Free PlayStation Plus!

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122 Responses

  1. xoombie503 says:

    ill post here

  2. xoombie503 says:

    QH9L-86N9-NT4B. thats what i got n i put united kingdom when i signed up

  3. RetroZelda says:

    I got my code. I live in US and I set my location as UK and it doent work.

    its up for grabs i guess: j9q4-d5nl-naa9

  4. CyberMarco says:

    It’s weird because I can’t use the code, got it from the Italian FB page and tried to activate it on my Italian account.

  5. Firecutter23 says:

    I got the code and got it working ! now i should wait for some free games to pop as i cant see any at the moment … just the discounts though …

  6. Reboot says:

    Code isn’t working for me oh well. Up for grabs enjoy!


  7. shaitan says:

    Works for the Australian store.

  8. luffy says:

    the codes i got doesnt work on my us acct .. geez

  9. Gamer5501 says:

    I got the code and it didn’t work on my US account so whoever wants it: 3G9F-AGNG-CCF9

  10. man_of_power05 says:

    do these expire? because i got a second code and i found out you can’t use it until the first trial ends

  11. IgnusArmagadan says:

    If I knew it would have been specific tk region, I would have done this for my Japanese account…

  12. TechAmalgamator says:

    Did the and got my code but the code just doesn’t work, what are sony playing at?

  13. NakedFaerie says:

    Anyone got an email with the code yet?

    I still believe its fake as I’ve signed up twice with 2 email addys and still no code.

  14. wartaf says:

    Anyone here ever try it works on a US Account?

  15. kevin says:

    im from mexico how can i get PLAYSTATION PLUS for free????

  16. RetroZelda says:

    just a thought… maybe they will work once PS+ comes to the vita in the US?

  17. Etnies22 says:

    I was liked PS Plus and more than 5 days past and i didn’t receive any mail or anything? Help

  18. JMQMOfficials says:

    You need to fill in your information if you didn’t o-o Not just like the FB page. Doesn’t work on US/CA store :S

  19. duran says:

    please give one month to me.

  20. Aarei says:

    please give one month to me.

  21. psv says:

    please give one month to me.

  22. shivam says:

    please give one month to me


  24. Josuemental says:

    Is this only for Europe? if so, are there like pages for each region, that have this promotion? thanks

  25. alex3k says:

    can someone please give me a code too ?:) pretttyyyy please.:)

  26. Steven says:

    Does this work for the US?

  27. vumberec says:

    good codes they works

  28. lindsey says:

    i neeed a code for us >.> can someone help me
    email me a codes plllleeeease

  29. Ben Thompson says:

    Can someoneplease email me a free PlayStation plus code i am new 2 PlayStation and never played online

  30. Domingo says:

    Really Dude? It’s Not THAT big of a deal.
    FYI…wololo didnt post this.

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