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Vita: Teck4 ports TN’s eCFW to a new game exploit


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882 Responses

  1. BEIMAR says:


  2. Nextbeat says:

    I was able to score a copy from the US store a few minutes ago!

  3. huz says:

    I have bought gravity crash portable
    the Exploit will work with 1.81 on my ps vita πŸ™‚

  4. elis says:

    Cuando saldran los save data para el hack

  5. kay says:

    Is it still up on the US market?

  6. roberto says:

    i love checking back to see the stupid comments people make

    • E says:

      I was just thinking the SAME thing. And if ppl would look at the other comments most of their questions would be answered. Smh. I am honestly just tired of seeing the SAME exact questions on the same page lol

  7. i died says:

    lmao i agree

  8. lathia says:

    Still up in USA? *** work!

  9. jok3r0314 says:

    how does that “Z” dude have the exploit save file already???

  10. Abigor says:

    The game still avaible on us store/aun sigue disponble el juego en la us store…

  11. jok3r0314 says:

    my bet is that sony has reached at least $150,000.00 on a single game. there gonna let it climb then remove it and release the next firmware

  12. p0p says:

    roberto, do you really think so? welcome to the real world!

  13. Yesterday i was born says:


  14. Legit says:

    it was just taken out of the us market i bought it a few hours ago i check to see if its still there and its not not even in my dl list also backed it up on my pc im going to keep a copy in my 4 gigs and my 32gigs and my pc

  15. Jok3r0314 says:

    The game is removed from the usa store now so if you didnt get it youve lucked out

  16. roberto says:

    game is not on u.s. psn = closer to files being released

  17. It’s off the US store now.

  18. Dara says:

    Great, I saw it but forgot to put memory card when I paid for the game. It said would be in download list. I put memory card and not only its not there, its off the ps store. What do i do now πŸ™

    • roberto says:

      you cant do anything its off the store. you can’t get the physical game until sony patches it. and even after that, you can’t hack bc itll already be patched

  19. Legit says:

    cant wait til they release legends of dragoon for the vita ive been dying to get a legit copy of that game but im sorry for all those other ps vita owners that didnt get a chance to get the game.

  20. carlosbazua says:

    the gam is still available in the mexican pstore will this work??? i guess it is the same game as the us store right???

  21. Robert Smith says:

    In the bubble on my PS3 XMB
    Ready when you are, Teck4

  22. Radecki_PL says:

    wololo any chance to release files today? BTW thanks for good job Guys (wololo,Teck4 ,Frostegater…)

  23. NTSC says:

    Cmon please give us this savedata !!!!!!!Pleaseeeee i cant’t wait anymore πŸ˜›
    Anyway i tried the game gravity crash and it sucks alot, it’s a very junk game,let’s hope i dind’t wasted 7,99 euro in this ***, good for sony they sold alot this crappy game in this 3 days, absolutely *** !

    • DeadPixel99 says:

      Stop asking, they have lives it will be released when it’s released. All of us same as you want it but they have already said a few times now that they will release it when they release it. Bothering them does nothing.

  24. Roberto says:

    We should get this to 1000 comments before they release the files hehe

  25. LsLove says:

    So the game is removed from US store, to everybody who mised it there was plenty of time. I was in the wake of hurricane sandy and managed to findouut get a card and grab it on day one. good news is that now since its removed from (I believe) all stores, now the files will most likely be releas4ed soon. Bitter sweet, I missed the other two because I did not have the vita or follow the scene than, I knew about it but didnt have a vita so it was kind of a null point. To all the folks who did get it congrats. TY TY TY to Wololo, Frostegater, Teck4, and every other person who made ANOTHER exploit happen.

  26. Ass says:

    Damn i see it on us store but it wont let me download ***!!

  27. randombullsh*t says:

    Gravity crash portable is now down in the US PSN, sorry for the guys who missed it (again!) lol!!! anyways i hope this thing is worth the $10…. :/

  28. zac123 says:

    can u guys please just release the file πŸ™ bin waiting for almost 3
    Days lol I apprichate your hard work and hack they be super wicked.
    But please release them today πŸ™‚ I can’t get it then I will be at a
    Kinder garden lol

    • LsLove says:

      oh youve been waiting for THREE days, how about the guys who worked for MONTHS, so you can have this. Day and night asking for no money or anything in return. People who demand and beg make these great guys less likely to do stuff, stop being a *** animal and wait. Like the rest of your life, continue to do nothing and in time your non contributing self will get your damn files. Why are you so entitled, if you want it that bad, theres a bunch of tut’s on how to find and create and exploit. Jesus H Christ, *** and sit down!!

    • Chrono says:

      kids this days…

      seriously just wait for it

  29. NTSC says:

    Good news is the game just keep 47 Mb on my data storage, bad news is it just sucks ^_^, unuseful and horrible crappy game ^_^, but its lovely cuz i can finally play my psp iso again ^_^

    • E says:

      I would not call it crappy per-se. I think it is crappy for a $10 price tag but for the file size I would say it would be a great grab if it were free. It is an awesome time killer. Especially the little mini-game Gold grabber or whatever it is called.

  30. powerman says:

    Would I still be able to copy files through content manager after sony releases a firmware ,because in the past the forced me to update and I wan’t able to use the cm not even the open cm on wololo’s website .Thank you Wololo ,Teck 4 and Frostegater for existing in our world withouth you we would be hopeless.

  31. strayhearted says:

    counting the minutes… πŸ˜‰

  32. NTSC says:

    also the seconds…. ^_^

  33. Sneax673 says:

    It’s been pulled off the U.S store πŸ™

  34. Dara says:

    Question: Should I return the PSP Vita (just bought it for exploit) having missed the download??

    • strayhearted says:

      nope, totally great console! just get the best games for it (nfs most wanted, uncharted golden abyss, call of duty, resistance, others) and youll be totally fine until the next exploit! πŸ˜‰

    • jok3r0314 says:

      yea id say keep it and enjoy the great games that are out now then in the future when another exploit comes out youll be prepared

    • E says:

      Definitely keep it. Do not 4get: Assassins Creed and Ninja Gaiden 2 SOLID Vita games. But who buys a $250 console just for ONE exploit? I mean, it is not even a permanent hack yet lol. But who am I to judge? I just spent my last $10 to get a game for an exploit leaving me with $5 for the week. A Gamers life is full of hard decisions. #GamerProblems #HackerProblems But definitely keep it though!

  35. strayhearted says:

    goddammit guys!!! thank you all so much for making this things possible! (wololo, teck4, frostegater, total_noob’s) but i think you are driving most of us crazy!! the game has been removed from the major psn stores around the world, now we are only waiting for the files like street dogs looking for food… but anyway THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

    • E says:

      Patience my friend, patience. Whining about it will not make it happen any faster. It is actually likely to happen slower by *** off the people making this happen. They already said it will happen when it happens so go play a game, or get some work done. It will be released in due time. πŸ™‚

  36. ghg_1992 says:

    patience is all we need

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