Release: Total_Noob’s CEF TN-B for Gravity Crash (port by Teck4 and Frostegater)


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506 Responses

  1. Tony says:

    Loves you guys!!!

  2. paul says:

    yayyy thank you!

  3. lenyek_penyek says:

    any possibility the crash can be ported to the asian version?

  4. itsmeMimi says:

    its time!!!

  5. Choppa says:

    fiinnnnnnally. lets do this

  6. Thomas says:

    Finallyy :) roberto sei italiano tu? nel caso avessi bisogno di una mano non sono molto esperto..

  7. BananaRamma says:

    YESSS! You guys are the best!

  8. MaxiExtreme says:


  9. srstea, says:

    if have asian ver!i must donate directly!!!

  10. ssxcool says:

    err how to deal with corrupted file. i put the us in savedata and connect to the pc this is what i get

    • E says:

      Me too. CMA would not even allow me to copy because it says Corrupt. I am going to try re-downloading and see what happens. Maybe we copied the files wrong somehow

    • E says:

      Okay I got it to work. Here is what I did: When copying the Savedata files Windows normally ask you “if you want to merge folders.” I did and doing that normally causes issues. I went and deleted all savedata relating to Gravity Crash from that folder. Now when copying the exploited savedata folders you will get no prompts from windows. Now try transferring the data from the PC to the Vita. It should not say “corrupt” anymore. Close the folders and CMA on the Vita and launch the game. Hope my method works for you. Cheers!

  11. Hurarah says:

    Thanks Guys!! Still can’t beleive I got another chance to get TN-B!
    Ohh& unlike Urbanix which was completely ripped off PSN GravityCrashPortable is still available ib your downloads list, well mine is. (EU).

  12. Viral_Weaponry says:

    “a vulnerability being discovered in that game, that would allow a malicious attacker to run Super Mario Bros on your Vita.”
    This part is awesome :)

  13. Cobra says:

    Just a quick correction Wololo, under the “Installation” instructions, it’s spelled “Instal” instead of “Install”.

    Just wanted to point out the small typo!


    • Cobra says:

      Also, Thank you very much for both the announcement of the game and the exploit release. Keep up the good work to everyone involved!


  14. hari says:

    Thank you.. finally got a chance to run TN-B in my vita..

  15. William A.U. says:

    Thanks wololo!! You guys are awesome. Now I can try to transfer all of my PSP games and etc over to my PSVita.

  16. LsLove says:

    Ive been reloading page all night, and kept seeing damn post of PS+ for cita was grtting sick of it. Decided to check once more before bed….WOOOOOHOOOO, again many thanks to every person involved, deff donating. If every person who used this even donated $1-2 it would give THAT MICH more for these devs to push on. Id say a great world everybody should donate $10, we all know many of you/us will be pirates ARGHHHH, sp the money your saving by having this and not buying games is nothing compared to $10 to these guys, sorry for babbling its late/early im happy. GIANT THANKS!!!

  17. Dilan Parmar says:

    Thank you!

  18. Gamer says:

    Donated cause I can

  19. Thomas says:

    Thank you all guys! Grazie from italy!!

  20. charlierjz says:

    I bought the HK version and it doesnt work >.<

  21. h4bsTr4kt says:

    Good Job, Guys.
    I Like It!

  22. Phosphor says:

    Thank you,but these savedata cant be used in HongKong version:(((…No matter,thx anyway.U R THE BEST!

  23. Pink says:

    way not asia ver T^T

  24. Oddlyenough says:

    Thank you from New Zealand it works on NZ Version of Game! YAYYYYYY not a waste of money afterall

  25. ku says:

    why not ported asia ver? I think it is easy problem to you.

  26. Coby says:

    Missed it again ;__;. Haven’t had wireless for months, and I could finally get a new router today, and lo-behold, I was too late. Ah well. Thanks anyway, keep up the good work.

    • Stiffeno says:

      Why didnt you go to a friends house? or relative? a public library pc? a net cafe?

      You snooze, you lose :)

      • Stiffeno says:

        Or surely in this day and age you have a mobile/cell phone with mobile internet? You could check to see what game was required (or if the exploited game name was released yet) and once you knew, go use a pc somewhere?

        • Stiffeno says:

          Oh btw im not trying to be an arsehole to ya or nuttin if im coming across that way, just giving you idea’s for the future! Actually probably wont matter coz think you said you got a new router now?

  27. Hoang Nguyen says:

    Thank you!!!!!

  28. Dave Ross says:

    Um let’s pretend I never studied how exactly do you add isos to the exploit?

  29. wartaf says:

    oh!! yeah!! thanks!! i’ll gonna try this after work! i wish bring my Vita now so i could try it now!

  30. Cobra says:

    Could someone please explain how to install homebrew with this new exploit? I’ve read TN’s instructions but it is still a bit confusing.


  31. Splifward says:

    Thank You very much!! 😀

  32. slipk487 says:

    mins crashing heres zip info

    # Archive C:\Documents and Settings\slip\Desktop\
    2012-10-30 14:29 Folder Folder 00000000 EU-NPEG00020
    2012-10-30 14:29 Folder Folder 00000000 EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA00
    2011-03-04 21:16 18336 18346 0cae20ad EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA00\ICON0.PNG
    2011-03-04 23:05 1748 1753 2888cf9c EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA00\MAINSAVE.BIN
    2011-03-04 23:05 4912 360 b5a632fb EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA00\PARAM.SFO
    2011-03-04 21:16 102518 102553 2f2f3911 EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA00\PIC1.PNG
    2012-10-30 14:29 Folder Folder 00000000 EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA01
    2012-10-03 10:39 7336 7341 4fc190e7 EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA01\DEFAULT.PNG
    2012-10-09 11:44 37496 29082 79627bf0 EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA01\FLASH0.TN
    2012-10-28 19:01 161 156 04b40868 EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA01\H.BIN
    2012-10-18 23:06 17967 17977 f62b3c4f EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA01\ICON0.PNG
    2011-03-04 22:58 932 937 22e5502b EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA01\LEVEL001.LVL
    2012-10-09 11:44 410674 182258 469c5a3c EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA01\MENU.PBP
    2011-03-04 22:58 4912 370 0d7dec22 EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA01\PARAM.SFO
    2012-10-18 23:06 178089 177834 577f1cd3 EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA01\PIC1.PNG
    2012-10-19 01:00 2684 1744 c45037de EU-NPEG00020\NPEG00020DATA01\TN.BIN
    2012-10-30 14:29 Folder Folder 00000000 JP-NPJG00044
    2012-11-03 03:55 Folder Folder 00000000 JP-NPJG00044\NPEG00020DATA01
    2012-10-03 10:39 7336 7336 4fc190e7 JP-NPJG00044\NPEG00020DATA01\DEFAULT.PNG
    2012-10-09 11:44 37496 29042 79627bf0 JP-NPJG00044\NPEG00020DATA01\FLASH0.TN
    2012-10-19 00:50 161 156 6b1361ca JP-NPJG00044\NPEG00020DATA01\H.BIN
    2012-10-18 23:06 17967 17967 f62b3c4f JP-NPJG00044\NPEG00020DATA01\ICON0.PNG
    2011-01-28 01:19 932 932 6435936f JP-NPJG00044\NPEG00020DATA01\LEVEL001.LVL
    2012-10-09 11:44 410674 177627 469c5a3c JP-NPJG00044\NPEG00020DATA01\MENU.PBP
    2011-01-28 01:19 4912 377 f3ce953a JP-NPJG00044\NPEG00020DATA01\PARAM.SFO
    2012-10-18 23:06 178089 177894 577f1cd3 JP-NPJG00044\NPEG00020DATA01\PIC1.PNG
    2012-10-09 11:44 2684 1719 f40d2611 JP-NPJG00044\NPEG00020DATA01\TN.BIN
    2012-10-30 14:29 Folder Folder 00000000 JP-NPJG00044\NPJG00044DATA00
    2012-10-18 23:04 17967 17977 f62b3c4f JP-NPJG00044\NPJG00044DATA00\ICON0.PNG
    2012-10-19 02:48 1748 1753 0234a143 JP-NPJG00044\NPJG00044DATA00\MAINSAVE.BIN
    2012-10-19 02:48 4912 358 192c001c JP-NPJG00044\NPJG00044DATA00\PARAM.SFO
    2012-10-18 23:04 178089 177834 577f1cd3 JP-NPJG00044\NPJG00044DATA00\PIC1.PNG
    2012-10-30 14:40 5454 2598 25011f5c ReadMe-cef.txt
    2012-10-30 16:22 517 321 3dd7377d ReadMe-exploit.txt
    2012-10-30 14:34 Folder Folder 00000000 US-NPUG80321
    2012-10-30 14:29 Folder Folder 00000000 US-NPUG80321\NPEG00020DATA01
    2012-10-03 10:39 7336 7341 4fc190e7 US-NPUG80321\NPEG00020DATA01\DEFAULT.PNG
    2012-10-09 11:44 37496 29082 79627bf0 US-NPUG80321\NPEG00020DATA01\FLASH0.TN
    2012-10-28 20:20 161 156 abac21e6 US-NPUG80321\NPEG00020DATA01\H.BIN
    2011-03-05 00:05 18336 18346 0cae20ad US-NPUG80321\NPEG00020DATA01\ICON0.PNG
    2011-03-05 00:17 932 937 a379836e US-NPUG80321\NPEG00020DATA01\LEVEL001.LVL
    2012-10-09 11:44 410674 182258 469c5a3c US-NPUG80321\NPEG00020DATA01\MENU.PBP
    2011-03-05 00:17 4912 348 93b62e0f US-NPUG80321\NPEG00020DATA01\PARAM.SFO
    2011-03-05 00:05 102518 102553 2f2f3911 US-NPUG80321\NPEG00020DATA01\PIC1.PNG
    2012-10-19 01:00 2684 1744 c45037de US-NPUG80321\NPEG00020DATA01\TN.BIN
    2012-10-30 14:29 Folder Folder 00000000 US-NPUG80321\NPUG80321DATA00
    2011-03-05 00:05 18336 18346 0cae20ad US-NPUG80321\NPUG80321DATA00\ICON0.PNG
    2011-03-05 00:25 1748 1753 4f140426 US-NPUG80321\NPUG80321DATA00\MAINSAVE.BIN
    2011-03-05 00:25 4912 361 4dd96aae US-NPUG80321\NPUG80321DATA00\PARAM.SFO
    2011-03-05 00:05 102518 102553 2f2f3911 US-NPUG80321\NPUG80321DATA00\PIC1.PNG
    # Total Size Packed Files
    # 2369266 1620380 50

  33. DONM says:

    dear wololo,I from hongkong ,can you give about teck4’s files ,thank you very much!

  34. owanef says:

    Can someone please find me a to tut on how to psp isos on vita please

  35. DONM says:

    who can help us?

  36. camposi says:

    Thank you!!!!! Desde España!

  37. AJBiznatch says:

    Hey I got the us version to work. I got to the TN menu smooth n all, just a lil confused of how to put homebrews and isos on. Was wondering if there was a walk through coming soon. Anyways great job guys!

  38. William says:

    how to copy ISO game into vita?

  39. jon says:

    aaaaAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGHH!! No asian version! You have no idea how hard i’m raging right now…

  40. DONM says:

    Dear wololo Sir / Madam: I was a player from Hong Kong, hope you can get your work files, gravity crash crack document has been waiting too long now, I hope you can help our friends in a distant land,thank you very much!

  41. eddwardd says:

    Tengo un error :( :( :( :( al cargar el exploit desde el juego me sale el siguiente error y vuelve a la pantalla de Vita el error es “Ha ocurrido un error. (C1-2858-)”Por favor ayudenme he hecho todo lo q me han dicho… Tengo la version US de Gravity grash. :(

  42. Aaron says:

    Thanks guys I also got corrupted when trying to
    Transfer via open Cma
    Any help guys

  43. Cobra says:


    1. Download the exploited gamesave
    2. Extract it (preferably using WinRAR)
    3. Locate the folder named: “NPEG00020DATA01″
    4. Make a folder called: “PSP” inside of the above folder
    5. Double click that folder
    6. Make a folder called: “GAME”
    7. Copy or Move your homebrew folder with “EBOOT.PBP” (Make sure the folder is in all CAPS and is no more than 8 letters long.)

    8. Go back to the root folder aka “NPEG00020DATA01″
    9. Using WinRAR, right click the PSP folder and click add to archive. On the dialog box, click ZIP for archive format, and STORE for compression method. Next rename the file to whatever, make sure it is no more than 8 letters and make sure it has .ZIP in CAPS at the end.

    10. Click ok
    11. Transfer both: NPEG00020DATA01 & NPEG00020DATA00 to your PS Vita

    12. Run the game
    13. Click editor
    14. Press start
    15. Click load and load the level name: “expoit”
    16. Click save
    17. Your homebrew is now available, hover over it and press X to install it.

    18. Enjoy!

  44. kuagelo says:

    thanks a lot for this! 😀

    btw, it’s been 47 days since 1.81.. Here’s to hoping 1.82 doesn’t come out until next year. ^_^

  45. Sho says:

    Small note to anyone who is having trouble, first time user here, make SURE everything is in caps.
    Filename.ZIP -BAD

  46. 2easyfurtoni says:

    Great job! well done guys!

  47. huz says:

    Thank You very much!! 😀

  48. notder says:

    Thank you for all your hard work.

  49. TuckDezi says:

    Thnx to all who cotributed

  50. mangosteam says:

    im having troubles with iso i cant make it run the game plus sometimes i cant push the homescreen button after moving to mso … and am i suppose to wait after presing yes to move to mso and run the game?? i said yes then nothing happend and all i can do is press x and dejavu move to mso run game that always happens

  51. Ronny says:

    Hi I have the Euro version. I have done everything as per instructions. Copied both save files but my vita is ignoring them as they would be none there and overwrites them and the game goes on. Anyone know what the problem might be?

  52. tooth says:


  53. Agentdjluis says:

    How do i put games… i am confused… first time i am trying to do this
    I tried google and youtube nothing…
    Someone help

  54. Chicago_Ghost says:

    any body know how to put psp game’s on the vita

  55. Ere says:

    can’t copy savefile to trigger exploit to psvita via CMA/openCMA


  56. Ere says:

    its read as corrupt file?


  57. Saba says:

    Thnx wololo and other devs for this ultimate tool also just a can the emulator run psp game eboots sorry not very good at hacking but please reply

    Also thank you wololo
    By naruto hd
    Awesome cool

  58. Zo says:

    No HK version,what a pity.

  59. faust1100 says:

    Hooray! Thank you! You are the best!

  60. Choppa says:


  61. Chicago_Ghost says:

    @Ere copy the 2 files here ( C:\Users\Ur computer Name\Documents\PS Vita\PSAVEDATA\**************** ) then try to copy it over threw CMA

  62. xchu says:

    If it asks to move iso when selected to mso:/iso and freezes, restart and use pspfiler to make the ISO folder on the root and try again. :)

    • mangosteam says:

      HEY how did you zip your folder add to archiv??? then add .zip?
      cause mine doesnt work when i add to archive and just choose zip

  63. Chicago_Ghost says:

    can some 1 tell me how to put iso files on the vita i dont know how

  64. Ere says:

    @Chicago_Ghost: working now.
    thank you very much!

  65. mangosteam says:

    THE cfw loads but doesnt run my ISO’s dont know why also it cant detect my PSP.ZIP is it because i only used to add this to archive and choose .zip … PSP folder GAME folder HOMEBREW NAME FTP EBOOT. then aadd to archive choo zip RENAME AGAIN PSP.ZIP it stilll CANT READ FTP AND ALSO MY ISO CAN BE REaD IT SHOWS ON THE SCREEN BUT IT can ONLY DO is be on the screen when i try to run the game or move to MSO to ISO nothing happens dont know why.. MY ISO NAMES ARE YS7.ISO and MOHUNT.ISO but damn i cant make anything work but the TN MENU

  66. Meymey says:

    When I’m extracting PSPFiler into TN Menu, it totally disappear. Some help ? Thanks

  67. UraniumDude says:

    Darn no HK version, no matter thanks for the new exploit

  68. Ronald says:

    it reads as corrupted any body know a fix?

  69. RZ-360 says:

    There still hope for the asia or hk vertion ):

  70. UraniumDude says:

    Just asking will there be a ASIA version of the exploit? mine is currently NPHG00038DATA00

  71. ghg_1992 says:

    thanks to every body who helped to release this files

  72. Ariel says:

    Quietly waiting for the release of the Hong Kong version.Refueling ah!Thank you for doing!

  73. bloodscar says:

    Why not support HK version? please help HK version. Thanks!

  74. Ariel says:


  75. scousetomo says:

    thanks guys was worth the wait also the people who slagged wololo off saying this is a scam your eating your words now

  76. HACKVITA says:


    i finished to installed it but where i must copy my iso games? i use EU version thanks

  77. Chicago_Ghost says:

    can some body help me out with the process of how to set up a homebrew file to work on the vita an where to put it

  78. Bolnad says:

    version eu confused with japan
    release good version please

  79. chuppachup says:

    OK this works perfectly so those of you having problems PLEASE go to the forums and READ the many many instructions there that will solve your issues.

    If you do it right it will work, if it doesn’t go back and figure out what you did wrong and try again.

  80. CrisisCore says:

    hey guys i dont even know how to transfer iso/cso files because this is my first time! pls teach me thanks! 😀

    • wartaf says:

      yeah!! i try to put the YMENU 1.0.4 TN-A to this exploits and it works!! but i’m not sure if it has no bug like original TN-B for this exploit. 😀

      thanks to this!

  81. aamt says:

    NPHG00038DATA00 HK version please

  82. Bolnad says:

    probleme gravity crash version eu

  83. carlos says:

    I think the VHL’m 100% work if it was done in the original game

  84. McLoven says:

    Just confirming the EU version works great for the South African users.
    Thanx guys. God bless and live long and prosper.

    • McLoven says:

      seems like I’m experiencing some difficulties as my homebrew just disappears when extracting and when running/executing a cso nothing happens, it just freezes

      can someone help, what I’m I doing wrong, I already checked the forum, didn’t help much.

  85. pandax says:

    how about hk ver. ?

  86. koter says:

    When I buy Gravity Rush on US, can I use exploit on my primary account EU? THX

  87. koter says:

    *gravity crash of course …

  88. RabRub says:

    Tried copying the versions released to the HK version of the game by replacing the old save game with the exploit and I already copied the files and loaded them but when I press save game, the vita stops for like 20sec then it gives me an error ” An error has occurred ” (C1-2858-3) any solution ?

    • Msnk8 says:

      same problem man,,,i have the singapore psn
      tried all of them ,again n again,,same thing happens,,,,,reading here and there,,getting nothing,,,,i guess they have to port the exploit or something

    • morris says:

      same here guys with the error when im trying to save the exploit. have you solve it already?

  89. Gandalf says:

    Valeu ai Wololo!!! xD

  90. mimar says:

    salut wololo.tout fonctionne parfaitement sans aucun probleme.merci beaucoup pour le travaille que vous faites vous et votre equipe.bonne continuation.

  91. Lewis says:

    My W-god,how about HK version,thx.

  92. andrea82it says:

    Good, very very GOOD.
    finally i can put in pension my elder psp.

    but 1 question: can i use plugins on Total_Noob’s CEF TN-B?
    ps vita not allow to take a screenshot of psp game and like to me to take screenshot in game.

    if yes how can i use the plugin?

  93. loco00 says:

    can someone tell me where can i find guide on how to install PSP ISO games on vita through this eCFW?

  94. Abigor says:

    Thanks / Gracias!!!!!

  95. Narsha says:

    Not works for me, i don’t know why. :(
    I’m in the TN menu, but there is nothing.. my ISO is not recognized.

  96. cbepx says:

    Good nice!

  97. memkou22 says:

    thank you very much! finally, after many years of wanting to have a psp, but i got a ps vita where i couldnt play any games(i have no money to buy games), and missing many exploits. thank you so much wololo, tn, teck4, frostegater. many thanks to you and all those who helped :))

  98. Malik says:

    I just got my Vita so im new this, but everything worked well, thank you guys for all your hard work.

  99. Thomas says:

    Se qualche italiano può aiutarmi mi mandi un email perchè ci ho provato ma non ci ho capito niente :(

  100. Aye Guy says:

    Patience is key because I waited and got the exploit 😀

  101. Mehdi says:

    if your PS Vita isn’t showing the ISO on the exploit just do this :
    in windows go to Start->Control Panel->Appearance and Personalization->Folder Options: Here click VIew tab and clear the “Hide extensions for known file types” check box
    now rename your iso file for example to ABCDEFGH.ISO And copy it into the Gravity Crash savegame ,after that just press X over the game icon in the TN menu to extract it and done!
    sorry for my bad eng

  102. Ftbs says:

    Is it normal having a lot time transfering a iso filme so ms card in tn menu?

  103. Kress says:

    Hmm this doesn’t work for me :( The data is Corrupted in the Vita Content Manager. Anyone knows if i do something wrong?

  104. Chacal says:

    can anyone link the web or the page where we can see which games are working for the ps vita.

  105. Darton Staker says:

    Trying to get FTP I copied it into savedata, extracted with CEF tn menu and then nothing….? So if anybody can assist with this problem, trying to transfer isos

  106. turbo-tastic says:

    hmmm.. how come that there is no HK version of this exploit.. did they forgot it?

  107. Msnk8 says:

    tried it,,,bt the game doesnt save the file,,,it reads
    an error has occured (C1-2858-3)

  108. levis says:

    funny ,lots of people want to apply this exploit without basic pc knowlage ….verry funny :)

  109. Darton Staker says:

    Those who are familiar with Psp ISO driver mode for Psp, will understand that it is necessary to read ISO back ups with it activated, it may not show up under PspFiler but if you follow the normal steps with the Sony NPG9660 driver you will automatically be given the option under tn menu

  110. Aardy says:

    Hi, thank you for this. I got it working, (after reading a lot of confusing guides)

    I got some psp iso games to work, but the game I really wanted to play, Ys Seven, doesnt work. It gives me an error message and kicks me back to the vita menu. Any ideas?

  111. madphx says:

    For those new to this exploit make sure you create folder structure for homebrew.

    Zip should contain PSP folder GAME folder and whatever homebrew like FTP. In the homebrew folder you should have eboot or if you have emulators you should have folders with your roms, bios, or cache.

    Also make sure you name zip properly in all caps including .ZIP extension.

    For those copying Iso or cso make sure you also rename file to 8 characters in all caps including .ISO or .CSO. These files go in a separate folder called ISO alongside your PSP folder and NOT inside GAME folder. You can copy using FTP which is really slow it took me 15 minutes for 269MB.

    I am gonna try Filer and use it to copy 1.5GB to see how fast it does it cause FTP is way too slow

  112. Dilan P says:

    Thank you! But how do I find the directory to put the ISO on the PS Vita like give me directory please
    This is my Save data directory
    C:\Users\dparm_000\Documents\PS Vita\PSAVEDATA\44ebcc5724d64841

  113. Hadi says:

    Please we want to share the happiness we people from asian region. Thanks for the exploit but for HK people would you please make the exploit applicable. Thank for the awesome effort and hopefully u guys can help us also :)

  114. aria says:

    pls help if i want to load the exploid its nothing there …

  115. aria says:

    ok i got it now did it all over and now ist working 1000 thx :)

  116. aria says:

    one question tho in wich data schould i put the ftp zip?

  117. huz says:

    i ps vita gravite tn-b 1.81 working deadalus , uo_snes9x RUN ALL SUPER MARIO XD ;D and won’t snes9x, gbsp ,gbc ,FILER


  118. madphx says:

    For those that are interested I moved 990MB which is almost 1GB in about 10 minutes using Filer.

    I had dropped ISO into saved directory and just moved it to ISO folder with no problems.

  119. Xorbius says:

    ok, to put an iso on your vita from pc, here is what I did.

    Get PSPfiler 6.6 and unzip it, go to the EBOOT.PBP located in the normal GAME/FILER folder. Make a folder structure like this in caps PSP/GAME/PSPFILER and then place the EBOOT.PBP file in the PSPFILER foler and go to the top of the structure to where you see PSP folder and zip it to something like PSPFILER.ZIP, all caps and not over 8 characters. Then place the PSPFILER.ZIP in your NPEG00020DATA01 folder in your psp save folder. Use CMA through the vita to copy over that save again. When you go in through the exploit, you should now see PSPfiler, click it to unzip it. When it is Done, click it again to run it. When you are in the root directory, make a folder named ISO, so it should be MS0:/ISO. Once that is done, you can quit out.

    Now if you haven’t deleted the PSPFILER.ZIP file out of your NPEG00020DATA01 folder on your pc, you can do so now. You can now place an iso in that folder but in all caps and no more than 8 characters like ABCDEFGH.ISO. Start CMA again on vita and once again copy that save file of gravity crash to your vita, you will notice that the save file is about as big as the iso in it. Once you have it copied over, go in to the exploit again and you should now see the iso. Click on it and it will ask to install to ms0:/ISO, which it will freeze if you didn’t make the folder first. Once that is done, you can now play it and can delete it from the NPEG00020DATA01 folder on your pc. Repeat for how many more iso/cso file or files you want to add.

    • imran says:

      Did exactly this. about 3 times. Stupid damn ZIP won’t show up in the exploit no matter what I do.
      YES It is zipped correctly, with an 8 letter all caps name.
      YES I have them set up in PSP/GAME/PSPFILER/EBOOT.PBP
      YES I placed it in NPEG folder.
      YES I copied the save file onto my vita using OpenCMA.
      I have repeated this process STEP BY STEP and I STILL cannot see anything to install after the exploit. ALL I see is Gravity Crash in the exploit menu.
      What am I doing wrong? Please don’t tell me to reread and do it right because I did precisely what you said.

  120. Darton Staker says:

    I’ve noticed a bug for dbz tag team tournament EU ISO, when holding start to return to the tn menu it “freezes” it just holds and doesn’t do anything wont close with home, so I have to force hold power and restart console.

  121. aria says:

    hmm still cant use ftp for vita it does not show up in exploid

  122. Darton Staker says:

    What I do is; load exploit> install PSPFILER> created ISO folder on root> using openCMA copy the XXXXXXXX.ISO/CSO to savedata exploit(DAT01) and then move to ISO via TN MENU. Quite simple(not the fastest but works like a charm) also make sure to select Sony NPG9660 driver with [].

  123. darren521 says:

    Thank you guys for all your hard work
    ALL those who said this was a scam to get people on this site
    Works like a dream
    Nice one!

  124. Gessekai says:

    How long after the exploit files are released do they release a new Ofw to patch it?

  125. vitagamer says:

    What kind of app is Filer ? 😀

  126. Mr.Flap says:

    Everyone having trouble with OpenCMA,FTP vita, and psp iso, look at this video:

  127. aria says:

    i did the exakt same thing on the video all works the problem ist the only thing not working or i do it wrong i dont know were to put the INSTALL.ZIP did it to both the saved game and the other file both dont work…pls help

  128. Zyphs says:

    How long does it take to backup a 1.7gig iso from the save file?

  129. Darton Staker says:

    Another bug, Naruto Shippuden Ultimate ninja impact ISO doesn’t load.

  130. Gandalf says:

    If I upgrade to 1.82 I lose this exploit?

  131. Proto-Tyrant says:

    Nice great work! You made my day :3

    mfg Proto

  132. elis says:

    adonde paso los iso

  133. b00n says:

    sorry, probably me stupid, but how do I properly exit the cfw to shut down the console?

  134. Tkkk says:

    I got a question, will this work with the US version of gravity crash , the one that is NOT from PSN store, game card one. Will that work with that work the same way as its shown in the video

  135. elrocopolo says:

    Jugando monster hunter 3 en el vita


  136. bewrong says:

    after i extract the ftp file on the archive it disappears :( please help

  137. scousetomo says:

    Xorbis great bit of advice that brother works sweet

  138. aria says:

    im getin despred now did all with pspfilter and ftp vita they dont show up in exploit so i cant install them and copy games over from my ps did every stepp nothing works is there a way to get my games to vita without http://ftp..

    one last thing that maybe the problem i dont know .wehn i installed opencma r4.5 i deleted all the content inside the original one and copied the one over maybe that is the problem ? but if it is cma working perfecktly do i need to do that again ?

  139. Yop says:

    Si alguien de habla castellana necesita ayuda puede contactar conmigo yo le ayudaré Hay que apoyarnos con la scena :).

  140. anton85 says:

    Parasite eve 3 doesn’t load :(. It’s a shame cuz it is a awesome game.

  141. meh says:

    How do you guys transfer ISOs? Do you put them into savegame folder? Whats the easiest way? FTP??

    • Trunk208 says:

      the easiest way is FTP but its not showing up in my TN menu….Even I try this method its not working for me, HELP!!!

      ****Below is the method I try and somehow I was expecting it to work but it didn’t********

      After you have made the correctly, place it in the NPEG0020DATA01 folder.
      While still in the folder, press ALT and you should see a toolbar pop up at the top of the window. Go to the TOOLS menu, and go to FOLDER OPTIONS. Go to the VIEW TAB and find “HIDE EXTENSIONS FOR KNOWN FILE TYPES” and UNCHECK it.
      Now you should be able to see in the folder it says “”
      Not sure if this will work for the FTP but it works for PSPFILER! :d””

  142. Darton Staker says:

    Can I run PRO CFW with this?

  143. B says:

    Where do I put the comics folder when installing PSP Comic? Please help.

  144. doro says:

    sir y dont see it on my ps store :(

  145. Vitaboy says:

    exploit work fine but it dont show the INSTALL.ZIP that i put there inside i create PSP folder GAME folder and FTP with the EBOOT inside

    i am doing anything wrong here?

    • aria says:

      thx mate but is not working the homebrew is there but i cant get the FTP logo to install it :( i did all the stepps in video waht do i wrong …

  146. bewrong says:

    I was able to make it work :)

    TIPS: follow the tutorial video but……
    once your done open the INSTALL.ZIP that you made and then click on “..” until you reach the save date folder and see the, remove the “.zip” and try it again :)

  147. bewrong says:

    i think something went wrong, after getting some files via ftp, the exploit doesn’t seem to load anymore. already overwritten the save file but still the after loading the exploit in editor then save it turns black and nothing happens it gives me a (C1-2858-3) error please help

  148. aria says:

    BEWRONG UR THE MAN :) IT works

  149. carsauce says:

    I would just like to thank you all the ones responsible to bringing this out, I can’t believe this works, and alot of others bought the game, so glad that I finally get to taste homebrew on the Vita also I figured out how to install ISO’s on this as well, PSP Filer is what I use, dunno if it works, but alas, homebrew on the Vita is what I look forward to more.

  150. READ THIS!!! says:

    After you have made the correctly, place it in the NPEG0020DATA01 folder.
    While still in the folder, press ALT and you should see a toolbar pop up at the top of the window. Go to the TOOLS menu, and go to FOLDER OPTIONS. Go to the VIEW TAB and find “HIDE EXTENSIONS FOR KNOWN FILE TYPES” and UNCHECK it.
    Now you should be able to see in the folder it says “”
    Not sure if this will work for the FTP but it works for PSPFILER! :d

  151. carsauce says:

    Ijust got that error too bewrong, using Filer, I created ISO folder moved the ISO into ISO folder and got that same error C1-2858-3

    Guess I’m stuck till I find out another way of installing ISOs

  152. mmmm says:

    lol the game stopped working from me even had openCMA. its amazing. its asking me to download it again. *** did i do wrong ?

  153. Darton Staker says:

    Note: after loading isos that don’t boot, the tn menu holds have to force restart with recovery menu

  154. PSVFanboy says:

    anyone having trouble getting Homebrews like FTP Showing up on the TN menu just follow “READ THIS!!!” Comment about going into the NPEG0020DATA01 folder and “HIDE EXTENSIONS FOR KNOWN FILE TYPES” and UNCHECK

    worked for me, FTP is now showing up in the TN Menu! Thanks everyone! My new White Vita is only 2 days old and already running TN menu via Gravity Exploit! Man I have done a lot of reading the last couple days but its all coming together :D:D:D

  155. Ronald says:

    For those getting the corrupt file error you need to take the 2 files out of the save folder and put them in /pssavedate/************ and copy both files to ps vita with open cma worked for me.

  156. Dante69 says:

    Thanks for the exploit! My MBA was going to expire soon because I got it free. Also got ymenu to run on the exploit with no problems.

  157. jok3r0314 says:

    i cant get gpsp to load a gba rom

  158. NTSC says:

    I Did everything on my EU version but i cant see the ftp installer on menu, only the Gravity icon thats all, im very getting tired, i think i will give up

    • PSVFanboy says:

      follow this it worked for me using FTP I had the same problem! READ!

      “”READ THIS!!! on November 6, 2012 at 7:56 pm

      After you have made the correctly, place it in the NPEG0020DATA01 folder.
      While still in the folder, press ALT and you should see a toolbar pop up at the top of the window. Go to the TOOLS menu, and go to FOLDER OPTIONS. Go to the VIEW TAB and find “HIDE EXTENSIONS FOR KNOWN FILE TYPES” and UNCHECK it.
      Now you should be able to see in the folder it says “”
      Not sure if this will work for the FTP but it works for PSPFILER! :d””

  159. PSVFanboy says:

    PROOF! lol

    TN-B running FTP loading my STARWARS.CSO to my freshly exploited Vita! Thank you Wololo, Tech4, Total_Noob and Frostegater for making my PSVita Dreams come true!

  160. thebigboss1206 says:

    Thank you, Wololo.
    But I noticed that an “ISO” folder must be created manually (With PSP FILER) to load a transferred game in PSV.
    It doesn’t load an ISO by creating a folder “ISO” automatically in “ms0:/”.
    I tried with more than a ISO game and it freezes when I try to move it in “ms0:/”
    It only works for homebrews, that automatically unpacks “.ZIP” files and runs them.
    Nice work anyways, and I’m waiting for a CF TN-B menu too. Bye!

  161. tehe loulzy says:

    WHERE THE FCK IS TN-C??!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!.!.!.!.!.!.


  162. Trunk208 says:

    Man, with all you ppl saying this is not WORKING D: SO MUCH PRESSURE YOU GUYS ARE GIVING IN -_-

  163. carsauce says:

    This is so hard to transfer ISO over FTP works but I can’t transfer files over it, Im wondering if I have to use another ftp client

  164. carsauce says:

    It is working, we are all just trying to copy over the iso-.-

  165. algorithm says:

    Downloaded the game while it was available and backed it up etc. Looks like i now have a defunct psp. Nice job. Main advantage i can see is that it may be equivalent to a psp running at 500mhz or so which would be great for emulation purposes

  166. UraniumDude says:

    me just gonna wait for someone to wait until the asia version gets released, peace out rawr

  167. PSVFanboy says:

    Iv been waiting 30+ for 900mb CSO to transfer via FTP :S Lets hope this works!

  168. John says:

    It works great for me. At first it didn’t work (MY fault). But now it works perfectly. But i wonder, is there anything i should know? I consider myself a real Noob in this VITA Area. Can you use WIFI/Internet at all? Or is there a way to stop the contact from VITA and Sony? Because this homebrew “FTP” everyone talks about isn’t that something you have to use in the browser? (Does that work OFFline?)

    Very sorry for noob questions like this. BIG thanks to everyone behind this! And thanks to those that replies :)

  169. PSVFanboy says:

    All I want to do is play my 5 Star Wars ISOs on my new Vita!

  170. algorithm says:

    I believe there is a method of renaming the iso extention to mp3 and saving it in vita music folder which the psp emulation has access to? Then using pspfiler to change the extension back to iso.

  171. PSVFanboy says:

    I got everything working! Star Wars ISO running on my PSV!

    using TN CFW and FTP to transfer ISOs!

    Im gunna go play some PSP ISO now! Thanks to everyone who made this possible!


  172. Tiger0o says:

    PSVFanboy U r my hero finally PTF apperd

  173. Sanight says:

    hmmm tried some of the game i have interesting in….
    none of them works….
    perhaps the new loader,if any, will solve that…

  174. jrazorman says:

    just to let everyone know sofar the only thing that dont work is nba 2k13

  175. PSVFanboy says:

    I was just playing Star Wars Elite Squadron! So sick having it on my Vita!

    One thing, I dont mind having the load the Expoit every time, but if the TN menu Freezes or wont let you go back to main screen by using the PS button liek jsut happen to me, then ya gotta hard reset and it talks awhile. Im glad to see that my Vita can now play ISOs but its a lot harder then my PSP GO every was! lol

  176. anton85 says:

    Can anyone help me to run Parasite eve 3 and PSone games?? I can’t get those work :( please

  177. NTSC says:

    Ok i manage to work, you must put on windows folder, show extension, its the only way to make it work

  178. anton85 says:

    Tambien hablo español, por si alguien me quiere ayudar xfa

  179. jrazorman says:

    thank you to all for all ypur hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  180. carsauce says:

    I give up, either this ISO is not working right or I dunno what I am doing, this is too tought to go through making ISOs work.

  181. anton85 says:

    I did this: PE3BIRTH.ISO , then a copy and instal and when a want to play just black screen

  182. Shuar says:

    Can this run PS one Isos?

  183. The "READ THIS" guy says:

    Glad my method worked for y’all (Un-hiding extensions and making sure to rename to .ZIP)… I know I messed with the files for a good 2 hours before trying that and it worked, so hope it helps more people :)
    If you need any help please feel free to email me :

  184. aria says:

    Till now everything was great now.. hope someone can help the problem that i having is my windows 7 makes the donwloads iso files to ISO.iso ..cant get rid of the smal iso writing waht schould i vita dont show it wehn is ISO.iso it doues not show wen i rename it only at wehn i reight clik and info

  185. KhaiRul says:

    Thanks Wololo, Teck4, frostegater…
    Still waiting for someone to port to HK version…:)

  186. S1L3NTJ says:

    People who are having problems with loading homebrew I have your solution. The problem is Windows 7. It will not let you change the extension portion of the name. For example If you name your zip file FILENAME.ZIP it shows up as in Windows 7. The way I fixed this after many hours of cursing at my screen is 7zip. Download 7zip if you haven’t already change the compression type to zip and then up at the top rename the to FILENAME.ZIP. Make sure before when you add to archive you add psp/game/”homebrew”/EBOOT.PBP to archive not FILENAME.ZIP/psp/game… Put it the PSAVEDATA under the first exploited save file and overwrite back onto psvita through openCMA.

  187. Darton Staker says:

    If you install the homebrews, if they dissapeared,they most likely need to be moved via PspFiler into the “game” folder

  188. mad phx says:

    Again for those that don’t want to wait hours for FTP just rename iso or cso to all caps 8 characters long and just drop it into save folder as is and as long as you have Filer you can move the file to your ISO folder.

    It took me about 10 minutes to move about 1GB using Filer and game loaded with no problems.

  189. Darton Staker says:

    I just don’t enjoy double copying

  190. anton85 says:

    error C1-2858-3. Can anyone help me please!!

  191. DeoxiD says:

    when i load ISO file screen turned black and after re boot and trying launch explor i get ”An error has occurred.” (C1-2858-3) what can i do ?

  192. scousetomo says:

    mad phx i agree that is way faster than ftp also very newb freindly when you have filer just look for the game name when you run the exploit and install it as you copy it to your vita as a save game file and if you look in content manager it will be the same size as the game

  193. levis says:

    after instaling ftp or pspfiler is disapear ,why? can anybody help my?

  194. Fadi5555 says:

    Every time if I copy some psp games or even on game after that it freazing and get the same erorr C1-2858-3.
    All that was happen if I copy iso on iso folder..
    And the people who iso games work. Please give us a guide to how it work
    And now I’m stucking with nothing to do because that error is kill me
    Please help me.

  195. carsauce says:

    Omg! well so far it works!, I guess my copy of Corpse Party was not working right, but my Gurumin cso works , least I now can confirm this works well, oh yea you gotta make sure that the filenames are all caps or else it will not show up in the TN menu, other than that I use FTP option and now wondering if my other ISO’s work.

    • morris says:

      how did you put iso/cso on your vita? i do the procedure about ftp but its not showing when i run the game so i cant install it. kindly help me.thank you! im running 1.81 and i already have the game gravity crash portable and downloaded the exploit. thank you.

  196. NTSC says:

    Guys how can i damn put the iso on my psvita ? :(
    I really don’t understand cause im using chrome and i can’t mangae the ftp menu of my psvita from there :(

  197. carsauce says:

    OMG, I found out why it was not working, I think its because the ISO file is set as a Winzip file,, how do I set this ISO so it does not open up as a winzip file?

  198. NTSC says:

    Edit : I am using IE and seems like working but my god….2 h 47 minutes for copy one game?????? my old commodore 64 was much more faster…..datassette power
    I hope it will work cuz i have to sit in front of pc until finish….

  199. NTSC says:

    I am using the ftp on vita not pspfiler, actually i am online i didn’t switched off the wlan

    • John says:

      But you CAN use it offline? :) Because the VITA shouldn’t be online at all anymore right? (Yes i am a noob so sorry for all questions that might sound stupid)

  200. jrazorman says:

    Just a quick note…. the games work better to me when labeled as ISO vs CSO

  201. carsauce says:

    Ugh I feel like such a newb…-.-

  202. NTSC says:

    I feel like this transfer system is very painful, my god this is even worste than commodore 64, just i hope the iso will work…even not i will give up and stop, more easy buy a second hand psp with a memory stick of 8gb, less stressful

    • madphx says:

      Try to copy something small to make sure you have it working. I used Everyday shooter and once I knew it was working I moved a much larger game.

      Also I keep telling you people that FTP is really slow so try to avoid it if you can. Use Filer to move your ISO from your exploit folder to ISO folder.

      And from my understanding you should not rename an ISO file to CSO because they are not the same thing. It’s sort of like the difference between .ZIP and .RAR

  203. dennis says:

    i´m using mac, is it ok for installing all of this to vita instead of windos pc?

  204. NTSC says:

    Dunno Dude, maybe i recommend use Vmware Fusion and windows in emulation ^^

  205. anton85 says:

    I’m still in erorr C1-2858-3, can anyone help me please??

  206. carsauce says:

    anton make sure the file is ISO and not any form of Zip file taking over that file extension, other than that,if it shows up in TN-B menu, then it has to work, also it depends on which way you are transfering files over, I use a FTP client while running a PS VITA FTP.

  207. NTSC says:

    I am using Vita Ftp and internet explorer, hope is ok dude

  208. anton85 says:

    but i can’t even acces to TN-B menu. when a select de xploit in the game Gravity C the screen gets black and appear erorr C1-2858-3

  209. carsauce says:

    Guys im using CUTE FTP via PS VITA FTP to transfer files meh least it gets the job done.

  210. NTSC says:

    still 48 minutes for finish transfering data, thats so boring, if doesn’t work i will put my psvita in the rubbish, it’s all the damn eveningim working for play at Photokano

  211. levis says:

    ISO ,PSPFILER and FTP works perfect …thanks guys for great work

  212. NTSC says:

    i don’t understand how use this pspfiler, really i can’t find any good tutorial, i hope it will work with ftp vita system

  213. Trunk208 says:


  214. NTSC says:

    Photokano 100 X 100 Working !!!! Yippy Kay Yey
    I Manage without PSP Filer and also connected online !
    Just slow during copy that’s all !

    Thanks Guys

  215. anton85 says:

    who already solved the erorr C1-2858-3??

    • DeoxiD says:

      The problem seems to be coming from the MENU.PBP in the exploit savedata folder. To fix this, there was a suggestion on using yMenu . Just download this file, open it up, copy ALL the files and paste it in the exploit savedata folder, replacing the TN MENU.PBP with the ymenu one. Just follow all the other instructions on how to install homebrew on ISO/CSO.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thats just means something can’t execute or it crashed

  216. carsauce says:

    So now how do you get PS1’s to work or to transfer? is it the same way?

  217. carsauce says:

    anton are you on FW 1.81? also did you put those two folders in your main save folder to be transfered over via CMA or OPEN CMA or whatver?

  218. andrea82it says:

    for send file via ftp, isn’n necssaries use a web browser, you simply connect the pc to the www, open a folder and write the url ftp://***.***.***.*** into the url-bar.
    in this mode i copying a iso game in 10-15 minutes. windows and unix/linux have ftp function integratet you no need any software or web browser, web browser make the operation very slow.

  219. anton85 says:

    Guys have solved the error C1-2858-3.

    1- I suppose that you did a backup of your vita.
    2- Go to CMA and restore your datas, in a momment appear a message warning if you want to delete your Gravity C copy select NO and do again the process of the xploit as the first time you did and it will work!!.


  220. E says:

    Okay guys so here is a REALLY good question. I have my ISOs working and everything and running on TN-B; however, my Bleach HTS 7 has a DLC that goes with it as well. How do I go about getting that [DLC] to work on my Vita? Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated! Please and Thank you!

  221. NTSC says:

    Amazing also the iso of Mobile Train Simulator works *_*, just need about 40 minutes to transfer from pc to psvita, it’s about 1,7 Gb
    God Bless Wololo and everybody who made this dream became tue *_*

  222. asdasd says:

    how do you exit CFW without hard reset?

  223. NTSC says:

    Just I Push the PS button and i close as a normal application, until now it works perfectly

  224. carsauce says:

    Just wanted to confirm that non popular homebrew works on this as well, just got my rare DIVI DEAD PSP version to be working on my Vita, this is awesome, I LOVE YOU teck4,frostgaters,total noob, wololo! and anyone else who was part of this, THANK YOU!

  225. Anonymous says:

    ~~~~READ READ READ~~~~
    This is the tutorial I followed. Be sure not to skip any steps because it is often the small things such as naming a file XXXXXXXX.ZIP instead of and having the correct compression type.
    If this works for you re-post it so more people can see it, thanks :)

  226. NTSC says:

    Anyone know where the iso psp games save the data ? i mean in wich folder?
    Should i be able to delete from CMA or i need to delete the savedata from ftp ?
    And also when i install homebrews the installation files extracted where they go ?

  227. Stiffeno says:

    If anyone posts a message screaming about how they “Missed this game exploit aswell!”, then please just never return to this site again, you have had 4 chances or more to get the games in question, if you STILL didnt get one in time, just give up, you’ll never get it, stop wasting ur time!

  228. PSVFanboy says:

    Ok I got all my Star Wars ISOs loaded and working 4GB later threw FTP. Took Forevers!

    Also got my Gameboy Advanced Emulator running with all my Pokemon Roms! I have officially run out of things I wanted to run on this vita!

    I tryed the N64 Emulator Daedalus 777 and it crashed 2 of the roms I tryed. I think im giving up on the n64 stuff right now.

    Now Im going to go play some Pokemon on my VITA!! YAY Thank you everyone again!

    • jok3r0314 says:

      howd you manage to get your gba roms to run, im trying to play some pokemon too but the emulator freezes and i get an error

  229. WeAreLegion says:

    This is the tutorial I followed. Be sure not to skip any steps because it is often the small things such as naming a file XXXXXXXX.ZIP instead of and having the correct compression type.
    If this works for you re-post it so more people can see it, thanks :)

  230. JJ says:

    I’m following the steps but when i go to load level there is no file there. what am i doing wrong.

  231. levis says:

    to fast copy iso to u vita is pack iso with winrar then copy rar file to savedata folder and move save with cma then use pspfiler to move game to iso folder and vuala …fast and easy

  232. levis says:

    copy 2 files to PSAVEDATA\folder with numbers\

  233. phonetec says:

    I got snes emulator installed, how do I transfer roms to play? I tried using filer to move them to the roms folder but they do not show up when I run the emulator.

    • PSVFanboy says:

      you have to pack the roms in with the emulator when you build your ZIP file.

      i got my roms working but still not to sure what to do when I want to add more roms in the Future.

  234. JJ says:

    Those two folders in the u.s file. do i cut and paste the stuff out of them into psdaveddate

  235. JJ says:

    ok got it. dont know what i was doing wrong but its fixed now.

  236. BigCockSurprise says:

    I’m happy to have an exploit in a fun and very small game! I had the MHFU exploit but the game takes like 1gb (at least) and I couldnt continue my current save file. unlike mhfu, I can continue playing this game it’s just perfect! thanks to all hackers for this

  237. JJ says:

    Where do i put the ftp and emulators at? which folder?

  238. King says:

    If you guys are having problems with the iso files ,you must name the iso file 8 characters long in upper case ,even the extension example:DGBTTT10.ISO ,once you have the iso file ready place it into the savedata 01. Start the exploit to the menu and you must see the icon of the game and press x to place it to mso:Iso ( i don’t what that is but when i do that my game freezes for so long and i have to restart , it does work after the third try pressing x repeatly ,I need some help too } I know it works you guys should try it n see how it goes .Hopefully superwololo makes a more specific tutorial on how to put homebrews and iso to the cfw ,THANK YOU DEVELOPERS!!!

  239. madphx says:

    I’m at work so I can’t post any samples but i will tonight if you people need them. If someone else wants to create some zipped folders with home brew already prepackaged I’m sure many will appreciate it.

    I will try to put some stuff up tonight so that you can see how it’s supposed to be set up. If someone else can beat me to it I would appreciate it.

    Also people please be patient exploit was just recently released so not everything may be compatible. Give Wololo and friends thanks and be patient cause I’m sure they will be working to make sure homebrew and whatever else may come to run on your Vita like it should and not damage your system.

  240. Gessekai says:

    I have Gravity Crash downloaded on my PS3, but it’s not showing up in CMA. Did Sony do something to prevent people from transferring it?

    • wololo says:

      If they did like with the previous exploits, then yes.
      Alternatively, it is possible you downloaded Gravity Crash (for PS3) instead of Gravity Crash Portable (the game for PSP/Vita)

      • Gessekai says:

        Ah, darn. Is there any work around for this? I double checked and made sure it was for PSP.

        • wololo says:

          The workaround is to travel in time back to the past, and read this:

          In particular, read where it says “The best method of absolutely assuring you have the chance to run VHBL or eCFW is to download the exploited game directly to your Vita. Not to your PS3, not to your PC, Not to your PSP. Straight onto your PS Vita”. QFT


          • Gessekai says:

            Im afraid traveling back in time to that moment wouldn’t help me.
            I saw where it said that, but I had misplaced my memory card at the time.
            I downloaded it on my PS3 as a last resort until I found my memory card.
            Maybe next time I’ll be prepared.

  241. Simk0024 says:

    I download ‘Gravity Crash Portable’ from PSS Singapore
    which one should i use? UE or US one?
    I have tried both but ‘error occurred C1-2858-3′.
    What happened ??
    Can anyone help me and told me what should I do next?

    • srsteam says:

      because asia ver dont have port yet
      only work on,eu

    • walala says:

      I can make a port of exploit for you if you give me gravity crash portable.iso (HK version)!! thats all I need to help the scene!!

      • xysscn says:

        I’ve got ‘Gravity Crash Portable’ from PS Store HongKong,however it’s a .pkg file,will this be a help?

      • Msnk8 says:

        i downloaded from singapore psn account,,,,the game reads gravity crash portable(english version)
        will dat do? can u port it if i send u the file…..m also gettin the same error everytime

        if yes plz instruct me how to sent it

  242. rahul vyas says:

    Any Hope for 1.61 Firmware (Everybody’s Tennis Exploit) Owners ?

  243. huz says:


  244. marlewuk says:

    Thanx wololo and all who made is hack possible. got it working in the end – ran angry birds and wipeout to test. i’m actually using my mate’s vita and hacking it for him.
    PSP are childsplay compared to this.

  245. lion says:

    Is there any possible to port hk ver gravity crash exploit? thank you!

  246. And I was really looking forward to see that small screen in the middle again

  247. VitaBoy says:

    Guy…. i cant believe me what happend today… after finally make my vita work with the exploit and i was SO SO SO HAPPY , i jsut come from my work to transfer some PSP games to my vita and… i cant just unlock my vita

    i have the same password since i buy my vita and i cant unlock it , i got error wrong password

    Can sony change it to force me restore the system?

    if i restore the system and i remove the memory card i can loose my exploit ?

    • marlewuk says:

      Hopefully u backed up the game on the pc, then if you need to restore you can then use cha to copy game back to vita and redo hack

    • S1L3NTJ says:

      you can try the ps3 master unlock code 0074 it might work not sure havent forgot my password yet. might be different for vita.

  248. steveothekilla says:


  249. steveothekilla says:


  250. Jacks says:

    Hey, im new to this website, and to the hacking community. I missed the first 3 exploits like an idiot. I got Gravity crush so im extremely gratefull. I need help because when i turn on gravity crush and click level there is no exploit it is all empty please help

  251. steveothekilla says:


  252. marlewuk says:

    Check forum people, tutorials on there and also videos on youtube

    • Jacks says:

      I tried buddy for like 2 hours im stumped and upset

      • JJ says:

        Yea i’m lost. i got the xploit working but thats about it. all the tutorials say install ftp install this, but how do you install those. a complete walk thru would be great. For people that don’t do this everyday.

        • psyguy says:

          Instructions only for Gravity Crash.

          If the exploit for Gravity Crash is working on your vita (follow readme). Here’s how to install the ftp program.

          1. Grab the vitaftp problem. Extract the zip, and then extract the INSTALL.ZIP . You only need the EBOOT.PBP
          2. Create a couple of folders inside each other with the following order PSP, GAME, FTP
          3. Put the EBOOT.PBP that you have extracted into the FTP folder
          4. Install or use the program called 7zip (this example) – right click on the PSP folder from step #2 and select “Add to archive…” . Make sure the archive format is ZIP and compression level is STORE. It is important that you name the file INSTALL.ZIP in all CAPS.
          5. The new zip file should have the folders in order of depth as step #2. Place the new INSTALL.ZIP
          6. Locate on your computer where Open CMA backs up your gamesaves. For example mine is d:\Vita\PSAVEDATA\(random_numbers_letters\NPEG00020DATA01
          Put the ftp INSTALL.ZIP in the NPEG00020DATA01 folder
          7. Now use Open CMA to upload the updated Gravity Crash exploit folder.
          8. Load the exploit and install the ftp. Now, you can ftp any homebrew without using the above method.

      • Jacks says:

        i got it to work now somehow, and when i click save it says error c1-2858-3

        • psyguy says:

          Gravity Crash. I had a issue where I was uploading some old(probably incompatible) homebrew apps via ftp and got c1-2858-3 error when I tried to get back into the TN-B menu. Resolved this by going to the PS Vita’s data manager menu and deleted the corrupt data out of the memory card. Ran the exploit again and no more errors.

        • Msnk8 says:

          same here buddy…m shattered

  253. mark90 says:

    Works fine for me, thanks sooo much! XD

  254. Dilan Parmar says:

    As soon as you can install vitaftp and then transfer iso through filezilla(I have had no luck with psp filer and such but internet is decent like 18 mbps or something)

  255. Addison says:

    i’ve been reading from a couple posts to transfer pep isos through cma and then use psp filer to move it to the right folder. however doing that is a two step process which in the end seems to take just as long as the ftp method. just my opinion. think i’ll stick with the ftp method

  256. tatsuya says:

    look like i missed at 4th time now ~_~ XD
    i just bought psn card to buy that GCP but the sony already delete it already oh well must go on and keep up the good work wololo

  257. Save my day plz says:

    i only have a game from HK store can you plz make for HK version plz

  258. TokiDoki says:

    Can somebody please post all the files needed to run isos on Gravity Crush. I’ve tried everything and every step like 40 times but I think I’m doing something wrong because the exploit works fine but no isos or HB appear….

    • S1L3NTJ says:

      make sure you are not naming the file to fix this use 7zip for the archive and rename it in the archive manager. What I did was get some homebrew any will do put it in PSP/GAME/ folder in your PSAVEDATA folder. For Isos put them in ISO/ next highlight PSP and ISO and use 7zip to create FILENAME.ZIP archive. put archive in first save file for gravity crash and copy to psp. second load CEF it should show the random homebrew you chose install it and when it installs it will install isos along with it which will show after installation. I’m sure there is an easier way to do this but it works for me. just make sure you have all the homebrew you need in the first archive because it is a pain to manage homebrews without losing stuff with this early cef

  259. MHero says:

    Gravity Crash Asia Please

  260. totoru says:

    Gravity Crash Asia Please

  261. totoru says:

    Gravity Crash Asia Please….

  262. 天神 says:


  263. Totoro says:

    This is awesome guys, congrats to everyone who was able to receive this gift. And to those who leaked the name I honestly hope you’re perma-banned and not ruining someone else’s day.

  264. Chicago_Ghost says:

    Where do you put roms at for the emulators

  265. Otropom says:

    Working like à charm its perfect !!!
    It take long to run the game then load/save into the level Éditor
    But at least its Working . Hope the vita Will be really hacked soon !!

  266. CreepOnIn320 says:

    finally got it to run my psp iso/cso thanks u guys, ill shell not forget this.

  267. Nemesis`Q says:

    simply waiting for HK port :/
    btw, great work :)

  268. johnny says:

    thank for your gift look forward to HK Version

  269. bosanovaX says:

    SO Happy with this,

    So far Ive tested CPS1, SNES, NES, Neogeo Pocket, Megadrive, Gameboy, Megaman Powered Up (PSP)

    All working beautifully


    • Renato says:

      Hey man, can you show us how you did those things? I only could run ISO’s. Game boy, Snes and so on I couldn’t make it. Thanks

      • bosanovaX says:

        You need to put all your homebrew in the PSP/GAME folder, basically the same as PSP. I transferred the files fia the FTP method. As yo know it takes time so just have your fave selection of back up roms, you already own 😉

        I used my pre existing homebrew from my PSP with custom made png’s so its nice and personal. But the icing on the cake was my save states were still intact. :)

        I love this scene !!!

        • Renato says:

          Thanks for the replying. I will try that later on at home. I tried to put the homebrews via PSAVEDATA and CMA. Which emulators did you use for which one? I mean for GAme Boy you use GPSP, for GENESES is PICODRIVE and so on… Thanks again

          • bosanovaX says:

            No worries man, your right on the emulators by the way.(Picodrive, snesTYL GPSP etc). If you were in the PSP scene, the ones you used back then should work just fine.

            I cant wait to get home to test MVS and CPS2 !!!!

  270. Ross says:

    Guys i am all good but found to be getting an error when loading more than one ISO

    I think TN menu cannot display many isos or load them and simply crashes with the 1-2 somthing error.

    Any one know how many ISO i can put in the folder ?

  271. bewrong says:

    I have a question. How do change the UMD driver after opening the TN-B menu? (ie. m33 to sony)

  272. eapple says:

    there’s no exploit level in my gravity crush.. :(
    what should I do?

  273. Simk0024 says:

    will it have a exploit for GC asia??

  274. Mimar says:

    All friend.For error use YMENU

  275. lion says:

    although no hk ver exploit, U guys are amazing, really, from bottom of my heart. thx.

  276. Rayman says:

    Thank you all.

  277. bosanovax says:

    Just experienced a problem with nesterj, I pushed ps home the game hung and the psvita went to a weird safe mode promting me to format memory card. I didnt :) now im playing cave story :)

  278. Addison says:

    So where can one get these game emulators such as gba? ive seen the nes and n64 on this site but i cannot find others. also, i’ve read through all the comments and no one has said where you can get them.

  279. carsauce says:

    Emulators are on the forums

  280. elexrto says:

    how install PSPFILER in my ps vita a need a tutorial plz..a need install in gravity crash savedata folder tnks

  281. John says:

    I still wonder, can the VITA be online at all? How does the ftp work?

  282. gd074 says:

    i deleted the gravity crash portable game because of freezing and error problems i watched this video:

    so i thought i would be able to get it back but its looking like i cant.
    any suggestions?

  283. decolle says:

    dammit, i thought it didn’t work and i opened the exploit again within the exploit and my game crashed. The screen has been black for 5 minutes 😮

  284. scousetomo says:

    decolle hold your power button and right trigger together you will get a recovery menu choose restart

  285. mimar says:

    everybody use ymenu.worked very good

  286. optimus says:

    Can someone help me add my iso so i can play it please.


  287. bewrong says:

    Still need help. How do change the UMD driver after opening the TN-B menu? (ie. m33 to sony)I’m currently using ymenu and the [ ] button is to delete a file.

  288. ismail says:

    it don’t woek for me i had a ordinary save

  289. morris says:

    Hi Wololo,Teck4 and Frostegater,

    can u help us about the error C1-2858-3. we get this after hitting the save level after load level in the game gravity crush portable. thank you in davance to all of you!

  290. huz says:

    ps vhbl gravita crash freeze tn-b meun fail, CMA v4.5.ZIP working only “tn-a” SNESNLTY GBA RIN N64 CPS1,2, NEOGEO DOOM /ISO CSO “FTP WIFI 😀 PC FILE FOLDER SEARCH FTP:192.168… WORKING ,NO IE INTERNET ” THANK YOU 😀

  291. mgolany says:

    Hey guys can you help I tried transferring the save data with open cma and I get corrupt file. Anyone know what is going wrong for me and what I can do? Please help thanks!

  292. archer says:

    Thank you very much. But ,there is no HK?

  293. steveothekilla says:

    can sombody help me to either use ftp or pspfiller i can seem to put the iso on but i can get to the hacked exploit menu but only the gravity crash game is there please help will give any one my $20 psn code i promise

    • Ronald says:

      For ftp is simple you put the INSTALL.ZIP in your exploit save data the one ending in DATA01

      • Ronald says:

        then run it on ps vita and then type in the ip address it gives you either in a web browser or windows explorer(recomended) and add the folder ISO and put isos in that Ftp has long upload time but its alot easier then doing it through CMA

  294. Jason says:


  295. steveothekilla says:


    • wololo says:

      It is very unlikely to brick your Vita using TN’s CEF. I actually have yet to see such a report. turn your vita completely off (press the power button for 15s) and let it charge for 24h, then try to turn it back on again. If that doesn’t help, you can go into recovery mode and reset the console. But hopefully you have a backup of Gravity Crash on your disk, if you do that.

      • steveothekilla says:

        please wololo i really need instructions on how to use pspfiller i realy wanna play pspp games on the vita im at the hack screen but ftp wont show and i want to use pspfiller please write back bro

  296. steveothekilla says:

    okay never mind i was able to get the blue light of death and fix it from there

  297. naphtali orellana says:

    already have the exploiut but how the heck do i install isos or csos gosh im getting mad someone helped me i already tried someone give me the steps please!

  298. Ronald says:

    Ok guys heres a quick guide to using this exploit cause im noticing alot of problems people are having that I have had.

    First one:Corrupted file error

    For this problem you need to take the 2 folders you get in the save specific to your region and put them in your DOCUMENTS/PSVITA/PSSAVE/RANDOMNUMbERS. This should fix the problem it did for me.

    Second:Adding homebrew.

    For this part I will use VITA ftp as an example your gonna wanna download VITA Ftp(just look around in the download section of wololo site or the threads) and put the zip in NPEG00020DATA01 then re copy the save to your vita and then run the exploit and install it.Then your done its that simple.

    Third:Adding ISO/CSOs

    Now most people want to add they’re backups to there freshly hacked ps vita’s now its pretty easy. All you have to do is get on VITA Ftp and type in the IP adrress it gives you into your windows explorer then your gonna need to create a folder called ISO. Then take what ever cso/iso and give a 8 character name no less no more and put in folder and wait for it to upload to your vita(FTP is slow 1gb games take 45mins) access game from the exploit and play that easy and you can back up your game save data with CMA still.(Don’t ask me where to get ISO/CSOs cause this was decide for game backups)

    I hope people looking for info on how to use this exploit find this helpful I will be watching this comment for a couple days so feel free to reply with questions or help.

    • optimus says:

      i cant get the psvita ftp to show up please help.


      • Ronald says:

        Did you put the file you downloaded in NPEG00020DATA01.If that didn’t work then I would reccomend opening the zip taking out the EBOOT file making a folder called PSP then within that folder make a folder called GAME and within that folder a folder called FTP and put EBOOT FILE in that then if you have winrar right click folder and click add to archive on the drop down menu then set archive format to ZIP and compression method to store and try putting it in NPEG00020DATA01.

        Hope this helps.

  299. cullet says:

    hope someone try to make a NPHG00038DATA00 & NPEG00020DATA01 save for asian exploit if the game
    i already have the NPHG00038 game
    coz i can only buy games in hk psn i have no access on psn card on uk or us

  300. GamerSage says:

    big thanks to everyone involved in bringing this to the masses!

  301. Addison says:

    For anyone having problems with their psp isos. Whether it be no icon showing in the tn menu, tn menu freezing when clicking the game, loading a black screen that never loads, or getting the error code after a few seconds, i seem to have found a way that works 100% of the time for me. Take the iso make sure you name the file in all caps including .ZIP and EXACTLY 8 characters so an example would be PSPGAMEX.ZIP. Put the iso directly into your exploit folder. Now use cma to copy the exploit folder from your pc to your vita. Now go into gravity crash game, choose editor, load, save. Now in the tn menu, you should see the game. Highlight the game and press x. Itll ask you if you want to move it to the m/ folder. Choose no. Then itll ask you if you want to run the game instead. Choose yes. The game should boot up and run fine. Idk why the tutorials say put it in the iso folder and use ftp or pspfiler to do so but it never transfers the files correctly. Let me know how this works for some.

    • Addison says:

      Edit: the part where it asks you to move the game, it says mso/ drive not m/ drive like i said previously.

      Also, i am using the sony drive. Not the march drive. To change them just press start while in the tn menu and press left or right to toggle in between and start again to confirm

  302. steveothekilla says:

    got the game on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yessssss now i need to learn with the pspfiler this 400mb game took 12mins… needed

  303. steveothekilla says:

    thanks wololo and tech and the entire team i appreciate the deadication that goes with being a hacker

  304. steveothekilla says:

    but please dont make the vita piratable with current vita titles but i believe that ps2 and xbox iso can centainly be played try the dragon code breaker it worked for me being to play gamecube on my psp no emu but thanks again im glad to be part of the comunnity

    • scousetomo says:

      this is a video for cfw in general meaning most of us either got mad blocker or gravity crash so whatever exploit you have this will show you how to add iso ect to ya vita there is most probly newer videos but this is very newb friendly

  305. majin says:

    how do i load CPS2PSP, ROMS and CACHE?

    • bosanovaX says:

      You need no make sure you have the cache file already in the cache folder in the root of you cps2 folder. To do this you need to make the file using the file (i think its romcv, something like that)it comes with the emu. click it choose your game then it will make the cache.

      Hope that helps

  306. mimar says:

    use ymenu all iso and all homebrews worked very good.

  307. LaidBackBlack says:

    I missed out on the download for this one. Is there anyway that I can get e-mailed as soon as another exploit comes out?

  308. optimus says:

    i got the TN hack for gravity crash installed, but i cant get psvita ftp to work or anything else please help.


  309. carsauce says:

    Once again I am thankful this has happened that another exploit made this possible, and to play psp games and emulators on here is a Godsend, , this is what you get SONY, when you don’t care for your gamers who want more, and this is only the beginning!, Vita hacks forever!

  310. nooneelse says:

    how do i get FTP ON THE VITA

  311. Tha boss says:

    For every one who do not know how to get Isos csos or psfiler to run:

    Just Google it or look on youtube

  312. IMABOSS says:

    I have the Gravity Crash Portable on my pc. THe files contain USRDIR ICON0 PARAM PIC0 PIC2 (i did not capitalize it it looks like that) How do i get it to my ps vita?

  313. bosanovaX says:

    I’m really wanting to play back ups of my psone game for example megaman x 4, do we know when this will be possible.

    Any info would be cool

  314. optimus says:

    What is error (C1-2858-3) please help.


  315. Chuck norris says:

    I need help i pit both files in the save data but no data popped up when i opened the game

  316. tha boss says:

    Am i the only one who had the problemen that the one savadata the other overscribes???

  317. Chuck norris says:

    It tell me to extract ftp after i download itvand nothing happens

  318. guy9988 says:

    is it still up on us?

  319. aria says:

    All of a sudden i get The Same error and cant run the exploit anymore plsssssss help waht happend everything was ok til 5 min ago

  320. Chuck norris says:

    Whats ymenu can somebody explain?

  321. optimus says:

    i got vitaftp but i need help putting my iso on the vita i used internet explorer but when i press (open FTP site in windows explorer) it says this ftp site cannot be viewed in windows explorer please help


  322. waveathon says:

    Is there by any chance that a Demo game can be an exploit too? I’m not being cheap or anything.

  323. Anxious Guy says:

    Hi there i have a question. If we play an iso from a psp in the vita. Would the graphic be the same as the downloaded psp game one in the vita store?

  324. STEVOTHEKILLA says:


  325. optimus says:

    is it possible to menu on the gravity crash exploit, if so how.


  326. optimus says:

    is it possible to ymenu on the gravity crash exploit, if so how.


  327. ryanbro33 says:

    i missed that expliot, soooo….. when do they put the game back on psn?

    • wololo says:

      They will put it back once the firmware patches it, so then it will be useless to you if your goal is to use it as a vector for the exploit

  328. Chuck norris says:


  329. carsauce says:

    Is it me or did SONY bring in Playstation Plus because of this new exploit, because that’s just sad but whatever, the Vita is hacked and glad to have it hacked.

  330. Chuck norris says:


  331. sasa says:

    I cant find gravity crash! it has been removed! Does anybody know when another exploit’s gonna come out???

  332. optimus says:

    can anyone help me transfer .cso to my vita using vitaftp


  333. rudaz says:

    Love playing psp world series of poker 2008 on my ps vita …thanks 4 making it possible (y) … I carnt seen to get tekken 6 working on TN b ecfw wid gravity crashh … Cud sum one send me a link to a working tekken 6 iso as myn cud b curruot thanks

  334. rudaz says:

    Would love to play ps2 Isos on my vita imagin gta san Andreas on the vita 😀

  335. Ronn says:

    Hi, I have the Gravity Crash on 1.81, got it before it was taken down n fixed. I want to know that if I do update to the latest vita Firmware, then will the eCFW stop working ? Or will it continue to work since I got the game before it was fixed?
    Sorry but I’m very very new to all this. Thanks

  336. What i don’t understood is if truth be told how
    you’re no longer really much more neatly-preferred than you may be right now.
    You are very intelligent. You understand therefore significantly when it comes to this topic, produced me individually consider it from
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    something to do with Girl gaga! Your own stuffs nice.
    At all times handle it up!

  337. Vitaboy says:

    I Bet that your vita was on internet 24/7 and Sony delete it , maybe they pay you back your money or something :s

  338. VitaN00B says:

    im new to this and i bought the gravity crash game can someone please help me step by step cause im having trouble.


  1. November 9, 2012

    […] Frostegater fixed this by releasing a port to the Asian version of the game today. I haven’t checked it myself, so please report success. I won’t go into details on how to run this or what it does, if you want details please check the original release thread here. […]

  2. November 19, 2012

    […] Fonte Official Wololo […]

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