PKG Toolkit GUI Update 1.4

After releasing version 1.3, dev $n!pR has released another update of his app PKG Toolkit GUI. This new update makes use of SCETool for ELF and SELF file decryption and encryption.

He has also added support for the latest CFW available (4.21, 4.30). Another of the new characteristics is the fact that you can now create Debug and Retail packages. It also automatically detects the TitleID of a package and also adds an extra tool called AllUnpkg. 

Changelog Version 1.40:

  • Added AllUnpkg tool.
  • Can now decrypt retail and debug packages.
  • Option of creating debug or retail packages.
  • Changed how log output is handled.
  • Auto detect Title ID of PKG.


Source psx-scene

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  1. SuperiorKnightZ’s avatar

    nice job


  2. Ignus Armagadan’s avatar

    Awesome, I have been trying to download the older versions and they just never seem to download =\


  3. MUD’s avatar

    So is this what I need to fix all my old 3.50 pkgs to 4.30?


  4. Adil’s avatar

    Dudes I have 4.30 ofw. Can I jailbreak it???



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