How to quickly make the difference between a crash and an exploit on the PSP


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12 Responses

  1. gunblade says:

    makes dev n sound interesting.. all that math n Linguistics

  2. gunblade says:

    noticed the vita doesn’t show all the erro i had a couple that just pop up then had outhers that just crash the unit and i have to hard shutdown n reset…

  3. Gamer says:

    I think,i have find a game with a exploit but I am not sure.I make more tests.

  4. Bolnad says:

    can you please creat decrypter and encrypter savegame psp for pc?

  5. Tony says:

    a noob question.
    is this Assembly language?
    i mean, do you need to learn ASM to reverse engineering it
    and make an exploit?
    if it’s not ASM what is it?
    thanks in advance for your answer

  6. m0rb1t says:

    Thanx pretty clear..

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