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The New PlayStation Store Now Available

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  1. Ukdna says:

    Sweet, I agree… Very nice

  2. Jan says:

    second. an imitation of xbox store

  3. Videoman1313 says:

    wololo talk about the congress making the PS3 hacking illegal 🙁

  4. Freedom says:

    And dear European owners enjoy your forced SingStar game icon after the 4.30+ update…

  5. yosuke says:

    i wish they could create a ps2 emulator for the ps vita

  6. albie85 says:

    I think it looks great but it takes to long to load also I don’t like the new search function

  7. Michael says:

    why does it sound like a piano died when it starts up. this sound. it’s just so awful. who thought this was good.

  8. Eazon says:

    It looks very much like the new windows 8 with those tiles. Looks fresh and I like it.

  9. chaoswar says:

    Looks great and all but reminds me of windows 8. It also looks like it would work better on the vita, as it works by the screens sliding. I could just imagine using the vita to scroll left and right and tapping on the icons.

    Was a bit disappointed that they remove the video previews of all the games, the screenshots are so low resolution and doesn’t tell much about the game. Instead of giving me a download button for a game preview (it waste time and HDD space), I want to see the preview stream in a new windows or like the old PSN a player pops up infront of the store. I want to see previews of games I might download instantly, not boot up a computer/exit store, boot up youtube app to watch a preview of the game, boot up store again.

  10. gungah says:

    I love this store much easier to find things and its awesome i can search for things based on price

  11. gunblade says:

    from how the thing look like the windows 8 (xbox360) think the ps4 going be like the nintendo wii u n have like touch screen controller atleast would be cool…

  12. ItzBlitz says:

    I’ve had this almost a week now???

  13. AMTF says:

    It does look nice, but it doesn’t work with Remote Play on my Vita

  14. Itherian says:

    I hate the new store hard to find anything especially addons. Why show all the addons seperated why not leave them in folders like before.

  15. OuahOuah says:

    Present in EU since few weeks…

  16. thedicemaster says:

    it takes too long to start and to load the game icons.
    it doesn’t work remotely anymore(I now can’t buy ps3 games while watching a movie)
    and they still haven’t fixed a real problem: several games don’t appear for compatible consoles(mostly psp games not appearing on a vita or psp)

    • gunblade says:

      noticed the psn when i was on the vita had some psx game was in psp section but that was like before they updated the ps3 psn..

  17. mr.sigint says:

    It’s a little bit more sophisticated, guess we’re just gonna have to get used to it.

  18. spokmoppa says:

    Can’t find psone games or mins on new store?

  19. Andre104623 says:

    I love the new store on my hacked ps3 with rebug 4.21.1 thanks sony

  20. SofaKing™ says:

    HATE IT! might be ok if we all had TOUCH SCREENS, trying to be like WINDOWS8, LAGGY, hard to navigate, no option to change views, epic fail that we all have to get used to!

  21. oreo says:

    I like the interface but the loading time is unbarable, i wish they would of made it quicker to use too. Other wise it looks great!

  22. Zimond says:

    yeah great 🙁

    takes minutes to load.

  23. oO Flowzilla Oo says:

    The PS3 has officially been Metrofied. ♪ Dun dun dhum danana nuhhhh ♫ *Pimp My Ride theme song*

  24. owanef says:


  25. CJW says:

    I heard a lot of people complainign that it ran slower and was less responsive….I haven’t checked it yet but I am sure $sony will iron out the bugs and perforances issues in the coming weeks.

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