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Ps3 hacks you probably don’t know about


I like beer.

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  1. Gregow

    Read ps3history.net for more ps3 history, this article barely scrapes what happened in the scene prior to ps jailbreak.

  2. *** happened my name o.o

  3. nCadeRegal

    another nice read snake. keep em coming

  4. Keneth

    Some more Vita News or updates would be great…

    • W00t

      Very interesting read. Thanks to Gregow for the PS3history.net link, reading that now.

      Why are you people demanding Vita news? Do you want them to make *** up? If there was news to report it would be here.

  5. Jacob

    I am unemployed, but still have a PS3 from when I was employed.

    I am hopeful the new lvl 0 keys might open up the way for a softmod. I can’t pay for a $59 game, let alone an $89 flasher to downgrade.

    Perhaps I am delusional to think a softmod is something any groups are interested in working on. Maybe all the hackers already have flashers and downgraded so don’t need a softmod?

    • kagaelus

      UUUhhhhhhh you should pay for games bro.!!!

      On another note thanks for the ps3 news

      • Jacob

        Yarr certainly are right matey! *cough*

        You’re certainly right about that bro.

        • Theboss

          Jacob if you can’t afford games then sell your ps3, it’s one luxury that you can live without.

          • Jacob

            Well I would lose a lot of money reselling my PS3, so I don’t like the idea of that much. But I do not disagree with your reasoning – the PS3 is not required for me to continue breathing oxygen.

            So you are right there, I theoretically COULD live without it. However it may be possible to eat it. I will investigate that further if things get that dire.

          • the elitist

            ya jacob don’t you know that if your poor you’re not allowed to hAve any fun. Sure its ok to steal food to feed your belly, but to steal video games to feed your mind….never worm these video game companies need their billion$ and everytime (eventhough you have no money) you play a pirated game, you are taking a sale away from these billion dollar companies.shame on you

          • Minimur

            yes, sell your ps3 so you can buy games for the ps3!!!!

    • svenn

      Get a job.

  6. This was a really awesome read.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  7. errm

    Cut the *** were is tn-c 

  8. power_bi

    in Ukraine 75% of ps3 owners didn’t pay for games.

  9. power_bi

    and 40 percent had never
    bought the intellectual
    property. So that one person
    does not change the

  10. power_bi

    «No one is right, everyone is

  11. Roland

    Did you totally do the DC security post just to tie into this? (I smiled hard when I saw the tie in)
    lol I see what you did there.

  12. VinsCool

    OK then I missed alot… And what about savegame exploits? Could it be possible to do the same as on psp since the savegame system is similar? This is just a noob question, because I managed to change the pic0.png without corrupting it and also the param.sfo, I wrote a lot of fake informations on it, putes it on my usb stick and my ps3 accepted it without any questions… But is it possible to change data of savegame, to make a crash, by doing a filename longer than N characters? Finally using it to jump to an ELF loader? Sorry if it was too long, because I’m curious about yours opinions.

  13. marlewuk

    nice article acid_snake, some cool hacks there – shame were discontinued.

  14. 1fff

    One question where i get an CFW for 4.30 ?

  15. ivo

    why dont their exist ps3 gamesave exploits like with the psp ?.?

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