PSVita PSplus next week with Vita 2.0 OFW update

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  1. Yes says:

    1.81 eCFW, can’t see me leaving that for this…

  2. God601 says:

    Hmm… that mean that I will have to use my PSP back , but it was fun to have the ecfw on the psvita.

    I hope my modifications of the eCFW won’t make it patched… but I’m pretty sure it will lol.

  3. razor says:

    How does the VITA to PC wireless file transfer works ? Through WIFI ?

  4. Gamer says:

    The new update haven’t security patches.I will update to 2.00.
    *** of TN and ecfw.The ecfw haven’t any new functions.So I have my PSP with better functions.

  5. Wiseman says:

    Damn the update sound so good that im going to STAY on 1.81!

  6. Hellinferno says:

    *** this,you buy plus,you download for example COD for only 15,99USD but when the subcription ends you have to buy anothe plus? that sucks as heck,i prefer pay more and keep the games on my card or pc to upload them in my ps vita card.Intead of “Update,update,update” they should be working on games like God of war,castlevania like nds games,king of fighters UM collection and rpg like ps2 games.Oddysey sucks is like Phantasy star online i prefer buy a FFIX from ps classics.

    • hammer says:

      actually no, you get to keep anything you pay for on psn+ the only games you lose when you sub ends are the free ones

  7. Bruphiyo says:

    For me, I would like to update to enjoy the new stuff included. I do not buy my vita for psp games. I bought my vita as a substitute for ma ps3.

    • Hellinferno says:

      I bought psp games because i never had one and i was going to play games that i wanted to play that time,vita cannot replace ps3 because there is not god of war,no king of fighters,no kingdom hearts,no nothing,we get a few games that worth it but not all of them,plant vs zombies and the game from vikings sucks for example,escape plan was a good game,the console needs more fighting games,rpg like ps2 with better graphics,oddysey sucks i played the demo and i didnt like it,Tales of innocense r is way much better.Have anybody saw the price of the new COD?,all the games that came out were 39,99USD and the most high price was and still is unchanted until COD show up,the have to think about it because of that i prefer to buy Pc COD intead of vita because better graphics and sound can be found in it.

  8. Minimur says:

    i wont be updating i dont think, i love how everyone is completely split 50/50, but you have to admit they couldve made the email app a little bit better looking !!

  9. Minimur says:

    and i would update and use proCFW but my vita memory stick is only 128mb big 🙂 lol

  10. Wiseman says:

    I got two vita’s so its a win/win for me….

  11. tracer22jhayahr says:

    i think we will be force to update someday or we get stucked in eCFW with old PS Vita games..

  12. Tonakai says:

    Really not happy about this.

    I’ve been enjoying the features that the internet brings for weeks now, which is a bit of a shame.

  13. Dragng8 says:

    Not worth the update. Unless sony lets us use the vita as an extra ps3 controller w/six axis

  14. Squiggs says:

    *note, not all people know this but when your playstation plus wears out you lose the games, so only get that 30 day trail be willing to part with the games our buy more time.

  15. walala says:

    maybe I should update,bcoz I already have 2 psp with cfw 🙂
    no need eCfw 🙂

  16. bigron says:

    When my ps plus trial expired and renew it after some days with another trial,the free games which had downloaded in vita will work again?

  17. INFINITY says:

    thats not worth it i can do all that better on my ipad.

  18. Lingchen Shi says:

    I believe that on the HK server they are giving out Unit 13 alone with Uncharted.

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