PS3 4.31 isoldr & lv2ldr keys released! Install CFW on almost any PS3!

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  1. wololo says:

    Hmmm… since it requires a flasher, which is almost as expensive as buying a used hacked PS3, I’m still not convinced it will motivate many people…

    • natsu says:

      i kinda agree on this one.. cant we just install cfw on new models without any flasher?

      sorry im not really knowledgeable with ps3 cfws, im more on psp cfw and android stuffs.. but i really don’t like the idea of dongles..

      i really wanna have a brand new ps3 with cfw… 🙁

      • ue says:

        A flasher isn’t a damn dongle it is a piece of hardware that you open up your ps3 and write to the flash itself with.

        • NORATIO says:

          Totally agree.. the hardware solution and open the PS3 is just a waste of time and risk to break something. The real solution would be an emulation of the BD-DRIVE like it is for the XBOX.. anyway at speed Microsoft is selling hardware because it’s easy to hack.. why they will release an XBOX 3 (720) anytime soon.. they are making money out of it.. PS3 never sell as much because it’s hard to hack.. look at the VITA , it’s the first time I am seeing the used price increasing and memory card selling like that… and if people think Wii was kill by the hackers I got some news for you : lack of HD and poor resolution to play games. Idea was good, but they really missed the both with crappy RCA cables.. the Dolphin emulate the wii games better.. so Nintendo has a reason to release the Wii U. The PS3 will never be a big hit compared to the XBOX360 because on how hard it is to hack the machine. People who hack the consoles are Under 18 and they got no money. I mean they poor guys had no experience in hacking hardware… I pay my games because I have the money to do it, and why I am installing emulators it’s because I want my old games on one single machine and not have 10 Consoles from my ATARI to by PS3 hooked up to my TV. Lots of people are like me. I am old school and like 2D games and will die with Mortal Kombat 2 or Killer Instinct.. no way I will ever stop playing these games. Sony : write this in your book : leave exploit easy for homebrew to run.. it increase the sells of your console! Signed : a big gamer and buyer!

      • Cdogman says:

        Devs have been working on a ways to unlock your ps3 on OFW higher then 3.55 since geohotz jailbreak. First things first we need to find a way to resign the public keys to privet keys, which is ALMOST impossible, but not.

    • MacksG says:

      Well’ i went and purchased my flasher, but i think its stuck in NYC customs.. which saddens me. because i really wanna downgrade my slim, (i got the :LE:) so i don’t need to solder.. once i have it, ima record my process, for people to see how easy it is. it costed about 100$ plus i did 20$ extra for faster shiping. Imo its worth it. i own a Phat that i’d like to mod, but ima leave it legit.

      this project is because i want true remote play of my slim, wireless psvita network, bouncing off my 4g on my wireless plan ULT, or WiMax. To play my ps3 games, its a proof of concept to understand why son’y want release it.
      \ Goodluck to all trying to flash and get into the scene, in my opinion its worth it to jump on while its hot /

  2. SakuRedux says:

    I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the PS3 scene, but until it’s possible without a flasher I doubt I’ll be doing it. Besides, my main reason would be the convenience of (presumably) putting all my PS3 games on the HDD.

  3. Liuxujie says:

    PS3 is ALMOST DEAD!!

    • oO Flowzilla Oo says:


    • oreo says:

      Almost? they extended it to 2015….thats 3 more years dude (nearly 2). Its not dead at all.

    • Private-Lu says:

      Why do people keep saying that the PS3 is dead, PSN is full of games now (imo no actual decent games that I am willing to dish the money out to try) but still, the PS3 is actually just getting started.

      Also, love the idea of this, but gonna wait a little longer, for a simple and safe way like the PS2, that MCBoot thing.

      Do actually hope it comes to a simple method, although a few years ago, I wouldn’t have thought you could CFW a PS3 through a flash drive and that has been done. Always on this site looking out for the next best thing.

  4. filodude says:

    Can you play online if you hack PS3?

  5. Soldier says:

    This is not good news at all, only a select few should be able to do cfw. If everyone can do it, it will kill Sony Ps3… Why would the Hackers want to kill PS3 entirely?

    • marjowikid says:

      its not going to kill ps3 at all people have been hacking systems for a long time heck the game genie was pretty much hacking games and putting in codes and heck look at the ds still runnin strong and its got hacks and cfw’s and one more thing most people that want cfw arnt just lookin for free games they are lookin to get homebrews and to be able to use there ps3 as they see fit to its full extent and ive said it once and ill a thousand times more i want a cfw so i can do remote play with my damn friggin vita sony told me i could and they lyed so ..l., them and ..l., you

      • trecenters says:

        xbox360 been fully hackable w/o a downgrader and is doing better then ps3… no way ps3 can die…

        • marjowikid says:

          EXACTLY!!!! and *** sony probably isnt throwing any fits right now probably because they will be releasing a ps4 or what ever here soon do wish sony would be like microft in this matter and just kind of i dont know *** off

    • BigCockSurprise says:

      lol here in canada i couldnt live without my heated seats!:P but I totally agree, sony put more hard work on releasing usless patches instead of giving us good thing on ps3 and mostly vita. they’re killing them self and the hacker will only bring good things to ps3. as i could read many times, a lot of people here have 2 ps3, 1 hacked and 1 legit wich mean sony didnt lose anything on this!

    • xSpectrum says:


      These people don’t understand how this will kill online games with cheats.

    • We need more people like you in the world

  6. zoraktorok says:

    Ive been working alot, but i already have what I need, rebug with the bd image mount. Id like to see an app for a cex machine without having to swap lv2 flashes to get to dex and use this, but heck, I need something to do monday befor cod vita comes out.

  7. Acid_Snake says:

    lets wait for the lv0 keys, those are the ones that will allow us to install cfw on ofw

  8. lol says:

    and what you redaction of the game you can not afford?
    90% of people worked for pirated games

    my English bad

  9. kato says:

    “no metldr2” is keywords.As before,3000 and 4000 type is no progress.

  10. CyberMarco says:

    I’m no expert on PS3 hacking, but does this mean that there is a possibility to install CFW on CECH 3xxxB models?

  11. Noob says:

    When will it be possible to install cfw on 3.56 or higher?
    I am a noob.

  12. raziel666 says:

    WOW finally time to wake my dusty PS3 3.56!!
    …but I don’t know what a flasher is

  13. Binary says:

    Still not possible without a flasher? Still not useful for me. But still, great progress as always!

  14. quetz says:

    i’m ready for ps4! that will cause instantly a bigger price drop in ps3 hardware, and could let hackers be more “free” to release their work.. and, people like me who always played this game generation through x360, could finally enjoy a open and powerful ps3 reality without having any regret into buying a “true locked” machine

  15. Acid_Snake says:

    For those asking about flashers and 3.56+ cfw, here’s a sum up of the situation: you cannot install a cfw on anything higher than 3.56 without a hardware flasher, there is no software-only method to do this, but do not loose hope, at the rate this is going, we’ll most likely see a software solution soon.

  16. Dovlek says:

    Thankz JD8531
    Soon it will happen since the ps3 its on its last years of life so this means the ps3 has been the most secure console yet

  17. zorrodood says:

    it’s ‘per se’

  18. Mr. Jack says:

    So this still means nothing to a ps3 that came out of the box at 4.21. Might have been 4.11. But still nothing.

  19. :P says:

    Will the PS3 Super Slim be jailbreakable when a jailbreak comes out without the need of a flasher?

  20. 1fff says:

    does it mean that there was an PS3 Jailbreak without downgrading avalible or does i still have do downgrade with E3 flasher ? (sorry for bad english)

  21. IgnusArmagadan says:

    It was interesting until the flasher is revealed to be a prerequisite. I’m sure they can do something that DOESN’T require a flasher, they just aren’t doing it…

  22. gamerb0y says:

    great news!!! even greater if a 4.31 cfw will work on ofw without a flasher.

  23. Yes says:

    I can’t wait to see if the super slim gets a CFW…That would be the ***!

  24. Yes says:

    Will this change much compared to before? It is good news for those who are on firmware 3.56 and have a flasher, but what about those console who came with OFW 3.60 or higher, even the ones that are not equipped with metldr2/lv0.2 (the PS3 3000-model)? Or was the 3000-model the first one to come with OFW 3.60 from factory?

  25. Yes says:

    “Sony has however been moving forward on sending out PS4 dev kits which isn’t too surprising considering how the PS3 hacking is irreversible and unpatchable. We might see the PS4 arrive even earlier.”

    I dont think that the current PS3 hacking has affected the PS4 in any way to be honest. The people who are on firmware 3.55 or lower, and have a flasher, i’d guess that this number is maybe 0.5% of all PS3 owners, maybe even lower. And everyone of these wont necessarily do piracy either. That means that 99.5% or more of all PS3 owners are still on OFW.

    • wololo says:

      Although your numbers are in the “out of my a##” category, I agree with you overall. I think Sony has done a god job so far at mitigating piracy on the PS3, and this does not change much about that.

      • marjowikid says:

        i have to agree that’s why Ive been getting kinda *** at people saying “hackers are going to kill the ps3” i mean that’s like saying building a car is going to kill all car company’s out there

      • Yes says:

        Of course, that is why i said “i’d guess” 🙂 There is no statistic or analytics on this, so everyone can just take a guess.

  26. c-zero says:

    Excellent work those devs are doing, though I’m still going to wait until all lv keys are theirs to play around with. I don’t feel like having to flash my PS3 with a hardware flasher.

    That day is coming very, very soon though.

  27. Madblaster6 says:

    Alright I used to have CFW. Is there a way to downgrade without e3 flasher?

  28. CJW says:

    This still does little for 3000 and 4000 series. If you are in the USA I would do some looking of craigs list. You can sometimes find people with older fats with 3.55 or below. I found one with 3.42 that some people bought as a BR player and never took online and barely used. Got it for $160. They are out there. Also many fats with bad BRD people took a nd put in the closet and never used again can be had for $100 or less. With new Rebug firmware you can emulate BDR on a memstick and run all games fromHD. There are solutions for those who dont have a flash able model!

  29. Skars says:

    So, is possible to install CFW on PS3 with OFW up to 4.30?

    If I get a PS3 CECH 3xx1 or the new one 4xx1, and its have OFW 4.30 or below, is possible to install CFW?


  30. Asuna Yuuki says:

    Meh…I’m going to wait until there is a better way of hacking the PS3 without a flasher.

    • azrayl says:

      buy a phat model ps3 then you can flash all the way you like. i flashed my ps3 5 times last week just to try out all the new cfws. I went back to using kmeaw 3.55 again though since it supports more homebrews.

  31. stOneskull says:

    the heading says 4.31 yet the content says 4.30

  32. BONK says:

    “We might see the PS4 arrive even earlier.”

    I hope this isn’t the case if it causes the system to be underdeveloped./Underpowered.

    The PS3/360 at the time of their released were based on mid-high to high end range GPUs from their respective series. By the time the PS4/720 come around i’m hoping that would mean they would end up with GPUs based on at least the GTX 670’ish (Any lower in this series and memory bandwidth is neutered) or 7950/7870 ish.

    If they put the right hardware into it(And I don’t care if the system is bulky either. Imagine how much more powerful the Wii U could’ve been if it had been bigger. It’s smaller than an NES in it’s current state!)
    It could truly last a 10 year Life Cycle.

    It would also be cool to see it strong enough where developers could display at 1080p but the game renders at a much higher resolution in reality. Like 1440P (Which is a 4X jump in resolution from 720p. Which 720p was ~3/4X Jump in resolution from PS2 games @ ~512X448/640×480. 1080p from 720p is only around a 2.2X jump in resolution. So that should give them overhead if they give the system the power it deserves)

  33. julien says:

    working great on my ps3 cech 2504b date 0C
    my ps3 was on 4.25 OFW … now i enjoy 4.21 rebug …
    so cool

  34. c-zero says:

    I’m going to be getting my hands on a CECHA01 model PS3 from a friend through a trade, and its coming with OFW 3.70. Will I have to flash it to install CFW, or could I just install a higher grade CFW right from 3.70? Or should I just wait until there’s a way to install CFW without the use of a flasher. Not that I’m uncomfortable with hardmods but I’m a cheapskate and don’t want to spend too much lol.

  35. Silver says:

    Hey guys, hope you can answer a question for me. Will there be more cfws after 4.30 now that the keys are leaked? What i mean is has the ps3 been permanently hacked or not? Reason im asking is because im on 4.30 rogero and been playing bo2 online.

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