Release: Total_Noob’s CEF TN-B for Gravity Crash (port by Teck4 and Frostegater)


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514 Responses

  1. Tony says:

    Loves you guys!!!

  2. paul says:

    yayyy thank you!

  3. lenyek_penyek says:

    any possibility the crash can be ported to the asian version?

  4. itsmeMimi says:

    its time!!!

  5. Choppa says:

    fiinnnnnnally. lets do this

  6. Thomas says:

    Finallyy :) roberto sei italiano tu? nel caso avessi bisogno di una mano non sono molto esperto..

  7. BananaRamma says:

    YESSS! You guys are the best!

  8. MaxiExtreme says:


  9. srstea, says:

    if have asian ver!i must donate directly!!!

  10. ssxcool says:

    err how to deal with corrupted file. i put the us in savedata and connect to the pc this is what i get

    • E says:

      Me too. CMA would not even allow me to copy because it says Corrupt. I am going to try re-downloading and see what happens. Maybe we copied the files wrong somehow

    • E says:

      Okay I got it to work. Here is what I did: When copying the Savedata files Windows normally ask you “if you want to merge folders.” I did and doing that normally causes issues. I went and deleted all savedata relating to Gravity Crash from that folder. Now when copying the exploited savedata folders you will get no prompts from windows. Now try transferring the data from the PC to the Vita. It should not say “corrupt” anymore. Close the folders and CMA on the Vita and launch the game. Hope my method works for you. Cheers!

  11. Hurarah says:

    Thanks Guys!! Still can’t beleive I got another chance to get TN-B!
    Ohh& unlike Urbanix which was completely ripped off PSN GravityCrashPortable is still available ib your downloads list, well mine is. (EU).

  12. Viral_Weaponry says:

    “a vulnerability being discovered in that game, that would allow a malicious attacker to run Super Mario Bros on your Vita.”
    This part is awesome :)

  13. Cobra says:

    Just a quick correction Wololo, under the “Installation” instructions, it’s spelled “Instal” instead of “Install”.

    Just wanted to point out the small typo!


    • Cobra says:

      Also, Thank you very much for both the announcement of the game and the exploit release. Keep up the good work to everyone involved!


  14. hari says:

    Thank you.. finally got a chance to run TN-B in my vita..

  15. William A.U. says:

    Thanks wololo!! You guys are awesome. Now I can try to transfer all of my PSP games and etc over to my PSVita.

  16. LsLove says:

    Ive been reloading page all night, and kept seeing damn post of PS+ for cita was grtting sick of it. Decided to check once more before bed….WOOOOOHOOOO, again many thanks to every person involved, deff donating. If every person who used this even donated $1-2 it would give THAT MICH more for these devs to push on. Id say a great world everybody should donate $10, we all know many of you/us will be pirates ARGHHHH, sp the money your saving by having this and not buying games is nothing compared to $10 to these guys, sorry for babbling its late/early im happy. GIANT THANKS!!!

  17. Dilan Parmar says:

    Thank you!

  18. Gamer says:

    Donated cause I can

  19. Thomas says:

    Thank you all guys! Grazie from italy!!

  20. charlierjz says:

    I bought the HK version and it doesnt work >.<

  21. h4bsTr4kt says:

    Good Job, Guys.
    I Like It!

  22. Phosphor says:

    Thank you,but these savedata cant be used in HongKong version:(((…No matter,thx anyway.U R THE BEST!

  23. Pink says:

    way not asia ver T^T

  24. Oddlyenough says:

    Thank you from New Zealand it works on NZ Version of Game! YAYYYYYY not a waste of money afterall

  25. ku says:

    why not ported asia ver? I think it is easy problem to you.

  26. Coby says:

    Missed it again ;__;. Haven’t had wireless for months, and I could finally get a new router today, and lo-behold, I was too late. Ah well. Thanks anyway, keep up the good work.

    • Stiffeno says:

      Why didnt you go to a friends house? or relative? a public library pc? a net cafe?

      You snooze, you lose :)

      • Stiffeno says:

        Or surely in this day and age you have a mobile/cell phone with mobile internet? You could check to see what game was required (or if the exploited game name was released yet) and once you knew, go use a pc somewhere?

        • Stiffeno says:

          Oh btw im not trying to be an arsehole to ya or nuttin if im coming across that way, just giving you idea’s for the future! Actually probably wont matter coz think you said you got a new router now?

  27. Hoang Nguyen says:

    Thank you!!!!!

  28. Dave Ross says:

    Um let’s pretend I never studied how exactly do you add isos to the exploit?

  29. wartaf says:

    oh!! yeah!! thanks!! i’ll gonna try this after work! i wish bring my Vita now so i could try it now!

  30. Cobra says:

    Could someone please explain how to install homebrew with this new exploit? I’ve read TN’s instructions but it is still a bit confusing.


  31. Splifward says:

    Thank You very much!! :D

  32. slipk487 says:

    mins crashing heres zip info

    # Archive C:\Documents and Settings\slip\Desktop\
    2012-10-30 14:29 Folder Folder 00000000 EU-NPEG00020
    2012-10-30 14:29 Folder Folder 00000000 EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA00
    2011-03-04 21:16 18336 18346 0cae20ad EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA00\ICON0.PNG
    2011-03-04 23:05 1748 1753 2888cf9c EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA00\MAINSAVE.BIN
    2011-03-04 23:05 4912 360 b5a632fb EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA00\PARAM.SFO
    2011-03-04 21:16 102518 102553 2f2f3911 EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA00\PIC1.PNG
    2012-10-30 14:29 Folder Folder 00000000 EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA01
    2012-10-03 10:39 7336 7341 4fc190e7 EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA01\DEFAULT.PNG
    2012-10-09 11:44 37496 29082 79627bf0 EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA01\FLASH0.TN
    2012-10-28 19:01 161 156 04b40868 EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA01\H.BIN
    2012-10-18 23:06 17967 17977 f62b3c4f EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA01\ICON0.PNG
    2011-03-04 22:58 932 937 22e5502b EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA01\LEVEL001.LVL
    2012-10-09 11:44 410674 182258 469c5a3c EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA01\MENU.PBP
    2011-03-04 22:58 4912 370 0d7dec22 EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA01\PARAM.SFO
    2012-10-18 23:06 178089 177834 577f1cd3 EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA01\PIC1.PNG
    2012-10-19 01:00 2684 1744 c45037de EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA01\TN.BIN
    2012-10-30 14:29 Folder Folder 00000000 JP-NPJG00044
    2012-11-03 03:55 Folder Folder 00000000 JP-NPJG00044\NPEG00020DATA01
    2012-10-03 10:39 7336 7336 4fc190e7 JP-NPJG00044\NPEG00020DATA01\DEFAULT.PNG
    2012-10-09 11:44 37496 29042 79627bf0 JP-NPJG00044\NPEG00020DATA01\FLASH0.TN
    2012-10-19 00:50 161 156 6b1361ca JP-NPJG00044\NPEG00020DATA01\H.BIN
    2012-10-18 23:06 17967 17967 f62b3c4f JP-NPJG00044\NPEG00020DATA01\ICON0.PNG
    2011-01-28 01:19 932 932 6435936f JP-NPJG00044\NPEG00020DATA01\LEVEL001.LVL
    2012-10-09 11:44 410674 177627 469c5a3c JP-NPJG00044\NPEG00020DATA01\MENU.PBP
    2011-01-28 01:19 4912 377 f3ce953a JP-NPJG00044\NPEG00020DATA01\PARAM.SFO
    2012-10-18 23:06 178089 177894 577f1cd3 JP-NPJG00044\NPEG00020DATA01\PIC1.PNG
    2012-10-09 11:44 2684 1719 f40d2611 JP-NPJG00044\NPEG00020DATA01\TN.BIN
    2012-10-30 14:29 Folder Folder 00000000 JP-NPJG00044\NPJG00044DATA00
    2012-10-18 23:04 17967 17977 f62b3c4f JP-NPJG00044\NPJG00044DATA00\ICON0.PNG
    2012-10-19 02:48 1748 1753 0234a143 JP-NPJG00044\NPJG00044DATA00\MAINSAVE.BIN
    2012-10-19 02:48 4912 358 192c001c JP-NPJG00044\NPJG00044DATA00\PARAM.SFO
    2012-10-18 23:04 178089 177834 577f1cd3 JP-NPJG00044\NPJG00044DATA00\PIC1.PNG
    2012-10-30 14:40 5454 2598 25011f5c ReadMe-cef.txt
    2012-10-30 16:22 517 321 3dd7377d ReadMe-exploit.txt
    2012-10-30 14:34 Folder Folder 00000000 US-NPUG80321
    2012-10-30 14:29 Folder Folder 00000000 US-NPUG80321\NPEG00020DATA01
    2012-10-03 10:39 7336 7341 4fc190e7 US-NPUG80321\NPEG00020DATA01\DEFAULT.PNG
    2012-10-09 11:44 37496 29082 79627bf0 US-NPUG80321\NPEG00020DATA01\FLASH0.TN
    2012-10-28 20:20 161 156 abac21e6 US-NPUG80321\NPEG00020DATA01\H.BIN
    2011-03-05 00:05 18336 18346 0cae20ad US-NPUG80321\NPEG00020DATA01\ICON0.PNG
    2011-03-05 00:17 932 937 a379836e US-NPUG80321\NPEG00020DATA01\LEVEL001.LVL
    2012-10-09 11:44 410674 182258 469c5a3c US-NPUG80321\NPEG00020DATA01\MENU.PBP
    2011-03-05 00:17 4912 348 93b62e0f US-NPUG80321\NPEG00020DATA01\PARAM.SFO
    2011-03-05 00:05 102518 102553 2f2f3911 US-NPUG80321\NPEG00020DATA01\PIC1.PNG
    2012-10-19 01:00 2684 1744 c45037de US-NPUG80321\NPEG00020DATA01\TN.BIN
    2012-10-30 14:29 Folder Folder 00000000 US-NPUG80321\NPUG80321DATA00
    2011-03-05 00:05 18336 18346 0cae20ad US-NPUG80321\NPUG80321DATA00\ICON0.PNG
    2011-03-05 00:25 1748 1753 4f140426 US-NPUG80321\NPUG80321DATA00\MAINSAVE.BIN
    2011-03-05 00:25 4912 361 4dd96aae US-NPUG80321\NPUG80321DATA00\PARAM.SFO
    2011-03-05 00:05 102518 102553 2f2f3911 US-NPUG80321\NPUG80321DATA00\PIC1.PNG
    # Total Size Packed Files
    # 2369266 1620380 50

  33. DONM says:

    dear wololo,I from hongkong ,can you give about teck4’s files ,thank you very much!

  34. owanef says:

    Can someone please find me a to tut on how to psp isos on vita please

  35. DONM says:

    who can help us?

  36. camposi says:

    Thank you!!!!! Desde España!

  37. AJBiznatch says:

    Hey I got the us version to work. I got to the TN menu smooth n all, just a lil confused of how to put homebrews and isos on. Was wondering if there was a walk through coming soon. Anyways great job guys!

  38. William says:

    how to copy ISO game into vita?

  39. jon says:

    aaaaAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGHH!! No asian version! You have no idea how hard i’m raging right now…

  40. DONM says:

    Dear wololo Sir / Madam: I was a player from Hong Kong, hope you can get your work files, gravity crash crack document has been waiting too long now, I hope you can help our friends in a distant land,thank you very much!

  41. eddwardd says:

    Tengo un error :( :( :( :( al cargar el exploit desde el juego me sale el siguiente error y vuelve a la pantalla de Vita el error es “Ha ocurrido un error. (C1-2858-)”Por favor ayudenme he hecho todo lo q me han dicho… Tengo la version US de Gravity grash. :(

  42. Aaron says:

    Thanks guys I also got corrupted when trying to
    Transfer via open Cma
    Any help guys

  43. Cobra says:


    1. Download the exploited gamesave
    2. Extract it (preferably using WinRAR)
    3. Locate the folder named: “NPEG00020DATA01″
    4. Make a folder called: “PSP” inside of the above folder
    5. Double click that folder
    6. Make a folder called: “GAME”
    7. Copy or Move your homebrew folder with “EBOOT.PBP” (Make sure the folder is in all CAPS and is no more than 8 letters long.)

    8. Go back to the root folder aka “NPEG00020DATA01″
    9. Using WinRAR, right click the PSP folder and click add to archive. On the dialog box, click ZIP for archive format, and STORE for compression method. Next rename the file to whatever, make sure it is no more than 8 letters and make sure it has .ZIP in CAPS at the end.

    10. Click ok
    11. Transfer both: NPEG00020DATA01 & NPEG00020DATA00 to your PS Vita

    12. Run the game
    13. Click editor
    14. Press start
    15. Click load and load the level name: “expoit”
    16. Click save
    17. Your homebrew is now available, hover over it and press X to install it.

    18. Enjoy!

  44. kuagelo says:

    thanks a lot for this! :D

    btw, it’s been 47 days since 1.81.. Here’s to hoping 1.82 doesn’t come out until next year. ^_^

  1. November 9, 2012

    […] Frostegater fixed this by releasing a port to the Asian version of the game today. I haven’t checked it myself, so please report success. I won’t go into details on how to run this or what it does, if you want details please check the original release thread here. […]

  2. November 19, 2012

    […] Fonte Official Wololo […]

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