Vita: Teck4 ports TN’s eCFW to a new game exploit


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856 Responses

  1. jon says:


  2. greg says:

    darn im second lol

  3. Stiffeno says:

    Well at least a few more ppl will be able to have the awesomeness of homebrew on the Vita 😀

  4. Hoang Nguyen says:

    Thank you guys so much!

  5. Mercur says:

    Got it!!!! US store still available!!! Thanks wololo and the psvita scene!!!!!

  6. EFUS09 says:

    nice for these people who miss the last exploit, just enjoy it 😉

  7. Rafael707 says:

    So many leakers… Its a shame…

  8. youbadboy says:

    good job i already bought this a while back, bonus!

  9. Kirin says:

    Dear wororo,
    Is asia locale version working?
    Only US,EU,JP version?

  10. shadyboy039 says:

    nice. can’t wait for the files.

  11. chen says:



    good job

  12. nemesisyuri says:

    Thanks for everything!

  13. Catherine says:

    Damn. I skim through /talk almost every night keeping an eye on new Xploits and somehow this managed to slip blindly past me. I feel like a failure v-v

  14. Ssxcool says:

    Lol i got the ninja 5 days ago.. Now nid wait the files

  15. くにおくん says:


    頑張れWOLOLO ありがとう!

    thanks !!

  16. paul says:

    Eagerly waiting for the files…

    Thank you Teck4!

  17. Spring_yan says:

    We will wait patiently the files for the exploit.
    Thank you four your hard!

  18. Joel says:

    what FW do you need to have to run this?

  19. owanef says:


  20. wartaf says:

    great! can’t wait to play PSP games on my Vita!! 😀

  21. Mr. Shizzy says:

    awesomeness! i have had this game since i was informed of it via the ninja release. so i updated to 1.81 and am now awaiting the files release. big thanks to teck, frostgear, wololo and everyone else in the scene who bring homebrew goodness to our handhelds!!

  22. 国人 says:


  23. wraddek says:

    thank you so much!!!!!! I missed out on all the other exploits. Finally some homebrew Mwahahahahahaha

  24. LLPP says:

    Can NPHG00038 (I think it’s HK ver Gravity Crush) use this exploit?

  25. Frankie says:

    Many thanks to you,good guys.

  26. Whackm says:

    Hello all, for those of us that already have Urbanix and everything is working fine with previous kernel exploit. I’m just wondering is it still safe to connect to PSN at this point?

    I have not connect since downloading Urbanix a few weeks ago.


  27. anty0222 says:

    thank you,long wait,good job.

  28. Mr. Jack says:

    Getting the game as we speak.. woot woot

  29. Mr. Jack says:

    I never really missed the recent ones. I just feel like getting an updated version. Thanks a lot!

  30. PSN Representative says:

    Thanks for info….

  31. ruirui says:

    good job guys

  32. Darton Staker says:

    YES!!!!! THANK YOU GEEZUZ!!!!lol Thanks to all those involved!!! looking forward to it!!

  33. tglforwololo says:

    thanks all you done.

  34. nico says:

    don’t think there is a problem using the psn.I have the Urbanix and I check every two or three days for free stuff…and my Urbanix works just fine.

  35. Gustbran says:

    Arigatouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Gosaimasuuuuuuuu

  36. kingskidd268 says:

    Oh yeah downloading right now.

  37. nico says:

    Unless it asks you to update the FW when you lunch the psn.It may patch the exploit with new FW.

  38. JGuiRa2502 says:

    I just bought my PS Vita today (my first handheld console). I am wondering how this works. Do I have to buy the game on the psn and wait for some files that will be released soon? Am I corrent?

  39. Mrogas says:

    Gravity Crash [PSP] This is that game? I’m asking because I don’t see “Portable”

  40. asdf62311 says:

    Wololo: files will be released after Sony remove the game
    Sony: the game should be removed after those damn files avaliable
    Until 23/12/2012

  41. Minimur12 says:

    Could you release them tomorow?
    I voted that youd release the files on the 4th and i wanna be right:)

  42. xfir says:

    I had downloaded 2 weeks ago~~ :)

  43. andrea82it says:

    good news, i waiting for file, i need this exploit for playing my psp game on psv (my psp tell me «send me in pension», really my psp is very old i have 2 fat very usured), so… thanks a lot to teck4 for this exploit.

  44. Ryan says:

    This is Gravity Crash Portable or just Gravity Crash? I see in PSS only Gravity Crash not Portable.

  45. darren521 says:

    thanks guys

  46. Boriswinner says:

    good job. Good that I already have MBA)

  47. Baker says:

    Does it work in 1.81??

  48. mimi says:

    un grand merci a wololo, frostegater et teck pour votre travaille et pour cet exploit

  49. Houston says:

    This is the us version right?

  50. jon says:

    D’oh! Gonna be a while before the HK version gets ported… curses…

  51. henrique says:

    wololo confiou em nós!!!! és o aí o exploit

  52. tooth says:

    does it suitable for HK version?

  53. Darton Staker says:

    On the hour by the hour lol

  54. henriqueBRAZIL says:

    i love the scene PSVita! Now yes’ll enjoy this remarkable exploit! I have to be careful to not touch it via sony CMA … it’ll make multiple backups … SNES, Mega Drive and PSP isos here I come!

  55. Aaron says:

    Great news I was one of the trusted ones and got
    It earlier in the week I don’t understand why people leak
    The news trying to Ruin the Scene for others
    These guys spend a lot of time working on this
    And it’s not getting any easier stop leaking
    As when you do Sony pull the game
    And that’s the end of it !!

    Great work all of you
    And thank you

  56. Aaron says:

    And another thing they don’t get paid for what they
    Do and it would be very easy for them to leave the Scene
    And where would we all be then

  57. Joahua says:

    Yes finalllly i got this game!!!!! heck YEAHH!!!

    TY SOOO MUCH :*****

  58. soad26 says:

    Wololo, will there be a diff. Between mad blocker and gravity crash exploit? Will it be more stable? As much as i want to buy it, i want to some my remaining 17$ for the 1.82 exploit. If there is no diff. I will not the game. Thanks to total_noob & the jap hacker for this release. Thanks again bros! Greeting from the philippines

  59. Icespear says:

    Thanks,I missed the last opportunity, but this must not

  60. adadad1 says:

    Can it work on HK version?Thanks

  61. Meringue says:

    Thank you very much to Teck4, Frostegater and Wololo. Your work is very much appreciated.

  62. Kirin says:

    3 Working version

    Gravity Crash Portable [JP] {NPJG-00044}
    Gravity Crash Portable [US] {NPUG-80321}
    Gravity Crash Portable [EU] {NPEG-00020}

    wororo i have a question.
    Can it work on below asia version?

    Gravity Crash Portable [ASIA] {NPHG-00038}

  63. mimar says:

    congratulation.great job wololo,teck4,frostegater.

  64. albie85 says:

    Just wondering I have TN exploit for mhfu but it doesn’t seem very stable it was working fine up until couple days ago wen I tried copying some minis over FTP now I can’t load the exploit I’ve deleted every bit of homebrew and every ISO and re downloaded the exploit still nothing can any1 help is this happening to any1 else

    • Tonakai says:

      This happened to me on the Urbanix exploit.

      Back everything up through OpenCMA, and reformat your memory card.

      Make sure you have your MHFU backed up!

      Then simply re-download the save, and place everything back on. Tedious, yes, but it’s the only fix I know of.

  65. filodude says:

    hey im in australia and bought the australian ver… will it work..?

  66. HAIDERKIARA says:

    Is the game free
    If not free how much the price of the game?

  67. Sambal Belacan says:


  68. bewrong says:

    thanks very much for the info. hopefully it’ll be the same as the previous one which let’s you play psp games.

  69. Dario says:

    Not available in Croatia…

  70. mangosteam says:

    all i can say is super tnx wololo

  71. tracer22jhayahr says:

    1st of all i want to
    thank you guys for d
    great work you have
    made here..just one
    question, my unit of
    vita was EU ver and i register it to US PSN
    account, i’d like to ask
    if what ver of game
    will i buy EU or US frm
    the PSN? Thanks

  72. srsteam says:

    omg!!!im purchase asia version…..,that mean useless???
    i thought is same!!!

  73. kaz says:

    i have fw 1.81 + us gravity crash ver. Will this work on fw 1.81??

  74. 雪封刃 says:

    I need a HK saving file version

  75. ssxcool says:

    Question : at first it says that the files will be release
    when the official release. Why postpone?

  76. Zyphs says:

    Awesome had some funds left 😀 so i bought it <3

  77. srsteam says:

    should i waiting the asia version exploit ,or go us Store buy one more time>?

    • StepS says:

      just wait for exploit

    • walala says:

      I’m at the same situation, I was so sad when I finnally knew that the game I have downloaded was NPHG ver.. I hope theres anyone can help us, I was really really want to have it so badly, I was so lonely lonely lonely…

  78. helder says:

    Hello,when you download Gravity Crash Portable i need to take some care or if the download is normal so do not act problems after applying this exploit?

  79. faust1100 says:

    I can not wait any longer T_T

  80. Meymey says:

    i’m so excited ! 😀 Wololo could we have a date for this release ! We can talk about it now ! 😀
    That’s a really really great job !! Thanks again

  81. Byron says:

    Gracias bajado yap, esperando los datos para proceguir. wololo se agradece mucho…


  82. Alexis says:

    wololo hello thank you very much for your constant support! it is advisable to stay in the exploit MH 1.80 or upgrade to 1.81? I’m from Venezuela thanks

  83. sanight says:

    IM so sad that I currently don’t have wifi at home due to powerlose caused by Sandy…… );

  84. Yatessama says:

    Just wanna say thanks to Wololo, Frostegator, teck4 and all other members of the scene who make this all possible. To all the other people asking 10million questions over and over on repeat; READ through the site!!!! Most questions have already been answered! And yes this is an exploit for 1.81 in case you missed all the others…..i collect em all.
    Thanks again Wololo (^_^)

  85. KHALID says:


  86. kramoyag says:

    i thought this will be in ninja release…why do the release it in public?

    • Tonakai says:

      The way this works is that the most trusted people get the info first (ninja release), then this down through the list to newer members, then it’s released publicly (which is when Sony tend to remove it), then finally, the files are released.

      So in essence, the Ninja Release has already happened.

  87. Almanova says:

    Gracias Wololo, eres el mejor, esta vez si me ha dado tiempo, que biennn. Wololo Thanks, you’re the best, this time if I had time, than good.

    Thanks again from Canary Islands in Spain 😉

  88. ghg_1992 says:

    thanks fort his wololo the game price is 9.99$ in us store

  89. BananaRamma says:

    Awesome. I’m not missing out on home-brew this time!

  90. amiR says:

    fyi the game still available on the (eu) store as i type this comment looolz

    Can’t wait for the files

  91. amiR says:

    One more thing is there any guide how to install emulators on vita on mad blocks?

  92. FreedyJunior says:

    Will this work with the normal Gravity Crash not the Gravity Crash Portable?

  93. Will it work with Gravity Crash or is it just Gravity Crash Portable?

  94. sptrk75 says:

    Many thanks to all the developers involved with this. I finally have the UMD passport, but even better, that Sony failed to deliver to the US.

  95. warfaren says:

    Great news!
    However, you’d think he would port it to his own MotorStorm exploit too?
    That’s what I have anyways… Wonder if I should stay on it or try to get this new game instead

    • StepS says:

      TN said that his CEF doesn’t work below 1.80 because of different offsets.
      no one looked into it, but it may change with the CEF’s source code release.

      • warfaren says:

        I see, thanks for the info. Guess I’ll be staying on MotorStorm then. It does pretty much everything I want it to already anyways :)
        It’s just that it doesn’t load every single homebrew and I am missing a few because of that.

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