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Sony warns you: People using a CFW will be banned.


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  1. cris says:

    i lol at them too microsoft ideas 😉

  2. ue says:

    Yup I am fine with this… would annoy me having cfw cheating little bastards playing anyway.

    Not that there is a single game I would play online on my ps3, fighters can be played with friends, racers can be played with friends and pretty much everything else is better on computer anyway (and I can even use a ps3 controller on the computer lol)

  3. stOneskull says:

    it will be interesting to see what develops

    cheaters suck. they were a huge pain when i would play counterstrike on the computer.. and it gets people paranoid about genuinely good players about whether they’re cheating or not

  4. NBA 2k13 says:

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    It run on quite low-spec hardware including stronger android phones and tablets.

  5. Saik says:

    funny.. didn’t they say this about he PSP too? What did they do? nothing. even when you found hackers they didn’t do a thing. I mean .01 seconds on a complete on a challenge of.. 30+ things? who can do combos faster than the game executes them?

    • wololo says:

      They did ban a bunch of cfw users last year on both ps3 and psp. One of my psps is permabanned from the psn… Note that I never ever played online, so the wave of bans felt pretty random to me.

  6. Anonymous User says:

    People who hack there PS3/Xbox360 deserve to get banned.
    Anyone who cheats isn’t a real gamer. I know some will get at me about this comment. It’s the truth…

    • shaitan says:

      Yes people who cheat and pirate deserve to be banned but not people who hack there console. There are heaps of reasons for CFW on the PS3 one being Showtime, it loads video lists way faster than the PS3’s pathetic video player and plays almost anything you can throw at it.

    • zoraktorok says:

      Why the hate on ps3/xbox hackers? Would you like your vita permabanned for playing doom? I havn’t ever used cfw on ps3 to rise in the leaderboards.

    • Reshiram says:

      Then all those youtube videos also needs to be deleted as well

    • Anonymous User says:

      I know it’s annoying that some players cheat in online gaming, but I will never do that(I hacked my PS3). The reason I hacked it is to get pirated games because games cost over RM 200 in Malaysia.

  7. RzmmDX says:

    Wait, is there a homebrew that actually plays mkv files yet?

    • BGamerz says:

      Its called Showtime it can play almost any thing even 1080p mkv files

    • ghost wolves says:

      you don’t need showtime. you can run PS3 Media Server on OFW and it works fine.


      • wololo says:

        Streaming from your PC is not really the same thing. For a starter, in terms of electricity usage, it’s terrible. Also as far as I’m concerned, if I need to boot up my PC, I find it more convenient to have the PC hooked up to the TV rather than running the PC, streaming the video over network to the PS3, and having the PS3 plugged in to the TV. That sounds like a complex setup for no real benefit, unless your PC happens to be in a different room or something

  8. bboyjeans says:

    What about PSP and PS Vita players? Do we face the same danger?

  9. Darton Staker says:

    I just fear for my ps vita to be honest, it would suck to have a banned vita this early in its life, but that would also cost Sony in the end because they can’t afford to force other buyers to look elsewhere

  10. Adrian says:

    There are enough legit reasons to use a CFW without playing pirated games:

    * Playing Blu-rays from other regions (I live in EU, but have a North America PS3)
    * Good homebrews like Showtime
    * Remote Play for all games: A feature Sony virtually never delivered. I’ve got plenty of games through PS+ and a PSVita, but no, really no game is playable via Remote Play. I really don’t know if there still exists a (PS3) game, which is playable via Remote Play

    • mario mario says:

      there’s 4 PS3 games that can be used for remoteplay, and all 4 of them are HD ports, GOW 1 and 2, ICO and Shadow of the Collosus

    • Hobz says:

      Remote play for all games is also what i’m looking for. I really want to try tales of graces f on my vita, I think it’ll fit perfectly.

      • jamesssss says:

        Tales of Graces F on CFW is perfect, I use it on my Vita all the time :), there are a few games that glitch and don’t work but a high percentage do!

        Love it as when the wife is watching *** on the main TV I can crank up the Vita and carry on playing some JRPG goodness!

        • Hobz says:

          Nice to hear (read) it ! Now I have to wait for an easy solution to CFW 4.30 though :(. I had a 3.55 at some point but had to upgrade to play dark souls with a friend 🙂

        • lollixo says:

          on my rebug 4.30 tales of grace f is perfect but the sound in “action” are ***! can you say to me what cfw do you have on ps3?
          thanks a lot!

  11. toyroy69 says:

    are ps vita users at risk?

    • Diaian says:


      The ECFW is a emulated custom firmware
      it does not change its official, it uses an exploit to a cfw inside the psp.

      u can’t cause havoc on their online service, so you’re cool.

  12. albie85 says:

    I’m proper gutted I’ve got a 3.55 machine but it keeps getting good I’ve fixed it like 5 times. But didn’t go on much coz was only 3.55 now there’s cfw for high fw it doesn’t work any more how do I reball it or woteva its called??

  13. sasuke1981 says:

    lol wololo got the point…kids + cod make all the cfw users in danger cause of the massive cheats around…*** kids and *** cod…hope you will get banned is what you deserve..and i personally agree with wololo when he say to buy 2 ps3 if you wanna play online, i have one ps3 only for that

  14. albie85 says:

    In my comment it says keep getting good. Meant keeps getting ylod

  15. Minimur says:

    dont sony IP ban you ??

  16. Minimur says:

    or do they ban your MAC adress?

  17. Youkia says:

    Well my CFW PS3 is only used for homebrew and I do backup my bought game disc on there also. So the question is do I need to be banned for modification of the firmware because I wanted to beable to do more than the average user and keep my games just in case of a mishap? I never once cheated online, but there will always be cheaters on all games you can bet on that. CFW my never die, but when the cheaters get banned from PSN CFW, or not then we will see whom is left. There are good players out there whom have no reason the cheat the actually gamers who just wanted a bit more don’t judge us all. Please and thank you.

    • jordan says:

      That’s because hacking aka jailbreaking a console is illegal. This is not an iPhone for goodness sake.

      • mlc says:

        I don’t acknowledge laws which restrict my rights, beyond what is required to evade their effects.

        But yes, the issue of legality probably gives Sony some cover in their ability to screw people with CFW, though I would imagine it’s less useful than the “user agreement” that is required for PSN/SEN access.

        But people need to generally realize that the law, in any “just” country (as if one exists…) is designed to protect the citizens of said country. Laws which are created at the whim of moneyed interests and serve no public interest are null, and widespread disdain and opposition is key to their failure. F the Police is my motto. lol (though it’s not their fault, they’re mostly just helpful idiots… F the Establishment or F the Government is probably a better representation of the idea)

  18. starfall05 says:

    ..yeah i definitely agree, you can’t have anything in this world, i suggest that if you are an earner, try to have also a console that is on OFW, to access online.

    ..i have an OFW ps3 and ps vita, and enjoying online and PSN stuffs, when i get a chance to buy a cheap ps3 then i will have it on cfw. for ps vita, its still fun to hang-on on ofw for the time being, 🙂

  19. Acid_Snake says:

    they should find a way to prevent them from online play but allow them to use the ps store, imo preventing a pirate from buying games forces the pirate to pirate them

    • zoraktorok says:

      I agree with that… when I updated to 4.3 cfw the first thing I did was re-download all my purchases because I havn’t had access to them in awhile. I would have bought more between now and then but simply couldnt.

  20. Sinner_Joe says:

    cheaters or not the’ll see their 4ss kicked anyway! best thing is to play with real friends not with some 13 Yo w4nk3rs especially on the Ps3.

  21. errm says:

    Don’t really care much to hack a ps3 these days anyways, games are cheap nowadays not much homebrew what could possibly be a benefit from hacking ..backups to increase loading times? Pfft I’ll stick with official firmware

  22. memkou says:

    i was kind of frightened when i thought ps vita users are included in this notice. good thing, this is only for ps3 users

  23. Freedom77 says:

    Lol at all these people saying they don’t agree with Custom Firmware, a question to all those people: What are you doing on this site!??

  24. Pirate says:

    Sony sunk my ship hellllllllllllllp!

  25. fresno says:

    Oh noooo. Heeeelp, I am afraid of Sony. Baad boy, bad boy. Seat Sony, seat.

    Most of online players have allrady hacked theirs Ps3, so if all of them will be banned from Sony, who is going to buy their games or othr craps from it?

    Sony, like many other sites on the web are making a litelbit of money just becose we are clicking on their web pages. People playing online are helping Sony making money, so I d’ont know if these is an inteligent idea for them!

  26. rei says:

    i agree and as a result i already have 2 ps3’s. cheaters online are just a bunch of immature children. if possible i wish sony could just ban the ppl who cheat online but then that would almost be like condoning cfw and pirated games so no chance in heck of that happening

    it just sucks that i now have 2 ps3s but i can’t play games like re6 with my brother or something, wonder if someone could make like a cfw psn

  27. Deagle275 says:

    You don’t need two ps3s, you need dual boot (you can use either , but dual boot definately is better).

  28. Ignus Armagadan says:

    I don’t even get online unless it’s with friends, lol, and that’s even more rare. I’m quite safe since online gaming just isn’t attractive for me most of the time anyway 🙂 I mainly just wanted to Remote Play to my Vita but having problems with Scott Pilgrim =\

  29. the3 says:

    This maybe genius on Sony’s part think about it. Xbox did this 4 or 5 years ago and it drove up sales of new units cause people were scared that they were gonna buy a banned used unit but they did it to early cause hackers knew it still had plenty of time left to make rehacking to play online worth it. With the ps3 i think Sony knows the same thing but there’s not enough time left on the ps3 to make it worth it with the ps4 around the corner. Plus all the talented ps3 devs already said they were satisfyed with where they were at all they wanted was hb and other os. So with no one able to make cfw for 3.6 ofw and up and people scared out of buying a might be banned used ps3 it might be genius for them sucks for us as usual

  30. CJW says:

    I just think it is a crock……both the *** cheaters and $ony and their banning BS. I think M$ pretty much gave up on banning after XGD3 came out. I haven’t heard of anyone getting banned in more than a year. With HALO 4 out they may do another round but a long as U check your isos and burn properly you will be safe on Xbox live. $ony knows their *** are owned and this is there little hissy fit to try to fight back. I would say if you are worried then for one don’t cheat in online games and second maybe stay offline for a while until the devs confirm how $ony is detecting for bans and builds a stealth firmware. If they ban by MAC address this can be spoofed or if it’s console ID I bet that could be spoofed as well. Now that the firmware is totally cracked I think there will be a way to overcome it even if au do get banned. I think it would be worth starting a thread to report if U have been banned and what U were doing like cheating, running CFW, and if so what version.

  31. Codestorm says:

    I’m fine with them banning CFW users. On the PSP there were a lot of cheaters in the few online games left. Maybe someone could create a CFW-only network for online play, but that will probably be hard to do.

  32. CJW says:

    Actually there is one but the name escapes me at the moment. It only works with games that support LAN play and you run a client on the PC to route your console to the service and it matches players…..something with a K……..anyways it is more popular on X360 because it has more LAN supported games.

  33. marjowikid says:

    i think this is a good idea and i mean *** bo2 there is no need for wall hacks or anything like that seeing how they got attachments now that let you see people through walls and see enemy’s with a big red box on them so you know there bad and where they are but also im glad they are taking a page from Microsoft and just doing the banning regardless if they give up on it later or not its better then just sewing people who brought out the cfw for legit reasons.

  34. GlueGun says:

    lol no one create’s comments with “visit, or visiting” or a verartion of going to that place. xD
    And YES!!!!! I agree to mr/miss Fresno for that comment!!. End User Refers To “Cash” If there or
    We had the “product” that connects with “fee’s”, BUT we want more then limitation’s buy
    are software that we own, and that is what all who doe’s more then skateboard, ski and swim
    “they” as company don’t realize any thing about that!. Where not greedy, where not around that!
    It’s company’s will vs law! and if the provider ask you to delete then that’s force! You loose, no matter
    How big the fish is, “we” provided that threw are ant sisters, lern from them not us! ohh And
    If I had a PSN card I Whould give you the 100 dollar card before a ps3 exploit was released if any
    That is 🙂

  35. lion says:

    I insist the CFW way.

  36. ndh777 says:

    While I love CFWs, I agree and while I think it’s harsh, I think it’s fair. I swear that sometimes while playing some of these games that people or a whole team are cheating in some way and it’s really unfair that people can do that. For once, I applaud Sony. I’m sad that it had to come to this due to the immature acts of a few but its a consequence to opening the PS3 to its full potential and sharing that information with the community.

  37. Reshiram says:

    @wololo about what you said I truly think having two ps3’s. I’ve beeeeen thought about that anyway.
    1. For hacking or anything a Pc does
    2. For online (OFW) to play games and meet new friends and not some stupid hacker

  38. Gamer says:

    Very good news.I hate cheater.

  39. shooter4hire says:

    hate cheaters *thumbs down* i play MW3 online and cheaters in game wld really suck!

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