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Release: Total_Noob’s CEF TN-B for Gravity Crash (port by Teck4 and Frostegater)


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  1. johnny says:

    thank for your gift look forward to HK Version

  2. bosanovaX says:

    SO Happy with this,

    So far Ive tested CPS1, SNES, NES, Neogeo Pocket, Megadrive, Gameboy, Megaman Powered Up (PSP)

    All working beautifully


    • Renato says:

      Hey man, can you show us how you did those things? I only could run ISO’s. Game boy, Snes and so on I couldn’t make it. Thanks

      • bosanovaX says:

        You need to put all your homebrew in the PSP/GAME folder, basically the same as PSP. I transferred the files fia the FTP method. As yo know it takes time so just have your fave selection of back up roms, you already own 😉

        I used my pre existing homebrew from my PSP with custom made png’s so its nice and personal. But the icing on the cake was my save states were still intact. 🙂

        I love this scene !!!

        • Renato says:

          Thanks for the replying. I will try that later on at home. I tried to put the homebrews via PSAVEDATA and CMA. Which emulators did you use for which one? I mean for GAme Boy you use GPSP, for GENESES is PICODRIVE and so on… Thanks again

          • bosanovaX says:

            No worries man, your right on the emulators by the way.(Picodrive, snesTYL GPSP etc). If you were in the PSP scene, the ones you used back then should work just fine.

            I cant wait to get home to test MVS and CPS2 !!!!

  3. Ross says:

    Guys i am all good but found to be getting an error when loading more than one ISO

    I think TN menu cannot display many isos or load them and simply crashes with the 1-2 somthing error.

    Any one know how many ISO i can put in the folder ?

  4. bewrong says:

    I have a question. How do change the UMD driver after opening the TN-B menu? (ie. m33 to sony)

  5. eapple says:

    there’s no exploit level in my gravity crush.. 🙁
    what should I do?

  6. Simk0024 says:

    will it have a exploit for GC asia??

  7. Mimar says:

    All friend.For error use YMENU

  8. lion says:

    although no hk ver exploit, U guys are amazing, really, from bottom of my heart. thx.

  9. Rayman says:

    Thank you all.

  10. bosanovax says:

    Just experienced a problem with nesterj, I pushed ps home the game hung and the psvita went to a weird safe mode promting me to format memory card. I didnt 🙂 now im playing cave story 🙂

  11. Addison says:

    So where can one get these game emulators such as gba? ive seen the nes and n64 on this site but i cannot find others. also, i’ve read through all the comments and no one has said where you can get them.

  12. carsauce says:

    Emulators are on the forums

  13. elexrto says:

    how install PSPFILER in my ps vita a need a tutorial plz..a need install in gravity crash savedata folder tnks

  14. John says:

    I still wonder, can the VITA be online at all? How does the ftp work?

  15. gd074 says:

    i deleted the gravity crash portable game because of freezing and error problems i watched this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nv48bGIDes&feature=plcp

    so i thought i would be able to get it back but its looking like i cant.
    any suggestions?

  16. decolle says:

    dammit, i thought it didn’t work and i opened the exploit again within the exploit and my game crashed. The screen has been black for 5 minutes 😮

  17. scousetomo says:

    decolle hold your power button and right trigger together you will get a recovery menu choose restart

  18. mimar says:

    everybody use ymenu.worked very good

  19. optimus says:

    Can someone help me add my iso so i can play it please.


  20. bewrong says:

    Still need help. How do change the UMD driver after opening the TN-B menu? (ie. m33 to sony)I’m currently using ymenu and the [ ] button is to delete a file.

  21. ismail says:

    it don’t woek for me i had a ordinary save

  22. morris says:

    Hi Wololo,Teck4 and Frostegater,

    can u help us about the error C1-2858-3. we get this after hitting the save level after load level in the game gravity crush portable. thank you in davance to all of you!

  23. huz says:

    ps vhbl gravita crash freeze tn-b meun fail, CMA v4.5.ZIP working only “tn-a ymeun.zip” SNESNLTY GBA RIN N64 CPS1,2, NEOGEO DOOM /ISO CSO “FTP WIFI 😀 PC FILE FOLDER SEARCH FTP:192.168… WORKING ,NO IE INTERNET ” THANK YOU 😀

  24. mgolany says:

    Hey guys can you help I tried transferring the save data with open cma and I get corrupt file. Anyone know what is going wrong for me and what I can do? Please help thanks!

  25. archer says:

    Thank you very much. But ,there is no HK?

  26. steveothekilla says:

    can sombody help me to either use ftp or pspfiller i can seem to put the iso on but i can get to the hacked exploit menu but only the gravity crash game is there please help will give any one my $20 psn code i promise

    • Ronald says:

      For ftp is simple you put the INSTALL.ZIP in your exploit save data the one ending in DATA01

      • Ronald says:

        then run it on ps vita and then type in the ip address it gives you either in a web browser or windows explorer(recomended) and add the folder ISO and put isos in that Ftp has long upload time but its alot easier then doing it through CMA

  27. Jason says:


  28. steveothekilla says:


    • wololo says:

      It is very unlikely to brick your Vita using TN’s CEF. I actually have yet to see such a report. turn your vita completely off (press the power button for 15s) and let it charge for 24h, then try to turn it back on again. If that doesn’t help, you can go into recovery mode and reset the console. But hopefully you have a backup of Gravity Crash on your disk, if you do that.

      • steveothekilla says:

        please wololo i really need instructions on how to use pspfiller i realy wanna play pspp games on the vita im at the hack screen but ftp wont show and i want to use pspfiller please write back bro

  29. steveothekilla says:

    okay never mind i was able to get the blue light of death and fix it from there

  30. naphtali orellana says:

    already have the exploiut but how the heck do i install isos or csos gosh im getting mad someone helped me i already tried someone give me the steps please!

  31. Ronald says:

    Ok guys heres a quick guide to using this exploit cause im noticing alot of problems people are having that I have had.

    First one:Corrupted file error

    For this problem you need to take the 2 folders you get in the save specific to your region and put them in your DOCUMENTS/PSVITA/PSSAVE/RANDOMNUMbERS. This should fix the problem it did for me.

    Second:Adding homebrew.

    For this part I will use VITA ftp as an example your gonna wanna download VITA Ftp(just look around in the download section of wololo site or the threads) and put the zip in NPEG00020DATA01 then re copy the save to your vita and then run the exploit and install it.Then your done its that simple.

    Third:Adding ISO/CSOs

    Now most people want to add they’re backups to there freshly hacked ps vita’s now its pretty easy. All you have to do is get on VITA Ftp and type in the IP adrress it gives you into your windows explorer then your gonna need to create a folder called ISO. Then take what ever cso/iso and give a 8 character name no less no more and put in folder and wait for it to upload to your vita(FTP is slow 1gb games take 45mins) access game from the exploit and play that easy and you can back up your game save data with CMA still.(Don’t ask me where to get ISO/CSOs cause this was decide for game backups)

    I hope people looking for info on how to use this exploit find this helpful I will be watching this comment for a couple days so feel free to reply with questions or help.

    • optimus says:

      i cant get the psvita ftp to show up please help.


      • Ronald says:

        Did you put the file you downloaded in NPEG00020DATA01.If that didn’t work then I would reccomend opening the zip taking out the EBOOT file making a folder called PSP then within that folder make a folder called GAME and within that folder a folder called FTP and put EBOOT FILE in that then if you have winrar right click folder and click add to archive on the drop down menu then set archive format to ZIP and compression method to store and try putting it in NPEG00020DATA01.

        Hope this helps.

  32. cullet says:

    hope someone try to make a NPHG00038DATA00 & NPEG00020DATA01 save for asian exploit if the game
    i already have the NPHG00038 game
    coz i can only buy games in hk psn i have no access on psn card on uk or us

  33. GamerSage says:

    big thanks to everyone involved in bringing this to the masses!

  34. Addison says:

    For anyone having problems with their psp isos. Whether it be no icon showing in the tn menu, tn menu freezing when clicking the game, loading a black screen that never loads, or getting the error code after a few seconds, i seem to have found a way that works 100% of the time for me. Take the iso make sure you name the file in all caps including .ZIP and EXACTLY 8 characters so an example would be PSPGAMEX.ZIP. Put the iso directly into your exploit folder. Now use cma to copy the exploit folder from your pc to your vita. Now go into gravity crash game, choose editor, load, save. Now in the tn menu, you should see the game. Highlight the game and press x. Itll ask you if you want to move it to the m/ folder. Choose no. Then itll ask you if you want to run the game instead. Choose yes. The game should boot up and run fine. Idk why the tutorials say put it in the iso folder and use ftp or pspfiler to do so but it never transfers the files correctly. Let me know how this works for some.

    • Addison says:

      Edit: the part where it asks you to move the game, it says mso/ drive not m/ drive like i said previously.

      Also, i am using the sony drive. Not the march drive. To change them just press start while in the tn menu and press left or right to toggle in between and start again to confirm

  35. steveothekilla says:

    got the game on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yessssss now i need to learn with the pspfiler this 400mb game took 12mins…..help needed

  36. steveothekilla says:

    thanks wololo and tech and the entire team i appreciate the deadication that goes with being a hacker

  37. steveothekilla says:

    but please dont make the vita piratable with current vita titles but i believe that ps2 and xbox iso can centainly be played try the dragon code breaker it worked for me being to play gamecube on my psp no emu but thanks again im glad to be part of the comunnity

    • scousetomo says:

      this is a video for cfw in general meaning most of us either got mad blocker or gravity crash so whatever exploit you have this will show you how to add iso ect to ya vita there is most probly newer videos but this is very newb friendly

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