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The PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Plus: Worth It or Not?

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  1. xj107359 says:

    Can we run PS2 games on the PSV one day?

    • john says:

      No sony couldn’t even run it on the ps3. the games you get on the psn are modified eboots. there will be no way the psv will emulate the ps2. the ram is already split for the psp emulation on the vita. So NO

      • Mr. Awsome says:

        Where does it say that? I don’t see it on google. Otherwise i call hoax.

      • Catnip says:

        No john, you are the ***.

        The original ps3 had an emotion engine hardware chip inside. These can’t be found in most current ps3’s.

        This means that guys comment was right about ps3 not being able to emulate ps2. so that means psvita can’t do it either because surprise surprise: it doesn’t have an EE chip.

        I’d still like it if it happened.

  2. MaxiExtreme says:

    I think it’s worth with this kind of offers…

  3. Mars says:

    I would get PS+ for the free games in a heartbeat except for one nagging problem. Those memory cards cost entirely too much for me to afford these days.

    • lol says:

      Its not free if your paying a monthly subscription derp

      • Inferno says:

        I agree and when the subcription is over im guesing you will lose everything you have download it into your Vita and that sucks,is like downloading a pirate copy,finish the game and when you do purchase the game in this case you will purchase !!!AGAIN!!!.

    • Jd8531 says:

      And those games dont work if your membership runs out. Its like a rental service. I dont like that idea personally.

  4. atoyikaganubon says:

    I’ll be dropping my custom psp firmware if the library of games will be good

  5. Meringue says:

    Will PS+ cover PS3 + Vita? I could see that being pretty amazing. If it’s seperate then Ill pass.

  6. konamigood says:

    I think it is good!
    However I agree with you. Sony must push more Vita title, or they will get suck. There are too many Remake and HD Remaster game on Vita. In some aspect, minis and PS1/PSP titles are some kind of Remake, so it can’t be considered as new games. Sony still have to offer original game to satisfy player.

    Look at N3DS, there are Mario Kart 7, New Super Mario bros., Monster Hunter 3G and Monster Hunter 4. Vita needs more games.

    • Kizu says:

      Dude, just chill out. All amazing Vita games will be out next year. Such titles as Monster hunter, Phantasy star online 2, Naruto, and much more.

  7. Crimson says:

    New Monster Hunter games & new RPG games for vita!!!!

  8. starfall05 says:

    from what i understand in the announcement of sony before, if you have ps+ subsription, it is applicable for both your ps3 and ps vita consoles, then how can you say its not worth on the vita if you’re having already having freebies on ur ps3 then they will give you additional freebies for your vita!

    however i do hope they will have a reasonable pricing for ps+ when it comes out for ps vita

    • stOneskull says:

      i guess the question is directed more at vita owners who do not own a ps3. in the europe store there are a few $1 off deals and one free game (playable while a subscriber) which is the psp title ‘stardust delta portable’.. this was probably chosen because of the remake into a vita game. i think there is no question that ps+ will become great value for money for a vita owner who is not also a ps3 owner.. just that the owner of both systems gets extraordinary value.

      i think it’s also worth mentioning that subscribers also get the benefits on their psp as well. for example, i was able to download the ‘stardust delta portable’ game for free onto my psp from the ps store.

  9. mannyshame says:

    I already have Plus, for the PS3, now having for the vita its a bonus, will there be good free games avalable, not realy shore, would it be worth the money having only a vita problably not.

  10. gunblade says:

    i had plus with my ps3 last month and i was getting discounts and bundles on ps3 n vita games got startdust for free there was also discounts on vita games. hope they get free psp game.

  11. Stained Pupil says:

    PS Plus isn’t that expensive, but is it worth it on the vita?

    The fact tha most people that owns a vita owns a PS3 (note here I said most, and not all) you will get a lot from the PS Plus subscription.

    Yeah they might push a few games from the PSP and PS1, but they’ll surely get free Vita games as well.

    The fact is I feel it might not be as valued as the PS3 since it gets more content and that it can be shared with the other users in your houshold, I would probably not subscribe only on Vita. But since I subscribed this summer on the PS3, it just adds value to my current offer.

  12. Gat says:

    I would like fall out ne or fall oût 3 for PSv

  13. Aaron says:

    The vita needs more titles I find myself looking every week for a new title
    Only to find the same old games I’m not one to download from the PSN
    For the simple fact the cost of the memory cards I only have a 4 gig card
    So I only like to buy the hard copy of the games

    SONY drop the price of your memory cards
    Bring out more titles
    Then you mite find that the vita could be the best on the market

  14. anty0222 says:

    Price is a big problem.Hope cheaper.

  15. Brandondavis071281 says:

    The reason the vita didnt sale was because it was released after christmas

  16. iownaBLACKVITA says:

    What if you own both consoles. Do you have to purchase the same game twice i.e PlayStation all stars battle Royal and others . Will they offer a discount at least?!

  17. Leires says:

    To be honest..I feel sony needs a large wake-up call. They need to stop treating their customers like we’re parasites. They need to add new things, not remove them. They need to give us freedom, man. Your things are going to be hacked sony. You can’t stop it no matter what you do. Take this inevitability and continue pushing forward. The average joe schmo who buys your handhelds are interested in what it can do, not if it can be hacked. Believe it or not, albeit the number is growing, people don’t really know they can, or are afraid to, hack their consoles and things. The ones that do generally are willing to buy the item -just- for the possibilities hacking unlocks. When you take away from customers who don’t understand why their feature was removed, you’re -making- people want to defy you. OtherOS was barely even tapped into for a hack, and you went apeshit and removed it. What did this do? It made people want to defy you. And defy they did. You removed backwards compatibility. I understand that it costs a lot to have that extra hardware, but now that it’s been years and the technology isn’t so expensive, why not release a console with BC again? Why do you insist on insulting your customers? The PSP had it’s own proprietary memory card that could -only- be used in your products -and- used to cost more per space than an average SD card. Why? You continually bend over the customer at every chance and really, i’m sure it’s not just me, but we’re getting sick of it. You’re charging us 30 freaking dollars for 4GB of memory? Are you insane? 32GB for 100? You can get a 32GB SDHC that likely runs faster for 30$. You hype up your handheld, boast of it’s specs, and then show us nothing we can do with it. No games that push the limits, heck, no stand-out games at -all-. Where did you go wrong, sony? Betamax, that rootkit thing on your CDs, removing feature after feature on your consoles, suing your userbase for looking at a video..You need to wake up Sony. Wake up and smell the ashes.

    • KnuxxyPoo says:


      Haha just kidding but yeah I agree that Sony definitely needs to fix some of things. I’m not too big on the Sony home console scene, so I’m legitimately shocked to hear they removed backwards compatibility. Especially that memory thing. The pricing on memory for the VITA is completely ridiculous. I don’t care how cheap your console is if your memory is priced outrageously high.

      • stOneskull says:

        the memorystick on the psp eventually got generic versions and then the adapter to use two microSD cards.. enabling 64GB in a psp… i hope it isn’t too long for a similar thing on the vita..

    • you talk just like GEORGE Hotz aka geohotz talking about “Sue me” on YouTube video that I don’t know if it is still there

    • E says:

      Actually, Memory Stick ProDuo could be used in other products (especially with an adapter), granted many (not all) of those were Sony products. Go figure, right? lol But I agree with you. The things these companies take away is like slapping we, the consumers, right across the face. Do they realize how much most of us True avid gamers would pay to have a Backwards Compatible console? I personally would pay a lot. I mean, I say release two versions of your next gen console: one normal version and a limit supply of backwards compatible versions. If those sell then keep making more. Business sense seems to have escaped so many gaming software companies and been replaced by Dictators who really care little about the ppl they are supposedly making these things for. And do not get me started on the things they DO bring to us but never fully introduce (like Cross-Controller). Sony is just a huge tease

  18. CNPalmer says:

    I’ve “reaped” the benefits of the PS+ subscription service for 2+ years now. IMO, it’s had it’s ups & downs over it’s current lifecycle.

    The pro’s I’ve found were many discounts offered off full price games, free 1 hour trial period for many marquee titles, a variable selection of free titles including mini’s, full PSN exclusives and PS3 releases, many free avatars & dynamic themes were thrown in as well.

    The con’s I’ve seen are you don’t get any preview of what titles may be discounted or offered for free in later weeks, I understand the business model behind the service but I’ve been burned 2x on buying a new PSN releases only to have them offered as free games thru PS+ several weeks later (it’s essentially the cost for being an “early adopter” I suppose). I also don’t like the fact that you cannot apply a discount to a title you choose. It would be nice if they offered a weekly 5% coupon and/or a monthly 15% coupon off any title you choose in the storefront, it would make purchases more flexible and probably increase impulse buys from a lot of people.

    I also like the fact that the subscription includes essentially cross-platform support for soon to be released Vita content I don’t have to pay extra for.

    I would suggest to Sony that if they wanted to increase their revenue stream they apply a tiered approach to the service similar to the following…
    – PS3 Playstation+ Service – $39.99/yr or $5.00/month
    – PSP/PSV Playstation+ Service – $19.99/yr or $3.00/month
    – Cross-Platform Playstation+ Service – $49.99/yr or $6.00/month

    This would allow customers to choose which platform/content interests them most as well as provide a flexible arrangement for adding on content from one platform or another on a monthly basis as necessary.

    • E says:

      Seriously dude, this is an amazing approach. I would definitely get behind (and have more confidence in) Sony offerings if they did it like this. You should seriously consider sending this to Sony. May not accomplish anything but you never know. 🙂

  19. lol says:


  20. I say net there stock market is very very low compared to last year. If they did they might go broke.

  21. VitaBoy says:

    i still dont undestand how sony can be so stupid , how many PS2 Games are right now? 3,000 ? maybe more , a lot of good RPG , fighting games , etc . WHY I CANT PLAY PS2 LIBARY ON MY VITA ?

    • ALLEN2 says:

      You can. But only in Japan. Google it. PS2 Classics for vita in japan.

      • E says:

        They are punishing americans is all. It is our fault for dropping an atom bomb on them. Now they are getting us back through price drops, better games, and extra offerings exclusive to Japan. I mean, UMDpassport program ONLY in Japan? REALLY Sony??? Do they know how many UMDs I have lol

  22. dimy93 says:

    Big titles need more support in +
    For example SOny launched a preorder ps+ for the big november titles like Most wanted and AC 3 – why they didn’t do the same with PSV’s still remains puzzling to me

  23. Pirate Cat says:

    We didn’t get a PS2 emulator (that worked) on the PS3, why do people think the Vita can run one?

  24. SsJVasto says:

    Well, up ’till now, the most worthwile thing I got on PSVita thanks to PlaystationPlus is access to Playstation All-Stars Battle-Royale on PSVita… Other than that, I’ve barely even seen any discounts on games or anything…

  25. Mr. Jack says:

    The only problem I have is that playstation plus is the same as Renting a game from the store since you can only play it as long as you are a member of Playstation Plus.

  26. z3 says:

    Concidering that this stack on top of the PS+ offer on PS3, for me it definitelly worth it. I’ve been very happy with PS+ on PS3, so getting it for “free” on Vita (no extra charge from what i pay for PS+ on PS3) is really great in my opinion 🙂

  27. Chocogow says:


  28. Osty says:

    Lower PSV titles games!! and the sales will rise up.

  29. Norml says:

    Plus seems worth it for the VITA games, but the Vita has no games.

    Ps1 and PSP only have a few worth while games(in the ps1 case, they’ll never be on the PSN).

    So a no go, especially with ONLINE passes, they’re doing double jeopardy once you buy PLUS.

  30. Stiffeno says:

    I will probably never get PS+ on any console, just a waste of money imo! And if you truely do lose access to things you have already downloaded when you un-sub, then thats the final nail in the coffin for me!

    I won’t be getting it for my launch Vita, nor any console for that matter 🙂

  31. jamesssss says:

    I love how “automatic trophy updating” is a feature of PSN+, *** shouldn’t that just be part of the Vita full stop? it seems archaic to have to go in to the trophy system manually and update it.

    Typical Sony, charge you for features that should be free! I can’t remember having to do that on my old Xbox 360 I think if I remember correctly it just happened automatically!!

    • P says:

      You’re shitting me right? The 360 makes you pay to go online at all, and it charges more than PS+ for that “privilege”

  32. ALLEN2 says:

    Failed cash cow is failed. Sony dont become like faggotvision or EA ***.

  33. E says:

    So, I just bought my PS3 about 3 weeks ago (White Slim2 500gb) and I got the one that came with a year of free PS+. I have to say before getting this free year I would have never purchased it. Why would I pay $50 for something like that? But after having experienced it, i absolutely love it! The fact that it covers both PS3 purchases AND Vita is just amazing. I have gotten games for free that I wanted for the Vita but did not want to pay $40 for. The only drawback is that once your subscription lapses you can not play what you have downloaded until it is renewed, but $50 a YEAR is really not all that bad at all considering. I now have a very impressive library of games for my Vita and PS+ i partially to thank. I only wish they would update it more often but, I understand why they do not. Obviously if every other week, they offered something new, ppl could abuse it. All-in-all I enjoy PS Plus. Could be better but it is really up to us, the consumers, to make that happen by making our voices heard by Sony.

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