Vita: Teck4 ports TN’s eCFW to a new game exploit


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856 Responses

  1. Tonakai says:

    That’s positively riveting!

  2. CJW says:

    I don’t think you are correct in that you have to do any type of complete wipe. You just need two memory cards, one with conent locked for each region. So you would have one memory card with your HK purchased games and content and one card with your US/EU/JP purchased content. I have two cards mylself the 8gb that camne with my system that I keep just the exploit game and my PSP content on and then a 16gb card I keep all my ‘legit’ content on. It is as simple as turning off the vita and switching cards. As I understand it multiple people on here are using accounts from different territories on multiple cards. Is it a pain, sure it is, but if the choice is a little pain or no expliot what will you choose? As far as setting up an account in a different territory that is not horribly difficult in that you can buy PSN codes for US store from online retailers like gamestop with a credit card or BestBuy for that matter. So look it costs you $20 for a USA PSN card and a little money for a second memory card and you get homebrew and ISO/CSO loading capability. Still a more than fair trade off. I admit us guys in the US are spoiled by the simplicity and the price of things here but hey if you don’t like living in Asia then come on over, we don’t do I very good job keeping anyone out in the US, just ask the Mexicans…lol

  3. DeadPixel99 says:

    Stop asking, they have lives it will be released when it’s released. All of us same as you want it but they have already said a few times now that they will release it when they release it. Bothering them does nothing.

  4. Wait says:

    Yes. I approve. The only thing we can do is just wait with patience.
    Thank you for you work. Wololo,Teck4…

  5. strayhearted says:

    agreed! 😀

  6. jok3r0314 says:

    this has got to be one twisted joke

  7. Roberto says:

    It obv is

  8. jok3r0314 says:

    just wait for an offical word from wololo

  9. jok3r0314 says:

    oh ok cool thanks for the clarification

  10. To Dara says:

    No problem m8 😉

  11. To Dara says:

    Just chill m8!

  12. ransidpowerup says:

    That is true, but then you need think. Should those people be even doing this? If they simply jump at the first sign of a problem then this scene is definitely not for them.
    Its like iPhone jailbreaks, they are luxuries and shouldn’t be taken for granted.
    -Ransidpowerup… just saying

  13. marlewuk says:

    Amen to that!

  14. Nick15 says:

    Because these kids were all raised with a sense of ENTITLEMENT… Because their parents ALWAYS gave them what they wanted, WHEN they wanted it, without teaching them the social skills necessary to handle having to wait for something.

    Because these kids think the world revolves around them, and that it starts and stops at their command.

    Sorry you little brats, but welcome to the real world. Things don’t happen because you wanted them to. You gotta learn to grow up and wait for things, otherwise you will have a difficult time trying to survive reality when people don’t treat you like the little Prince/Princesses that your parents raised you to be.

  15. Addison says:


    i’m not that old but old enough to understand patience and the meaning of working for the things you want. while i’ve noticed kids these days are getting smarter with technology (hardware and software), they are getting worse in regard to appreciating things, seeing the true value of something, and overall just taking care of their things.

  16. E says:

    Sadly our society nowadays has conditioned people to want things NOW. Everyone wants things when they want it, have to get to places faster than anyone else, and get mad when they have to stand in line at a store for 10 minutes. Whatever happened to the good parents (like mine) who trained their kids (sometimes with the belt) to chill the heck out and have patience? Lol Once you realize your whining will not make this process go any quicker, you realize hey, waiting is not so bad. I mean, it is not like they are like a Sony or something who are paid to follow through with their promised releases to the public yet, constantly have delays. THEN you can be a little more frustrated with the wait. These guys are doing this out of the kindness of their hearts and because they love the scene. Do not let them regret it. Patience is a virtue. -Just one Gamer’s Opinion-

  17. Chrono says:

    And you really believe the troll?

  18. E says:

    That is why you own 5 PSPs so you can hack multiple and if you have 2 sell one you still have more. 😉 lol

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