eCFW TN-C Coming soon

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147 Responses

  1. PSVFanboy says:

    Bring back XMB’ please!

    But I’m not complaining’ and TN menu is a good menu

  2. mcnico says:


  3. Dilan Parmar says:

    Hey I would loveto have XMB also when playin psp games on vita hold your thumb in the middle of thescreen till you see a menu

  4. Dilan P says:

    Hey! Guys I just want to say THANK YOU ALL!!!!
    Also the Mini Nova Crashes TN with error C1-2858-3

  5. Dilan Parmar says:

    Hey all. I want to say that all the minis I have used have crashed TN Menu.

  6. Se7EN says:

    i actually love the current tn menu i hope he keeps the menu layout

  7. AsDraS says:

    I really hope there will be psx support
    Would be great to play those games which are not in the PSN..
    Anybody knows if the eCFW will be released in a week or more like in a month? Cause I am about to buy a new battery for my PSP-1000 bacause I want to play Spyro while sitting in the train^^

  8. Chuck norris says:


  9. biohazard says:

    Hello, I unfortunately missed the game Gravity crash, has you he another possible weakness there 1.81?

  10. CaptainStupid says:

    Hello, I have been on this website a few times and I seem to have got the impression that this is ‘the’ place to go for anything psp related.

    I am not too familiar with the psp lingo any more. (Have a psp 2000 which I liked to messed around with and got in to, but have not done for years now and hence forgot).

    I am planning on trading in my old psp for the new vita, but have heard that the vita only supports Sonys own type of sd and micro sd card. Will this ecfw allow support for other sd and micro sd cards or is it like putting a floppy disk into a usb drive (i.e. they are entirely different cards despite looking the same, so they are in fact not an sd or micro sd card but something else entirely).

    I would like to try and play the old gameboy roms from my childhood. Am I correct in thinking that the emulation software is available to allow emulators to run on this despite this ecfw not being available yet?

    Appreciate any help and apologies for noobness 😛

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