eCFW TN-C Coming soon


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147 Responses

  1. tehe loulzy says:

    U want to give him love?….: \

  2. MacksG says:

    *im sure he ment to add NoHomo, but honestly i’m with this guy, i would like all of the above and not only would i find you woman to have your babies, i’d grow your bud too 😉 But honestly.

    FasledXMB that ran exactly as psp1000- would be a dream,
    FTPNatively into that; It seems realistic honestly. + if we were really running a shadowedXMB Why wouldn’t our psp files show? :c <3 I Love Noob because he gave us what sony couldn't. our freedom back.

  3. iRainbows says:

    You can has my love. :p <333

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