eCFW TN-C Coming soon


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  1. Darton Staker says:

    A fake XMB menu would be awesome. But then again I’m not complaining!!! Haha awesome news! Looking forward to it, hope it patches bugs and compatibility issues

  2. Yes says:

    Very nice good work man

  3. YcO96Ps says:

    Great news :D
    Looking forward to it!

  4. knarlockk says:

    The Vita, even in psp mode sorely needs some more brightness. I can’t play it for very long without getting eye fatigue.

  5. kosuke says:

    i would like to be a tester even though im on 1.81 cause i would like to test a few things the bug up the menu personally and some games that didnt work for me

  6. Linkedot says:

    Apreciate Your work (Hobby||developping) for the Psvita, This is what makes the Scene Alive and also the most creative NINJA Concept and News update and much more things i didn’t mention in the Wololo/Talk ! you guys rock… a BiG Community is being Formed Here :D Thanks a lot !

  7. daniel says:

    well, im an ordinary customer of sony ps vita, and discover this webpage and wololo`s vita scene, because this, i dont have too much to say, just appreciate your work on the vita, and wish the best luck to you, because this work open the eyes of the programmers to understand, the important that this forum could be for the rest of the company, world, comunity, keep on dude.

  8. Trunk208 says:

    Okay, so this is a Custom FIrmware right? If it is, then If I install it into my PSP then wouldn’t my PSP ISO’s and Homebrew be gone?

    • Roland says:

      Using this on a PSP would be almost pointless given the CFW options out there for PSP. But if you need/want to use it for some reason no it would not erase your homebrews and ISOs.

    • SantaVitaClause says:

      That made no sence. This is A Emulator Custom Firmware that will only work on all 4 Vita expoits.

      • Roland says:

        I don’t have a PSP to test it anymore but it was my understanding that these exploits also worked on PSP.
        They are all designed to match the 6.60 firmware of the PSP (as that is the fw that is sandboxed)

        • Roland says:

          I could be confusing this with VHBL though now that I check back…
          I’ve had 2 versions of vhbl and 2 versions of the cfw so I could very possibly be confusing myself in whether or not ecfw was usable on a psp…

          • tehe loulzy says:

            It could work but not in the way it works on the vital, the vit’s version emulates it with no CNN while the vital has the rest of the files like Bag CNN ect

          • tehe loulzy says:

            Wow autocorrect fail to the fullest xD

    • Roland says:

      Also you don’t install this into the psp per-say like you would with actual firmware, it’s more akin to a hen loader than a fully loaded firmware.

  9. Binary says:

    Great news! I’m loving TN-B with the GC exploit.

  10. McLoven says:

    Hey gents and lady gets.
    Tell me. The TN-B/TN Menu 0.2 we have running now with GRavity CRAsh thanx to ya’ll, BIG UPS by the way, does it support mini’s downloaded from a site other then PS STORE?

    Cause I downloaded NOVA.ISO and upon opening NOVA, within TN menu, my screen just goes black and return with an error.

    Any assistance or redirecting to a FORUM will be highly appreciated.

    • Yes says:

      Why do you want to download the Minis from another place than the PS Store? You’re already on the latest Vita firmware, so you have easy access to the PS Store.

      • Mr MaGoo says:

        Call me crazy but I dont think he wants to pay the $4.99 to support the devs and encourage them to continue releasing quality games for a reasonable price. I purchased that game and played it several times, especially after they added dual analog support to the minis/ psx.

        • oreo says:

          Yes it supports ISO’s if it askes you to move the file to the psp memory stick then press no and click on the game again then it will ask if you want to just start the game. (Thats what happens to me)

    • wololo says:

      Please don’t talk about Warez sites here. Just buy your games, or rip them yourself.

  11. Fickfackerei says:


  12. PsVITAHackbeginner says:

    work this on the urbanix exploit?

  13. bigjoe says:

    keep it up guys! hope CFW will arrive soon too.

  14. Khyle says:

    “There is a possibility a new game exploit could be released but there is nothing confirmed yet”
    Damn, Sony just can’t keep up with all the new exploits coming, that’s why they haven’t fixed anything xD

  15. miguel says:

    please help me

  16. marc says:

    i wouldn’t say i was a noob but i am willing to brick my vita to help TN out!!!

  17. nonolerobot says:

    Damned perfect i am stucked in 1.60 :o)

  18. BarbJohnson says:

    Gosh its gonna be such a hastle installing TN-C, GAWRSH! SUCH a HoOsTlE. Tranzferin’sav data loike a boss. Enjoying eeglass ooh scotch with theemisses. Living like SonyPeeStation and its kisses <3

  19. Tony says:

    Psx support please :/

  20. fresno says:

    To begin a good eCFW you start here:

  21. PlayerGG says:




  22. bellBottomBarn says:

    Total noob &=========> ~~~ Sony’s face

  23. JMQMOfficials says:

    Bug fixes, didn’t see much. But this next release will probably have a new menu maybe? :)

  24. an inquirer says:

    Why doesn’t a sony guy just join the community so he can get the Name early and take the game off before lots of people can get it. Someone explain this to me

    • chingon says:

      They probobly already do…

    • wololo says:

      Sony has better fish to fry than register a guy on this little website. Also, even if they registered now, they wouldn’t be in the main trusted circle, so thousands of people would still get the info before them

    • Deagle275 says:

      Probably they had, but someone caught him and because of tha we had a huge time to get gravity crash(just conspiracy):D.

  25. vhblfans says:

    TN-C Can run PSone games?

  26. siuam says:

    Hope that doesn’t mean TN-C not support 1.81….

  27. poterk says:

    I hope the exploit is from the commercial game :D

  28. PSVFanboy says:

    Bring back XMB’ please!

    But I’m not complaining’ and TN menu is a good menu

  29. mcnico says:


  30. Dilan Parmar says:

    Hey I would loveto have XMB also when playin psp games on vita hold your thumb in the middle of thescreen till you see a menu

  31. Dilan P says:

    Hey! Guys I just want to say THANK YOU ALL!!!!
    Also the Mini Nova Crashes TN with error C1-2858-3

  32. Dilan Parmar says:

    Hey all. I want to say that all the minis I have used have crashed TN Menu.

  33. Se7EN says:

    i actually love the current tn menu i hope he keeps the menu layout

  34. AsDraS says:

    I really hope there will be psx support
    Would be great to play those games which are not in the PSN..
    Anybody knows if the eCFW will be released in a week or more like in a month? Cause I am about to buy a new battery for my PSP-1000 bacause I want to play Spyro while sitting in the train^^

  35. Chuck norris says:


  36. biohazard says:

    Hello, I unfortunately missed the game Gravity crash, has you he another possible weakness there 1.81?

  37. CaptainStupid says:

    Hello, I have been on this website a few times and I seem to have got the impression that this is ‘the’ place to go for anything psp related.

    I am not too familiar with the psp lingo any more. (Have a psp 2000 which I liked to messed around with and got in to, but have not done for years now and hence forgot).

    I am planning on trading in my old psp for the new vita, but have heard that the vita only supports Sonys own type of sd and micro sd card. Will this ecfw allow support for other sd and micro sd cards or is it like putting a floppy disk into a usb drive (i.e. they are entirely different cards despite looking the same, so they are in fact not an sd or micro sd card but something else entirely).

    I would like to try and play the old gameboy roms from my childhood. Am I correct in thinking that the emulation software is available to allow emulators to run on this despite this ecfw not being available yet?

    Appreciate any help and apologies for noobness :P

  38. tehe loulzy says:

    U want to give him love?….: \

  39. MacksG says:

    *im sure he ment to add NoHomo, but honestly i’m with this guy, i would like all of the above and not only would i find you woman to have your babies, i’d grow your bud too ;) But honestly.

    FasledXMB that ran exactly as psp1000- would be a dream,
    FTPNatively into that; It seems realistic honestly. + if we were really running a shadowedXMB Why wouldn’t our psp files show? :c <3 I Love Noob because he gave us what sony couldn't. our freedom back.

  40. iRainbows says:

    You can has my love. :p <333

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