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Release: Total_Noob’s CEF TN-B for Gravity Crash (port by Teck4 and Frostegater)


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  1. anton85 says:

    error C1-2858-3. Can anyone help me please!!

  2. DeoxiD says:

    when i load ISO file screen turned black and after re boot and trying launch explor i get ”An error has occurred.” (C1-2858-3) what can i do ?

  3. scousetomo says:

    mad phx i agree that is way faster than ftp also very newb freindly when you have filer just look for the game name when you run the exploit and install it as you copy it to your vita as a save game file and if you look in content manager it will be the same size as the game

  4. levis says:

    after instaling ftp or pspfiler is disapear ,why? can anybody help my?

  5. Fadi5555 says:

    Every time if I copy some psp games or even on game after that it freazing and get the same erorr C1-2858-3.
    All that was happen if I copy iso on iso folder..
    And the people who iso games work. Please give us a guide to how it work
    And now I’m stucking with nothing to do because that error is kill me
    Please help me.

  6. carsauce says:

    Omg! well so far it works!, I guess my copy of Corpse Party was not working right, but my Gurumin cso works , least I now can confirm this works well, oh yea you gotta make sure that the filenames are all caps or else it will not show up in the TN menu, other than that I use FTP option and now wondering if my other ISO’s work.

    • morris says:

      how did you put iso/cso on your vita? i do the procedure about ftp but its not showing when i run the game so i cant install it. kindly help me.thank you! im running 1.81 and i already have the game gravity crash portable and downloaded the exploit. thank you.

  7. NTSC says:

    Guys how can i damn put the iso on my psvita ? πŸ™
    I really don’t understand cause im using chrome and i can’t mangae the ftp menu of my psvita from there πŸ™

  8. carsauce says:

    OMG, I found out why it was not working, I think its because the ISO file is set as a Winzip file,, how do I set this ISO so it does not open up as a winzip file?

  9. NTSC says:

    Edit : I am using IE and seems like working but my god….2 h 47 minutes for copy one game?????? my old commodore 64 was much more faster…..datassette power
    I hope it will work cuz i have to sit in front of pc until finish….

  10. NTSC says:

    I am using the ftp on vita not pspfiler, actually i am online i didn’t switched off the wlan

    • John says:

      But you CAN use it offline? πŸ™‚ Because the VITA shouldn’t be online at all anymore right? (Yes i am a noob so sorry for all questions that might sound stupid)

  11. jrazorman says:

    Just a quick note…. the games work better to me when labeled as ISO vs CSO

  12. carsauce says:

    Ugh I feel like such a newb…-.-

  13. NTSC says:

    I feel like this transfer system is very painful, my god this is even worste than commodore 64, just i hope the iso will work…even not i will give up and stop, more easy buy a second hand psp with a memory stick of 8gb, less stressful

    • madphx says:

      Try to copy something small to make sure you have it working. I used Everyday shooter and once I knew it was working I moved a much larger game.

      Also I keep telling you people that FTP is really slow so try to avoid it if you can. Use Filer to move your ISO from your exploit folder to ISO folder.

      And from my understanding you should not rename an ISO file to CSO because they are not the same thing. It’s sort of like the difference between .ZIP and .RAR

  14. dennis says:

    iΒ΄m using mac, is it ok for installing all of this to vita instead of windos pc?

  15. NTSC says:

    Dunno Dude, maybe i recommend use Vmware Fusion and windows in emulation ^^

  16. anton85 says:

    I’m still in erorr C1-2858-3, can anyone help me please??

  17. carsauce says:

    anton make sure the file is ISO and not any form of Zip file taking over that file extension, other than that,if it shows up in TN-B menu, then it has to work, also it depends on which way you are transfering files over, I use a FTP client while running a PS VITA FTP.

  18. NTSC says:

    I am using Vita Ftp and internet explorer, hope is ok dude

  19. anton85 says:

    but i can’t even acces to TN-B menu. when a select de xploit in the game Gravity C the screen gets black and appear erorr C1-2858-3

  20. carsauce says:

    Guys im using CUTE FTP via PS VITA FTP to transfer files meh least it gets the job done.

  21. NTSC says:

    still 48 minutes for finish transfering data, thats so boring, if doesn’t work i will put my psvita in the rubbish, it’s all the damn eveningim working for play at Photokano

  22. levis says:

    ISO ,PSPFILER and FTP works perfect …thanks guys for great work

  23. NTSC says:

    i don’t understand how use this pspfiler, really i can’t find any good tutorial, i hope it will work with ftp vita system

  24. Trunk208 says:


  25. NTSC says:

    Photokano 100 X 100 Working !!!! Yippy Kay Yey
    I Manage without PSP Filer and also connected online !
    Just slow during copy that’s all !

    Thanks Guys

  26. anton85 says:

    who already solved the erorr C1-2858-3??

    • DeoxiD says:

      The problem seems to be coming from the MENU.PBP in the exploit savedata folder. To fix this, there was a suggestion on using yMenu . Just download this file, open it up, copy ALL the files and paste it in the exploit savedata folder, replacing the TN MENU.PBP with the ymenu one. Just follow all the other instructions on how to install homebrew on ISO/CSO.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thats just means something can’t execute or it crashed

  27. carsauce says:

    So now how do you get PS1’s to work or to transfer? is it the same way?

  28. carsauce says:

    anton are you on FW 1.81? also did you put those two folders in your main save folder to be transfered over via CMA or OPEN CMA or whatver?

  29. andrea82it says:

    for send file via ftp, isn’n necssaries use a web browser, you simply connect the pc to the www, open a folder and write the url ftp://***.***.***.*** into the url-bar.
    in this mode i copying a iso game in 10-15 minutes. windows and unix/linux have ftp function integratet you no need any software or web browser, web browser make the operation very slow.

  30. anton85 says:

    Guys have solved the error C1-2858-3.

    1- I suppose that you did a backup of your vita.
    2- Go to CMA and restore your datas, in a momment appear a message warning if you want to delete your Gravity C copy select NO and do again the process of the xploit as the first time you did and it will work!!.


  31. E says:

    Okay guys so here is a REALLY good question. I have my ISOs working and everything and running on TN-B; however, my Bleach HTS 7 has a DLC that goes with it as well. How do I go about getting that [DLC] to work on my Vita? Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated! Please and Thank you!

  32. NTSC says:

    Amazing also the iso of Mobile Train Simulator works *_*, just need about 40 minutes to transfer from pc to psvita, it’s about 1,7 Gb
    God Bless Wololo and everybody who made this dream became tue *_*

  33. asdasd says:

    how do you exit CFW without hard reset?

  34. NTSC says:

    Just I Push the PS button and i close as a normal application, until now it works perfectly

  35. carsauce says:

    Just wanted to confirm that non popular homebrew works on this as well, just got my rare DIVI DEAD PSP version to be working on my Vita, this is awesome, I LOVE YOU teck4,frostgaters,total noob, wololo! and anyone else who was part of this, THANK YOU!

  36. Anonymous says:

    ~~~~READ READ READ~~~~
    This is the tutorial I followed. Be sure not to skip any steps because it is often the small things such as naming a file XXXXXXXX.ZIP instead of xxxxxxxx.zip and having the correct compression type.
    If this works for you re-post it so more people can see it, thanks πŸ™‚

  37. NTSC says:

    Anyone know where the iso psp games save the data ? i mean in wich folder?
    Should i be able to delete from CMA or i need to delete the savedata from ftp ?
    And also when i install homebrews the installation files extracted where they go ?

  38. Stiffeno says:

    If anyone posts a message screaming about how they “Missed this game exploit aswell!”, then please just never return to this site again, you have had 4 chances or more to get the games in question, if you STILL didnt get one in time, just give up, you’ll never get it, stop wasting ur time!

  39. PSVFanboy says:

    Ok I got all my Star Wars ISOs loaded and working 4GB later threw FTP. Took Forevers!

    Also got my Gameboy Advanced Emulator running with all my Pokemon Roms! I have officially run out of things I wanted to run on this vita!

    I tryed the N64 Emulator Daedalus 777 and it crashed 2 of the roms I tryed. I think im giving up on the n64 stuff right now.

    Now Im going to go play some Pokemon on my VITA!! YAY Thank you everyone again!

    • jok3r0314 says:

      howd you manage to get your gba roms to run, im trying to play some pokemon too but the emulator freezes and i get an error

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