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Vita: Teck4 ports TN’s eCFW to a new game exploit


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  1. Brandondavis071281 says:

    Will this run cso or just iso

  2. William says:

    The game has been removed from Japan and Hongkong store. It still remains in US for the reason it is Sunday now.

  3. Please somebody find a hack which doesnt need PSP PSN games
    as the psn store hardly opens over here and is impossible to buy anything from it because of the , dollar exchange rate and
    credit card ***…..

  4. roberto says:

    forgive me for this noobish question, but i just wanted to know, can you run vhbl on this exploit? im assuming no, and that vhbl is entirely different from eCFW right? The next question is for hackers who have used both eCFW and vhbl, which do you consider is better and why? thanks!

    • HappyJoe says:

      Yes, eCFW is seperate from vhbl. While the vhbl is based off of a usermode exploit (or is it userland? I don’t remember), the eCFW is a kernal hack (in the PSP emulator). Basically, this hack can do everything vhbl can do and more (including plugins, cso’s, and a wider range of homebrew). I have not run eCFW yet, but the fact that it is a higher level of hack (vhbl is the lowest level, which is why piracy really isn’t an issue. ECFW is the second lowest (on the vita) and introduces isos and the potential for piracy). I am almost sure this is the best we can get until someone finds a usermode exploit on the Vita itself, or (dare I dream?) a kernal exploit which would give us full control over the device.

      Basically, welcome to the community!

      • roberto says:

        lol thanks, but im here looking at the vhbl official download thread, and it seems it has more emulators available for download while eCFW has less. I would obviously prefer vhbl bc it has more options, but you’re telling me otherwise. can you just clarify for me what is better about eCFW in terms of emulators and games that are available to be hacked and played?

        • HappyJoe says:

          The vhbl has been around longer, so people have been able to experiment with it to see which version of homebrew work best on it (even if vhbl only runs an older version of a specific emulator). Without getting too technical, vhbl gives us permission to run homebrew. Because eCFW runs on a kernal hack, it grants us even higher permissions to run things, so it does not have the same limitations as vhbl. There is nothing that vhbl should be capable of that eCFW (and its upcoming revisions) cannot do better. Again, this is without me using it. This is just my understanding being on the scene for years (starting with chickHen back in the day, I think?)

  5. TuckDezi says:

    Finally….. I Missed Every 1 So Far & almost missed this… Dont get paid til tuesday had to get a friend to buy it 4 me 2day… Got so lucky… Thnx to all who put in work on this… Much appreciated

  6. Brandondavis071281 says:

    I think this was sony plan all alone and they knew thAt we had to buy these bogus games so we can hack are vita

  7. dirtabd says:

    to everyone that had a hand in this exploit: thank you for all your hard work and contribution to the community viva a la Homebrew! I was exited to see i got in on the ninja skillz being such a new member to the site, but i do come highly recommended by my esteemed colleagues…

  8. ssxcool says:

    i waited untill i finished the game 2 days ago. still no files =D

  9. kazaya says:

    the asia ver will be port exploit?
    i think a lot peaple also same like me purchase the asia ver.really hope this will port also!!

  10. p0p says:

    files will be released after games has pulled – like wololo said. just wait one more day and meanwhile enjoy the fact that the community is growing 😉

  11. p0p says:

    err..game has been pulled…

    • kaz says:

      US store still have it..we all hope this is not a scam to us coz we waste 9.99 dollar for 47mb size game…hope file will be there soon..thanks for the hard-works guys..

      • wololo says:

        When was the last time we did a scam release? Files are coming, we just need a bit of time to prepare the downloads, etc… (Real life takes precedence, I’m at work and have a pretty busy day)

        • Ross Aus says:

          Honestly i never write on forums but patiently wait for results because me and a heap of other people understand this is not a paid product but rather effort of nice people who are willing to share their results.

          Please do not post stuiped questions trying to blame others.

          It is your own choice to buy a game that may or may not work with the exploit.

          Thanks a lot Wololo for your hard work for updating us on this.

  12. PSN Representative says:

    i just want to load my *** homebrew

  13. Leighton says:

    Hey bro, I heard that the save of HONGKONG version is not working properly(or…at all)? Don’t tell me… I missed the last two releases already!

  14. Terence Hu says:


  15. kkiiddss says:

    Unfortunately teck4`s Blog mentioned the exploit run at 1.81 but now we need to upgrade to 1.82 than download gravity crash protable from PSN

  16. missred says:

    Guys, I heard from a trusted source that it was all planned. Wololo got paid big from Gravity Crash devs to make people purchase this game.

    You all got scammed kids!

  17. scousetomo says:

    why the *** would wololo *** us over he is trying to make sure we all get a pease of pie im waiting on the files myself

  18. slipk487 says:

    got this but got nfsmw and now will need a bigger memory card. 4gb card 3 2gb+ 3 1gb games and like 5 >1gb games.

  19. RabRub says:

    Guys I already bought the game few days back. I bought it from asian store ” Malaysia ” I don’t know what version is this HK or not would the exploit work for me or pity me ?

    • srsteam says:

      when u bought the asia ver,that mean is hk ver.no different!
      because im bougth the asia ver.
      now only just can wait.
      nothing we can do.

  20. scousetomo says:

    also if he is involved with the devs of the game i dont mind if he did get a percentage of sales good on him i say as long as the exploit works why should we care

  21. Ryan says:

    Removed on the Australian store!

  22. Fimo says:

    How look on the EU store??

  23. sean says:

    Monster hunter is back on the store. Does exploit still work?

  24. Ryan says:

    Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite, Everybody Tennis and Motor-storm: Arctic Edge are back on the PS Store! Can anyone confirm if the exploits are still working?

  25. Fimo says:

    Hii pls can anybody look in the eu store, is the game gravity crash still there?? Thx a lot

  26. umix2t says:

    removed of the eu store !!

  27. yolodawg says:

    If you purchased the game but don’t have a copy of it on your vita, would you be entitled to a refund?

  28. fifafootballpro says:

    Whats the go with Automatic saving on Gravity Crash Portable?

  29. Fimo says:

    Lol oke thx guys looks i missed again

  30. Pron says:

    Game removed from EU store

  31. ghg_1992 says:

    the game is still here in the us store

  32. Gessekai says:

    Gravity Crash is still available on the US store from what I see.
    It may not be too late to get it if you hurry.

  33. nazeem says:

    it’s removed from SA store now only

  34. DissidiaSquall says:

    Is it ok if my Vita is in 1.61 ? Or I’ve to update it in 1.81 ?

  35. MajorSnipes says:

    It Seems Gravity Crash is off EU now

  36. Gandalf says:

    It’s likely to leave Wololo launch files when the game has not available in most PSNs … ^_^

  37. KhaiRul says:

    in asia also removed..just check..

  38. DeoxiD says:

    Gravity crash is still avilible on US store ?

  39. bewrong says:

    still no news about the save exploit? just getting excited here 🙂

  40. james says:

    my ps vita is on 1.81 and i have already bought gravity a few days ago xD

    the exploit will work on my 1,81 ps vita ? 😀

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