The best PSP/Vita homebrews for October 2012


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  1. lol


  2. Darton Staker


  3. Darton Staker

    Would the PRO cfw be bootable within the vita psp emu?

  4. MaxiExtreme

    First??? is this a competition. LOL.

    I agree all of the above are one of the BEST!

  5. Maxilus

    Patiently waiting for more news on PS Vita. I wanna see more exploit or crack on Vita.

  6. Maxilus

    who knows.. there a PS Vita CFW 1.81? lol

  7. Spring_yan

    I think that both PRO CFW and OPENCMA is the best VITA homebrews!
    Because I am using them!

  8. Hahussle

    Thanks to all the devs for all their free hard work

  9. harrd100

    i thought thats a ninja release
    oh well i can wait

  10. Tonakai

    I’m rather surprised that the ECFW isn’t at the top of the list, or possibly even the pro FW. Also, not very surprised about Cave Story or Bookr as they’re both amazing.

    Although there are a few new things here for me to try out.

  11. some11111

    Love this blog,I buy urbanix after read about leak thing.

    I was wondering what wololo current mode on his vita?
    He use vhbl or cef?

  12. oO Flowzilla Oo

    Whoever made Cavestory deserves a million bucks. I completed the game last year (before my 2nd PSP died 🙁 ) and man, did I enjoy every second of it. I definitely recommend it.

    • h4ckNsl4ck

      will have to check this out looks good.

      • Jd8531

        Its really fantastic, that guy does.

        • Different55

          Pixel is amazing. Everything in Cave Story was made from scratch. Even the audio format the songs are stored in was created by him. Cave Story, without a doubt, is and always will be my favorite game. An amazing story, great music, awesome graphics, and a physics system that rox my sox all together makes a game that is constructed of pure awesomesauce and win, with a side of coolbeans.

    • Hypnotoad

      definitely, and it looks great on the vita.

  13. hitme

    PSVita hacked? whaaa?

  14. nips

    pdf reader for vita? IMPOSSIBURU!!

  15. xfir

    I think it’s the Pro CFW~~

  16. troy

    u miss nazi zombie portable ….. one of the best homebrew ever!!!! cod zombie game for vita!

  17. h4ckNsl4ck

    what no ME cfw only PRO . but i would say from this list opencma is awsome

  18. h4ckNsl4ck

    I see why devs get cranky at time this is a post of a top 10 list and half the comments are about hacking the vita. greedy users want something for nothing.

  19. Jd8531

    Half Life is great too, I recommend that highly.

  20. fivezer0niner

    not surprised to see that BOOKR. Even though sometimes it annoys me when my psp hangs up, it saves me enough energy and resources to read a lot of books and novels using my PSP..

    and if ever vita will have an official PDF reader, I WONDER HOW they will import the ebooks to the psp, CMA will surely get updated or something like that…

  21. MUD

    Wow, thought for sure that Vita FTP app would make the list.

    Still good top 10.

  22. hao53487240

    what is this??

  23. akirameru

    like like ##*** XD

  24. lol

    Vita is boring now no games limited cfw its like Sony doesn’t give a *** about it, why isn’t UVL out yet, that would surely make the vita a tad more interesting

    • Tonakai

      Then don’t use it, or sell it on to someone who appreciates it. I understand there are not many games, but the console is still enjoyable and surprisingly powerful considering the fact that it’s handheld.

      In regards to the limited cfw, we’re lucky to have any form whatsoever at present. If things hadn’t of been leaked, we could very easily still be on HBL, which isn’t a bad thing at all as it opens up thousands of games through Emulation, but now we basically have that, the possibility to use plugins and play our PSP Games.

      Finally, in regards to UVL, Yifanlu is taking a break from the project. If you believe you have the right to it as you seem to from your post, you could simply find the sourcecode (as it is open source) and finish it yourself. 😉

      • lol

        How about you fck off 🙂

        • xoombie503

          i guess need for speed,ragnarok,assasins creed and other psn titles are not games you even have a vita? go back to playing with your lego toys that your mom only buys you.

        • Tonakai

          I don’t really see a need for that to be honest, “lol”. I was merely saying that if you dislike the console, or find it boring then give it to someone who sees the bigger picture and from your comment it doesn’t seem like you do.

          There is little compatibility now compared to the system’s full potential, but you have got to remember that every single update, homebrew, cfw Etc. are all made by people with lives outside of the computer. Furthermore, it’s released completely free. The people with the programming knowledge could just be like an elite few and keep it to themselves, but they release it to the public. Personally, I doubt I would considering how many egotistical and demanding people there are out there, that seem to believe that it’s their god given right to get whatever they want whenever they want it. If you have the knowledge to work on the console, then go ahead and do so, however, if you don’t, then kindly wait like the rest of us.

          My point remains however, there is now a library of at least twenty thousand games that you could potentially be playing on a large and well designed screen. If this is not enough for you, then clearly this console is not the right one for you.

        • MUD


          Thanks. 😀

  25. SARS1983

    tk ur trust∩_∩ and work and forgive

  26. gonnagetpsvita

    waiting exploit released :3

  27. The Z

    At least 5 of these entries are no homebrews.

    And what has PRO CFW to do with PS Vita? I think this is just a top 10 of software, but not of homebrews for hacked PSPs/PS Vitas…

  28. mark90

    I want to try out that blackballs lol it looks cool an i used to love dragonballz when i was kid!

  29. bigjoe

    Folks, this is another proof what a POS Vita is/will become without CFW. If we had CFW the community would “supply” PS Vita with all the great apps scattered all over internet.

    From pdf readers, browsers, 3D mode, custom music players, maybe some awesome new emulators, recording (remote joy lite), and the list continues. <<<All made to take advantage from PS Vita nice hardware power.

    People should stop bullshiting themselves with OMG piracy+destroy vita. Vita will autodestroy itself anyway for being so "locked".

    Only time will tell…and keep the great work as usual Wololo 😉

  30. AyeGuy

    Can’t believe I never used the bookr app before, but I will definately get it when I hack my vita

  31. mangosteam

    all i can say is SUPER TNX WOLOLO super REALLY TNX everything is great

  32. PSN Representative