Vita: Teck4 ports TN’s eCFW to a new game exploit


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855 Responses

  1. thekornerkids says:

    if i have a psn account with which i bought and backed-up this game to my computer can i sell it to another ps vita owner and have it work on their system?

  2. c-zero says:

    Man, I missed it again….

    I didn’t have my Vita with me when the exploit was announced, so I tried using my laptop and Media Go to purchase the game and download it. Little did I know that Media Go doesn’t work with the Vita, and I had to download the game from the Vita itself. By the time I figured it out, it was too late lol.

    At least I got a nifty game out of it. From now on, I’m bringing the Vita with me….

    • Jd8531 says:

      If you bought it, users are reporting that its still available to download via your download history.

      • TuckDezi says:

        Its not in mine

      • c-zero says:

        I checked the history through the PS Vita and it didn’t show up. I didn’t buy it from the store using the Vita; I used Media Go. So I have a copy of the game for the PSP, but until someone finds a way to format the files for the Vita, it’s pretty much stuck on my PC.

        I’m pretty much going to shelve the Vita until I would be able to run CFW on the PS3, so I can remote play my games. That’s all I bought the Vita for anyway.

        • Jd8531 says:

          I understand that but the purchase should still be on your psn account history regardless where you buy it. But Sony could have removed it from the download history since those reports. I suppose you are out of luck.

          • c-zero says:

            Yeah, being out of luck seems to be my M.O. when it comes to the Vita. The purchase did show up on the transaction history, but not in the downloads.

            Oh well, at least I like the game, so It’s not a total loss. In the meantime, I’ll just wait for the chance to upgrade the PS3 to CFW from 4.11 OFW.

  3. Brandondavis071281 says:

    Narutodays is my psn name if you want to talk abou the exploit

  4. bewrong says:

    there’s already a video out :)where’s the exploit :)

  5. Dat'calm'guy... says:

    Haven’t done my school project yet… Lol I’m so tired I’ve been up lately this days, the video looks legit!

  6. roberto says:

    what if the guy who made the video is teck4 O.O

  7. roberto says:

    lets get 1000 comments WOOO

  8. wait says:

    let’s go!

  9. oreo says:


  10. Mr.Flap says:

    Thats the spirit!!!!

  11. Brandondavis071281 says:

    Will tueexploitlet me play music ingame

  12. Thomas says:

    Hi all !! Lets go to 1000 comments!! But i have a question guys, can i play online my purchased games when i do exploit? thanks

  13. roberto says:

    come on guys 200 more comments!

  14. hao53487240 says:

    I just wait a very long time!

  15. Robert says:

    I bought gravity crash portable on my PS3 a few days ago and it’s in the bubble on my XMB, I was going to transfer it from my PS3 to my Vota but BAM, It doesn’t work! I go to PS3 to vita – PSP/Other and it says there are no items available. HELP ME!

  16. Brandondavis071281 says:

    This will he my first hack on the vita, im not sure its gonna work for me cause my bad luck

  17. Brandondavis071281 says:

    Hey when i get it so i just ut tue save data in

  18. Brandondavis071281 says:

    He is there cwcheat for this exploit yet

  19. Agentdjluis says:


  20. Chuck norris says:

    I need this exploit

  21. Thomas says:

    I need it too bro

  22. E says:

    The reasons I am waiting so patiently you ask? The thought of finally being able to play DBZ, Naruto, and Bleach HTS 7 on my Vita. :))

  23. Chuck norris says:

    I cant wait to play naruto impact and dragon ball tag team

  24. Chuck norris says:



    • E says:

      With time, with time, but probably not any time soon. You have to take under consideration the fact that there are so many more obstacles for Devs to overcome with this new Hardware. It is so much more Advanced than the PSP was and has so many more security measures set in place to deter such things (because Devs just ran rampant all over the PSP). So I am confident it will happen, it will just take significantly longer than it did with the PSP as devs get more familiar with the Hardware (just think of how long it even took to get a PARTIAL/non-permanent CFW on the PSP Go & 3000) .

  26. carsauce says:

    Oh hush,alot of people got this and await for the exploit and we all are thankful, its shows alot of people missed out on the last one.

  27. Chuck norris says:

    I missed all the exploits too but i finally got one

    • E says:

      It is a good feeling when you FINALLY get one is it not? And now we can join the others in laughing at the people who STILL managed to miss yet another one. Ahh it feels good being on top. lol XD

  28. Chuck norris says:


  29. Chuck norris says:

    Hopefully wololo will release them tommorow i hate waiting

  30. srsteam says:

    really hope released asian ver too~~
    then happy all together~lol

  31. carsauce says:

    I can’t believe we have SONY spies on here, I mean how would they know this is goin on? obviously we got SONY spies to find out about this and pull the games from the stores.

  32. Chuck norris says:

    What if wololo worked for sony lol

  33. Chuck norris says:

    Wololo plz make it good. Peace out im out

  34. roberto says:

    150 more guys come on

  35. wait says:

    i am so tired. i go to bed. see you everyone. i hope i can see a good new tomorrow morning.

  36. ionwave says:

    Thank you guys for everything

  37. zac123 says:

    can u guys please realese the danm
    file please I am begging I can’t access my PC
    for a week then :(

  38. ionwave says:

    Don’t worry they will release soon, you should know by now how this work

  39. pain.1990 says:

    whene we have the files ? pls release the fiel i can’t w8 ^_^

  40. flash_falcon says:

    Title has been pulled from us store.

  41. roberto says:


  42. Thomas says:

    Ciao roberto sei italiano? Speriamo rilascino presto i file!

  43. carsauce says:

    Front Page?

  44. carsauce says:

    Stop lying and just let Wololo post it already

  45. Dara says:

    Will there be another exploit in the near future? I bought the PSP Vita late… :(

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