Vita: Teck4 ports TN’s eCFW to a new game exploit


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856 Responses

  1. jon says:


  2. greg says:

    darn im second lol

  3. Stiffeno says:

    Well at least a few more ppl will be able to have the awesomeness of homebrew on the Vita 😀

  4. Hoang Nguyen says:

    Thank you guys so much!

  5. Mercur says:

    Got it!!!! US store still available!!! Thanks wololo and the psvita scene!!!!!

  6. EFUS09 says:

    nice for these people who miss the last exploit, just enjoy it 😉

  7. Rafael707 says:

    So many leakers… Its a shame…

  8. youbadboy says:

    good job i already bought this a while back, bonus!

  9. Kirin says:

    Dear wororo,
    Is asia locale version working?
    Only US,EU,JP version?

  10. shadyboy039 says:

    nice. can’t wait for the files.

  11. chen says:



    good job

  12. nemesisyuri says:

    Thanks for everything!

  13. Catherine says:

    Damn. I skim through /talk almost every night keeping an eye on new Xploits and somehow this managed to slip blindly past me. I feel like a failure v-v

  14. Ssxcool says:

    Lol i got the ninja 5 days ago.. Now nid wait the files

  15. くにおくん says:


    頑張れWOLOLO ありがとう!

    thanks !!

  16. paul says:

    Eagerly waiting for the files…

    Thank you Teck4!

  17. Spring_yan says:

    We will wait patiently the files for the exploit.
    Thank you four your hard!

  18. Joel says:

    what FW do you need to have to run this?

  19. owanef says:


  20. wartaf says:

    great! can’t wait to play PSP games on my Vita!! 😀

  21. Mr. Shizzy says:

    awesomeness! i have had this game since i was informed of it via the ninja release. so i updated to 1.81 and am now awaiting the files release. big thanks to teck, frostgear, wololo and everyone else in the scene who bring homebrew goodness to our handhelds!!

  22. 国人 says:


  23. wraddek says:

    thank you so much!!!!!! I missed out on all the other exploits. Finally some homebrew Mwahahahahahaha

  24. LLPP says:

    Can NPHG00038 (I think it’s HK ver Gravity Crush) use this exploit?

  25. Frankie says:

    Many thanks to you,good guys.

  26. Whackm says:

    Hello all, for those of us that already have Urbanix and everything is working fine with previous kernel exploit. I’m just wondering is it still safe to connect to PSN at this point?

    I have not connect since downloading Urbanix a few weeks ago.


  27. anty0222 says:

    thank you,long wait,good job.

  28. Mr. Jack says:

    Getting the game as we speak.. woot woot

  29. Mr. Jack says:

    I never really missed the recent ones. I just feel like getting an updated version. Thanks a lot!

  30. PSN Representative says:

    Thanks for info….

  31. ruirui says:

    good job guys

  32. Darton Staker says:

    YES!!!!! THANK YOU GEEZUZ!!!!lol Thanks to all those involved!!! looking forward to it!!

  33. tglforwololo says:

    thanks all you done.

  34. nico says:

    don’t think there is a problem using the psn.I have the Urbanix and I check every two or three days for free stuff…and my Urbanix works just fine.

  35. Gustbran says:

    Arigatouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Gosaimasuuuuuuuu

  36. kingskidd268 says:

    Oh yeah downloading right now.

  37. nico says:

    Unless it asks you to update the FW when you lunch the psn.It may patch the exploit with new FW.

  38. JGuiRa2502 says:

    I just bought my PS Vita today (my first handheld console). I am wondering how this works. Do I have to buy the game on the psn and wait for some files that will be released soon? Am I corrent?

  39. Mrogas says:

    Gravity Crash [PSP] This is that game? I’m asking because I don’t see “Portable”

  40. asdf62311 says:

    Wololo: files will be released after Sony remove the game
    Sony: the game should be removed after those damn files avaliable
    Until 23/12/2012

  41. Minimur12 says:

    Could you release them tomorow?
    I voted that youd release the files on the 4th and i wanna be right:)

  42. xfir says:

    I had downloaded 2 weeks ago~~ :)

  43. andrea82it says:

    good news, i waiting for file, i need this exploit for playing my psp game on psv (my psp tell me «send me in pension», really my psp is very old i have 2 fat very usured), so… thanks a lot to teck4 for this exploit.

  44. Ryan says:

    This is Gravity Crash Portable or just Gravity Crash? I see in PSS only Gravity Crash not Portable.

  45. darren521 says:

    thanks guys

  46. Boriswinner says:

    good job. Good that I already have MBA)

  47. Baker says:

    Does it work in 1.81??

  48. mimi says:

    un grand merci a wololo, frostegater et teck pour votre travaille et pour cet exploit

  49. Houston says:

    This is the us version right?

  50. jon says:

    D’oh! Gonna be a while before the HK version gets ported… curses…

  51. henrique says:

    wololo confiou em nós!!!! és o aí o exploit

  52. tooth says:

    does it suitable for HK version?

  53. Darton Staker says:

    On the hour by the hour lol

  54. henriqueBRAZIL says:

    i love the scene PSVita! Now yes’ll enjoy this remarkable exploit! I have to be careful to not touch it via sony CMA … it’ll make multiple backups … SNES, Mega Drive and PSP isos here I come!

  55. Aaron says:

    Great news I was one of the trusted ones and got
    It earlier in the week I don’t understand why people leak
    The news trying to Ruin the Scene for others
    These guys spend a lot of time working on this
    And it’s not getting any easier stop leaking
    As when you do Sony pull the game
    And that’s the end of it !!

    Great work all of you
    And thank you

  56. Aaron says:

    And another thing they don’t get paid for what they
    Do and it would be very easy for them to leave the Scene
    And where would we all be then

  57. Joahua says:

    Yes finalllly i got this game!!!!! heck YEAHH!!!

    TY SOOO MUCH :*****

  58. soad26 says:

    Wololo, will there be a diff. Between mad blocker and gravity crash exploit? Will it be more stable? As much as i want to buy it, i want to some my remaining 17$ for the 1.82 exploit. If there is no diff. I will not the game. Thanks to total_noob & the jap hacker for this release. Thanks again bros! Greeting from the philippines

  59. Icespear says:

    Thanks,I missed the last opportunity, but this must not

  60. adadad1 says:

    Can it work on HK version?Thanks

  61. Meringue says:

    Thank you very much to Teck4, Frostegater and Wololo. Your work is very much appreciated.

  62. Kirin says:

    3 Working version

    Gravity Crash Portable [JP] {NPJG-00044}
    Gravity Crash Portable [US] {NPUG-80321}
    Gravity Crash Portable [EU] {NPEG-00020}

    wororo i have a question.
    Can it work on below asia version?

    Gravity Crash Portable [ASIA] {NPHG-00038}

  63. mimar says:

    congratulation.great job wololo,teck4,frostegater.

  64. albie85 says:

    Just wondering I have TN exploit for mhfu but it doesn’t seem very stable it was working fine up until couple days ago wen I tried copying some minis over FTP now I can’t load the exploit I’ve deleted every bit of homebrew and every ISO and re downloaded the exploit still nothing can any1 help is this happening to any1 else

    • Tonakai says:

      This happened to me on the Urbanix exploit.

      Back everything up through OpenCMA, and reformat your memory card.

      Make sure you have your MHFU backed up!

      Then simply re-download the save, and place everything back on. Tedious, yes, but it’s the only fix I know of.

  65. filodude says:

    hey im in australia and bought the australian ver… will it work..?

  66. HAIDERKIARA says:

    Is the game free
    If not free how much the price of the game?

  67. Sambal Belacan says:


  68. bewrong says:

    thanks very much for the info. hopefully it’ll be the same as the previous one which let’s you play psp games.

  69. Dario says:

    Not available in Croatia…

  70. mangosteam says:

    all i can say is super tnx wololo

  71. tracer22jhayahr says:

    1st of all i want to
    thank you guys for d
    great work you have
    made here..just one
    question, my unit of
    vita was EU ver and i register it to US PSN
    account, i’d like to ask
    if what ver of game
    will i buy EU or US frm
    the PSN? Thanks

  72. srsteam says:

    omg!!!im purchase asia version…..,that mean useless???
    i thought is same!!!

  73. kaz says:

    i have fw 1.81 + us gravity crash ver. Will this work on fw 1.81??

  74. 雪封刃 says:

    I need a HK saving file version

  75. ssxcool says:

    Question : at first it says that the files will be release
    when the official release. Why postpone?

  76. Zyphs says:

    Awesome had some funds left 😀 so i bought it <3

  77. srsteam says:

    should i waiting the asia version exploit ,or go us Store buy one more time>?

    • StepS says:

      just wait for exploit

    • walala says:

      I’m at the same situation, I was so sad when I finnally knew that the game I have downloaded was NPHG ver.. I hope theres anyone can help us, I was really really want to have it so badly, I was so lonely lonely lonely…

  78. helder says:

    Hello,when you download Gravity Crash Portable i need to take some care or if the download is normal so do not act problems after applying this exploit?

  79. faust1100 says:

    I can not wait any longer T_T

  80. Meymey says:

    i’m so excited ! 😀 Wololo could we have a date for this release ! We can talk about it now ! 😀
    That’s a really really great job !! Thanks again

  81. Byron says:

    Gracias bajado yap, esperando los datos para proceguir. wololo se agradece mucho…


  82. Alexis says:

    wololo hello thank you very much for your constant support! it is advisable to stay in the exploit MH 1.80 or upgrade to 1.81? I’m from Venezuela thanks

  83. sanight says:

    IM so sad that I currently don’t have wifi at home due to powerlose caused by Sandy…… );

  84. Yatessama says:

    Just wanna say thanks to Wololo, Frostegator, teck4 and all other members of the scene who make this all possible. To all the other people asking 10million questions over and over on repeat; READ through the site!!!! Most questions have already been answered! And yes this is an exploit for 1.81 in case you missed all the others…..i collect em all.
    Thanks again Wololo (^_^)

  85. KHALID says:


  86. kramoyag says:

    i thought this will be in ninja release…why do the release it in public?

    • Tonakai says:

      The way this works is that the most trusted people get the info first (ninja release), then this down through the list to newer members, then it’s released publicly (which is when Sony tend to remove it), then finally, the files are released.

      So in essence, the Ninja Release has already happened.

  87. Almanova says:

    Gracias Wololo, eres el mejor, esta vez si me ha dado tiempo, que biennn. Wololo Thanks, you’re the best, this time if I had time, than good.

    Thanks again from Canary Islands in Spain 😉

  88. ghg_1992 says:

    thanks fort his wololo the game price is 9.99$ in us store

  89. BananaRamma says:

    Awesome. I’m not missing out on home-brew this time!

  90. amiR says:

    fyi the game still available on the (eu) store as i type this comment looolz

    Can’t wait for the files

  91. amiR says:

    One more thing is there any guide how to install emulators on vita on mad blocks?

  92. FreedyJunior says:

    Will this work with the normal Gravity Crash not the Gravity Crash Portable?

  93. Will it work with Gravity Crash or is it just Gravity Crash Portable?

  94. sptrk75 says:

    Many thanks to all the developers involved with this. I finally have the UMD passport, but even better, that Sony failed to deliver to the US.

  95. warfaren says:

    Great news!
    However, you’d think he would port it to his own MotorStorm exploit too?
    That’s what I have anyways… Wonder if I should stay on it or try to get this new game instead

    • StepS says:

      TN said that his CEF doesn’t work below 1.80 because of different offsets.
      no one looked into it, but it may change with the CEF’s source code release.

      • warfaren says:

        I see, thanks for the info. Guess I’ll be staying on MotorStorm then. It does pretty much everything I want it to already anyways :)
        It’s just that it doesn’t load every single homebrew and I am missing a few because of that.

  96. CJW says:

    It is/was $9.99 in the USA store and not sure why people were asking about stability improvements. I was using TB-B on MHFU US and had great stability. I could pause, suspend, exit game with start to return to yMenu and resume from suspend all without problems. If you are having stability problems I would say to verify your setup and to make sure your .iso are clean and properly ripped. Many scene .isos have been patched for older PSP CFW compatibility and you don’t want to be using those. I hope we get TB-C with this expliot and it has extra features but I found TN-B to be very useable and pretty stable as well. Played thru MGS Peacewalker and Ratchet and Clank Size matters without any issues. Thanks Wololo Teck4 and Fostergate, you guys rock!

  97. ku says:

    I think that Sony don’t remove exploited games from their stores in weekend, if so files for the exploit would be best distributed today.

  98. iruzer says:

    Why only US, Jp, and EU?
    please someone can port to HK.

  99. Flyman53 says:

    Does this work for the portable one only? Or does this work for the Gravity Crash full game?
    Cause Australia only has the full game only

  100. Stupid KU says:

    Hey KU you are only thinking for yourself! stupid guy! let them release it in time not the way you wanted it.!!!

    • DeathOfChaos says:

      KU was explaining how Sony doesn’t touch games on the PSN during the weekend, how is that selfish? Giving advice that could lead to a few days as opposed to a few hours to get the exploit game is definitely selfish…

  101. KhaiRul says:

    Thanks wololo n all the person contribute to this release..:)

  102. AhsinHo says:


  103. KhaiRul says:

    Why not just wait for them to release the exploit, then we can ask them to port it to HK region…that more appropriate..:D

  104. MHero says:

    Wololo i buy Gravity Crash Portable Asia
    please exploit TN’s eCFW Asis version

    savedata asia NPHG00038
    Thank you

  105. cbepx says:

    Good job!

  106. CJW says:

    If you live in HK then you have some access to the western world, why not just get an account from another territory and by the expliot games from there? You are always going to be waiting or sc*** if you don’t buy the game from a major territory because I am guessing there are like 3 people waiting for an HK exploit when the masses are in the US/EU/JP territories. Not meaning to be mean, as I would love to visit Hong Kong someday and have surely purchased my share of flash carts and mod chips from there, but you have to be realistic in that the scene is going to serve the masses first and may or may not get to the smaller markets later!

    • John says:

      Sorry you’re wrong. Taiwan, China, Hong Kong…many Asian countries have the same version. Why say it’s a small market? And we purchased several games on the account, and you want all of us to abandon what we purchased? I’m not blaming the developers, I know porting is a hard work, but I’m just saying you shouldn’t discriminate against us.

  107. I says:

    Thanks wololo, frostegater, Tek4, any contributing dev to ps3 or Vita scene. We appreciate all your hard work ! Gcp purchased .

  108. willyjau says:

    yeaah, downloading 😉
    tks wololo.

  109. rdlfo129 says:

    thanks, i downloaded it yesterday, waiting for the files :)

  110. dickli says:

    should i wait for the hk version’s exploit or regist a us account.(i have already buy the hk version)

  111. notder says:

    Thank you very much!!!!

  112. x5pl01t says:

    are you kiddin me im missing the exploit because i just spent the last of my money a day before its anounced for what the 4th time now? >.<

  113. x5pl01t says:

    are you kiddin me im missing the exploit because i just spent the last of my money a day before its anounced for what the 4th time now?

  114. Razorbacktrack says:

    As always,Thanks wololo :)

  115. SofaKing™ says:

    thank you again, now spreading the word to all my VITA pals!

  116. ky0_sama says:

    I skipped the last 2 and ended up downloading this one, so of course Sony should be releasing 1.82 ohhhh I don’t know, about 5 minutes ago…

    God I hope they can’t figure out how the permissions were escalated… >_<

  117. alvin says:

    can sambody creat of voucher code for this game?

  118. Your the BOSS says:

    I want to thank Wololo and everyone else who made this possible. You guys are the best!

  119. can't wait says:

    what about the UAE online store! should i download it?

  120. Byamba says:


  121. Malik says:

    Got it, Thanks Wololo, Teck4, Frostegater much appreciated.

  122. mihaY says:

    Thank you!!!

  123. meye says:

    i guess many PSV user got this exploit. $9.99 helps sony alot.

  124. owanef says:

    I personaly think that sony will not take this game down anytime soon, THEY NEED THE CASH. i also believe that they will not patch it in the next firmware updat just so that they can have more vitas online. AND THEY WANNA GET BACK AT NINTENDO

    • Sylen7Nato says:

      you do realize that with CEF you can run ISO backups, right?…that would basically take a *** load of money away from Sony as no one would buy PSP games or Mini’s for the vita anymore…expect this game to be taken off the PS store by monday morning, along with a FW update soon enough…enjoy it while you can bro, Sony will be fighting back eventually…lmao…sry, still laughing about the whole “Nintendo” comment.

  125. kumar says:

    Man I am so happy rite now….cuz i missed the previous releases…..I jst downloaded the game and Im hoping for the exploit to come soon :)

  126. asgu10 says:

    ragazzi ma il gioco nello store e quello che costa 7 e 99 per caso ???

  127. Naveed Khugiani says:

    Although i have a PSP as well as the Vita, The advantage of having emulation such as daedulus, snes etc run faster than 333mhz for some homebrew on the sandboxed psp on vita is a plus

  128. Xc@liburn says:

    sorry NooB question…
    I dont have my PSV with me now, can I download it from the web to my laptop, I have an EU account for PSN, or do I have to download it directly on the PSV.

    last NooB question…
    is there a way of having a backup for the game once I download it in my laptop, just in case if I need to erase/format the memory card on the PSV…

    wait to go guys… great job

  129. Splifward says:

    gameblamer leaked it onto youtube already..

  130. Xc@liburn says:

    ok happy José thanks for the quick reply.
    rushing home now…..

  131. little_vin says:

    Oh my god, bad luck, finally realized that I’ve got the NPHG00038….

  132. Cebrus says:

    Thanks Wololo 😀

  133. scousetomo says:

    wololo came threw just like he said i got the ninga release days ago ive only been a member of the site for a few weeks so join the forum guys theres lots of help and a great community again buig thanks to wololo Teck4 and frostgater

  134. german porn says:

    doesnt gameblamer look a bit homosexual in his vest on his channel reminds me of right said fred from the 90s thats a sure way for the game to get pulled

  135. jon says:

    Would any kind soul please port this game to the hk version?

  136. 2easyforhim says:

    Okay. The game is off chart in the Hongkong server(not available for downloading anymore). Which server is next?

  137. Sergio 13 says:

    Gracias from Mexico 😉

  138. Dilan Parmar says:

    I know that you said a few days for the files but what do the files do? It enables the PSP Emu? So ISOs and CSOs are ok right? Many thanks to all the devs

  139. Yesterday i was born says:


  140. i died on says:


  141. i died says:

    its about time. thanks to all the devs that were working on this exploit. much love

  142. osmar says:

    until now could not find the game on psn to buy us both, as ck and br

  143. darkcrows says:

    all asia psn have this game.

  144. Cirrose says:

    Obrigado (thanks) from Brazil!

    • Danilo says:

      Opa cara. Blz? eu posso compra esse jogo da psn USA mesmo?

      • Daniel says:

        Cara, na americana pode e na própria brasileira também! eu mesmo já comprei na brasileira! valeeu!

      • henriqueBRAZIL says:

        me desculpe mas também sou do brasil! pode,sim comprar da psn EUA! eu criei uma conta lá e também já tenho o jogo! mas faça isso logo,imediatamente,cara!

        • renato says:

          Fala galera!!! também comprei pelo PSN USA. Depois que sair o CEF para o Gravity eu vou poder jogar jogos de PS1, SNES, GBA etc? Wololo, thanks a lot. I hope everything gets fine sooner. Do ya have any clue when it will be released the CEF for the Gravity Crash? Thanks in advance…

  145. Danilo says:

    Hello Wololo … The game is available on PSN for 9.99 USA … Can I get this same USA PSN? Already xD Thanks.

  146. kid says:

    thanks a lot !

  147. Craetorian says:

    Had the public announcement been after tuesday I would have been able to commit all my time to aiding the scene. Unfortunately I had no idea that there would have been another exploit on this firmware and thus didn’t have sufficient funds in my psn wallet. Though I could have gotten it were it not for sony’s crappy credit/debit card auth system.

    • Ukdna says:

      I agree, it’s a nightmare to get the stupid system to accept your correct address. I just bought a 10$ PSN card from Sony online and they immediately emailed me the PSN code (plus got 3.50$ off because I had a few points on my Playstation reward credit card)

  148. walala says:

    ive got a BIG problem, my game was ASIAN version!…. so sad..

  149. Fabian says:

    I was wondering? will it support ISO/cso?

  150. Cachi says:

    thx =D cant wait for the files

  151. Gessekai says:

    If you buy this game and it is removed from the PS store, can you still download it from your download list?

  152. Fabian says:

    I think you can, but it’ll be a patched version of the game.

  153. Hurarah says:

    On the EU PS Store for £6.29

  154. AlphaKiloCharlie says:

    Saw it on Ninja release but I couldn’t but it since PS store doesn’t accept my Debit card, so I found my old pre-paid CC and sadly it only has $7 on it and the game is $10.

  155. artostic32 says:

    I download the game at 2 18 pm sat. Hope it has it and not put back up let me know thanks

  156. About7fish says:

    Man, I hope this exploit is all it was cracked up to be. I walked 5 miles through a hurricane Sandy induced blizzard to get a prepaid card (no way I’m trusting Sony with my debit card) and to a place with Wifi, then 5 miles back to campus.

  157. Astig_808 says:

    on the mad blocker.i the snes emulator and it worked fine but i backed it up on open cma but i had a problem and restored my i copied the game back on my vita and i still got it hacked again but the emulator wont play my snes roms anymore but my psp iso/cso works fine.wats wrong with it??help please

  158. artostic32 says:

    Thanks guys for ur work

  159. BIG_GUY says:

    Thanks guys,I appreciate your exploit. I have bought the game ,hope the files will work on HK vision.

  160. albie85 says:

    Just wondering I have TN exploit for mhfu and bin usin it for a while but it doesn’t seem very stable anymore it was working fine up until couple days ago wen I tried copying some minis over FTP now I can’t load the exploit I’ve deleted every bit of homebrew and every ISO and re downloaded the exploit still nothing can any1 help is this happening to any1 else

  161. xxps3 says:

    ok downloaded on EU !

  162. Nurb says:

    I currently have the 4gb card that came with the Vita Assasins Creed bundle. Now that I will be able to run my homebrew and old PSP games I want to get a 16/32gb card. I bought and installed the game on the 4gb card. Can I use CMA to backup my 4gb and transfer to a bigger one, in the event that the game is removed from the PSN?

  163. walala says:

    hi wololo, is it posible to have a port of this for asia ver.? Bcoz, ive already downloaded the game, and I dont know how to download US or EU ver. of that game here in Taiwan :(

  164. leo says:

    sorry for thisbut i dont know how can a put the ISO o the ps vita with this new exploit

  165. Stolas says:

    Gravity Crash [PSP] is the same as Gravity Crash Portable right? Just making sure that there aren’t some changes that I haven’t heard about.

  166. marlewuk says:

    Thankyou for new exploit. I missed the others, I haven’t got a vita but im looking to forward hacking my friends console.

  167. theonsemile says:

    when is it coming out becuse am tired of payin 😀

  168. Darton Staker says:

    All good things come to those who wait!

  169. behindurback says:

    i have ps vita 1.81 and i bought this game, but i cant get open CMA to work, can someone help me

  170. Mines says:

    Genesis Eden has returned to the scene after a while. Now arming for my beloved N1004 (PSP GO)’s big brother namely the exclusive PS VITA.. Got hold of it few days ago, and therefore missed out on the first 2 exploit for 1.81 damn !!!
    Now it seems i once again am back thanks to the fantastic genius supporting the scene

    HUGE THANKS to the folks working hard to make this realty & also my biggest thanks to Wololo

    Genesis Eden

  171. behindurback says:

    so i have got this game and open cma, what do i do now?

  172. artostic32 says:

    download to my 8gig. Just bough a 32g. I put that in say psn error anyways to trasfur to my 32gig

  173. xoombie503 says:

    who thinks we will get up to 500 comments

  174. Nurb says:

    It appears to have been removed from the US store about an hour ago.

  175. witness says:

    so gravity crash portable is it the same as gravity crash [PSP](gravity crash [PSP] full)

  176. xoxid says:

    Still in the canadian store, hurry guy!

  177. witness says:

    so that is the game right?

  178. witness says:

    downloading now ^^

  179. witness says:

    YES I have got it seems like I am in time 😀

  180. vorea26 says:

    Just bought it in the US. 4:30pm CT :0
    can’t wait 😀

  181. tracer22jhayahr says:

    Can we use 3g for downloading the game?

  182. imercenary says:

    heck yes.

  183. Houston says:

    Its still up? And sony hasnt done anything yet.Weird? also its a psp game right not mini? cause i dont want to have bought it and its wrong console version.

  184. bewrong says:

    just want to make sure that it should be gravity crash portable and not just “gravity crash” right? cause i already bought the portable one.

    • Ukdna says:

      If you think about it, this is an exploit for the built-in PSP emulator, so it MUST be the portable (PSP) version. Regular Gravity Crash for PS3 won’t work because it fundamentally won’t run in (or even transfer to) the ‘PSP’ inside the Vita

  185. Scousetomo says:

    I bought the game using a 4gig card and backed it up on pc with open cma then knowing id need more space got a 16 gig then transfdred it off pc to that card also so im safe in the future as i waited ages for this to land

  186. If you guys have enough points for this. If any of you guys out there actually buys games.

  187. tracer22jhayahr says:

    does anyone here guys download the game thru 3g?

  188. tracer22jhayahr says:

    can someone here kind enough to lend me 10$ psn card? lol.. I will pay it back on Wednesday..

  189. Gameshare Add me uncharted_lord22 I’m only using my vita to chat invite me to a party and we can talk about that game. Lol

  190. Anoymus says:

    Sony remove monster hunter because they whre using it for hack and they did a new update.I bet when they notice they are going to remove it and a new update.If you dont update the system its going to get crazy.Well that happen to my.What do you guys think.??????

  191. Anoymus says:

    I sugest to leave all the work and get alife wololo

    Sincerly_ anoymus

  192. WTF? says:

    Defeating a sandwich makes it tastier!

  193. Victor says:

    I just want ask u guys what are the steps once we get the files I read we have to reformat our memory card or sum thing like that where’s the guide lol

  194. Cloud says:

    Was really looking forward to this, until I saw the $10 price tag. I wasted $10 on SC3, and I’m not wasting another $10 on a another *** game that’ll be useless after an update.

  195. dksepfth says:

    just bought mine in us store hurry people hurry!

  196. Victor says:

    Yea well my plans to wait till there’s a lot more games and for a must buy to finally hit the vita I’m talking bout all reviewers praising the game as well as gamers

  197. Aye Guy says:

    Glad I got the game in time

  198. NetSkipper says:

    Just purchased from US store.
    Had to give up on vBHL and update to 1.81 in order to play online.
    Hope that TN’s eCFW will be able to play SNES/PiccoDrive games..

    • keyz16b says:

      it can! I have TN’s eCFW using the MBA game exploit. Not only will you be able to play SNES/PiccoDrive games but also PSP iso file by a simply drag and copy to folder :-)

  199. dave says:

    is the game still on the psn store?

  200. Nurb says:

    Question: While running ISOs can you still enable bi-linear filtering, and the second analog stick. I would imagine non sense it is emulating PSP firmware?

  201. I’m waiting on that adding me. And gamesharing

  202. Austin says:

    This may sound like an obvious thing to do but I forgot to do it last time and lost the mad blocker exploit
    Once you’ve downloaded it don’t forget to back it up with CMA or OpenCMA because if you ever have to format your memory card you will lose it forever if you didn’t back it up.

  203. levis says:

    i got the game ,now waiting for exploit release…thx guys

  204. anty0222 says:

    waiting for Hong Kong service

  205. c-zero says:

    Just bought the game. What I find delicious about all this is that even though we’d be hacking hardware, we’d also still be supporting Sony through game purchases.

    So Basically: Hacking = Profit for Sony. If they were more open to the homebrew crowd, they’s be selling more hardware!

  206. alvin says:

    waiting to someone to redeem code that game please?

  207. huz says:

    me missed both the Ubanix and the Mad blocker alpha exploits


    next v1.82 before watch word psn store

  208. William says:

    What happen if Sony don’t remove this game?

  209. Fabian says:

    I got the game but I’m seeing comments about some opencma thing but not sure if I need to do that. I have never hacked the PS vita before. Or should I just leave as is?

  210. Agentdjluis says:


  211. Teck4 says:

    Files up soon!

  212. Leires says:

    Sadface..I bought a vita for P4: The Golden, but i don’t get it til the 14th. It’s a small hope, but here’s hoping somehow Sony doesn’t do anything. I’m waiting for the blops vita bundle since i can trade it in right away for 24$ (which is over half the price of P4:TG). If i don’t get in on it, oh well. I love my PSP to death. It’s an old PSP-1000 with no pixels dead (a small feat in itself.) I can always make sweet hand love to it and use my vita for P4:TG. Thank you Wololo, for sharing this with us, and thank you Teck4 and Frostegator for bringing another exploit to people. Thanks are in order to you, as well, Total_Noob, you old dog you. Been here for years, man, and you just keep on chugging. May the good times keep rolling. : D

  213. GoldenDarks says:

    Oh…!Please Arian Version!zzz

  214. E says:

    I got the game (Still on the PS Store @3am Pacific time)! Leaves me with $8 for gas until payday Friday but I am too P’d off that I missed the 1st 2 exploits to miss this one! I think my being such an avid Gamer is affecting my decision making. Sml lol. Oh well, this exploit better be LEGIT!

  215. mangosteam says:

    Hey can i ask how can u put some plug ins int ecfw like monster hunter 3.9 eng patch file cause i like to play the final english patch or the full game in english unlike 2. something some are still jap.. so how to put plug ins or english patches

  216. Agentdjluis says:

    Is anyone willing to Gameshare with me if so add me. Agentdjluis

  217. User19204 says:

    If I download the game to another card and give the card to a friend, will it work for him?

  218. jlove19 says:

    im going to wait for proper cfw on the vita i only use cfw for cheats

  219. RabRub says:

    AWESOME, Thank you guys and good job. I’ve just bought my copy from the asian ” Malaysia ” store.

  220. Chema says:

    And when you say in a few days you really mean that? Or do you intend to keep us planted weeks at the computer? And in the end that we get the files from another page because you just want to get visitors.

    Just wonder.

  221. McLoven says:

    I’m busy downloading the game. Can’t believe I finaly made it. Thanx Guys. Way to make things happen.

  222. systone says:

    I have waited for the exploit so a long time.
    very good!!
    Thank you wololo~

  223. Ujawal shakya says:

    Finally downloaded from us store!! After that dont know how to do further plz someone teach me. Thanks in advance!!

  224. Schnida says:

    Will the files be up today?

  225. E says:

    So I have been playing the game and it is actually a great time killer in itself. Not a bad game. Granted, not really worth $10. It would be an EXCELLENT free download but it is all good. Question: once you go through all the steps to get the eCFW on the Vita, can you still play the source game without undoing the eCFW?

  226. zadon says:

    Merci beaucoup à vous / many thanks to you !!!

  227. mr.sigint says:

    Thanks Wololo, Frostegater, Teck4 and everyone involved with the exploit and it’s release and for sharing it with us.

  228. CJW says:

    To the HK guys… me the non-JP asian markets are nothing in size compared to the US/EU/JP markets if they were then you would be getting the game expliots or getting them when the other territories released. Not meaning to descriminate, just stating the facts. Hopefully you will get an exploit, but why chance it when it may never happen, and not sure if they ported exploit to previous vHBL games for those territories so why chance it. Too all those that whine about the money, come on you claim you want to the expliot so bad but you can’t purchase a $20 card and be ready to go when you know an expliot is coming. Everyone knew/felt that when the xmas games game out that required 1.81 update, wololo would release another exploitable game. Get your priorities straight and be ready. No excuses this time as there was a long stealth window and a fairly long public window (still up?) so you have had your chances. To others wondering, yes you can puchase and download the game from your PS3, as I have done it 3 times now, but you have to transfer the game from your PS3 immediately because once the vita firmware update is pushed and required you cannot transfer the game from your ps3 because it requires a PSN login and will force your vita to update. Once game is on your vita via PS3 or direct then you can transfer to PC with open CMA and then move to another memory card. Lastly if you are wanting bigger mem card and in US check I got my 16gb for $46 with free shipping which is considerable cheaper than the 59-69 and street retail stores. Thanks again Wololo,Tek,Fostergate and others for doing this stuff and making the Vita a more useful device for me and others……lastly to the pirate ***irds. Since buying my Vita at launch I have purchased 5 cart games, 7 PSP games (3 for exploit), 3 PS1 games and 2 Vita online exlusive games. I don’t think this exploit is hurting $ony one bit, atleast not where I am concerned!

  229. Ariel says:

    Finally registered on the forum, although the process is very tangled but the result is still very happy people, poor English really strenuous.My standard of English is limited, and if I have a syntax error, please forgive me.Admired and like you to do, because I science super bad, not help everyone busy, we can only give you refuel!

  230. Lenin Ceballos says:

    Finally I was able to buy an exploitable game!, Thanks Teck4 and Wololo! At last i’m going to play Rock Band Unplugged on my Vita (: would have bought it on PSN ages ago, but since Harmonix haven’t ported it (and likely never will) guess i’ll just go the ISO way.

  231. hao53487240 says:

    I stay in the US.

  232. stepenlu07 says:

    Can i download this game using ps3 4.30 cfw then i will transfer this to my ps vita will that work?

    • CJW says:

      Yes but you need to transfer it to your vita before the vita firmware 1.82 is released. When you use CMA on PS3 it requires PSN authentication and once the new firmware is out it will force you to update your vita before you can sign in and do the transfer. I have purchased the last 3 expliots this way but just make sure to transfer ASAP

  233. srsteam says:

    if i buy the uk store,or australia?also can??
    whice store is us/eu?

  234. j says:

    Is the game still available on the uk store and how much space does it take and what is the price? Should i update fromn the 1.80 monster hunter exploit?

  235. i died says:

    its a very small file unlike MHU. but i dont know if its ported to the uk store.

  236. srsteam says:

    already purchase asia store,if really no exploit for asia,also no blame anything.
    also really thanks wololo~

  237. locomalito says:

    I have the fisical game, buy it in sears,
    it will works also with the fisical version?


  238. mark90 says:

    thanks teck4 and frostgater for this! the files goin up today?

  239. steveothekilla says:

    hey i bought the game now is there anything i have to do now?

  240. McLoven says:

    Is this true: The exploit works only with US, EU and JAP versions of Gravity Crash?
    I downloaded mine from the South African Store as I am a South African citizen.

    • oreo says:

      Yeah its true, but you might get lucky and it might work? Low chance but hopefully if this one doesn’t work for you there might be another chance…. we hope.

    • Spyke says:

      I’m sure I heard somewhere before that the South African store is the same as the EU store

      • Brandon says:

        Yeah the South African store is the same as the EU version.

        • McLoven says:

          I finally tracked down my comment/question :)
          So your telling me there’s a chance it might work? Close enough to give me some hope.(fingers crossed)
          Thanks Gents.

          • Brandon says:

            Yeah I’m also from South Africa, and in past exploits (MH) the game from the South African store worked fine. Just make sure you use the EU exploit files:)

  241. Darton Staker says:

    Cannot believe how long i’ve been waiting, if this doesn’t arrive soon im going to skip it altogether.. haha GOING NUTS sitting wanting to play DBZ back up!! sigh but I hope the files are released by tomorrow latest… suppose I dont decide that now do I.

  242. Deagle275 says:

    I finally managed toet an exploit game! 😀

  243. GamerSage says:

    Just downloaded the game off of the US PSN store. Thanks for the heads up!

  244. mines says:

    My gravity crash has an autosave i cant disable and as far i can tell no loaqding option anywhere in the menu, is that part of the plan? or am i already sitting on a patched version??? i wonder since i downloaded it the 3rd november ?? Did i go wrong somehow

    Genesis Eden

  245. ricki says:

    Mine also has a autosave and no way to load a save. Was I too late on this.

  246. Roberto says:

    Guys mine has an autosave feature as well and I have an American version O.O. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN

    • bibo says:

      Im pretty sure it doesn’t matter if it auto saves because as soon as you boot the game it looks for a save file to load. If you replaced with the hacked save file it would just load from that as soon as you boot the game.

  247. deniz says:

    is this game already patched

    Yes or no ???

  248. dan says:

    Is the game already removed from japan store?

  249. mark90 says:

    @steveothekilla, you need to back it up cause if you delete everything/format your memory card or it becomes corrupt you will lose this game forever and wont be able to get it back, if you try to download it again from PSN it will be patched and will not work with the exploit.

  250. Roland says:

    The fact that the game has an autosave is pretty much irrelevant.
    Sadly you won’t be able to play the game if you choose to use the exploit but once the exploited save is copied to your vita the exploit will simply load when you would normally load your save.
    If you do wish to play the game and still have access to the exploit you would have to swap the save files whenever you desire to do one or the other.


    • Roland says:

      It seems I stand partially corrected.
      While autosave does not affect functionality it seems this exploit does work with your save file rather than loading a different save (like Urbanix which also had autosave functionality)

  251. Meringue says:

    If it’s patched it’d mean that Sony patched it before Wololo even announced it, considering my version has the autosave as well and I got it before he went public.

  252. Meringue says:

    It’s probably just a troll having some fun with a bit of minor hysteria. Sony wouldn’t patch the game like that anyway, you can’t go digging into code and update on a dime, especially with a THIRD PARTY game.

    They’d pull it and work in something on the firmware side, rather than touching the games code.

    • Spyke says:

      When I first saw someone mention it I had a mini heart attack but then I pretty much went through the same thought processes as this. Good to see I’m not the only one who thought about it that way.

  253. deniz says:

    what personally i think taht sony knew it before the public release of gravity crash.
    Hopefully the files will work

    • Meringue says:

      The game never came down and the firmware never went up, so it’s unlikely.

      We’ll see, never say never and all. I’d assume the save function has to do with it being a scaled down, portable version of the PS3 game.

  254. mines says:

    okay when i do a backup from my vita to my pc where does the backuped file end up?? and can i copy orginal psn games from my pc to the vita i got burnout legende on my pc downloaded from media go since its not up for download on psn is it possable to transfer it somehow got open cma already but not ftp since im wating for the GC exploit

  255. deniz says:

    why dont sony remove the game ?
    its still in the stores .
    RARE :/

    • yehboi says:

      it is a little weird. they usually take it down in a few hours.

      • Nix says:

        It’s the weekend, probably no one on the Sales/Store team is around. Brilliant idea to do this on a Friday once everyone leaves office 😛

        • Keyblade Spirit says:

          That’s rather probable, actually. In addition to that, Wololo may have even timed it like this so they won’t take it down, more people will get the exploit, and Sony will get more money. Sony has a lot to thank us for.

          • oreo says:

            Plus they were working on the release of the new store layout….. maybe they will forget to patch it too. haha

      • Dante69 says:

        Maybe it will be off tomorrow or Tuesday when the store updates. heck they might leave it up and make a new firmware since the sales on that game are skyrocketing. lol

    • gunblade says:

      think they think since its still psp emulation they not to worried since psp on the vita still sandboxed

  256. mark90 says:

    hmmm maybe they makin some serious CASH!!! LOL

  257. mines says:

    if you start up a orginal bought psn title and the screen simply just turns black (Same ting happens every time) could that mean a possable exploit or *** :)

  258. deniz says:

    Finally we all can play our psp isos/csos ,homebrews ,emulators plugins.
    Great work wololo and teck4
    Best scene ever 😀

  259. Brandondavis071281 says:

    Hey can i put cfwcheat in this exploit

  260. Brandondavis071281 says:

    Is there cfwcheat for this exploit

  261. Genesis says:

    When do we believe its comming up the exploit i mean??

    can i copy orginal psn games from my pc to the vita i got burnout legende on my pc downloaded from media go since its not up for download on psn is it possable to transfer it to the vita somehow

  262. h4ckNsl4ck says:

    @wololo sure hope you do release an article shedding some light on these information leakers. Its like people are getting a golden oppurtunity and they abuse the wishes of the orinal informer. thanks for everything wololo

  263. h4ckNsl4ck says:

    with a ninja release you should have ninja assasians too seek out and punish those who abuse the rules

  264. Breath of Heart says:

    The reality is sony will have their people crawling all over the forums, the idea that you can find them and remove them on a public user base is kind of a joke ..

  265. leandrimfc_ says:

    Wololo after unlocking the vita can still download games for psn and play online?

  266. hao53487240 says:

    48hour is over!THANK YOU WOLOLO!!

    • Nick15 says:

      “48 hours” wasn’t a statement that he would release anything in that time… “48 hours” was just about how long it takes Sony to remove the exploitable game:

      QUOTE: “In the past, Sony has usually removed exploited games from their stores within 48h, and we have generally released the files after that.”

  267. owanef says:


  268. Gandalf says:

    Só esperando os arquivos!!! xD

  269. owanef says:

    The good thing about waiting is that since Sony probably did not take the game down yet then way more people can get the game. AND if Sony take the game down then what the heck are they gonna do. They cant patch something that doesn’t exist. Meaning since the exploit files are not out yet then they cant do nothing.

  270. Mr.Flap says:

    Lets do this!!!!

  271. Brandondavis071281 says:

    Will this run cso or just iso

  272. William says:

    The game has been removed from Japan and Hongkong store. It still remains in US for the reason it is Sunday now.

  273. Please somebody find a hack which doesnt need PSP PSN games
    as the psn store hardly opens over here and is impossible to buy anything from it because of the , dollar exchange rate and
    credit card ***…..

  274. roberto says:

    forgive me for this noobish question, but i just wanted to know, can you run vhbl on this exploit? im assuming no, and that vhbl is entirely different from eCFW right? The next question is for hackers who have used both eCFW and vhbl, which do you consider is better and why? thanks!

    • HappyJoe says:

      Yes, eCFW is seperate from vhbl. While the vhbl is based off of a usermode exploit (or is it userland? I don’t remember), the eCFW is a kernal hack (in the PSP emulator). Basically, this hack can do everything vhbl can do and more (including plugins, cso’s, and a wider range of homebrew). I have not run eCFW yet, but the fact that it is a higher level of hack (vhbl is the lowest level, which is why piracy really isn’t an issue. ECFW is the second lowest (on the vita) and introduces isos and the potential for piracy). I am almost sure this is the best we can get until someone finds a usermode exploit on the Vita itself, or (dare I dream?) a kernal exploit which would give us full control over the device.

      Basically, welcome to the community!

      • roberto says:

        lol thanks, but im here looking at the vhbl official download thread, and it seems it has more emulators available for download while eCFW has less. I would obviously prefer vhbl bc it has more options, but you’re telling me otherwise. can you just clarify for me what is better about eCFW in terms of emulators and games that are available to be hacked and played?

        • HappyJoe says:

          The vhbl has been around longer, so people have been able to experiment with it to see which version of homebrew work best on it (even if vhbl only runs an older version of a specific emulator). Without getting too technical, vhbl gives us permission to run homebrew. Because eCFW runs on a kernal hack, it grants us even higher permissions to run things, so it does not have the same limitations as vhbl. There is nothing that vhbl should be capable of that eCFW (and its upcoming revisions) cannot do better. Again, this is without me using it. This is just my understanding being on the scene for years (starting with chickHen back in the day, I think?)

  275. TuckDezi says:

    Finally….. I Missed Every 1 So Far & almost missed this… Dont get paid til tuesday had to get a friend to buy it 4 me 2day… Got so lucky… Thnx to all who put in work on this… Much appreciated

  276. Brandondavis071281 says:

    I think this was sony plan all alone and they knew thAt we had to buy these bogus games so we can hack are vita

  277. dirtabd says:

    to everyone that had a hand in this exploit: thank you for all your hard work and contribution to the community viva a la Homebrew! I was exited to see i got in on the ninja skillz being such a new member to the site, but i do come highly recommended by my esteemed colleagues…

  278. ssxcool says:

    i waited untill i finished the game 2 days ago. still no files =D

  279. kazaya says:

    the asia ver will be port exploit?
    i think a lot peaple also same like me purchase the asia ver.really hope this will port also!!

  280. p0p says:

    files will be released after games has pulled – like wololo said. just wait one more day and meanwhile enjoy the fact that the community is growing 😉

  281. p0p says: has been pulled…

    • kaz says:

      US store still have it..we all hope this is not a scam to us coz we waste 9.99 dollar for 47mb size game…hope file will be there soon..thanks for the hard-works guys..

      • wololo says:

        When was the last time we did a scam release? Files are coming, we just need a bit of time to prepare the downloads, etc… (Real life takes precedence, I’m at work and have a pretty busy day)

        • Ross Aus says:

          Honestly i never write on forums but patiently wait for results because me and a heap of other people understand this is not a paid product but rather effort of nice people who are willing to share their results.

          Please do not post stuiped questions trying to blame others.

          It is your own choice to buy a game that may or may not work with the exploit.

          Thanks a lot Wololo for your hard work for updating us on this.

  282. Leighton says:

    Hey bro, I heard that the save of HONGKONG version is not working properly(or…at all)? Don’t tell me… I missed the last two releases already!

  283. Terence Hu says:


  284. kkiiddss says:

    Unfortunately teck4`s Blog mentioned the exploit run at 1.81 but now we need to upgrade to 1.82 than download gravity crash protable from PSN

  285. missred says:

    Guys, I heard from a trusted source that it was all planned. Wololo got paid big from Gravity Crash devs to make people purchase this game.

    You all got scammed kids!

  286. slipk487 says:

    got this but got nfsmw and now will need a bigger memory card. 4gb card 3 2gb+ 3 1gb games and like 5 >1gb games.

  287. RabRub says:

    Guys I already bought the game few days back. I bought it from asian store ” Malaysia ” I don’t know what version is this HK or not would the exploit work for me or pity me ?

    • srsteam says:

      when u bought the asia ver,that mean is hk different!
      because im bougth the asia ver.
      now only just can wait.
      nothing we can do.

  288. scousetomo says:

    also if he is involved with the devs of the game i dont mind if he did get a percentage of sales good on him i say as long as the exploit works why should we care

  289. Ryan says:

    Removed on the Australian store!

  290. Fimo says:

    How look on the EU store??

  291. sean says:

    Monster hunter is back on the store. Does exploit still work?

  292. Ryan says:

    Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite, Everybody Tennis and Motor-storm: Arctic Edge are back on the PS Store! Can anyone confirm if the exploits are still working?

  293. Fimo says:

    Hii pls can anybody look in the eu store, is the game gravity crash still there?? Thx a lot

  294. umix2t says:

    removed of the eu store !!

  295. yolodawg says:

    If you purchased the game but don’t have a copy of it on your vita, would you be entitled to a refund?

  296. fifafootballpro says:

    Whats the go with Automatic saving on Gravity Crash Portable?

  297. Fimo says:

    Lol oke thx guys looks i missed again

  298. Pron says:

    Game removed from EU store

  299. ghg_1992 says:

    the game is still here in the us store

  300. Gessekai says:

    Gravity Crash is still available on the US store from what I see.
    It may not be too late to get it if you hurry.

  301. nazeem says:

    it’s removed from SA store now only

  302. DissidiaSquall says:

    Is it ok if my Vita is in 1.61 ? Or I’ve to update it in 1.81 ?

  303. MajorSnipes says:

    It Seems Gravity Crash is off EU now

  304. Gandalf says:

    It’s likely to leave Wololo launch files when the game has not available in most PSNs … ^_^

  305. KhaiRul says:

    in asia also removed..just check..

  306. DeoxiD says:

    Gravity crash is still avilible on US store ?

  307. bewrong says:

    still no news about the save exploit? just getting excited here :)

  308. james says:

    my ps vita is on 1.81 and i have already bought gravity a few days ago xD

    the exploit will work on my 1,81 ps vita ? 😀

  309. BEIMAR says:


  310. Nextbeat says:

    I was able to score a copy from the US store a few minutes ago!

  311. huz says:

    I have bought gravity crash portable
    the Exploit will work with 1.81 on my ps vita :)

  312. elis says:

    Cuando saldran los save data para el hack

  313. kay says:

    Is it still up on the US market?

  314. roberto says:

    i love checking back to see the stupid comments people make

    • E says:

      I was just thinking the SAME thing. And if ppl would look at the other comments most of their questions would be answered. Smh. I am honestly just tired of seeing the SAME exact questions on the same page lol

  315. i died says:

    lmao i agree

  316. lathia says:

    Still up in USA? *** work!

  317. jok3r0314 says:

    how does that “Z” dude have the exploit save file already???

  318. Abigor says:

    The game still avaible on us store/aun sigue disponble el juego en la us store…

  319. jok3r0314 says:

    my bet is that sony has reached at least $150,000.00 on a single game. there gonna let it climb then remove it and release the next firmware

  320. p0p says:

    roberto, do you really think so? welcome to the real world!

  321. Yesterday i was born says:


  322. Legit says:

    it was just taken out of the us market i bought it a few hours ago i check to see if its still there and its not not even in my dl list also backed it up on my pc im going to keep a copy in my 4 gigs and my 32gigs and my pc

  323. Jok3r0314 says:

    The game is removed from the usa store now so if you didnt get it youve lucked out

  324. roberto says:

    game is not on u.s. psn = closer to files being released

  325. It’s off the US store now.

  326. Dara says:

    Great, I saw it but forgot to put memory card when I paid for the game. It said would be in download list. I put memory card and not only its not there, its off the ps store. What do i do now :(

    • roberto says:

      you cant do anything its off the store. you can’t get the physical game until sony patches it. and even after that, you can’t hack bc itll already be patched

  327. Legit says:

    cant wait til they release legends of dragoon for the vita ive been dying to get a legit copy of that game but im sorry for all those other ps vita owners that didnt get a chance to get the game.

  328. carlosbazua says:

    the gam is still available in the mexican pstore will this work??? i guess it is the same game as the us store right???

  329. Robert Smith says:
    In the bubble on my PS3 XMB
    Ready when you are, Teck4

  330. Radecki_PL says:

    wololo any chance to release files today? BTW thanks for good job Guys (wololo,Teck4 ,Frostegater…)

  331. Roberto says:

    We should get this to 1000 comments before they release the files hehe

  332. LsLove says:

    So the game is removed from US store, to everybody who mised it there was plenty of time. I was in the wake of hurricane sandy and managed to findouut get a card and grab it on day one. good news is that now since its removed from (I believe) all stores, now the files will most likely be releas4ed soon. Bitter sweet, I missed the other two because I did not have the vita or follow the scene than, I knew about it but didnt have a vita so it was kind of a null point. To all the folks who did get it congrats. TY TY TY to Wololo, Frostegater, Teck4, and every other person who made ANOTHER exploit happen.

  333. randombullsh*t says:

    Gravity crash portable is now down in the US PSN, sorry for the guys who missed it (again!) lol!!! anyways i hope this thing is worth the $10…. :/

  334. zac123 says:

    can u guys please just release the file :( bin waiting for almost 3
    Days lol I apprichate your hard work and hack they be super wicked.
    But please release them today :) I can’t get it then I will be at a
    Kinder garden lol

  335. NTSC says:

    Good news is the game just keep 47 Mb on my data storage, bad news is it just sucks ^_^, unuseful and horrible crappy game ^_^, but its lovely cuz i can finally play my psp iso again ^_^

    • E says:

      I would not call it crappy per-se. I think it is crappy for a $10 price tag but for the file size I would say it would be a great grab if it were free. It is an awesome time killer. Especially the little mini-game Gold grabber or whatever it is called.

  336. powerman says:

    Would I still be able to copy files through content manager after sony releases a firmware ,because in the past the forced me to update and I wan’t able to use the cm not even the open cm on wololo’s website .Thank you Wololo ,Teck 4 and Frostegater for existing in our world withouth you we would be hopeless.

  337. strayhearted says:

    counting the minutes… 😉

  338. NTSC says:

    also the seconds…. ^_^

  339. Sneax673 says:

    It’s been pulled off the U.S store :(

  340. Dara says:

    Question: Should I return the PSP Vita (just bought it for exploit) having missed the download??

    • strayhearted says:

      nope, totally great console! just get the best games for it (nfs most wanted, uncharted golden abyss, call of duty, resistance, others) and youll be totally fine until the next exploit! 😉

    • jok3r0314 says:

      yea id say keep it and enjoy the great games that are out now then in the future when another exploit comes out youll be prepared

    • E says:

      Definitely keep it. Do not 4get: Assassins Creed and Ninja Gaiden 2 SOLID Vita games. But who buys a $250 console just for ONE exploit? I mean, it is not even a permanent hack yet lol. But who am I to judge? I just spent my last $10 to get a game for an exploit leaving me with $5 for the week. A Gamers life is full of hard decisions. #GamerProblems #HackerProblems But definitely keep it though!

  341. strayhearted says:

    goddammit guys!!! thank you all so much for making this things possible! (wololo, teck4, frostegater, total_noob’s) but i think you are driving most of us crazy!! the game has been removed from the major psn stores around the world, now we are only waiting for the files like street dogs looking for food… but anyway THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

  342. ghg_1992 says:

    patience is all we need

  343. Dilan P says:

    Hey @wololo it has been pulled off the store :( but I have bought it during the ninja release. I really would like the files released please! I will do everything I can to help you. My email is

  344. Addison says:

    For those of you that say this game sucks, you must be kids still that didnt grow up on these style games. I feel like its worth the 10 bucks. Plenty of content packed into that 47mb

    • DeadPixel99 says:

      I semi agree with you it is a very cool game i have spent about 2 hours on it now, but i would say its worth like 5$ but since i get the game plus the mod that together make it worth the 10$ :) .

    • Nick15 says:

      Kids indeed! Just reading the comments here… there are so many kids here who feel they are entitled to these hacks, and the fact that they have to spend TEN WHOLE DOLLARS to get a “crappy” game AND they need to be patient and wait for the exploit seems way too much for them. What a pity; I hope situations like this teach these kids a lesson or two about how the world works, and that life doesn’t revolve around their every WHIM.

    • E says:

      I say it is a pretty fun game, definitely a great time killer, but I think the game would be better free. The exploit and other possibilities are what really make it worth the $10 price tag.

  345. teck4 says:

    First of all ,I don’t want to cause any panic but I have bad news for you.Unfortunately we won’t be able to deliver the exploit files to public ,we have encounter files that are corrupted .Therefore,the exploit is useless and we can’t make it work it out.However,the base of the exploit is in good condition meaning that we can still work out a new exploit we found in games like God of war Ghost of sparta ,Gta vice city ,metal slug anthology and other games that we will be announcing .The process will take us just one more day and If money is the matter you guys can’t get acces to any of these games we will find a better resolution .Thank you guys for understanding and your support ,we will be giving you a feedback on the new exploit.

  346. NTSC says:

    People is this a joke ???

  347. renato says:

    Man, This game is pretty rough. I don’t know if someone here knows but it looks like a game called Subterrania for Mega Drive (Genesis). It had an amazing graphic, sound and so on. i hope i can play it again on my psvita. Eager for the files to come soon.

  348. Teck4 says:

    Yeah me too @_@

  349. Dan J says:

    I hope it’s a Joke, I bought a Vita and this bad $10 game yesterday. Waiting for patiently for exploit

  350. NTSC says:

    Me too i bought a vita and this game just after this news ç_ç
    What a heck ç_ç

  351. Dara says:

    Guys it’s just 10 bucks, it’s nothing. Not to mention I paid for the game but it got removed before it downloaded :(

    Thanks Teck4 for update and giving another chance for us

  352. To Dara says:

    Just 10 bucks? u must be trolling… since someone already posted an youtube video (, we’ll wait for news! But for u my friend, u can still download the game after the new vita ofw! So dont QQ about it!

  353. To Dara says:

    And teck 4 doesnt update comments like someone just randomly did before!!!!!

    • Roberto says:

      Exactly,^ this dude knows what’s up
      Although I am suspicious because you have the same icon as the second guy who posted as teck4…hmm

  354. ransidpowerup says:

    so if the exploit don’t work, then how has this guy got it working?
    (if link dont work just search PS Vita: Gravity Crash exploit for firmware 1.81 on youtube)
    just saying? seems like he has everything in order. should never trust a comment? until a proper post release. well that’s what i do.

  355. Dan J says:

    This community fascinates me! And I love it!

    The game is down in All major stores I feel like the exploit is just around the corner.

    All my old ISOs are just a few files away from running on my new Vita!

  356. Roberto says:

    It’s amazing how mad people can get from a troll comment though. Well, at least were getting closer to 1000 comments! Yeah!

  357. To Dara says:

    Ye, it was me, so u can see how easy it is for some of us get mislead! Just chill.. Even if that was Teck4, wololo would have prefered to update info on forums, not writting coments here! Ok?

  358. Roberto says:

    I’m sitting here wondering if wololo is just chuckling at all of this. What if he posted that comment? Lol

  359. NTSC says:

    Very Funny……Very Very Funny -_-

  360. ransidpowerup says:

    just saying? don’t trusted members get the release first days even weeks before public release? surely they would of been trusted members testing it out checking for bugs in the trusted circles in the scenes? people need to think logically? just saying.. agree if you think the same

  361. Brandondavis071281 says:

    Im good its just i missed all three exploits and i will be mad as heck if the one i get was just corrupted

    • To Dara says:

      So u missed two.. Not the end of the world 😀 Lets be patient..

    • ransidpowerup says:

      Im the same as you my friend, im new to the vita scene (Not psp tho) but you need to think logically, even though these devs are doing this for non-profit they still have a reputation. They wouldn’t publicly release the name of a game that has an exploit tell thousands of people to buy it in time, wait till you cant no more and then say.. whoops no it don’t work.. people would start to hate lol! and as always … just saying haha

  362. strayhearted says:


  363. TuckDezi says:

    Will I Have Any Probs Doing This On A Mac?

  364. Dan J says:

    I have been waitin for the White PS Vita and the Exploit since launch. All it’s all coming together today! The Game is down and now I can’t wait for the files! You guys rock!

    • Nick15 says:


      I like your attitude! … I bought the Vita just to have fun (and because usually the First Gen units are the earliest/easiest/quickest to get hacked… relatively speaking). I don’t care how long it’ll take for it to happen, so long as it happens… because I know how time consuming it is to do something like (de)programming all for fun. The fact that they’re doing it is worth it in-of-itself!

  365. Brandondavis071281 says:

    “Jepardy music”

    • Nick15 says:

      Y’know how in Jeopardy, the contestants are patient and wait for the song to end BEFORE they share their Questions and Amounts?