Vita: Teck4 ports TN’s eCFW to a new game exploit

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882 Responses

  1. Dilan P says:

    Hey @wololo it has been pulled off the store 🙁 but I have bought it during the ninja release. I really would like the files released please! I will do everything I can to help you. My email is

  2. Addison says:

    For those of you that say this game sucks, you must be kids still that didnt grow up on these style games. I feel like its worth the 10 bucks. Plenty of content packed into that 47mb

    • DeadPixel99 says:

      I semi agree with you it is a very cool game i have spent about 2 hours on it now, but i would say its worth like 5$ but since i get the game plus the mod that together make it worth the 10$ 🙂 .

    • Nick15 says:

      Kids indeed! Just reading the comments here… there are so many kids here who feel they are entitled to these hacks, and the fact that they have to spend TEN WHOLE DOLLARS to get a “crappy” game AND they need to be patient and wait for the exploit seems way too much for them. What a pity; I hope situations like this teach these kids a lesson or two about how the world works, and that life doesn’t revolve around their every WHIM.

    • E says:

      I say it is a pretty fun game, definitely a great time killer, but I think the game would be better free. The exploit and other possibilities are what really make it worth the $10 price tag.

  3. NTSC says:

    Sorry Guys for me this game is *** 😀

  4. teck4 says:

    First of all ,I don’t want to cause any panic but I have bad news for you.Unfortunately we won’t be able to deliver the exploit files to public ,we have encounter files that are corrupted .Therefore,the exploit is useless and we can’t make it work it out.However,the base of the exploit is in good condition meaning that we can still work out a new exploit we found in games like God of war Ghost of sparta ,Gta vice city ,metal slug anthology and other games that we will be announcing .The process will take us just one more day and If money is the matter you guys can’t get acces to any of these games we will find a better resolution .Thank you guys for understanding and your support ,we will be giving you a feedback on the new exploit.

  5. jok3r0314 says:

    im on the fence i wouldnt call it *** but i wouldnt necessarily spend 10$ if it wasnt for the exploit aspect but hey we all have our own opinions i suppose

  6. NTSC says:

    People is this a joke ???

  7. renato says:

    Man, This game is pretty rough. I don’t know if someone here knows but it looks like a game called Subterrania for Mega Drive (Genesis). It had an amazing graphic, sound and so on. i hope i can play it again on my psvita. Eager for the files to come soon.

  8. Dan J says:

    You telling me I spent $10 on this *** game for nothing?

  9. teck4 says:

    And i’m a ***!!

  10. NTSC says:

    I wasted 7,99 euro for this *** *** for anything??? UNBELIEVBLE, Before making people buy this *** game you didnt’test the exploit ???????

  11. Teck4 says:

    Yeah me too @_@

  12. Dan J says:

    I hope it’s a Joke, I bought a Vita and this bad $10 game yesterday. Waiting for patiently for exploit

  13. NTSC says:

    Me too i bought a vita and this game just after this news ç_ç
    What a heck ç_ç

  14. Dara says:

    Guys it’s just 10 bucks, it’s nothing. Not to mention I paid for the game but it got removed before it downloaded 🙁

    Thanks Teck4 for update and giving another chance for us

  15. To Dara says:

    Just 10 bucks? u must be trolling… since someone already posted an youtube video (, we’ll wait for news! But for u my friend, u can still download the game after the new vita ofw! So dont QQ about it!

  16. Brandondavis071281 says:

    I just mad aw heck cause when i finally get the game after countless misses its *** corrupted

  17. To Dara says:

    And teck 4 doesnt update comments like someone just randomly did before!!!!!

    • Roberto says:

      Exactly,^ this dude knows what’s up
      Although I am suspicious because you have the same icon as the second guy who posted as teck4…hmm

  18. NTSC says:

    Yeah,with that money i could buy something else, and also i hate that game, i really feel *** now 🙁

  19. ransidpowerup says:

    so if the exploit don’t work, then how has this guy got it working?
    (if link dont work just search PS Vita: Gravity Crash exploit for firmware 1.81 on youtube)
    just saying? seems like he has everything in order. should never trust a comment? until a proper post release. well that’s what i do.

  20. Dan J says:

    This community fascinates me! And I love it!

    The game is down in All major stores I feel like the exploit is just around the corner.

    All my old ISOs are just a few files away from running on my new Vita!

  21. Roberto says:

    It’s amazing how mad people can get from a troll comment though. Well, at least were getting closer to 1000 comments! Yeah!

  22. To Dara says:

    Ye, it was me, so u can see how easy it is for some of us get mislead! Just chill.. Even if that was Teck4, wololo would have prefered to update info on forums, not writting coments here! Ok?

    • jok3r0314 says:

      still not cool ….funny…but not cool

      • To Dara says:

        Wait! i didnt write :”First of all ,I don’t want to cause any panic but I have bad news for you.Unfortunately we won’t be able to deliver the exploit files to public ,we have encounter files that are corrupted .Therefore,the exploit is useless and we can’t make it work it out.However,the base of the exploit is in good condition meaning that we can still work out a new exploit we found in games like God of war Ghost of sparta ,Gta vice city ,metal slug anthology and other games that we will be announcing .The process will take us just one more day and If money is the matter you guys can’t get acces to any of these games we will find a better resolution .Thank you guys for understanding and your support ,we will be giving you a feedback on the new exploit.”

        I just said: ”and i’m a ***”. Dont want no misunderstanding!

  23. Roberto says:

    I’m sitting here wondering if wololo is just chuckling at all of this. What if he posted that comment? Lol

  24. NTSC says:

    Very Funny……Very Very Funny -_-

  25. ransidpowerup says:

    just saying? don’t trusted members get the release first days even weeks before public release? surely they would of been trusted members testing it out checking for bugs in the trusted circles in the scenes? people need to think logically? just saying.. agree if you think the same

  26. Brandondavis071281 says:

    *** i was mad as heck

  27. Brandondavis071281 says:

    Im good its just i missed all three exploits and i will be mad as heck if the one i get was just corrupted

    • To Dara says:

      So u missed two.. Not the end of the world 😀 Lets be patient..

    • ransidpowerup says:

      Im the same as you my friend, im new to the vita scene (Not psp tho) but you need to think logically, even though these devs are doing this for non-profit they still have a reputation. They wouldn’t publicly release the name of a game that has an exploit tell thousands of people to buy it in time, wait till you cant no more and then say.. whoops no it don’t work.. people would start to hate lol! and as always … just saying haha

      • jok3r0314 says:

        but what if some of those people thought it to be true and lets say they figured to delete the game then where would they be? *** out of luck for what? a laugh and a chuckle? some people should be a bit more considerate before posting things like that, now im just saying

        • ransidpowerup says:

          That is true, but then you need think. Should those people be even doing this? If they simply jump at the first sign of a problem then this scene is definitely not for them.
          Its like iPhone jailbreaks, they are luxuries and shouldn’t be taken for granted.
          -Ransidpowerup… just saying

      • Brandondavis071281 says:

        I guess you right i hacked the *** out my psp, but i soon sold it to get a psvita so its been one of myo dreams to jack the *** out of this too lol (i know, its a nice story bro)

  28. strayhearted says:


  29. TuckDezi says:

    Will I Have Any Probs Doing This On A Mac?

  30. Dan J says:

    I have been waitin for the White PS Vita and the Exploit since launch. All it’s all coming together today! The Game is down and now I can’t wait for the files! You guys rock!

    • Nick15 says:


      I like your attitude! … I bought the Vita just to have fun (and because usually the First Gen units are the earliest/easiest/quickest to get hacked… relatively speaking). I don’t care how long it’ll take for it to happen, so long as it happens… because I know how time consuming it is to do something like (de)programming all for fun. The fact that they’re doing it is worth it in-of-itself!

  31. Brandondavis071281 says:

    “Jepardy music”

    • Nick15 says:

      Y’know how in Jeopardy, the contestants are patient and wait for the song to end BEFORE they share their Questions and Amounts?

  32. Brandondavis071281 says:


  33. CommitChange says:

    Hopefully these come out within six hours because Halo 4 hits at midnight and I would have bought this exploit two weeks ago for nothing haha :p nice work guys, this “scene” isn’t half bad even though it’s just psp stuff.

    • ransidpowerup says:

      Yeah well in the UK right not its 23:11 i have to be at my local blockbuster for 24:00 so i gotter run in a few mins for an annoying walk to town but it’ll be worth it to past the time 🙂
      -Ransidpowerup..just saying

  34. Brandondavis071281 says:

    Im on my vita on thiis site

  35. NTSC says:

    yeah just psp stuff but i wanna play at photokano tonight ^_^

    • Nick15 says:

      You’re just gonna have to do what everyone else is doing and be patient.

      • oreo says:

        I hope we only have to wait a little longer….it’s been over a week now

        • Nick15 says:

          …four days is “over a week”?

          You’re just gonna have to wait as long as you need to wait. I mean, what, is being patient going to KILL you?? I don’t get why people here make it sound like their thumbs are being broke…?

          • oreo says:

            No it’s been over a week, i got the ninja release…. and i didn’t mean it to sound like i’m desperate….i was just saying i hope i don’t have to wait much longer.

          • Nick15 says:

            Yeah but, sure other exploits have been around for more than a week… but that’s the thing: is having to wait two weeks, a month, two months, six months, etc THAT difficult for people here? I just don’t seem to understand why people would have such a problem with waiting for anything….

        • wololo says:

          The game was announced publicly 3 days ago. Seems your weeks are awefully short.

  36. jok3r0314 says:

    700 comments later lol

  37. Brandondavis071281 says:

    I hope they release the files by tommorow

    • oreo says:

      I wonder if the old TN files work i mean they are baised off of them….

    • Nick15 says:

      And if the files AREN’T released, then what?

      I personally don’t care if they’re released until a month’s time. I’d like to think it may teach people how to be patient…. but I doubt it will.

  38. plz i wanna be fucked says:

    first you guys complain about getting a new exploit and now yall complaining about releasing the files. dammnn be patience and it will come.

    • Nick15 says:


      It’s like people have the attitude of “fulfill the completely unrealistic anticipations that I created without warrant or rationality, OR ELSE”… otherwise, why else would people say “They’d better be released soon!” or “I’ve had to wait over a week for this!”

      And that’s the thing: what is all these kid’s “OR ELSE?” should the files not be released when they demand? Will they “quit the scene”? Will they “stop supporting wololo and co.”? What can they threaten that would have any significant weight to it??

  39. Dan J says:

    I have collected over 75 ISOs over the years and I am so happy that someone found the exploit and that we are hours ( prob days ) away from being able to play them on my New Vita!

    Can’t wait to play games like StarWars Force unleashed and Battlefront PSP titles, Dragonball Z PSP games! Yay for this site and it’s community! All hail PSP Gods

  40. marlewuk says:

    cant believe ppl were freaking out over a message from “Teck4”.
    1. Anyone could post using a name of their choice – including teck4 (the was a similar post on the frostgater release – probably the same guy pranking).

    2. if this were true, there would be an official post from wololo on the site.

    Chill out relax, it will be released when its ready.

    • teck4 says:

      just to point out as an example of how easy it is, i’m replying to my own message as “teck4”.

      • teck4 says:

        No that was really me….(jk i’m proving it again)

        • E says:

          hahahaha This is hilarious and so True! Good job guys! Honestly though, Wololo should consider doing like most mainstream sites do and having legit Profiles where you can edit Profile pic, info, and NOT user name. lol It would decrease chances of things like this continuing to happen. Just one Gamer’s opinion…

    • algorithm says:

      funny this is one of the reasons i stopped doing exploits for the jailbreaking community we work our butts off with little to know pay and you have jerks getting mad because we didn’t release the newest jailbreak so they can unlock their phones if you want it unlocked that bad go buy an unlocked phone otherwise wait patiently…… this stuff isn’t easy what takes you guys a few minutes to download and install takes months and months to come up with

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