verry interesting website i check it every time i get a chance to thanks for the update wololo i seen it last week but didnt realy think much of it but now you have coverd it i think he is getting somewere :)

  13. Brenza says:

    Emh.. you can find these thing by loggin into the vita with the target manager, no exploits here!

  14. Maccle says:

    Looks like he got his Vita dev kit and is now trying to sell it….

    Surplus to requirements?

  15. kosuke says:

    yea that has to be vita flash memory. cause when you format your memory stick everything disappears but those

  16. itsmeMimi says:

    i think the near,party and web browser apps are installed in the vita’s internal memory?

  17. Efus35 says:

    Please dont relase a vita exploit please…

  18. gliitch says:

    ive looked into the PSVita via the ftp, & have got a hold of SCEVMC0.VMP & SCEVMC1.VMP (these are virual memory cards the vita uses on the psp side) as of yet no way to write to them. :( will try hexediting though. :)

  19. Captain Obvious says:

    You should wait a while before releasing it, game developers will not develop for a console hacked so early.

    • NakedFaerie says:

      The PSP was hacked from the start and there are still games getting released for that so your comment is totally wrong.

    • Jd8531 says:

      To be fair not many game developers are developing now for the vita, even Sony admitted that themselves recently.

    • Meringue says:

      The 3DS outsold the Vita last week 47 to 1

      The Vita sold less than 40k last month in the US.

      This thing is already dead, all you’ll get developed for it is a few ports and a few token Sony games/localizations.

  20. Dovlek says:

    Wow good news but yeah looks like a dev kit
    Keep it up wololo And skfu

  21. gliitch says:

    hex edited a SCEVMC0.VMP erased a part that says PMV, when trying to edit the file, i cannot load the save anymore.

  22. notder says:

    wow!! the new path. interesting.

  23. nCadeRegal says:

    once again nice read. i was wondering what ever happened with skfu’s work on the vita. its nice to see some progress is being made. badabababaaaah im lovn it.

  24. Jason says:

    Oh Creature From other Side, Please Hear my cry
    come out from shadows when i say your name “DARK ALEX”

  25. Jason says:

    I miss M33 Team.

  26. Scorreggione says:

    Gotta warez ’em all !!!

  27. mangosteam says:


  28. garv says:

    when you do the hack. release the 3G network? would be excellent that unlock the 3G network.

  29. razor says:

    WOW Great news!
    Pic of SKFU’s Vita DevKit with HDMI and mini USB port.

  30. alvin says:

    we buy that thing or not to exploite the vita or not its very expensive eh?

  31. Hatemeidontcare says:

    The vita doesn’t have a future , this new find may not be an exploit but if anyone tries to hack the vita or releases a full cfw then it’s game over the handheld , Sony is already struggling to attract game developers for it, and to be honest the vita is the most boring console I’ve ever had , I’ve had ecfw on it, enjoyed it for awhile then got bored it quickly so I deleted it now I’m back on psn and bought 70% of vita games and I’m still bored of it, remakes are killing this console , sony hasn’t brought anything new and exciting to the vita and that’s why it remains a fail handheld console, I’ll put mine on eBay soon,
    I can see Sony and hackers putting this little machine into a grave

    • wololo says:

      But if the timing is right, hacking could mean a second life to the console. I’m not saying that should happen now, but I’m just saying…

    • Tonakai says:

      People that really have no idea of what they’re talking about seem to be the most verbal with their opinions, it’s a shame. Many people said that the PSP had no future, yet look at it today (same goes for the PS3).

      If you do not enjoy your console, that’s fine, but I don’t really see Sony putting it into a grave for a long period. Even if they did, I really do not see hackers doing so. I mean, the amount of interest this console has had, and the fact that it has been bringing people over from other scenes such as the PS3 and iOS is great.

      Due to how powerful it is for a handheld, I really do not see people just giving up on it as it were. Many people can actually see the potential of the console.

  32. Nickolas says:

    Even if he had an exploit he’d still have to RE the Vita Stick’s format to get that info. How did you guys launch VHBL in the first place? Just by guessing the path? Or is it stored in the exploited game’s folder? Sorry for asking, I do not own a Vita only a PSP and things seem to have changed a lot…

    • wololo says:

      VHBL worked because the psp emulator on the vita is a perfect reproduction of the PSP system. We just did all the development on a PSP, and it worked out of the box in the emulator

  33. zzjcc5000 says:

    When I play Survival mode of the psv COD,my vita always go wrong.
    And it showed that NPXSxxxxxx went wrong.
    How can I solve it?

    Is there the problem on the Server?

  34. Tonakai says:

    This was a very interesting read, and I’m hoping that this could lead to some real progress into hacking the vita (although, I’m not saying that the usermode and psp emu kernel exploits are not progress, but there’s only so far they can go with regards to progress).

    I would really love to find out that SKFU has been sharing information with YifanLu since I’m really looking forward to UVL.

  35. psVitovic says:

    how the heck did he obtain an dev kit? and how does he think that noone will find him… it’s not like there are 1000000 of dev kits around… just one wrong person, and if that serial number goes viral, there will be $ony knocking at his door.. how does he intend to sell something like that on the internet and knowing that the whole international company like $ony is going after it?

    also, logical way of thinking is that he works for $ony or some game dev company, so one should ask a question: what are the moral standards of the man named *** and what are his intentions, as he is able to work in an high-class company and steal their property and sell it on the internet… one thing is reverse engineering, the other is human engineering that is particularly ugly (at least to me)

  36. deathbydevice says:

    just out of curiosity. sony has forgotten tech, the memory stick micro. about the same thickness of the vita card with 2 extra notches. it also came with a memory stick adapter to fit a computer. if i remember it was for the Ericsson, but i could be wrong. anyway to tamper with it to fit a vita card? just a question ive wanted to share.

    • Aun asi con un adaptador, ¿como darias el formato correspondiente a la memoria? MICRO SD

    • thedicemaster says:

      the MS micro actually already fits a vita memory card slot.
      it’s also a bit thinner than a vita memory card(about 2/3 the size of a vita memory card)

      you will face 2 issues though:
      you’d need a really thin converter card because the contacts are in different locations and sizes.
      and there’s probably more than just a memory chip in there to prevent counterfeiting or tricks like you’re suggesting.

      and the MS micro was used in the psp go as well.

  37. conocer la raiz es importante.

  38. Resinmg says:

    Okay dont know if this will help but i got a Vita game backup on my pc and it was not taken from the vita with Open CMA. I took this game off the vita on my ps3 with CFW 4.21 then transfered it to my pc i can see everything inside the game folders. If this will help i will send this to SKFU or Wololo.

  39. bosanovaX says:

    Very interesting, I like :)

  40. gliitch says:

    not really illegal if he owns it already. play sony are but hurt because there are people who outsmart them . :)

  41. dimy93 says:

    wait,wait the vita apps are actually in vita’s flash rigth?
    I think that those are paths to vita’s internals not the ms?
    Can someone clear my confusion?

  42. Davee says:

    very bold headline, especially since SKFU is using a devkit which has access to filesystem.

  43. nega93 says:

    wasn’t the psp go had the same root name??? “vs0/…”

  44. stevothekilla16 says:

    Wololo i would like to imform you that i have a psv and the intrenal sever is very similar to the ps3 original do you think since the original ps3 came with a ps2 emulator mby u guys can try hard mods to the system

  45. AyeGuy says:

    I prefer if vita games not get pirated but I would love to be able to play N64 games on it at full speed

  46. mali says:

    SKFU is no dev. Anybody from the old scene will know what I mean by this.

  47. CJW says:

    I am going to take both sides of this arguement. On the one hand $ony is recycling a lot of old stuff. I don’t totally mind it as some PSP games actually seem like they were made to be played on Vita because of the bigger screen and programable second analogue and virutal touchscreen buttons. MGS PW, the Logan games and others play much better and still hold up pretty well grafx wise. Some of the PSX stuff is really starting to show its age but others like FF series and ChronoX still look and play great. SOTN is always a favorite and lord I have bought and played that game 5 times now over the years.

    On the other hand, their has not been a great flow of worthy or top end titles for the Vita and that is dissapointing. Also I really wish their would be more remote play functionality. There are some PSN PS3 games that would be great for remote play. I love rocketbirds and rockhard and journey. Those games would tranlate wonderfully to the Vita for remote play. Other full ps3 titles maybe not as well but so much PSN content would rock. I would really hope we see more unique Vita content as it is a unique product in the market. It has way more horsepower than any other handheld or tablet to do proper gaming. It has great input functionality with a good standard gaming config as well as the dual touch/gyro/mic/cameras. I mean so many cool portable game concepts could be utilized that have yet to be done.

    In the end I would say have some patience. It is a great kit and $ony has shown with PS2/PS3/PSP that they can be patient and even though all of those products had slow or stumbling starts they became great over time. Vita needs some killer apps though to get its sales moving. For me Drake is still the best game and Gravity Rush and MGS are close behind. Seems as though no one bought GR and MGS is a rehash of 5+ year old games so its not enough to attract those that are not $ony fans. A killer multiplayer online FPS or MMORPG would really help. Why not something like everquest or WOW for vita. Something like that with high quality would bring the sales they need.

  48. Meringue says:

    Vita’s problem is that the whole “portable console” thing has no market. Western gamers don’t want dedicated handhelds, especially ones without Mario games.

    Instead of pouring money into trickle down console trash, they should have reinvested in their otaku scene stuff, and their other cult openings. How they let Monster Hunter slip away I’ll never understand, MH2G was the game that saved the PSP and the series was the backbone of their system in general.

    They should have thrown money at Monster Hunter, did a Demon’s Souls spinoff (SCEJ owns the franchise) and in general for their console type games, they need to focus SOLELY on the ones that sell, ie; Uncharted and Gran Turismo. No Killzone, no Resistance, no America only type software.

    They wanted to get America though, and they were convinced piracy is what slayed the software sales in the US, when it wasn’t. Adults and contemporary gamers just don’t want handhelds here and the fanbase for it that opened up was one for niche Japanese games, not stuff like CoD.

  49. SofaKing™ says:

    i would like to see games like “RISK”,”UNO”, and/or “monopoly” crossplayable. but i am stuck here in North America where we dont even have “angrybirds” or “crash bandicoot” for our psVITAs

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