Release: Total_Noob’s CEF TN-B for Gravity Crash (port by Teck4 and Frostegater)


Been followin' the console hacking scene since 2006, I'm an old guy so get off my lawn!

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  1. King says:

    If you guys are having problems with the iso files ,you must name the iso file 8 characters long in upper case ,even the extension example:DGBTTT10.ISO ,once you have the iso file ready place it into the savedata 01. Start the exploit to the menu and you must see the icon of the game and press x to place it to mso:Iso ( i don’t what that is but when i do that my game freezes for so long and i have to restart , it does work after the third try pressing x repeatly ,I need some help too } I know it works you guys should try it n see how it goes .Hopefully superwololo makes a more specific tutorial on how to put homebrews and iso to the cfw ,THANK YOU DEVELOPERS!!!

  2. madphx says:

    I’m at work so I can’t post any samples but i will tonight if you people need them. If someone else wants to create some zipped folders with home brew already prepackaged I’m sure many will appreciate it.

    I will try to put some stuff up tonight so that you can see how it’s supposed to be set up. If someone else can beat me to it I would appreciate it.

    Also people please be patient exploit was just recently released so not everything may be compatible. Give Wololo and friends thanks and be patient cause I’m sure they will be working to make sure homebrew and whatever else may come to run on your Vita like it should and not damage your system.

  3. Gessekai says:

    I have Gravity Crash downloaded on my PS3, but it’s not showing up in CMA. Did Sony do something to prevent people from transferring it?

    • wololo says:

      If they did like with the previous exploits, then yes.
      Alternatively, it is possible you downloaded Gravity Crash (for PS3) instead of Gravity Crash Portable (the game for PSP/Vita)

      • Gessekai says:

        Ah, darn. Is there any work around for this? I double checked and made sure it was for PSP.

        • wololo says:

          The workaround is to travel in time back to the past, and read this:

          In particular, read where it says “The best method of absolutely assuring you have the chance to run VHBL or eCFW is to download the exploited game directly to your Vita. Not to your PS3, not to your PC, Not to your PSP. Straight onto your PS Vita”. QFT


          • Gessekai says:

            Im afraid traveling back in time to that moment wouldn’t help me.
            I saw where it said that, but I had misplaced my memory card at the time.
            I downloaded it on my PS3 as a last resort until I found my memory card.
            Maybe next time I’ll be prepared.

  4. Simk0024 says:

    I download ‘Gravity Crash Portable’ from PSS Singapore
    which one should i use? UE or US one?
    I have tried both but ‘error occurred C1-2858-3′.
    What happened ??
    Can anyone help me and told me what should I do next?

    • srsteam says:

      because asia ver dont have port yet
      only work on,eu

    • walala says:

      I can make a port of exploit for you if you give me gravity crash portable.iso (HK version)!! thats all I need to help the scene!!

      • xysscn says:

        I’ve got ‘Gravity Crash Portable’ from PS Store HongKong,however it’s a .pkg file,will this be a help?

      • Msnk8 says:

        i downloaded from singapore psn account,,,,the game reads gravity crash portable(english version)
        will dat do? can u port it if i send u the file…..m also gettin the same error everytime

        if yes plz instruct me how to sent it

  5. rahul vyas says:

    Any Hope for 1.61 Firmware (Everybody’s Tennis Exploit) Owners ?

  6. huz says:


  7. marlewuk says:

    Thanx wololo and all who made is hack possible. got it working in the end – ran angry birds and wipeout to test. i’m actually using my mate’s vita and hacking it for him.
    PSP are childsplay compared to this.

  8. lion says:

    Is there any possible to port hk ver gravity crash exploit? thank you!

  9. Hmm if you losers game shared with me earlier I coulda had it u fuckers. Now I just forget hacking my vita. *Uses thunderbolt on all users*

  10. This is straight BS because u kids don’t no shit about gs

  11. And I was really looking forward to see that small screen in the middle again

  12. VitaBoy says:

    Guy…. i cant believe me what happend today… after finally make my vita work with the exploit and i was SO SO SO HAPPY , i jsut come from my work to transfer some PSP games to my vita and… i cant just unlock my vita

    i have the same password since i buy my vita and i cant unlock it , i got error wrong password

    Can sony change it to force me restore the system?

    if i restore the system and i remove the memory card i can loose my exploit ?

    • marlewuk says:

      Hopefully u backed up the game on the pc, then if you need to restore you can then use cha to copy game back to vita and redo hack

    • S1L3NTJ says:

      you can try the ps3 master unlock code 0074 it might work not sure havent forgot my password yet. might be different for vita.

  13. steveothekilla says:


  14. steveothekilla says:


  15. Jacks says:

    Hey, im new to this website, and to the hacking community. I missed the first 3 exploits like an idiot. I got Gravity crush so im extremely gratefull. I need help because when i turn on gravity crush and click level there is no exploit it is all empty please help

  16. steveothekilla says:


  17. marlewuk says:

    Check forum people, tutorials on there and also videos on youtube

    • Jacks says:

      I tried buddy for like 2 hours im stumped and upset

      • JJ says:

        Yea i’m lost. i got the xploit working but thats about it. all the tutorials say install ftp install this, but how do you install those. a complete walk thru would be great. For people that don’t do this everyday.

        • psyguy says:

          Instructions only for Gravity Crash.

          If the exploit for Gravity Crash is working on your vita (follow readme). Here’s how to install the ftp program.

          1. Grab the vitaftp problem. Extract the zip, and then extract the INSTALL.ZIP . You only need the EBOOT.PBP
          2. Create a couple of folders inside each other with the following order PSP, GAME, FTP
          3. Put the EBOOT.PBP that you have extracted into the FTP folder
          4. Install or use the program called 7zip (this example) – right click on the PSP folder from step #2 and select “Add to archive…” . Make sure the archive format is ZIP and compression level is STORE. It is important that you name the file INSTALL.ZIP in all CAPS.
          5. The new zip file should have the folders in order of depth as step #2. Place the new INSTALL.ZIP
          6. Locate on your computer where Open CMA backs up your gamesaves. For example mine is d:\Vita\PSAVEDATA\(random_numbers_letters\NPEG00020DATA01
          Put the ftp INSTALL.ZIP in the NPEG00020DATA01 folder
          7. Now use Open CMA to upload the updated Gravity Crash exploit folder.
          8. Load the exploit and install the ftp. Now, you can ftp any homebrew without using the above method.

      • Jacks says:

        i got it to work now somehow, and when i click save it says error c1-2858-3

        • psyguy says:

          Gravity Crash. I had a issue where I was uploading some old(probably incompatible) homebrew apps via ftp and got c1-2858-3 error when I tried to get back into the TN-B menu. Resolved this by going to the PS Vita’s data manager menu and deleted the corrupt data out of the memory card. Ran the exploit again and no more errors.

        • Msnk8 says:

          same here buddy…m shattered

  18. mark90 says:

    Works fine for me, thanks sooo much! XD

  19. Dilan Parmar says:

    As soon as you can install vitaftp and then transfer iso through filezilla(I have had no luck with psp filer and such but internet is decent like 18 mbps or something)

  20. Addison says:

    i’ve been reading from a couple posts to transfer pep isos through cma and then use psp filer to move it to the right folder. however doing that is a two step process which in the end seems to take just as long as the ftp method. just my opinion. think i’ll stick with the ftp method

  21. tatsuya says:

    look like i missed at 4th time now ~_~ XD
    i just bought psn card to buy that GCP but the sony already delete it already oh well must go on and keep up the good work wololo

  22. Save my day plz says:

    i only have a game from HK store can you plz make for HK version plz

  23. TokiDoki says:

    Can somebody please post all the files needed to run isos on Gravity Crush. I’ve tried everything and every step like 40 times but I think I’m doing something wrong because the exploit works fine but no isos or HB appear….

    • S1L3NTJ says:

      make sure you are not naming the file to fix this use 7zip for the archive and rename it in the archive manager. What I did was get some homebrew any will do put it in PSP/GAME/ folder in your PSAVEDATA folder. For Isos put them in ISO/ next highlight PSP and ISO and use 7zip to create FILENAME.ZIP archive. put archive in first save file for gravity crash and copy to psp. second load CEF it should show the random homebrew you chose install it and when it installs it will install isos along with it which will show after installation. I’m sure there is an easier way to do this but it works for me. just make sure you have all the homebrew you need in the first archive because it is a pain to manage homebrews without losing stuff with this early cef

  24. MHero says:

    Gravity Crash Asia Please

  25. totoru says:

    Gravity Crash Asia Please

  26. totoru says:

    Gravity Crash Asia Please….

  27. 天神 says:


  28. Totoro says:

    This is awesome guys, congrats to everyone who was able to receive this gift. And to those who leaked the name I honestly hope you’re perma-banned and not ruining someone else’s day.

  29. Chicago_Ghost says:

    Where do you put roms at for the emulators

  30. Otropom says:

    Working like à charm its perfect !!!
    It take long to run the game then load/save into the level Éditor
    But at least its Working . Hope the vita Will be really hacked soon !!

  31. CreepOnIn320 says:

    finally got it to run my psp iso/cso thanks u guys, ill shell not forget this.

  32. Nemesis`Q says:

    simply waiting for HK port :/
    btw, great work :)

  33. johnny says:

    thank for your gift look forward to HK Version

  34. bosanovaX says:

    SO Happy with this,

    So far Ive tested CPS1, SNES, NES, Neogeo Pocket, Megadrive, Gameboy, Megaman Powered Up (PSP)

    All working beautifully


    • Renato says:

      Hey man, can you show us how you did those things? I only could run ISO’s. Game boy, Snes and so on I couldn’t make it. Thanks

      • bosanovaX says:

        You need to put all your homebrew in the PSP/GAME folder, basically the same as PSP. I transferred the files fia the FTP method. As yo know it takes time so just have your fave selection of back up roms, you already own ;)

        I used my pre existing homebrew from my PSP with custom made png’s so its nice and personal. But the icing on the cake was my save states were still intact. :)

        I love this scene !!!

        • Renato says:

          Thanks for the replying. I will try that later on at home. I tried to put the homebrews via PSAVEDATA and CMA. Which emulators did you use for which one? I mean for GAme Boy you use GPSP, for GENESES is PICODRIVE and so on… Thanks again

          • bosanovaX says:

            No worries man, your right on the emulators by the way.(Picodrive, snesTYL GPSP etc). If you were in the PSP scene, the ones you used back then should work just fine.

            I cant wait to get home to test MVS and CPS2 !!!!

  35. Ross says:

    Guys i am all good but found to be getting an error when loading more than one ISO

    I think TN menu cannot display many isos or load them and simply crashes with the 1-2 somthing error.

    Any one know how many ISO i can put in the folder ?

  36. bewrong says:

    I have a question. How do change the UMD driver after opening the TN-B menu? (ie. m33 to sony)

  37. eapple says:

    there’s no exploit level in my gravity crush.. :(
    what should I do?

  38. Simk0024 says:

    will it have a exploit for GC asia??

  39. Mimar says:

    All friend.For error use YMENU

  40. lion says:

    although no hk ver exploit, U guys are amazing, really, from bottom of my heart. thx.

  41. Rayman says:

    Thank you all.

  42. bosanovax says:

    Just experienced a problem with nesterj, I pushed ps home the game hung and the psvita went to a weird safe mode promting me to format memory card. I didnt :) now im playing cave story :)

  43. Addison says:

    So where can one get these game emulators such as gba? ive seen the nes and n64 on this site but i cannot find others. also, i’ve read through all the comments and no one has said where you can get them.

  44. carsauce says:

    Emulators are on the forums

  45. elexrto says:

    how install PSPFILER in my ps vita a need a tutorial plz..a need install in gravity crash savedata folder tnks

  46. John says:

    I still wonder, can the VITA be online at all? How does the ftp work?

  47. gd074 says:

    i deleted the gravity crash portable game because of freezing and error problems i watched this video:

    so i thought i would be able to get it back but its looking like i cant.
    any suggestions?

  1. November 9, 2012

    [...] Frostegater fixed this by releasing a port to the Asian version of the game today. I haven’t checked it myself, so please report success. I won’t go into details on how to run this or what it does, if you want details please check the original release thread here. [...]

  2. November 19, 2012

    [...] Fonte Official Wololo [...]

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