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PSVita PSplus next week with Vita 2.0 OFW update

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  1. henriquebrazil says:


  2. andrew says:

    my vita has not been hacked yet should i just go ahead and update or is there no chance of a exploit being released before the update is live?

  3. PlayerGG says:

    My little sister deleted my Mad Blocker after I reformatted my computer. So no backup and no App on PSV, sad.
    Can’t do anything, but just waiting for a new exploit, or probably no more eCWF for me…
    If any dev would like to release their exploit, it should be now, or never. UPDATE is coming on the next week.
    Hope the devs will release something for the idiot like me and others who didn’t get the game…. LOL 😀 PEACE.

  4. chingon says:

    I can’t waight, updating one and remaing on 1.81 on the other…

  5. Likedot says:

    I just hope they arrange the compatible games ps3/psv Remote play.

    • Frank says:

      Yes ! Can’t wait to play FFXIII remotely while playing other things on the TV.

      Don’t know why they promised us remote play working on everything and still not got it !

  6. BATMAN says:

    nothing new other than new apps and forced updates on your vita that will suckkkk

  7. Kah says:


    Looks like its time to grab a 2nd Vita…

    • Onso says:

      I’ll never understand this logic. A second Vita? Thats such a waste of money. Either continue using eCFW or update. It’s not that hard of a decision to make.

      • SofaKing™ says:

        hey i have 2 vitas also, 2 ps3’s 2 psp’s i like to UPDATE and use eCFW. it might be a waste of money but it is MY money. i just wish that the Gravity Rush exploit waited till this 2.0 update, but the DEVS might have something in the lurch waiting for us.

    • Shane says:

      or you can get a PSP.

  8. will says:

    useless update for all that time Sony is trying to make this a social device. They need to realize sooner that we bought the system to play games not send email and post tweets.

    • andrew says:

      I guess they are trying to keep up with apple and honestly i love the social side of the vita……i just wish they would hurry up and release a ereader app and for me it would be perfect

  9. wartaf says:

    i like the new update features! but if they going to block the eCFW, i wont update it. lol!!

  10. Peter says:

    I dont care about CFW. Why would I want to play old games on brand new Vita? I played PS1 games on on my PS1 12 years ago. I played PSP games on my PSP 5 years ago.


    • stOneskull says:

      while i mainly agree with you, it’s important to support homebrew and the people who do want the eCFW. while i am happy to keep psp stuff on my psp, i do still enjoy playing ps1 stuff, if it’s 12 years old or not. i still play snes stuff and even some stuff from the early 1980s.. like 30 years old now.. fortunately i/we don’t lose much with giving up eCFW but there are a lot of members who don’t want to give it up for their own reasons and that should always be respected, i think.

    • zoraktorok says:

      You must be a Sony guy checking up on the reaction of this community after an update announcement…. Otherwise, defend yourself and tell me why your even here :->

  11. DQEight says:

    Ecfw is great and all, but I have my psp for playing psp games and home brew , I’ll probably update until the vita scene figures out how to access the full vita hardware.

  12. itsmeMimi says:

    FW 2.00
    It will support HTML 5 and JavaScript
    PS Vita users will have the ability to “Tweet” web page addresses

  13. cscash241 says:

    there is a typo “PS Plus nets you”

  14. nCadeRegal says:

    The whole reason i bought a 2nd vita. Plus i have a nasty habit of collecting special edition handhelds. (9 psp’s and counting)oh well not worried here. wololo and his mates will always overcome sony and their shortcomings!!!!!

  15. shokashi says:

    to be honest, the new ps vita updat provide a good selection of upgrades and what have you, but on the down side we are still unsure what sort of update it provides, the update may just run the psp emulation a completly diff way than just a rip of the original software. if that is the case then it may be some time for another hacke may be made for it, if that is not the case the detail they have not mentioned with the new CMA leave much to be said as there is nothing at all on it, all it will take is a perfect blend of coding between the two to *** up the homebrew scene for us all.

    i like my vita and i like the fact i can play games i used to own and still do on them again…………. i am just lost for words at this point so heres to sony not sc*** us up…… again

  16. AyeGuy says:

    I will just stay on 1.81 for a while

  17. NakedFaerie says:

    What I’m looking for is a way to sync the Vita with a 4.21REX PS3 without PSN.
    When I try it always wants to connect to PSN but that PS3 cant connect to PSN, obviously as its 4.21REX.

    We need an OpenPS3 (OpenCMA for the PS3 😀 )

    • WolfRamiO says:

      PS3 alredy have too many things

    • zoraktorok says:

      Are you trying to copy xmb stuff over or use remote play? For now you could log in to psn…. I’m pretty sure that even if you could copy xmb content like ps1 games over it wouldn’t work on the vita because the security certificate would be diffrent.. I tried to get some zen pinball 2 tables to port over and the vita gave me an error.

  18. Stiffeno says:

    Not really any good features being added in OFW 2.0, imo not worth losing eCFW for crappy social networking features that I never use anyway!

    My beloved launch Vita will be staying on 1.81 for the foreseeable future 🙂

  19. larry says:

    suck my 12in sony ull never gonna stop us

  20. GuitaristMatt says:

    With ps+ it might be worth it, after all, I still have my PSP

  21. itsmeMimi says:

    only one good thing for the next update…HTML5 support…

  22. mad8vad says:

    Bye-bye eCFW. “Free” games for Vita better then for PSP

    • WolfRamiO says:

      theres no free games on vita, with ps+ you rent them!

    • Rico says:

      there arent many good Vita games arent to begin with and the few good ones? Just buy them! Why rent? And is it just me or does playing psp games on the vita more enjoyable than playing them on the psp? It’s just an opinion but i just love my vita as it is right now: Hacked, packed with classics and the ability to play the few good vita games…

  23. starfall05 says:

    excited! i suggest the pros of upgrading to ps vita 2.00 will be quite well, you will get “vita” games for free.

    if you have money or already a ps plus subsriber on ps3 i suggest going ahead with it. you’ll still gaining something and you’ll love ur vita more 🙂

    on the other hand if u have a ps vita only and tight on a budget then we have to be contented for what cfw has to offer..

    nice tactic sony 🙂

  24. stOneskull says:

    well played, sony..

    well played, indeed 🙂

  25. Maxilus says:

    This kinda sucks.. Just new email app, play 1080P video, PS Plus, updated CMA and improved web browser? That all? They shouldnt call it ver 2.0 at all. Sound like version 1.90.

    • stOneskull says:

      i think it deserves being called 2.0 – it’s a vita milestone, a big change.. the whole vita package from CMA to the PS Store and PS Plus is new, the point in history where vita made these changes was 2.0.. it feels right to me

  26. notder says:

    very hard decision to choose one of them

  27. ricki says:

    So is there a way to shutoff updates or do you have to manually update. I just dont want to turn on my vita and see this new update on there without me downloading or installing it

    • zoraktorok says:

      requires manual.. even if you tell it to update you have to go through the terms and accept them…. really hard to do it by accident.

  28. zoraktorok says:

    I’m having a hard time on this as well… I just decided that I shouldn’t play black ops 2 online for awhile, and Black Ops Declassified is working pretty well to fill the void… I’d rather hate to lose that one as well. I have my own reservations that this will block anything anyway, other than opencma or we would have seend something sooner than this. Without opencma I know ecfw is pretty useless, but I don’t think it would be as hard to crack as finding a kxploit…. I wonder how sonys servers check for validity anyway, if its file name and bit size couldn’t an app be made to “compress” with filler for that type of verification and psp app to put things right once it made the transfer?

  29. Icegod says:

    The system will automatically start up, download and install updates. So bye bye future exploits…

  30. Ignus Armagadan says:

    I really like all of those things being added, but I like my eCFW more…

  31. Darton Staker says:

    I’m really paranoid at this stage, I would love if Sony would be more than what they appear today, I can only think of how this affects eCFW for me and if there is a forced permaban that goes along with the use of an exploit and openCMA. But I enjoy the exploit as a add-on since I still have a Psp I’m not too fazed, but as a lot of people. Analog needs replacement. I would rather be for official updates with the hacks developing over a couple years before I hack it, but unfortunately Sony doesn’t make it worthwhile, and I don’t see why I must pay excess for a service that should be standard and free.

  32. Zonic says:

    What’s that? Sony giving us a reason to update?! Blasphemy!

  33. azu says:

    We in eu pays more for psn+ and gets less content?
    seems fair if you ask me >_>

  34. Deagle275 says:

    I’m playstation plus, but i want to jailbreak my vita, what do i do?

  35. gunblade says:

    well wouldent surpise me that sony start updating there pre install apps did it with 1.81 think its cuz cma da main tranfer app so probly does most of the coding too..(encrition decrption) but with the update thing going on with the ps3 thinking sony getting irratated with all the live screen vita updates..(refresh)… the install apps only has video n picture n music though which can load from cma on the vita. i like the tittle sony having for the release..

  36. Chasez671 says:

    Still no HTML5?! cmon, my android can do more than this vita..

  37. gunblade says:

    iam guessing the cma on the pc will be updated for the wireless tranfers… think same thing for the ps3….atleast tranfering music from a laptop(windows 8 TABLET) would be easier… aaaaa wasent we already tranfering file wirelessly..

  38. someone says:

    I’ll miss you eCFW :”)

    black ops is much better 😛

  39. StepS says:

    those willing to run audio and video in HTML5 of 2.0… well, take a look at this:

    • stOneskull says:

      what does ‘netfront’ mean? (as in the two types of vita)

      • stOneskull says:

        nevermind i worked it out.. it’s the name of the browser on vita.. i found that this guy found your link as well.. http://psvitaforum.com/threads/html5-on-vita.9975/ – quite a shame it sees sony is purposely crippling the html5 capabilities.

      • wololo says:

        Basically Netfront is the worst browser ever, it was initially designed for crappy phones in Japan, and they are buddies with Sony so that’s probably why they made the browser for their consoles. Netfront was initially made to work in a constrained environment (low ram, low cpu), which maybe made sense on the PSP, but doesn’t on the Vita. This version is actually a new webkit-based version I believe, but it just plain sucks compared to the competition.

  40. McLoven says:

    hey. is there NO other way to access psn to download vita content without the latest OFW?

    Cause I still have R425(about $42 i think) thanks to overpriced PSN CARDS. I’m sticking with the eCFW(i just got it jeeez!)
    Otherswise I’m spending it today or I’m leaving that money to rot.

    say NO to updates… I’m just saying 🙂

    • stOneskull says:

      spend it today then
      you may as well
      you could get a few budget games or one real good game

      • McLoven says:

        budget games it is, The Only games I want is NFS most wanted and Black ops but the price is just little to high for my wallet amount
        I saw in the South African PS store Black Ops price increased, whats up with that?

        I was thinking:
        Asphalt injaction + wipeout HD+Fury expansion pack
        Little Big planet
        Ninja gaydin
        Gravity rush
        Any advice?
        and does anyone know the release date for PS all stars battle royal?

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